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NFL Sunday: Final Analysis and Picking a Winner for Monday Night Football

Nov 17, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris go around the table and give their final thoughts and predictions on what we'll witness in primetime tomorrow night.

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Well good news at Soldier Field agent showed the assembled crowd the evacuation plan video. So that the 63000. People know what exit to head out. There's this thing continues to head in the general direction. Of of Chicago they still don't know exactly. But -- we've we've been looking at pictures of funnel clouds and yeah I mean this is. The real deal in the area there's. Huge tornado that just touched down near Roanoke Illinois. And it is headed in that direction headed towards I mean the pictures from peak in Illinois. It has wiped out a neighborhood in peak in Illinois. And -- you almost wonder if this is one of those where Roger Goodell has to get involved I would and goes back to that Denver game earlier wasn't the NFL. Directing at that point saying the older -- fairway on the call. From from your votes. This is maybe we'd start. But in the football. Chicago and they're more important things considered in the -- office supplies. Up against the the bulls were due for a -- the side and I guess at this point they are making not concede. Exactly -- I don't sit there and expect lower -- I guess they are making contingency plans now. -- That Soldier Field and in Chicago what they're going to do. And when they're gonna make the move with this thing gets even closer. It's like you know -- grew up in the midwest I lived in the midwest for a little bit when when I was younger. North Dakota and Minnesota of these are things that you don't mess around with in this assault so way outside -- -- we're part this is the tornado season which was kind of the usual lot. -- -- It is now -- stop a mile. In my area this is this is Al Gore was right that's all week emphasis now. -- -- let's go around the table it's what we think is gonna happen in that tomorrow night's game not today's game. Aware and he talked on -- and earlier and he thinks the patriots there. Are gonna win fairly easily in this thing crests what he -- I've taken a lot of heat from people on Twitter as well as my son who can't believe the fact that epic Panthers. -- -- yeah I I have to stick insisted because -- like we demand of -- hot chocolate better exactly. I I've just been I have been going over the -- just. There's so it's so difficult to get a handle on this thing because we talked about com. We don't know about these Patriots offense because we haven't you know these guys in the field together at the same time conversely. This Carolina team is is a bit of an unknown quantity that they haven't -- the patriots there's you know there's a lot that we don't know about them. We've you know what we've seen on film is an impressive but I think to this point year I think Carolina at home. In this situation in this environment due to their -- on the ball. I think Carolina is is -- just -- this thing out naturally to say if if Cam Newton is consistent I think a lot of this rides on his shoulders obviously advocates too much agreement to which the blame. But it think. Really in this situation. It's all on his shoulders I think Carolina wins this thing I'm gonna -- thirty went when he. I think I believe wanna. Probation others this week but it was always -- -- explosion but I think don't we seven point four earlier this week has seen nothing -- -- pulls me out that the better news is probably the one big thing that makes me think. While wore Carolina be willing to play a different style that they play that style we haven't seen it will be be good and we don't know the -- you know. And I think we've seen teams chased the patriots -- the patriots sort of opened up against Pittsburgh -- forces Pittsburg and a different style Pittsburgh we hadn't played that style. Better able answer a thirty something points so. In the event that it turned that way it's using past results can help you you know. The big the big thing -- look at wanna look at Carolina who they played. Though the other really good offenses. Around -- -- out -- -- Yorkers really struck the giants have struggled boy Arizona's not one of Minnesota -- Saint Louis without Brett you know without. Bradford temple which is horrible land -- struggle to -- served as -- to nine point. They just haven't had this kind of offense on the besides I don't know how much of it translate to what will be able to do. So you know I want a threesome with reporters thrown against the wall but I I won't be surprised. If this is one of those games of the -- just blow doors off but it really won't shock me but again I'm hoping for a close game I want -- a nice competitive on and I think but I I still got the pitchers in the slightly. I couldn't agree more with your point about in and we talked with current about the well. The Panthers just haven't seen S. This five game winning streak they haven't -- don't -- -- programs. I don't gonna attempt but over and that's going to be the question well maybe it's an eleven -- renowned -- You know -- -- extra -- -- -- -- what they've gotten -- they've got more variety available to -- -- on offense. And Belichick probably hasn't -- any hate this term he's probably not begun limiting guys you know a year if you're playing -- playing but I wonder if there's. A pitch count for lack a better term with chamber I do I acting so to what would you look at the way to use Gradkowski when you look at the way the -- -- -- back from them and an extended time of the shelf right Pinkett. We're gonna see them work him back in gradually wilders a lot of things through it can disrupt all of this slick toward in the event that to lead gets up there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The dinner thing going down to release pointing especially a -- we've -- -- out again knocking on -- your cancer hit on radio but hopefully that doesn't happen but. Him down and then -- now while this is that this has apparently different look than them you know any of the game we've seen this year. It's offense doesn't scare me to death Panthers off the coming they don't run the ball dramatic DeAngelo Williams is good not great they were they are -- better running backs during the course of the year. Cam is is a big powerful you know. Force of nature. But he's not the kind of guy where your your freight like next week that that quarterback on April 400 -- -- I don't expect him gonna do that this is one of those measuring stick interim though I really do this is one of those games where again we've we've said that he's progressed over the course of the year. And he's done very well over the course -- to get to this point if you can somehow pull this off tomorrow night. I think this is a real -- in -- in in in in his belt if this is they're going to be -- present when we talked about Reza rebuilding wins for both the patriots in the in the papers I think this is a resume building -- for Cam -- if he's able police. More than the few statue does no such harper on the -- time of one of the few steps that I wouldn't you know shred -- her cage with his is that turnover differential you know and that's. What the patriots are always good and I think just earning new possessions and not -- other ones is probably as good thing that's out there. Cam has had games -- been pretty good with the ball he's been put but even last week there are some terrible interception there in the San Francisco game. And the thing about the patriots is when you're in that situation whether -- not one -- there trying to take away you know you're not pressing coverage toward one individual -- Rotating things a certain direction. That kind of allows him to sit back and pick and choose and let him make his mistakes. To win on turnover defer to what they often do I think this is a situation where -- -- -- are able to sort of force similar mistakes to prevent their own on the other side of the ball. -- games -- -- numbers sort of jumps up the ceiling and there's no way to win because that that the possession count as two different. Well we'll go four for -- all the patriots 2114. By late don't know I don't go to Libya despite all you want to go and bring all of their. I did check end the down. The ravens bears game is supposed to be the national game for that matter and they're saying at the very worst or best I guess that might be delayed. Course the patriots game -- -- -- -- Turn Pakistan. So what stations of people -- -- on what they're gonna knock him Nickelodeon now we got to get to remember enjoy your football today and during my football I'd just keep. -- next week's Sports Radio WEEI.

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