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Around the AFC East: Do the Bills, Dolphins, or Jets have the most upside?

Nov 18, 2013|

Mut and Merloni stop by the three other cities in the AFC East to discuss the teams and if the Patriots can expect any competition any time soon.

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As we're talking about this -- AFC east we go around the division our conference call our conference call we do this from time to time right we check in with the city. Get a feel for how things -- goal with their football team. I'm how things are going at this point we -- six weeks to go we're gonna go to and we're gonna go to buffalo we're gonna go to Miami we're gonna start in New York. Without buddy from ESPN 98 point seven FM in the rookies Ryan Rico. So is very quarterback controversy today is it Sims geno Smith for three hours this afternoon -- And you know I mean it's definitely. A question a little entertaining and Iraq trying to already poured cold water on a hearing about. That's not something you're expecting -- heading into the week but the reality. You know an -- great modern art performance against Atlanta. You really. Is not gotten better gotten -- concern is that moment. We -- -- -- northward indeed some big plays and played pretty well against Atlanta. Talk about not intercept and over the last five weeks in that acting. -- -- EU not gotten better week by week which is something you want your rookie and he would not shall -- ability. To win -- himself to be quarterback -- can eat out a deal that submarine I -- out -- Absolutely horrendous start to work with even a local outside aisle and banged up. But -- at all but I -- so I would say that. This week where it does not quite well at all -- Congress is really going to start opened up I would think that it is struggling the -- you -- -- we. Even -- more you -- Ian and didn't change. Well what's the world that defense or what Jacqueline I geno Smith Agassi said the same thing about them dawning. Couple times as the patriots guy's a pretty tough defense and then you'll buffalo puts up 37 on -- since he puts up 49 at Tennessee early -- 38. What -- what happens there with that defense. You know -- I think just the -- he and -- really all that good this entire year now and generally. What you'll see Rex Ryan Parent period he'd finally been -- out on an island and on port Perry were -- in the -- -- that. We can't just a couple of -- Dario only. But not nearly a year eager to hear tiger in here and Fiona throughout the night on the saint. As being pretty much data recorder and the other that you and you like that being arraigned at. So you can get it right Antonio Cromartie getting every out again and too many aren't. When you stand -- corner on the scene. And the so eager to -- and we. The denigrate -- -- and -- hear -- but pressed on the front seven is not falling and I'm really bring it. And that struggled. You ain't. The -- of short field and on or did -- point. We saw each of those scenarios this weekend against buffalo. Put on the secondary in the turnovers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a weakened by every candidate has to be on. Ryan what they said publicly about making decision now Rex Ryan going for -- in the five and eleven this year Rex fired if not during the year. After the year they're respectable five and five you have to be considered a camp -- -- is one of the potential leaders for the sixth. And final playoff spot in the AFC how old they make a decision -- going forward. Yeah I wrote the report -- that what Johnson did a couple of repeal came out -- You know buried on ethnic you know happy with the W -- not directly -- contract are now in Iraq correct either. They'll sign Brunette -- So it's more battery late -- going the next -- -- -- doc would you would you step approach but he got it on that money out of -- here. And I think they've been really happy with what you are. Could spark can barely dry on the -- there'll be. And -- this year as being exactly that in more. It will be and expect it so the public has been -- -- in it to you Don and I think. -- -- got it picked up about. How we enjoyed working with -- and talk about it and a way to make you believe you really I and you hear them out -- -- well together I think for Rex Ryan -- looks like. He will beat out. But the one thing you're subject to his. Now that there's an expectation by and he immediately started hot -- and got through the upper part of their schedule. What if they totally tank here and if they do what is that in that meeting took them so it got me I think you'll be back -- should be but I think. We probably won't know that the certain until we see whether topic and avoid. Totally all in our -- -- -- it. He's Ryan Rico ESPN New York in the afternoons Brian appreciate the time as always we go from New York to buffalo where Jobe was Dahlia joins us WGR. In buffalo so. Where that would the bills players offended that Rex took the players up to Dave and buster's on Saturday night joke. I had actually mark Obama is looking better that sent the players. And any or I really care what what Purdue in the back before the game and we -- there are basically taking it as. -- they're just depending on how -- minutes. They don't really look into what what the -- may -- may -- have been doing so I don't think it it. -- them in the least bit. -- thought and EJ Manuel as far as his first year will Woodward of the what's the talk up their bought him as a quarterback initially. Well stand up and down and certainly there and then as opt. It -- the level that geno Smith has played or or down -- hello Gina Smith has split from week to week it's been. More longer the center line at a meeting with EJ Manuel. -- -- -- A QB continued since he's supper he sprained LC elegant round bumpers in our football week five and that seven backe he wasn't able place for an -- -- and and now that he's back he had a terrible game against Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago -- And really righted the ship this past week and and it's something he wasn't able to do for the first time and that orders completed a pass down on the field. It beat down the sideline when he did that twice to. TJ Graham and Ed -- Goodwin. Yeah on consecutive plays -- until May what showing some progress yesterday and and that's what are the builder trying to get out and see if you can continue to progress and in those in the -- and and see if you really is the guy that they've been opened -- -- defensively talk about this -- Marron team because as much as I love watching. What they've been able to do -- on the football when Alonso on that front for a man that looks like a defense that boy. Joseph is going in the right direction might have foundation blocks not just this year but the next couple leaders in buffalo. They've been. Great this year ever since the the Cincinnati game I'll say you know Andy Dalton kinda an Ngo cyber -- -- a -- a little bit. And that then. The defense has been very good I mean they got. They got torched by Drew -- trauma to the statistical standpoint like. And if you look at what they are able to do so locked up your goal of that game and and certainly acting like that it. You know there I think that the point differential back in local perceiving this is still defense of our Mike -- Error attacking from all different angles. They're getting the most out all their players and cannot fully healthy which. You know at -- but they played the -- they had a completely different secondary. And geno Smith forma thing and that's what built -- just Roger. And and elder Williams playing quarterback for that matter and it at the state stopping -- Jim Leonard and and and divorce her in the past camera that -- -- wouldn't look at the back and which was a dramatic improvement. And Stephon Gilmore earlier tell what has to order so all of our outstanding eighty overwhelming sense that this year and I think Mike but there are a lot of praise what he's done with this unit taking them from what they should've been last year the paper tiger but without a competent offense coordinator. Last year they want that picture they have like that and then the proportion. Yeah we were just look at this some of city of C it was ballot for the last spot but -- -- off the bye week the schedule as some winnable games there and he finished the year against the patriots but. That really have been blown out of too many games especially at home the place of teams tough. It -- the direction of this printers or any thought at all maybe get to eight Nate. Make the playoffs. Yeah that that would be the goal and -- You know it is eight meg going to be good enough to get him and that's -- -- -- questioned -- they you have some very winnable game coming up in the next three opponents are combined by the recording by the they have -- also in the week after that at home. And you don't know what dolphins team you're gonna get from what we took an act so. -- that if they can rattle off real into the road record certainly set the table or afford that Miami home game in week sixteen. But you know the Buccaneers are playing tough -- or weeks he just trounced the Atlanta last week so in that game in Tampa yet to be aware that -- Are the falcons are concerned about their -- you'd you would think they should be able they get a victory Erica bill just apple. Could this be it it does seem like the bill eight. In theory. A very. Conducive scheduled for the top potentially. Making a run here let. And it's all matter of getting that week to week consistency from their -- the quarterback and to -- point because I haven't been able to back. Joseph appreciate as we check in buffalo its -- up in Miami words in the center of the NFL news. The last couple weeks at least Bryan began at a Palm Beach post joins us and amidst all the outside stuff Brian and his team pulled off by far the biggest upset. Hubble -- team in the weekend yesterday by beating the San Diego Chargers I did it was there are a lot of talk afterwards about blocking out the distractions and take care of that game. Yes there really was it was. Kyra. -- a bit DL even afterwards yard. During that three hours you can only think about football but as -- games over everybody you're aware of you know -- Ted -- is expected to be down here this week saying. Isn't a story that just Waltz you know -- out that the latest reports are that the offensive line coach now has been. Kind of fingered -- sort of -- -- there and bullying. So all -- it just keeps going but for a few hours there where to put it aside any get a pretty significantly improve them considering me a while term implications. -- obviously the hearings will be distraction but in order to -- for to really be a distraction a locker is gonna be torn you know on this someone's on the -- on NATO built on the side of Marta and not -- sure we kind of feel that outside looking in the in the government rally behind in -- -- -- rallying together as a team you think because of the. -- yeah to a great extent and yeah I absolutely agree that and card here become -- The focal point for the team that they feel like he's out of Benton. A finger here is as the -- and they all know Richie and don't feel like he's that kind of guy and of course -- really -- -- -- sure. If history suggests about things that. I yeah they're behind him and -- You know surprisingly little bit to me because when they're talking about it you know everybody -- our round leader strong -- -- we're all but. You know values. Filed grievances and want to play again and seen stranger things than anyone who backed up with the giving up before the end of the year. Jonathan Martin's bucks seven hours with Ted Wells the other day showed up on that Stanford sideline team of the two of surprise -- I'm -- I agree with you Brian. It feels like Martin's got less likely the chance to come back and play for that team and Richie cog Hedo has won a lot of people Overton park Bryant McKinnie. That is coming out saying they want you guys know the facts you have -- lot differently about the story. Yeah well I get a job and -- Feeling as he walked out -- the team in he didn't take up the editing go through the proper channels. He turned everything over here is. Lawyer -- Spoken for him all through this whole thing and I yeah they're failures they have cure our problem allowed -- to come a -- to check up without rather than just. And I can't handle and I'm not here. So. Yeah who knows how this all shake out there yeah. That's where we are. Prized quarterback league you know notes couple years now ranked ten -- -- are you. If people in Miami on rights you know is he kind of a guy that can help the socialization take the next step. Well it's it's amazing you know to this -- young quarterbacks that seemed to go -- for a obviously you know mr. maybe the most radical I example of that but. Can -- know certainly not that doesn't have the ups and downs you know look at that. Yesterday it was very much and up to -- felt like. You know what you know -- he -- reverse portrayal either energy and play pretty good Philip Rivers but sure the numbers he's put up this year. -- accurate -- America out here are their completion percentage well. Yeah he's certainly -- thrown his problem has banned bad decision making and you know we we saw how well reduce your case third down and ate their China now run the clock down to Iraq about two minutes left and he. Not only doesn't throw the bottom bouncy around our mountain at about six yards tackle at about two laps so and that that's ahead checker but on the other hand any of those. -- not follow in the tight spaces and you know it it's just and you know work in progress learning curve all those kind of things you've just got to keep remembering that they got in play much college football at quarterback. And so. You know -- that behind some of the other guys soul and that challenge you know. Everybody -- -- rallied for a quarterback and things like that. Very high expectations that is going to be really good quarter. Brian great insight appreciate the time today. Now we go around the AFC our conference call with the Bryan began Palm Beach post the dolphins -- was guided WGR on the Buffalo Bills Ryan group co. Obvious. We had to and if fan of one of these three teams had to invest one of these three teams in the AFC not your -- patriots -- so the next three seasons. Right the next three years which one of these teams that you invest in your time and as a fan will talk about that with your phone calls next.

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