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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Rob Ford continues to make waves

Nov 18, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the continued nonsense of our favorite mayor Rob Ford.

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Headlines is brought to you as always by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment we may have an answer your question Jerry. From the text line AT&T -- -- like Ken Jong is in the refrigerator. It's Miller's attempt at satire. Because in the course commercial when you opened the refrigerator the mountains the Rockies are in the -- While a lot of other people mentioning Clinton hang over to -- was locked -- -- ice machine and believe in the hotel not locked and at the -- did. That put him in there you gave up on which we buy them yes it did and they put him in the ice machine that was the best part of the movie was gone with a little bit of Wright came back to at the end but most the movie was like it and these machines they can be -- to spend that much time figuring out. Why it is in the -- failed. Do it right well I think that applies to that. Southern comfort commercial with the guy doing the karate thing in the in the beauty parlor right -- took it took me awhile to figure that -- -- it's like be comfortable in your own skin type of thing three southern comfort the comfortable comfortable it'd be comfortable but I mean that the Pentagon deal among humans. And Jong. -- Toronto chocolate does. He weird but the commercial again that's fine except the refrigerator. And -- keep -- -- who's a friend get paid for that -- like off. -- bucks and got to be -- yeah like a million. You know why -- we have Eric is that wanna be around and either I don't blame them if I don't blame them we asked in his -- one time. On the -- wanted to autos helps. About how much eager for the commercial that was some of that was at Ford. When he gets that. Adhesive tape from my hopes -- sure that your normal policy I mean that's millions and millions. Isn't -- yeah oh yeah. Alec Baldwin has one less place terrain -- MSNBC suspended the actor -- talk show for hurling homophobic slurs. He's throwing many what he said was offensive if you suspend a guy. From show that no one watches this account like the tree falls in the forest tackling questions and I -- question -- the got to -- that I mean I read on. On drugs and other places that -- -- show but it never seemed well I've seen so you're depriving like eleven or twelve people yeah right right in -- Gordon who has -- to engage issues and get upset did you -- he's not happy to -- not number one was to I would -- watched -- -- on that crossed my mind just see him. Handle the deal isn't a real Cilic and rightly can assure Russia -- at the photographers chasing him and his family last week and he yelled. At the guy he called them a blank sucking aft port yes it was cigarette they don't have such a good. All reacted delegates at their yep he says he said blank sucking fat head instead he added tax cuts especially sure that's that's -- that's a console when it levels what language do you want it in excess. So was the guy some kind of -- saw a guy its gravity -- -- on the far right excel outlook the elegant middle aged. -- somebody I don't know if there's a lot of rage he gets -- recruit adamantly and I don't know if I'm gonna articulate very rare -- so you can well spoken it's nuts little -- that during a bill -- -- the finished up at. Putt but honest to god should Alec Baldwin live in like Iowa. Mean he lives in New York City -- -- mean anyone knows where -- lives in the -- trailed by these guys who want to get a charge it's harder to commute to work from Iowa that's true but that's where I don't hold -- -- -- lot of -- -- I -- there -- guys hide out in places don't wanna -- you'll think I'm guilty to what's the deal with the paparazzi he loves -- he -- quintessential New York -- on president. Loves you do you expect loves it. He loves that they'd love to get angry like that he loves getting worked up you know you could give you the usual suspended from the show you additional collateral watched -- want to his car not have any paparazzi around please yes no chance fired or suspended. Suspended for two week to -- we stuck it out ball. Not to read the particular buffalo hospital after one fell from the third deck of Ralph will sustain you see this no. And landed on the other guy got wind of August -- worse condition as injury the other guy shoulder he should be OK Google and it. What's -- installment that you'll soon now. We didn't land on somebody he probably would have died right. I doubt imagine it's wild you know they of the vote all kinds of different angles of this one angle where it's. Get get single game you -- all the Angell field. And UC way up in the corner of the black shadowy figure fall from the stands a forty fall. He fell from the three -- who's -- -- if you want what is it yeah yeah well yeah. Didn't die he did not always ago and a -- to show that it's -- -- just shall we died in the head that's. Worse -- should just mind your own business -- to -- -- also onion it's a drug hands on what you have to be -- to do that. I was at Dave and busters like five eighty slide down the railing on purpose and look like to escape slide down the railing who's trying to go again there's no way to celebrate its TV I was cruise ship and Boston Harbor statement -- -- coming back in -- port standing up on the -- also -- that the it was at a restaurant over by yeah. Right at the seaport -- they were up on the second floor and then make the the the CD like suspend the restaurants license some more on jumped off the deck in the water. It's the restaurants -- One -- -- just blame more on to your question yes you know again. This guy's gonna be okay -- said shoulder Fuller a fall and demanded guys and it is they said is life threatening the country's -- The ago so we said the other day we -- Chris for all your life if only for reasons we could do rob for a certain York. Well Bobby -- took a swing at this week I almost thought and I tune in just to see how this would go that they would somehow. Now having. Chris Farley somewhat imitate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that helps them Chris file imitators like Bobby morning and walking in its. Do Chris. Hi have you seen the thing on the Internet the juxtapose the sport and -- yes that's very good if you see the picture of rob Ford's middle school. That that class -- no it's great it's later Chris Farley Katrina their desks rob Fortis it's obvious. This regular class -- a huge fat kid and I left that surrendered to blog and I'm. In there -- down by the river to other. Morning it was pretty good I'm not -- -- body pretty good we have rights that. Mr. mayor I have to say I don't think it's just the pictures you've also been caught on tape using mood inappropriate language with the press true true true you know but I did apologize for that but the press conference earlier today we have a video of that let's take a look. I want to apologize. For my recent actions in the language I have been very stressed and I give me some very poor decisions. But I am sorry. Oh and one more thing I brought some chapstick for everybody and I would you put god before you kiss my. And it just goes on and on he apologized for that and -- press conference doesn't. As another outburst and apologize that it wasn't bad but it did make you longer for the -- probably -- crushed it. I would've crushed it would have been so good -- being on the road travel and did you see the video when he said he has plenty to eat at home. Is the single review that's an -- and craziest most bizarre most offensive thing. I've ever heard the politicians say anywhere I didn't have to hear it more than enough. He actually set he said -- accused of Sandra Stafford he would like to eat her. He would like to perform right yes -- life offer us right. And he said he doesn't have to do that he has plenty to eat at home referring to his wife and his wife was she was there she ones and I mean. He said that it with a roomful of reporters and -- as this is a guy who's a professional at being. Inappropriate making bad choices pray -- it'll. Hit it. -- the last thing was Bolivia gone bad that -- says -- I want you to give us conduct I've never said that in my life. I would never do that -- -- -- myriad of them more than enough capital. It's the single -- TP IR. Mean that right their -- then they should have said he's unstable. In -- The captain of the ship has yeah -- lost -- lives and we need to. Taken away in in -- time for Denzel Washington write them down basically Tina Cribbs had time for a total observation. And don't you think they're already been interventions in the Ford family yeah I have yet there have been as as -- works well let me ask you. Ramadan as both guys this. If you ever got a divorce do you think things might get. Tense between you in the accident you point out could happen crap about you know so you think what happened could have matured. As I decide to handle it -- right artists to get all -- -- six Vietnamese people sale were still really good friends that's real tough to -- Did you. Well both sides have to work -- being really good friends right and what would have to try really hard not to (%expletive) off the other right OK okay. Well nothing quite communicate the rapidly scorned lover like the middle finger it says here but. Bloomfield hills Michigan this middle finger is loud and proud for being near twelve foot high statue one million erected next door. To his ex wife. Any millionaire initially believe it lights up at night it was separate night it will hurt. Twelve -- the electing of lights letting up -- late on top. About twelve feet high. Middle finger that lights up -- the guy bought a house next orders ex wife and with the guy should scoring around. Yes and up there. He moved in with a guy that she was a few she she did in all case that he said you outscored humble over the next story building as a statute right. That is light up middle finger -- at 1212 feet twelve foot middle finger you know get criticized for but. -- of creative revenge yes don't really get hurt now probably won't last probably put up there for a few days. You don't disclose Alan mark of its yield three strip clubs in Detroit. Recently wrote a book about his business which is reportedly being turned TV reality series -- -- -- the scores as Smart -- yet. I like it put up there is an extra. Sure that's what that says it's a good question yeah we've dragged her out of the doldrums right you know in his -- -- -- -- younger guys are married now living in the house next horse -- -- seem insane you want to just say sorry you lost. My house now and come on the new best friend and -- nothing you can do not not legally now there's nothing -- to be. The political big middle ultimately yet divorced and rough. -- -- -- Yeah its secrets about the superb but it could be a check it happened that you want Dickerson can just say. -- -- I'm a bank this guy at work now she's -- Bradford in orbit yeah right he could he could answer your door can they. You can go home it's he could answer the door your house makers pull up my eyes get law opened the door breakfast their nude yes my wife who's just been. Click -- seekers she could -- get lost. I love on my hopes now. You'll get cheer papers in the mail and I have to pay her money to get wrapped him yeah. I am thirty I didn't hear the whole scene right I am -- than an -- -- -- yeah I -- ever she can even slapped a contempt of court summons. On you for what we're out of -- -- well pretty recent and then you could go up -- her. All who know how old. -- he could know every night that Brett Stockton. That's what you have to be good boy I guess. That's what they got. They make all the rules prohibit it is lay up patriot Monday at a Shepperd joins us at 805 Tom Sorensen from Charlotte -- patriots end up panther. Football in that our sure we'll do between now and then as well a question for you without. Having the schedule in front of us to might qualify as potentially. The best Monday Night Football game of the year I'll say this based on the schedule but I am looking at it doesn't have far to go last night. Was the best -- and get us again next Sunday will top. -- it will -- but -- -- last night that problem with the chiefs is the problem with the Panthers I mean it might be really good you know and viable contenders. But they don't have great quarterbacks -- great office yes people. People like offense and they like great quarterbacks and tomorrow and Sunday night you have you know Chamberlain Russell you have the great. The greatest. Mono a model. Rivalry concurrent cornerback rivalry in our life her breasts I mean this is in and they don't play. All that often but magic bird didn't play that often. As a bitter rivalry the magic bird. I think I would say so too -- because and its football rectal bigger and -- this deal in basketball or anything else. But as. One on one in May and the man rivalries go Sunday next Sunday night I mean again this little thing they got -- duke and Carolina first. The next and I will see the biggest in the best. Rivalry a violent if you only felt like magic and -- was a rivalry when they met in the finals right right they play during the regular season wasn't it was a -- from 84 really till eighty said he is that it wants and that's been around -- -- -- college for a game article again and it -- set six years off but this has been rivalry now for. 1213 years all -- are open we'll talk with -- next.

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