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NFL Sunday: The Panthers are an Up-and-Coming Team and They're Tough at Home

Nov 17, 2013|

The boys discuss the Panthers and their fan-base. It's not an easy place to play and Chatham recalls some games in which played there. Is this a bigger game for the Pats or the Panthers? It's a big week for the NFL with huge games especially on Sunday and Monday night.

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Wanna go back to something that we were just saying a few minutes ago. And it's it's almost the the psychology of Tom Brady. You winning streak on you know it's a little panel. I have for you was the Steelers defensive back who had. You know I not solid -- -- let me go look at -- -- Taylor but not -- -- Smith Antonia. But but it was it was one of those deals you know where -- like Indy and what he's doing what you're thinking. Why -- to do by law yeah I get what you Tug on Superman's cape and impeachment. And and Anthony Smith and and you know you think about. He likes it. Up at -- it's not a challenge to play quarterback in the National Football League every week anyway he likes that little extra dozen guys like to have that. Slight. That that probe whether it's real or perceived to be enjoyed being in that you can talk to this did did did they won't they won't take that. Slight whether it's real or perceived -- the idea that someone believes that they cannot do something one of the great stories. That I can remember was Super Bowl 39. It was where. The patriots beat the Eagles and Willie -- human -- -- -- -- we go with minority does believe that as well yeah -- everyone thought you could win it -- has run double digit figure I was Rodney after the Super Bowl and yes nobody got -- the guys in this -- favorite everybody -- -- in that kind of in those years it kind of -- a little bit -- I think in years past the patriots have had a good reason to cut -- protester after games in some -- -- But he does so we can win this thing I just. You'd you do you can have to take good result but but whatever it takes to motivating guide me in Brady finds those things. Again you know they though they'll comb through the papers -- comb through whatever extent you know -- motivation. There was a time worth. Us against the world thing. Was legitimate release we felt I was in 2001 though -- probably so but I mean I think even afterward wanna know one we came back and -- the -- to make the playoffs. And them when we go roll again and 03 I think there was still perception out there that. You know the right thing happened -- -- which about two we really work you know Marion so that next super bowl of the of the Dow orders. A pretty would you admit we probably overplayed her -- -- -- we're still -- against Philly the next year book. I thought it was legitimate for for two of the runs the third time -- right by the number of almost like you know dynasty talk so. Hustled through and I think -- the important thing here to note here is that. How long -- season isn't mentally trying it is and -- haven't just a little -- over small might be -- for -- helpful. I think the idea that this is six and three team as opposed to a three and sixteen. You know it did it elevate sort of the importance over -- not making stuff up about how good the other guys don't need you -- -- -- -- -- -- and dirt -- dangerous and did to the fans up there -- evident chances to travel down to Carolina in Charlotte is of as of very. Would football town they like I haven't winner I know. When they were good the Bank of America Stadium be it rocks I mean it's it's not quite Seattle but it's opening or so doesn't get that same level but. It's a place that when -- around them we have come -- after the super want to repeat the mister -- we had an early season game with them next pre season game as a little doubt he was wildly I mean to this place when their plane well against that -- really highly regarded team like the patriots can be a tough place to play. It's according position is Forsberg the ability to get behind -- -- NASCAR down their football -- Thank you really want a winner they like -- they have a competitive team applicable bleak for pretty cool 1 and I am mr. Is it fair to say that in the aftermath of the Monday night game at 1130 tomorrow night when -- -- the year -- -- whenever they -- Null. A lot about one of these two teams where -- cannot -- it out you know what Carolina went out there and beat the patriots they're real or were gonna say. And you know the patriots -- 72 despite all the losses despite everything else out by the very good defense and laid one on board -- differently about one of these teams -- -- and I think that it is a resume building win. And -- neither side I think more so maybe for the Panthers and for the patriots because they think right now that look the Panthers game but the tough game the Panthers are really good young team their -- emerging team. But I think everyone is looking toward next week and quite frankly the government is looking at that Denver deemed her not as fuel to measuring stick mr. How deep this patriots team can go what they're capable but these are both sides of the ball so I think it means more if that's possible it means more Carolina. Then it BB means in new -- and but yeah public is that it is it's it's a resume building went for for both teams but -- I thought of interest in the speaker came into the Carolinas need this win. You know and it not -- as the team is yeah yeah. I think they're looking down down there this is one of those years for the -- that yeah exactly it's one of those years that they haven't had an awful long time and that franchise has -- a long time and it -- It's it's nice to see football Rip Torn to an area that really cares about what is your book format I mean they really -- -- Order helps that there's venom. Some rocking is going on in the division you know -- -- -- NFC south has really taken -- -- mean Tampa's not which -- thought that might be Atlanta's beautiful off the face of the earth. That helps army it's sort of understanding sort of the opportunity in the moment in the event that you will commit to move. In my wanna do it now and their role in that situation where we've got through Seattle on -- efforts to schools ought to be there but you know Carolina took a bite of my last week. The or any other real -- -- groups on their side of the -- much or the patriots so. I think from what we learn from this kind of thing. I think of the patriots lose down there. It's not it's provided as a hard -- won't win it's not it's not in the world natural for panic here this is -- market deals with these things especially if the jets looked buffalo yeah exactly so titans thanks for sure. But I I definitely agree with this you know again from out locker to pitchers careless and they're they're -- it would confronted it's it's not big pictures just. Next challenge next it was an action so it's not what this means anymore or less from them. But I think big picture of the patriots having to learn more about Carolina less about does it mean more to play on Monday night. So I used to double juice publisher back you hate it the it I think -- aggravated as an older player but for sure -- a younger guy. You know the music is -- its degrading music at the Tampa but I mean that that you hear that in stadium UCL Michaels up -- -- -- a premium ones and right now my story to republic Austria and up but it bit went out all -- The I there's definitely something to see in the banners as you walked around -- antsy in the monitor football logo in here in the music play in. Trust me were all still just football players are all football fans now -- are still something to that music to what it means to be the only show and but just -- but in the country of the world really. Sold for the players don't get past that point I'm just saying for support it would just accept half a point late on Monday. -- I'll say this while while on Monday you're the only show in -- you have the stage to yourself. I think for most people Sunday Night Football has replaced Monday Night Football as the marquee event of the week. -- want to you certainly don't have better matchups at the surely you know the world's attention because are already watching football mr. -- of missiles like the late Thanksgiving game as opposed definitely the next night when you know work this morning analyst also -- which is what you'll have next weekend. And exactly what the -- and what do you what do Sunday night matchup you're gonna have as well that's but Denver's gonna play back to back Sunday night games they've got the game -- against Kansas City they'll be here next weekend. Against the patriots I mean it's. To meet Sunday Night Football is now bigger deal Monday and -- and also gets diluted by the effect -- there's a Thursday every week you know I mean what does I mean which I just can't. I can implement this I. Yeah -- -- admit it's an afterthought from there yet duties he -- comments this week -- about you being rated a play on Sunday sun reporter said it if you were playing the chiefs today this was Wednesday. If you were playing the chiefs that they could to play. Andy's eighties and we'll know -- a -- was in a game yet they both had via. But you know eyes as the reporter of one of the reporters said it's common. Yeah it's good regulator and a Roger Goodell had his ways Lebanese capital -- Well look I thirty think the Thursday night game. Has has jumpers -- put it will crimp in the product quality I think -- -- and I I just think it's it's very difficult Ascot team. When you want Thursday of the year that Thanksgiving Day you know that's the day and you know what you're dealing with. But when you're asking teams to do it every single Thursday of the if you're gonna get Saturday that you you you get Saturday games to two prominent Halladay -- somebody I wonder if that's the tipping point I wonder if a year's worth of Thursday night -- He is going to be building where the bubble burst. The further I mean again -- -- Korea I don't dislike Thursday. To kick off the season I thought that was the -- nice addition to the NFL you have old seeing yourself. Think that's a good idea because in the event that your kicking off sixteen games total different. But you -- stage I think it's a great idea my love that they -- that I love Thanksgiving just a tradition that you got the that you got a dedicated audience that point ever wants around -- ready to roll. -- Smart idea. I do think. They've jumped sharply facility because I think they've just they've diluted so badly and I I think the biggest thing and undermines the safety argument there's no way. Out of wants out of all applicants I am trying to figure out ways to protect players now -- -- the -- and one expanding shortening the rebound time the rest time shortly in the recovery. Makes -- somebody's lying somewhere I've learned my lesson. I'm not gonna say we have a problem on our NFL Sundays economic is that it's Chatham. Real real Africa will be back boy that was president at NFL Sunday there presented by complaints -- insurance -- the -- -- they shops or use a visit to plants -- dot com today.

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