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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Break Down the MNF Game in Carolina

Nov 17, 2013|

Tom calls the boys to give his take on the Pats lack of interest in Ed Reed and breaks down his thoughts on Pats/Panthers tomorrow night.

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By the way one additional piece of information Chicago Bears course playing without Jay Cutler today because he got re injured and all that stuff and I said that the other wins we're going to be high. It's gone will be the -- half. They're now high wind severe thunderstorm and tornado watches. But the city of Chicago for their game today at home joining us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T is the nation's. Asked just now the most reliable four GL TE network. Is our body Tom. SN any dot com hey Tom I don't. -- -- Let me ask you a quick easy one here did the patriots at any point reach out to Ed -- this week before he signed with the jets. No it did not. The concept established by the patriots they agreed according to look -- -- what about. Well and Chris mortenson said the exact same thing that you did when I listen to him overnight. I mean it's sort of flies in the face of the whole you know Ed -- yeah I had choices in the patriots reach out. And Rex Ryan with the. Yeah I you know -- the patriots the aggregate amount of regardless what -- -- whether or not contact the -- too much respect for the player. It's really not what they do. Keep under the impression that maybe he reached out to him based on reputation and prior. Situation that he not that they wanted to call the -- what Terry just made up by all ought I don't know. But they didn't. They didn't make a run -- -- -- was available we converse about what -- should I would not but there's a disconnect between what. He stated moloch Roman and what the patriots. Officially -- actually it. We are wondering who was a pride thing -- -- did you kind of look at the cover up a little bit. I don't know what I didn't seem that premeditated art is art I mean what I would prefer the video I saw a comment. I don't think that acceptance that well I'm embarrassed that we're chipset -- the song to a vote against the law. Are but I mean that that certainly is a possibility as well what. You're -- the patriots aren't recoverable want to have a value there so I think we look at the patriots are gonna make it federal cases to try and dispel the notion that they contact that -- -- the -- But it slowed people wanna say that a Petrie get veto by the jets are at a they would. Whenever they're climbing on either saying afterward but the storyline resurface and it didn't happen -- move along with the predators. -- I think that's that's absolutely. Some that there are just a little water doing their thing. This Panthers team really Tom is is is an interesting bunch because we're we've been kicking in around over the over the last out couple hours or so in in. One point he says while I you know old Newton really maturing has come into his own he's. Finally realizing that he doesn't have to do everything by himself and he's leaning out of running game and leaning on a good defense in the annual -- on a a decent group receivers but there on the flip side you look at the patriots what the pitchers have been able to do we offensively. And in the fact that you know. They're gonna for the first time all year how all of our offensive options -- -- -- -- You -- set top. Up put on hold up your -- here he's not he's not hearing and and it was. Easily the best stuff that prices after the entire now -- second. So what is life as you veterans are treated here itself and I I just -- we didn't know we we go back on this before and I am just wondering. Com's take on this the idea that you know the Panthers bring a lot to the table on both sides of the ball. In and we're looking at the patriots and just wanted for -- -- in the -- it's a little bit given the fact that so many of those offensive options are going to be on the field for the first time. All season long I just felt that Tom because it was easily the best thirty seconds prices ever done on the radio and you didn't hear you missed it. Fascinating that it's. An airtight what did anything else that I. I just wonder for short seller the patriots a little bit because this is the first time all year you know all we talk about how good Carolina is the strides that they've been making. This the first time earlier the teachers accountable those offensive options on the field at the same time for marine Ridley Gradkowski Amendola -- all those guys. Well what are we looking -- here. What Rivera senate this week it is carpet -- -- -- and I think that is the story of this game. He doesn't know what to expect a lot of bundled the patriots machinery what would Eric Hernandez ended up in jail. Shane -- became the hub around which the patriots were going to optimize the versatility but when they broke the huddle. But back out of the communication goes and -- as liberal so -- could be running back. -- going to be in the slot. -- going to be a perimeter receiver. How do we treat him and now -- treat everybody else that's the except that they -- that they sent -- on third down in terms of having third down back on the field in nickel once thirteen on their -- some games. Previous to have a gronkowski. She is. Their difference maker. And you -- against buffalo. Honored for our apartment could you are here -- repaired doesn't know what's gonna happen Monday night and I think that. You break in the scheme out of looking ahead to a preview today. They spread them out because there is no blue team. And make them clear who's coming up but I think it's. Well I'm I'm interested from from -- what you touched on their -- like that. How how on how to the Panthers approach the patriots with -- in the game. For the simple fact that pitchers like to do Korea which would sort of fly in the face of giving the matchup you watched humor from affiliate earlier near the pre season we still have Vereen. A lot of times it was Tom lining him up doing a little short motion so you can learn. How there -- account form -- and make the decision to let him motion out of the backfield like you learn that the linebackers got him Daniel let him leave. What's interesting note to me is because they like the hurry up a little bit and that is some of the approach of the ticketing and similar defense is like the jets. Does that eliminate your ability to use that weapon it's like a or B I mean if that they can't do both things so. -- -- now use the toys and go back to where you were and say you know what this guy's just too good of a matchup for us to wasted a trigger how they count. It. That in the mobile portal. Type offenses -- for our that we get so aren't and then -- operates seconds. You know he spoke Hubble. Which get -- up quick and then screw around. You are aware. Yeah I did a hundred yeah that's I mean you do the same but I mean if you don't do short Mosher -- morale there's no -- to -- it. Sometimes the muddle huddle you're just simply trying to find the back. Hobbled -- slides with the back maybe you're just you're short motion from the slot guy just to see if a guy falls and were they simply portion slighted. -- you can still learn sort of thing I don't like is when you know if if you've got pieces that you really think their mismatches against other people. If you run the point quickly to snap and do hurry up stop that kind of lose that advantage so I don't know I have actually no idea which way -- -- but it will be certain -- of the Cuban. One thing I thought the patriots did you often over the last three years sometimes to -- Batman especially early gains. Was because they were so personal they would spend an awful lot of time trying to point the match what are in the match Mobil -- -- principles will start up. And I think Tom Brady got preoccupied with an -- -- -- the match from trying to match. And. Apart from the detrimental just taken what -- -- that -- go and then -- look at the match up later. And I think that's sometimes the home. You spend too much time trying to under matchup indeed it it that it should go in with what is simpler way to engage or or six. And I I hope that that happen. On Monday night because we have been toward one other thing that I think will be interesting about this -- -- to speed with which Carolina has jumped out here. -- -- -- That's where there friction there at all. 38 in the first quarter on -- story to I think 3252. In the for a what they're outscoring teams by. And that's why. They're able to be so fiction this season and I don't know what your your guys have noticed as well or not. Tom -- one of the things that it's we we've been kicking around and obviously we talked a little bit about it we -- idea -- driven back providing let's assume that he does return this week what's a reasonable level of expectation for for what we know we should be expecting this week. When it comes as overall impact when it comes to that may be the number stamps is gonna play. I would say probably would be under under -- -- if even that much for me -- and Eric and you'll probably. Between ten and fifteen. Overall opportunities in the football would probably be a reasonable amount I would be surprised if it got much higher and that's just a couple of number weapons -- you have offensively and -- -- in America -- felt in his first game back. All of the -- and then the next week Hewitt's. A little bit reduced -- that was the hangover from. -- previously could match up so much report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think so I think that the little -- yeah I think I think the -- you have the open slot -- -- released look on Williams earlier this week and I think that was with an eye toward -- let you know that's. -- to -- -- at them at the very last minute I'm thinking that you'll while these -- -- good jobs gets over -- Brandon Bolden is the guy who's gonna -- interior. We stand to lose the majority of snaps without -- return. Yeah security has been third down back he has in the guy was in on the field second sixth and second any third and seven on parole for Paramount lot. Exclusively but I think that would be player of the loses maps. It's carpet that help or somewhere. And a legacy and get the opportunity or just don't think I'm great. For them. To realize -- he's going to be -- I just think it's become regard but I think principal -- currencies. -- I'll -- I'll plead guilty here in and speak only for myself I sometimes have a tendency. The look at the most recent snapshot them and make that what reality is. And you look at last week's game between the the Carolina Panthers in the San Francisco 49ers and you seek -- -- predict with 91 yards passing the almighty god. This defense has got to be otherworldly and they did played very very well in the 109 win. By the same token -- capita average 188 passing yards a game this year. Let's just suffice to say that they'll find it harder I think -- -- Tom Brady down than they did calling -- Yeah that's something I haven't I think you know our current bill isn't effective. In helping feed. The vikings and rams the falcons look into record. Are they weren't as a quarterback of concrete -- -- full complement of receivers aren't helpful back to what Robert Baer I think they're. The -- and there. Well extra police -- part sell corporate performance. Over the past but we. Very caught well I'm feeling good -- -- weight classes -- threatened the player certificate it's weird. We experience at all you're going. Following covering a team that went crap beat the pretty good trying to break into really good. And there firing line so. In terms of being satisfied with the strike Jamaican. And realizing that you -- it's cave in. If you -- excited about what you did previously. I know the answer because I heard yet you know last week on the radio station but for those who didn't. I you like the patriots in a big way tomorrow night. Yeah I think they're gonna really have that weight is because Carolina has that. But straight week a great football. An excellent results including a win on the road in San Francisco I don't think Tom -- Given enough credit for how extremely diabolical he can beat deal. With a team. Feel good about itself. Can really well you say. That's right you know and let's in an extreme. And number twelve from. You're two point 713 law that almost. Tom appreciate time is always we'll talk to you next week. I didn't read our I can't get rid that's just him dump button. It's -- we got via Toronto Tom. 1800 get air. And I will take quick break we'll come back the -- just couple minutes on NFL Sunday presented by the plants key insurance plans ski. They shops use they visit the plan's key dot com today.

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