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The Pats get ready for the Panthers

Nov 18, 2013|

The guys opened the show previewing tonight's Monday Night Football game in Carolina. They also mocked the Jets.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and. They want I street Lou great team defense and everything they had at least that every category they've they've got to -- The best defense we -- but -- -- -- tennis it's like we'll wait for the game. We're excited I'm super -- game and people excited I'm excited that Gerry Callahan. -- give all credit to -- -- -- David Buss Bryant -- why you invent if you ever better today there are your putting your -- -- What is the preakness which. When I was in junior high school I was traffic I was in the back -- the big suburban. Drive that was driving had. -- Going to look at that guy for every search yeah. On Sports Radio WE IA. I I've missed a particular real. I just ask one question about it off yeah running again but -- -- -- what what's. Motivated. Excited what it Rouse you to make you do that. Then -- real simple -- I was thirteen guys weren't swept. What what. What healthy it's a little -- it's like. We DJ at that point which I missed that we desperately Oakmont was there thank. God we. -- -- -- there it is. Giggling yeah hurt. It was a while. Back. I heard questions all weekend I'm sure you requires you had a few -- Deal with. The activists. It was all -- realtors. I think they're a single question about it but then again I was in Tampa Florida the world capital leaders at Walker's well we -- We have feature on the program and you know them -- -- that is well answer the question Kirk. People can ask a question of Kirk. Right now -- uncle aunt but. And we feel like. Swings. And Woodward in the moment strikes on Friday it was part of a free yet. Answer the question -- people ask anything. Personal questions you efforts cookies. They'll have anything. Colin and play and you have ordered chicken and steak restaurant we will do better and -- she would you do to dry heels. Junior all right we're much better and applauding the -- question was so you -- it -- test -- -- support -- the question wasn't so the answer iPhone. It'll have chills even now to. -- -- you missed its mark was not in the well let's does that does that bars and. Salty. I know many people are tuning in this morning the -- of -- is off the morning show permanently figured yeah and reassigned to salt and -- in the afternoon now quite frankly. -- -- I did a fairly respectable job on my Thursday trial -- Ali. I got good it was but I have not. Heard a word. From our pork -- pat boss. About my really Lara what were his eyelid surgery that we were very disappointed that she did its job and it's such good reviews. I don't think it decisions may is that the that the deal -- thought I would -- the decision -- the weekend called me last night to deal. Sleep at 2 o'clock I figured that's -- -- Unless you've been in radio longtime dean and executive. Management guide person ever make a decision all that quickly as a glacial pace yes yeah does it probably just reviewing tapes. The tapes of mileage -- -- week. -- of the needed one contrary to made a -- like -- morning people did block in the back in suburban assault is in America. Yes there. Now it didn't come up and comers in a war injury did not put your wife. Notion she's Bradford walked by its vehicle. And let's not yes yes they said of people and Kirk's and we aren't happy with well bigger people constantly -- yet you know we talk yet what was the name and so. I did not happen because like what is his wife yet and made everybody that idea so we do at some point. You have to have what is essentially -- radio talk show birds and bees conversation with people who care about you and in your family right and it has -- and not necessarily anything to do with sex. Which you need to explain to your wife and your sister in law and your parents and anybody who was offended by or. Shocked by or chagrined by something you -- here. And you must explain to them. That it is just radio show biz stuff sure it's -- her hyperbole. If if you said the most interest in -- respected all the while. All I've never done it. That is what -- -- that's called a lie that's that's right. But you just said it's hyperbole I don't think it was as that nobody even if it isn't huge -- -- Exactly I figure that out while. -- -- was -- Friday morning I was very upset with me she said. Were you pulling down while at fox is absolutely. Right see why some time now -- I got -- now. -- -- -- said we follow it that's how he took took out he huddled around windows pulled -- laid out right it's all just do what I Toma. A human when I tell my mom you're not in the demo. You know I'd love to do radio targeted. Bombs moms everywhere yeah that's oh we do -- a big sort of moving to Tampa switchers ball -- -- You know what -- -- It seems like for ever and a day since we've seen the patriots play football and in point of fact that he is the fifteen day. Since we have seen them play football and I'll say -- I hope on their lot last. Football free day before the night's Monday Night Football game. That the patriots offensive line did not go to Dave and busters but instead watched Sunday Night Football and in particular. The Denver Broncos offensive line. That's what they need to do for Brady what the Denver O line did for Manning -- this. Uniform need wandered. Well it's what Manning Superman more than what -- -- it is centuries such until the break this down and doing all he never held the ball he never he made their job much easier. And Brady can do that to pre does do that too that's why I think you're off base when -- Compare it when you win when you base your opinion on what the Panthers did to call on capitol out. Not the same and it's different -- -- quarterback a whole different game calling camper and it holds the ball -- -- nick is indecisive. So hours yesterday can't cap -- talks right now. He does Brady's pretty good Brady's more like Manning that he is like -- Article where that he needed to stay and bounce and get that person out quite aware of that -- I don't excel early got a little cutie asked I don't know. I mean if if if if you're not sure what is the war unpardonable sin. Not going ordered not knowing he needed to go for. Mean if he was unaware that he needs to stay in bouncing get the first down acts up. While the prerequisite according skills in the NFL. What Barry did last get rid of the ball quickly went in the -- did and yet some he would support a throw the ball a year. Hold the ball went in decides to hold the ball. When they are when they're doing their job in coverage nobody -- them but when has that happened -- -- as he has to get the ball quickly I have to. Run. Sites roots and get open the way the Broncos did. I mean. I text CU and Brady I see everything break right from the patriots. I don't know what I mean you you you saw them play the -- strikes on the principle yes yes. Might be the best team that they've beaten in that five game that's true that's true pay if nobody if I ask you what the worst division in the National Football League it is. Victory wise you know what it is. The worst divisions in a Spanish east right now it would be BA FC south. We have about fourteen total wins Indianapolis and a bunch of nobody's. Some. Which Carolina most amazing. Thing USC they aren't very good either. The war as the Carolina and India Tampa Bay in any event I understand what you're saying about the competition here -- the uplifting thing. I think it's possible that tonight depending on if they activate the -- today people -- -- He has most complete arsenal of skill set people not named Tom Brady to gronkowski -- dole bribery and wanna be interesting to see Tom. Sample that little buff day all of all of offensive options the bottom on an iPhone and. This story for tomorrow and the next day and the next day but is a good chance. On Sunday night in Foxboro will -- in Mendel and not Welker ironic amazing that it -- but. I think will replace I think Welker epic. He knows how to beat those concussion tests that he's like this he's been doing this whole career well he can't. Practice -- Friday correct but so lot -- -- do you think that matters it matters Welker will. Find a way to -- minute practice Buehrle can practice based on the fact that they've determined he has Russian Jerry said is Friday. -- -- -- The ultimate irony that Evan bullish shall I ask you go through this -- -- -- that's in August at -- to make it through this game because some of the tough defense. But even without without robbery instilled in and we saw what he can do when he has Mark Cuban has him until we saw it last time he's on the field the -- was set records he put up 55 against Pittsburgh right. And then you -- two weeks and you think he's gonna be rusty that's how it works. Come off the -- Brady and Belichick. Are really pretty good good. They're hurting there are nine and think is it good when your castle and -- nine -- -- Belichick -- ten and three rivalry with the patriots office with a thirteen. Use a maybe that's -- -- -- there but anyway and a three. Often by you know on Monday night -- thirteen and for all numbers I think point toward the underdogs. -- talented children. Yet dew points and west projects two points I'm I'm pick in the points. Go to the answer and -- Carolina -- the best defense team -- it is a -- their good places gonna be a nut house sect is your best defense because chiefs. So connected to the -- score enough that they -- home. Get a Carolina's gonna be that place is -- mean knots tonight to be quite close game really struggled nervous then it's going to be said it's tough to cover that we're on the road. Carolina second in points allowed Carolina second in yards per game Carolina's second in rushing yards allowed per game in Carolina fourth in passing. Yards per game. Pretty good defense but again this a competition. Who operates a value of those stats ship probably to some extent I think so Tim Kansas City last night you saw him plainly before last deepens played OK for the chiefs I guess it'll be for its -- artist is at some point in this two week fifteen day period. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady looked at at San Francisco take a look at what Carolina did -- second six times you can dissect and twelve times. Probably said we can't allow that to happen and have come up with a plan. -- points to two to mitigate what is are trying to do. Back to the matter is. We have seen the patriots struggle against teams that have physical active mobile. Hostile front lines he Cincinnati and this is one of most if not better by the way this. You get to Brady I think it's gonna be both scored it -- might Wimbledon. It would be in hopes that they wouldn't let slightly guns and sit in my always possible and again academic that it happened on any given us. -- -- -- -- -- -- So we think winced I didn't even want to mores went how well. Objective as chemistry and a does that -- I think it decade it's all set -- -- They win in November. What's the number 24 pretty. Last three years last 3 November this. I get I feel like and and walkers concussions. Feel like things are stuck in the break the patriots -- the -- off and do well one of those times. We use today in NFL as this war of attrition where guys get hurt guys -- things go wrong. And adversity. Hits and hits hard. And the patriots and better than -- well don't iconic clinched the division that if they win based on our -- what happened yesterday as the jets got. Crushed by buffalo yes and clinched the playoffs and prevented the second while -- -- looking at right now. The second I can be fascinating and -- Like the worst wild card team and history while it's gonna make FC right now -- succeed is Jackson. There are one and nine I think there's there's nothing like a -- million -- -- -- -- the jets get killed by a buffalo right yeah they're still. Tied with the the the size tied for the second wildcard spot. With Miami at eleven file look at the teams that are one game back Pittsburgh Cleveland Baltimore. Oakland and San Diego and Tennessee. All one game back in the -- At four and six. Which means the best they can do be tendency X which means it will likely and -- made -- -- second -- -- going to be 11885 and a -- very easily possible that's why I tell you for your wild card weekend is over rate cuts. Crap crap like -- plan on that end. And I know you have some decent teams to -- a good team league teams at home and watching. And obviously the pictures right now a few weeks ago did you think it was possible they would get one or two seed. In -- game back essentially yeah if they win tonight in her game back from Denver and Denver and it's. Played Denver Sunday and replaced Kansas City the week after. Noose could you see it we're all star break and right for the patriots. -- they witness if they win again next in position to get one of the first to receive -- if they win these next two weeks they're going to be one UC's probably it's almost certainly get a -- on field to the UFC chip chip. The following statement from Bill Belichick confirmed or suspected to be true these paying attention watching film and understands guys like Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson be the front defensive front for Carolina is pretty damn good. Politics inference of this is what will it look -- approaches on the defensive -- personal with the -- -- the draft that shorten and lately. To go to instant and they they got that same kind of front -- the giants have -- you know. That's a more defensive -- than -- player -- but they have played in rotation or they definitely giants and acumen and linebackers and and on early downs and that type thing so. You know I think the idea is to try to get these guys. You know get depth get equality and depth that on the defensive line position. And built around it. Other says it was. My idea like. That. -- -- -- stuff he was bearing a solo to Asia analyst now you inside a golf Gerri yeah we should have. Press conference off. Andy Reid Bill Belichick. Contest -- yet. Reader Belichick who would you choose sorry prior to handle like Pat -- can judge yeah well yeah certain reads. You expect more because he's. Always a I would suspect in the states on the -- yes 30 yeah -- prize for racial or treachery. But since jolly -- -- expertise looks like he's but he says he's never -- like you know like as -- money in -- I just slip out of -- in the same feeling for -- -- you get from Belichick like he -- with -- committees and give them nothing yes and he stepped out Chris Berman smiled and chuckled together. The artistry in this whole thing is is is John Ferrell gives you just as little. He just makes you think like he's cooperating right January that it does look like cooperative build muscle cookies while operative Ferrell does look like he's corporate equities and answered this position he says the name that's important well knows that reads it -- -- sperm. It he's. He's 20 he may be the most used as a ball on the patriot missiles hard hard to honor to win. Aqib Talib. What he's pretty good it's been at least sounds interest in not telling the obvious that the the ability to bitches and in the forties yet not cutting the obviously sleeper in the I'm boring America's people. Somebody that was the least boring guy on the team is the most grueling battle might exactly -- brought talking about technically playing against -- tonight. He's a great player and you got to be aware. -- wherever he has he covered the employer run so. Got to be aware and basically hit you -- Nowhere is times because he he's very destructive and he knows how to make plays so. They got a lot of great players to and you -- -- where everyone is so we got to be prepared if practice time and and -- the defense on what they're doing. 23 seconds of nothing what -- 32 not gonna get even less now that he thinks that that to get a little trouble yeah that. Innocent little remarks about his -- friend. Boston agent friend. I heard. -- -- and -- it he says look atlas which it would be. Better. Image that was just leave it here it. Did -- assembly. Yes -- after that. Personally if you and I talked to joke and he assured me he took no farms in January. And I know I Miller's dad and I apologize. To those who took offense. He's a -- guy is different mind. -- It is an -- partially prepared we asked this all the time anyone really take as he apologized why why was polish the vehicle running or something I I don't -- honestly who could mean seriously Gish Jen -- Crickets you just that was very upset yes she thinks we should have opened our hearts -- and Jo-Jo -- is the world where it. -- he was wearing a half days just like at a bar who from around. I have a good time and of course. He. Features looks like let's switch now. To look deep does this matter if -- -- or is that just you can't say it looks terrible it was easy to answer lies are allowed to say a cross between Lou Holtz and -- I don't know Stephen Ross Steven -- will be well -- Woody -- thank you say I got it right at people and it looks like JJ -- -- -- and again. From road -- Redford DJ -- DJ Waltz was supported don't Collins and -- -- DJ Qualls. It's of this well obligated to report that was a definite idea -- his best and that's what is that are sent as answer yes yes at if it went up -- PG equals given Bagram blacks vote note out of character for him. I'd say so why does but the carcass is apologizing because the page to tell him apologize yes that's why. He has I don't know where we have looked at calls come in -- a good question we have to look -- find out from where. The offense does is it is -- notepad on Robert crafts secretaries administers assistance desk that says. It's like Paul's number seven. -- like PR deal with some. You know what no 10. Even which Tianjin which doesn't even -- even was in weren T they apologized prophylactic it's good that it's a good point he probably -- and again apologize pro like desperate. Again does anybody take you seriously apologizes -- right -- thanks see you told the apology as sincere and he must it's like that apology from Ryan leaf. We review after practice the problem frugal way. Most apologies are not since of course -- W. Think this was scripted for him or by him and and he add -- to listen they're -- 23 races here where it sounds like Stacy wrote it for. That he goes off to and he's a good two -- I etc. I don't I got to write a hybrid of a compared. Apology for -- and -- sort of little jig by itself. Yes I feel that yes bumpers. And I talk to -- and he assured me he took no farms in January. And I know I know others did and I apologize. To those who took offense. He's a friend of -- Do. I know others. I want to those who may have taken offense -- Like the star on the -- in the major national press conference yes yes yes yes yes. And you know what he'll do it again because he doesn't realize though we think he'd do anything wrong yet. And so we'll do it again and policies that big stars like he's on EMC's radar room -- -- so we don't know unique images there. They know. Rob Gronkowski. He's becoming increasingly boring off the field I'm bored by the stories aren't you really a player on the field muscle of the watch but the -- it feels. For -- being brought if -- forced counts as organic -- -- would I didn't see the you know adult cartoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He calls it does seem like there's no way this could well be his idea and that's the if you said he's just have a good time that's fine but. Easy easy doing this on his own volition is his idea into a cartoon. Make all the appearances make an -- are somewhat steering him in that direction daddy. Daddy gave her stepmother and yeah colonel Parker yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I understand FL players especially guys who have been hurt like camp say I'd have to make money to cash in every chance they get. But what is -- At what point is he's saying now what at what point is that would be a distraction -- between 500 -- that mean this city needs it but between governor box that bad -- judge some -- -- -- -- is defense could always -- listen I may be judging -- sister spending. You know various. Sections of people unaware and a soft and you know his idol I don't think he's close to becoming the biggest. Problem among tight -- -- of -- and probably don't I think he's in got a ways to go before he rests that title away from. Aaron Hernandez decides that because it makes it catches again and hundred two touchdowns. Peoples and let let them know you know what do whatever he wants six. 77779837. It is a patriot Monday without Tom Brady I assume tumbled join us tomorrow Adam shot during the 8 o'clock hour Tom Sorensen. From -- Charlotte we'll talk some Pampers with him. I haven't spoken either one of you about this but I will be interest at the think to hear what you think about the Dave and buster's situation with Roxy. Do you think it had any role whatsoever either for. Buffalo or against the jets will talk all about that and a telephone lines and talk with you win the NC. It's like. We're waiting for game now -- super excited I'm super excited for the game.

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