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Adam Schefter: Luke Kuechly would be a top 3 pick today

Nov 18, 2013|

Our NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the show to preview the Pats and the Panthers tonight. He said that Kuechly was a safe pick two years ago and that he would be a top 3 pick today.

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Always come on Adams after Mitchell on Monday wake up to copy with Cumberland farms farm one copy with football insider Adam show after all that up without. Copy surprisingly just taste. It's amazing price of just 99 cents besides only at Cumberland -- good morning mr. Shia after my friend how are you on this Monday morning. John -- what are you doing very very well let me start with this the conversation. Of teams that have a solid. Legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl changes week to week but here we are now week eleven Hampshire after and this is my list Adams got very quickly. Let's say yes or no if you agree with. That. Yes if they have a saw -- here's the the definition -- salt it legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl Seattle. Yeah Denver yes Kansas city. New England yet to war -- yes and here's the big Carolina Panthers. Close enough of and I can I throw one and in the Philadelphia Eagles hold no. -- You know a lot -- okay and -- the Carolina Philadelphia OK Carolina. I've paid a lot of attention to this year. Get to connection there are two people had different -- defense. I've watched him closely and that team is very tough very tough I cannot say. That I trust him knew with two minutes left in the game lead at you from behind yet yet I'm not saying you're not gonna get here I don't know look I just Evan. Seen it enough to feel competent were I can say yes. Super Bowl contender legitimate now. If they go in beat the patriots tonight my answer to 44 hours from now might be a little bit different than it is today but. I can say there are legitimate playoff team. Our strong team but you all very impressed by what I don't know liking root them. With the rest of those other teams right now OK and I and I think. It I don't Indianapolis. As a horrible times let's remember the Indianapolis. Beat Seattle Indianapolis beat camp Cisco Indianapolis and Denver -- in Indianapolis as the best young quarterback in the game so. I think you've got to put him in there. As bad as they've looked at. Seattle I have in the in my second category which teams with a chance to win the Super -- -- -- put -- right. I now Carolina but it would chase and -- Carolina looks impressive against the patriots. Yeah I would I don't know I don't I don't think of what he -- in decades and and and to cherry point. I might put Philadelphia in a second category while slowly. Slowly. On the strength of how the oldest one. They. Since he's been inserted the starting lineup they've won three straight games. They're sick and by the division next week and it's a situation where if your quarterback. Rose sixteen touchdown passes in your perception you have a chance to a lot of games. Was San Francisco a signature win force and -- world percent for Carolina and would this be a larger signature win -- on Monday night to beat the patriots. Yeah that was good that was a big win last week in the should be a bigger win this week and don't win those games back to back if Carolina could pull it off. Would speak to you that there are legitimate anybody right now. Should there are six and three record based on some of the -- -- they've beaten mitigate any of our enthusiasm about this team. Carolina. -- of the -- do you know they've lost keep this in mind that I ever they lost the opening game. To the Seattle Seahawks. In Carolina in the game they easily could of one. And no shame to lose this a Seattle vocation that that would attempt and I don't -- games they lost you lost to buffalo. Buffalo has played everybody tough including New England could have lost in the office at all OK so Bob -- always been. Really tough strong -- are out of dollar losing in buffalo yeah it was a roster. Arizona Arizona. It is the most quiet. Six and fourteen that nobody is talking about right now to say complacent -- US. Hey Adam do you know all the details on the current a concussion protocols and uh oh. How I know we know -- we know Wes -- can't practice Friday. Friday will be tested determine whether. It was reported by ES PNC. Someone -- some small time -- -- SPN and espn.com. Broncos reporter Jeff label. Eligible it was a great reporters that he templates of but that's just me about I think -- -- some blue like they're split last week got a concussion practiced Wednesday. So -- it is not a rule that's that -- are saying that you eat you get a concussion outside the camp practice of Friday. That that I lost so typical nerd and and Jupiter really good reporter and I'd have to read exactly what he wrote it we -- do to assess it but. I think what happens is is difficult to say anything. The night that the guys suffered a concussion without him being tested and nobody. Can or can't do anything how do you cleared. Personally you to conclude by team doctor you to be clear by independent. Neurologist. -- got to be clear by two different people get -- it's practiced. -- got to be symptom free then you've got to be there again and they do you rate ago I mean -- delegate count Q. To basics but there are number steps. They you have to go through to be cleared to get it back up at a. Specifically what for the baseline testing. Takes is it is at a cognitive thing where you have a certain amount of time to add some numbers together. That's part of the -- it -- February involved right again again its its basic question of publishing a bit more about it and I still I don't. But. That diluted localized what they had to deal. I didn't have to be something you can't fake because every football player including Wes Welker if just asked would say I'm fine I'm good to go. And that and that outlook. -- -- the heart of the matter right it is that's. The way the. And a lot of guys didn't even know that there brain was Bruton picked. That's what people sometimes also overlooked is we're talking -- -- -- budget that doesn't talk about a bruised brain. A bruised brain. But -- guarantee Wes Welker has had a few weeks and takes them. Incredible hits over the years and stay in the line -- stay on the field. Rational that they didn't give Beckett got a lot of attention I got to play right. But what should we expect him to play Sunday night against -- But oh listen again actually grew -- unchartered territory but but knowing his history and I mean he's toughness and how he's been up there. Knowing the status. An additional police tried to avoid this you know big Julia should be out there. My guess is that any -- to go to I think everybody would just make you guessed it -- he'd be out there put. It's -- that doctors are gonna determine whether or not help. This weekend in us and those who see guys. Come right back where sometimes we don't everybody's different the response that I've spoken to people. Barbara last year as an example. In the first -- second -- of the season Darrelle Revis suffered a concussion every respect people suggesting. If you put this week about -- it -- Monday afternoon I was having watched -- to them and everybody's going to be doing much better they will be out there. And no -- -- really stepped back him in Brooklyn but didn't quite. These things -- -- as the week goes on they don't follow some straight line trajectory we're still located at improving -- good good good. Sometimes they just are expected to step backward this. -- you would expect on -- Thursday. -- Again that's what you know it is is much respect average I just don't know how he could say that the guy is or if you get a practice by Friday yet. And these things become difficult to predict obviously was -- don't wanna be out there there was a lot of out there. But there are a lot of medical steps you have to go through before we get that point. The other story interview and he said something I hear a lot -- Andrew Luck is the best young quarterback in football but look at the numbers his career passer rating is ED Russell Wilson's is one of two. Locks completion percentage 56 Wilson is 64. Wilson wins more. I look at the two players I look at the numbers I know we're luck was picked and how he looks and what people think about them. Why should pick -- a better quarterback -- Wilson. It's a group pointedly questioned and I absolutely you can make an argument that Russell Wilson. Is a better quarterback now I think what's working against in the air and why guys like me and people on league automatically just gravitate towards luckiest. Because he got all the intangibles 64230. Resources smaller he's been number one pitch he -- really stinks okay no resolution is a believable leader. And I remember. We -- a draft -- -- before he was picked up. With a seventy that -- taken over the draft and I would go back to that because of the 69 big figure -- about global strategic ramp. A wide receiver with a 72 pick -- -- project were to Bryan anger the punter and with a 74 -- cheeks. To Donald Stephenson about the technical resistance by their coaches and GMs that the -- with anyone that would have made -- that they -- Russell Wilson maybe any one of the coaches GMs would get their job with John Schneider Pete Carroll replaced in Seattle but. Russell Wilson you actually can make an argument would I would -- -- UA's. They -- to look is playing a team in which the defense is inferior in working opposite -- isn't -- it would still running game is in her it would still wide receivers surrounding him. Our carrier. And Brussels is surrounded by better players. Now again is so basically okayed it rather Russell Wilson I don't I don't know about that at all in the right there. Just think that we speak bluntly very distinctive Andrew Luck. Will be the best quarterback in this game over time and he's the best young quarterback today and I got no problem in the Russell Wilson's right there with him in effect. Would be a terrible shot to -- sort of two quarterbacks mean the postseason this year. Any rumors or scuttlebutt about the nature and the contents of what Jonathan Martin told investigators and the second part of that question is what do you think of the viability of in -- need those actions legally. Well there's no I saw his argument yesterday and I understand where he's coming -- see how that plays itself the grievance process. Number two and those have been incredibly sparse and from that meeting. And anything that we took at that meeting will be strictly conjecture but I think that we brokered. Speculate exactly on something that would say that being an idea. The things that says that meeting and outdated forget about the dolphins -- -- -- Saturday. -- the Miami Dolphins. And you get the update later that day that -- -- just concluded more than seven hours of meetings with Ted Wells that's not the message that you wanna get. So that's been -- Dallas where. I know you kind of hope when he would lawyer up and say nothing. If you the dolphins this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so you saw the press release the political world initially released. Which was sort of like the passing out -- donors before a big party there was nobody had been boosted everything but for the main course. And pit road that -- the main course on Friday. What what happens. Four at the end of income and need those four game suspension -- Well maybe in the united indeed that is the dolphins you have to make a decision. About whether they want to activate him you have whether they want to simply wait have. So then the NFL. If you had to make a decision Roger Goodell whether the league feels that it should. Disciplined. Routine got -- -- pod. With the dolphins did to suspend him. And so now we're in -- ensure words I think it doesn't make a decision by December 2 about two weeks and today but not mistaken. And so what we're idiots and a machine got -- he's got the expedited hearing this week. Try to get answers and that the resolve to see what will robot be -- future. And really based -- just one big giant -- And do you think part of his grievance motivation for him is to stem the tide of what might come down the road from as you said you know Stephen Ross of the Miami dolphin owner. Roger Goodell the commissioner of the national football. I would his -- to get some of that money you don't know one point three million dollars or stay here okay we're which a lot of money right. And then the other thing is yet to do it is to try to try that -- didn't. Name back. And to try to get clarity on the know what he can't -- because against mr. Obama put simply lost weight and then there's the money in the last part of -- that he would make us. Contact the Tibet this year and it was much it is. Routine got -- good -- questions he was going to be a free agent and coming off a year last year where he was selected to the purple. And you beat Hillary 31 years old and there are a lot of 3031 year old pro board -- as -- as its history was going to be so. -- still the chance to by the guests. All the captives. I -- the machine got nearly got a contract at that paid them 345 million dollars a year five million dollars of fraud. Where is that can be difficult to get right now I think. -- -- It into the playoffs and a loss is that enough to get Rex Ryan back next year. But it'll open overlooked the base and how they're sees it and -- and I -- this to be really actually a look at this morning. That this is really interest in the jets are five and five. And they have been outscored. By their opponents this year by 85 points. And they've been outscored by 85 point suggests. That the second worst margin into football behind Jacksonville. And yet they're five and five so -- argued that what they're letting their -- posts and we're deluding deluding notably. And again the point differential so bad that. He used jets fans in the -- -- which are truly bothers the New England Patriots fans. Does does the fact that he is not it's six guy. Is not a positive for Rex -- win. Never a positive and and everybody knows that they will be over the water no question. That there's some concern and eventually did the big thing there is that they definitely have gotten along better than people thought. We've seen it work where aid. GM comes -- takes over a coach apparently the most glaring example this year. Another couple and and kept corruption and it's worked out OK and the idea of this -- to see whether it's you guys want. Along to militiamen. I said earlier -- that the nose pointing up to -- beam back but showed up to you decided it. They've got six more games here I would imagine that how they finish this seasonable determine whether or not Rich Rod -- this year. But a question from me and we'll bring all way back to football on the night's game -- weekly drafted I believe ninth overall. A year ago what was the NFL's assessment of this kid coming out of Boston college and now that is not just an assimilation into a league but his tackling dominance in this league in the leader of the defense. Has that impression of weekly change from being chosen -- which is pretty damn good. The where he's looked at today. I don't think it looked equally worth the trip to get -- to keep it up to repay the that -- nine pick I think you beefed up three pick and when it was coming out of ever speaking to coaches and personnel directors. And and really -- used describe what he was coming out worst. It was a -- he usually talk about left tackles in Australia it's safest pick in the draft. And and you've heard that about -- -- equally it was the safest pick in the draft but I think. The way you played and his upside has exceeded. What some people thought he might do to the point now where you can easily make the argument I believe that he's the best inside linebacker big game. With the biggest impact any -- tremendous player. And -- -- the Boston area knows how great he was at Boston College. And he's just picked up right where you left off in the NFL and taken it to another level and dedication to petition that tonight. I'm guessing we're gonna hear his name a couple two or three times electorate the broadcast I would exceptionally -- good stuff out of -- are always the bush talking football with him my friend -- -- agreement entered into -- -- afterward Dennis and -- our conversation with out of has been brought you by Cumberland farms fall in love with delicious farmhouse Glen coffee and do -- today. And DCU. Digital federal credit union what can DCU say view and -- plant ski insurance and as always Adam joined us on the AT&T hotline.

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