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Patriots lose on a picked up flag

Nov 19, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Patriots controversial loss last night in Carolina. They agreed the refs made a massive blunder in picking up the flag.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. You don't want to know what unit they're going -- around Cherry -- -- do you think that over the front of the deal and sort of judgment call firebrand discounting the principal Tony. Abroad to come back and picked up by. Users I don't know. Talk about. What happens when you have to -- -- bill. On Sports Radio W. But -- again. -- -- The idea. Your your excuse. Promise. This is this the first ten or fifteen seconds it's just for Jerry oh good excellent the like all the old days exactly. Yeah spectacle that -- there that's your right over the course of what 1516 years together I have confused and compounded view with ways and matters with which I have. Commenced. Program. They might be the best. The theme today at the theme -- but the way to begin today mat out from heaven. Does that ring a bell for you. I always biblical it is that very good in Paris twice in the Bible and a minute -- knows this. Affect your analog urged you to be a biblical call -- brother in the through kiddies are into dog he's. The Eagles are too -- go to. Wednesday after a slow step up on the earth were may be create that's right only one -- from -- all right -- right Matta from heaven. -- twice or perish twice in the Bible in exodus. And in numbers. It is described as a fine flake like thing essentially it was food. For the starving. -- lights yeah okay. This morning is manna from heaven. We had a few of these over fifty -- sixty years we've been together certainly Aaron Hernandez was talk radio manna from heaven. Not in -- -- most recently was manna from heaven and now. Point Blake -- is now -- From happen DNC. JT the brick and Maloney and. It's not salty nuts all don't all know I don't know good place because he wants this. But while mistakes they may god and allowed it to come home to this ought to look at him -- -- -- -- blame the refs see I am all for somebody. Today calling the talk analysts and saying. It was a good call it wasn't taxable you wanna do that comply with the -- that's actually first I have no tolerance for these people who don't thirty discussed this say. It shouldn't come down to that you know don't blame the refs you -- alarmist talk -- the mistakes too if you like talk about all sixty minutes we will game. But the last play it was kind of big right and it was kind of controversial and if you can't discuss debate the last play. Then you know doing -- do so at 60515. We are going to issue a warning salty grow up there. Yes there yes discuss the last play what -- You need your what you did was embarrass yourself in this radio station by going on that's the last night and I got so out of it that. God has job idea RS is not an ally -- -- you sort separately and thought I was Wiki Jermaine Wiggins was this close to -- is grab him by the throat and squeeze -- punch my TV I don't even like Sox standards it was buyers it's just smarmy either discuss -- -- or he would. Italy echoed a pretty -- then defend -- or criticized that your choice. To a simple choices. Either good call that call that's it we get that sound innocent last night it was a about it climate we have it here I mean it's honesty it's should not. -- come don't. Who that. You can do that for any game ever played in the history of sports. -- -- actually come down -- -- Grady Little -- suction that add. An early lead dividend irate at the David should not come back yeah Wes Welker not catch and pass this or you should get out -- that and he can never discussed and officials call you can't say the the interference call the Jim Joyce obstruction Reynolds should come down object manager. OK got to come out of that okay. Good while now what you wanna play some country music is I would. -- can go get some breakfast but -- little Kenny Chesney all right so so that aside will attack him later. And -- well and he's not alone I mean you have idiots like your pal Tom looney. Shops and all you don't know what you love him you know if you don't like -- don't lock it up if you don't wanna put in the hands of the officials. Keep Carolina on the end -- out for Iraq Carolina school board you know Ted Ginn scored to put Carolina ahead. If you stop on there then it's not. Up to the officials did you guys ever think of now in an awesome and it occurred to me it's the points on you wanna play first cousins and play music we shouldn't be here because it shouldn't come down yet. We want taxes like justice I don't like so. And we can't discuss it because the middle of mistakes before that play all right so let's go let's let's. Period at the end of that turn can I let's let's restart and and I will restart and go somewhere more Cogent. More coherent than manna from heaven. I am not sure if last night's Monday Night Football game was the most entertaining football game I have ever seen. But it is certainly in the conversation and let me allow this before you you guys speak. If the officials did not pick up that flag. And allow the patriots won final play. From the one yard line to win or lose and whichever way it turned out that what I've been the most entertaining football game I've ever seen that was. -- get in the end zone. That's all I can pick Amazon revenue and they spread it out assume that role unless I unless they wanna throw curve -- -- and Belichick and -- they're willing to. Due to -- a limb here what if they did the direct snap the old Kevin Falk and her up do you think Carolina's prepared for that you have marine right next of Brady. And he does -- fake jumped jumped on the ball you might not get in that obviously is a very tough defensive front or deep -- o'clock. Or -- it was spread out in front of marine that was that's what I had mind so I mean we can ask Brady that we talked to say what we gonna do. And he won't tell us but I mean there's better than 5050 chance -- scorer I think so. Better than 5050 chance that parents must clean replacement but Blake. It took this game stole escape from the patriots I don't care if you wanna. Sam homer from -- the perspective. I don't really see. Another angle to this I don't and I watched all the post game guys in these impartial guys like Steve young and Trent Dilfer and Jon Gruden. And Mike -- Were. Outraged I mean they were to -- I don't really see it that way they were saying you can't do that you can't make -- judgment. And and deal for his usual was right on the money -- Grow up at six foot set that I. How is that not -- playable questionable -- and how does he not to get a chance to -- an -- at all. Keep it up your saying that gronkowski 67260. What is -- round. Wingspan if looked Heatley is not here can't put his foot in the ground it's about two yards short and come back to a ball in use that giant body to catch it. We also don't do it sort of judgment call -- this counting the physical ability -- brought to come back and make that play. I've missed the ball as we watched it was untouchable. But why was it untouchable it was untouchable because -- equally. Danced gronkowski. With his arms around it like they were making love out of the end zone and away from well yeah it's important that I -- -- say tiger. I don't think -- -- I'd like -- he was caught it even if I'm thinking that caught -- right but -- you're not sure would have opportunity. That I have I have some questions and sustain it and go to questions today he went with a man from having the biblical. What what is island and the biblical surprise here's why didn't like questions in -- -- only questions that matter. What do Lester is not there -- refugees remove him to stick money equation. And the ball is coming in low and guard is kind of fight for practically does which equally does. As the ref not call interference of course he does thoughts -- if Lester is not yet yeah if it's just -- all right -- and wrong. It's an appearance and they don't -- -- -- I think the ball in the short right but he would have made an attempt and would have been a spectacular play if -- mated but it would have been a place. Watch him again. The best angle is the one -- smiled -- At that right there. Rock is already coming back for the ball that's when trying steps and he's trying to come back for the ball. He knows. What he has to do we have to turn and come back for the ball he would have maybe possibly -- -- a chance that -- shoestring catch. We don't know because weekly got in the way is equally in a -- question number two serious question would have the games fox. -- -- -- Probably I -- -- -- I guess yeah I was in what is the flag would have -- Paul the -- would have to play occurs in the second quarter that's what has picked up -- Yes I say no no that flag up now I don't know seven I say that I say that -- pass interference first down and goal from the one of what happens in the second quarter. If it happens in Foxboro if it happens in a neutral site. I think the referees clearly. -- or the referee of the Terrance miles made the right call and got old rule again you know week. Bully and -- minutes said. That you know we want this game to get out and now we wanna get out of here let's go. And they sit on actionable the guy with the best angle made the call and made the right call and got overruled by somebody who was not. In the same position in the best position. The Terrance miles -- There are six components to pass interference and reduce the rule very briefly in the real -- and number. And you tell me how many of the six pliable we saw last night actions that constitute defense a pass to workers include. But are not limited to a contact by a defender who is not playing the ball. Thank you. Be. Playing through the back or receiver in an attempt to make a play on the ball. Now that wouldn't see grabbing receivers arms in such a manner that restricts his opera it. To catch the past so I would say that does not like we don't -- to grab his arms now and wrapped his arms who. -- quickly grabbed gronkowski -- arms and the team went neglected this you know like you did like who's played basketball. Extending our across the body -- receiver thus restricting his ability to catch a pass. Regardless of whether offender is playing the ball. Yes yes and the the other two don't apply so you say I say for UC three out of a 62. -- -- the second one read the second one again playing through the back going to sketch restricting its arm here leg up the front witness said grabbing is gonna you know like grabbing and hunters grabbing them. I thought -- given that one aren't so I don't. Clearly the I said. I gotta compromise for these but he -- -- -- would've sent couple we compromised. In everybody's happy we call holding. They do that at times that call but it's all excellent five yards balls thirteen. One was shot and it's a long shot and we said from the one -- -- say the -- that score from the one and fifty cents to 6666. Point six it was a -- yeah yes better than a coin -- better than 5050. From the thirteen. About 1518%. Liu calculations and yeah. Eighteen point 75% that was -- if you run a play one last play against that defense. From the thirteen yard line and the -- you get Indians aren't great but. People don't go home I rate people on scream and they said well I guess he was holding him. He was holding him before the ball was in the air probably right in the flag came out. The flag came out just watching again just as rock is how to make a move back to the ball by the way with. Emphasis it was emphatic it was like -- maybe. Wired that flag on any short -- all my point. It textbook right is technical shore the first the first element to pass interference. You don't get a better example of -- -- that's a player not likely at all. Playing the man not the ball and contracts to buy a defender was not playing the ball and such contact. Restricts receivers opportunity to make you know some Smart techie guy in to do one of these computer graphics guys. Just you have been the 1000900 replays from different angles just take one good report from the baton and take Lester out of the picture. It'll appeal like the most classic definition of -- and -- -- you've ever seen. And that shouldn't be the factor mean Lester obviously in the way right. But that's not a mitigating -- -- gets it does not pass -- affairs as there was another defendant there that doesn't matter remove him from that. So maybe it's what someone audiences and we a lot of really -- market opportunities flatly MIT -- type yeah -- -- just take him out again it will fail to via. -- computer that sent. Right to take him out commute did tell me that that's not a class this would they teach in -- for -- school yet. This is passed in -- -- Brady was a lot more calm in the post game. Then he was as he walked off the field with the officials. He's talking to -- -- quite happen. -- was originally made underneath the goal post. What was actually done while he's anything so. Federer should play either so I don't know whether it's -- call -- -- Replenish chances are making excuses. We'll give them a better job tonight when you play good genes on or -- again for sixty minutes since we didn't you know it. It okay. -- ourselves and for too many times this. Going to lose but it. You gotta -- big ones come obviously. There are ten million reasons that Tom Brady is at the Tom Brady is a better man and first and foremost this morning -- -- could not stood up there and said what he did it. I would ranting and raving and blown snot bubbles of the soup and he's screaming I know that higher I don't know what here's what it is in Belichick told them is gonna do don't Mitch yeah I mean he said. Exactly what Belichick hold this team to say I think before they went before the no. Do you think he'd already seen the replay them. Are of course he and I don't think -- -- -- -- -- -- of course that too but I -- indicates MCE probably saw a three time tour. I mean it was all that was -- or what you know when a locker. You -- obviously -- -- on the screen ESPN is on locker room I'm sure intermediate people's -- walked in saw. Of the players and hatred coach's personal watching the TVs. -- -- that by the time Brady talked many times -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. We saw the real raw Brady running a tunnel -- and complete the -- the question -- what untouchable -- clipboard man accused. Tactically out about five the other ref had nothing to do their product. Well below on the guy watch in the office or trying to give me a break here. But I don't know what happens today what is the fall that does the league. Is -- any clarification because of that now uncle Jerry Austin after the yes it's like doctors defending other doctors from -- that. I know he left the scalpel in your decision to order wasn't his fault so embarrassed it's embarrassing it was but they're like all of our committee financed spending the crowbar -- like AG can meet our almighty wandered in the middle that thing between -- and three -- juniors to print just to -- I. Putts here and guy in America. Who thought it was the radical right off the guys in the game -- There you concede that 87 brought justice to our run to the end line he has grabbed you -- finality and I'm making. However if the ball is not down or intercepted. Short of getting to the receiver. Then there's no well. And this is true he was stricken and I was Julia why don't happen but it is certainly seem that -- -- only if -- pick me yet I am from blue light and litigation is here to eternity. And cover your -- return yes -- an official is that official honestly he made the right call rarer step -- now and annually -- others today because there really is no defense of this article -- of retired guys who's the -- I've never see a watch football like Gabriel a lot of level. Of football like men and likes movies. And almost Gloria sport I -- or -- lesbian porn apparently but they don't watch you know -- I go to high school games -- college -- you coach I coach coach I have never seen a ball Colin taxable that's -- It's generally reserved for high right -- yet in out out of bounds or high in Brady -- He talked about throwing high. To the end zone. Because obviously agree on is really tall. But he thought. Hi the sale and comfortable Hawaii. You know you don't have a play on I mean clearly could have been -- like Joseph Montana Dwight Clark yes. But if it's not perfect and it couldn't and he was -- the pocket all count. He made the throw lol for reasons so they would have a playoff bitchy made it. With interference or flag is not kind in mind yes. He's kind of weave in and out there and I just didn't really wanna destroy it overture and out of balance I was little indecisive and there was always. No excuses. Should have been there for a. Hi -- -- -- that call that like this. Is the signal -- and once on foot area on fresh vegetables single signal yeah that's the second the ball goes high especially McGraw. You see refs too this or you see that Caroline -- -- do this and the reps comply and call it. And catch a -- they had to confirm because. We've never made that call but -- Terrance miles get his bio -- -- from thirty years never has made a call you know put picked up a flag said. A low pro Indian zone was on -- -- How different was that situation. Then -- forty interfering with Olson. Now I know wasn't in the end zone. But they were very similar situations -- when it not the right that was a right call against record I don't know -- eloquently and it was not that different it's spreading. Let -- end -- no one picked it off. In and out on Wednesday that off it wasn't the last play of the game. In it wasn't a chance to head up the tunnel and get the hell out of dodge that terrorists miles -- when percent to six well. It can now get -- Moyer just he's the one that overruled them. And it was him standing Blake I do I fit in fairness I think home teams probably -- 60% of the time it fails it's huge. Hit it's not his fault anyway right. Her trials made the right call emphatically he had the right ankle yes he -- the flag at the right time. He made the right -- at the flag get hit gronkowski in the face it was taken -- Almost felt short it wasn't -- I was like. Lock that up in the air right fired a fastball in for all things in the film does well it to ten million things well we got a statement. Two hours after the play last night give him but sued credit and get. After the after the will Mel Brooks madness they had. The entire crude yes -- Joseph Torre. Half hour after the Wright could stop Jim Joyce for gold in front of the press LA -- all the time Jim Joyce was like get called as agents in my old -- on the table Oprah wants me tomorrow but. In this case. We have the text. Cleats a statement yeah gibberish is gibberish Peter King as in his column is review of the play. This morning and it is not exactly. Clearing planes and will will that will Brinkley Blake meant. Now enters the pantheon of Jim Joyce and Don Dick insurer. It's easily. You know let's easily. Please don't Scioscia to work in last night. It seemed like you a good thing I can quickly get the real rocks back Gallagher moment and up is the pitcher Monday on eight Tuesday 61777979837. DNC your phone calls next.

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