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NFL Sunday: From Kubiak to Rex to Reid to Philbin ... NFL Coaches Making News

Nov 17, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris discuss all of the headlines being made by NFL coaches including Gary Kubiak coaching from the booth today after coming back very quickly from a "mini" stroke and Rex having fun with his team at Dave and Buster's.

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There's always it to a certain degree there's going to be things it. Happened whether professionally personally that can impact. You know your job we come in here we come and this facility we go to work every single day -- professionals we have an obligation to. The dolphins obligation of one another. To give you know our total effort focusing control the things that we control. We have to do a daily basis. That's still filled and head coach of the Miami Dolphins don't talk about head coaches here for a second them and there's a couple of things that have happened. While one obviously is Joseph Philbin we've talked about Andy Reid already who. Elected to coach his team in a certain way and and run his starting lineup in a certain way. You know Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans who has a and for lack of better term I don't know and other medical term mini stroke. Which is what they call when he collapsed on the sidelines couple weeks ago. He's got a coach today from the press box. He can't give up the reins of the head coach but he's not really physically capable of doing it from the sidelines which is what 99.9. Percent of the head coaches in the NFL do. So he's going to be the head coach of the team today but he's gonna do it from the press box. We get -- that'll question I always think about this. He is is a 100% of the back up. Better than X percent of the starter you know rise in the when they sell well up you know -- skis that that 70% today. But that's better than a 100% of whoever was put behind him in the depth chart. In the case -- Gary Kubiak is is coaching your football team under those circumstances better than the alternative which you operated under. A week or so I think it always boils down to play caller it is marches is the it is -- Baird. Game operation you know. When did you challenges. -- go for things like that from a logistical perspective I think it would create some difficulties but if you're in a situation like. Trying with a terrific record generally Chip Kelly easy as a play caller is Marty. The you know that's a divorce situations where a guy as the guy that would make a bigger difference. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to his. I wonder about him deciding to come back now in this situation when his team is pretty much. Out of that I wonder if there's more of an inclination to say look Gary just pump the brakes come back in a weaker Q when -- -- -- what the sidelines. You know will hold the fort between now and then quite frankly there's no -- to come back. It's not like -- in you know and in a playoff type situation playoff type atmosphere I can understand him wanting to come back to be with his team because they understand that's important. But I just wonder about the long term health instinct look. That's gonna. It's so sit out another week until you -- and they completely. We'll turn our attention to another head coach head coaches sometimes like. Bill Belichick is a guy who has number vacations on things like. Brought bill rustling to address that the football team or brought Micky ward and talk to the football team. Took the team not to see that movies about the jackal than Jack Jericho on -- All of those things that Belichick is done is have been during training. Last night in buffalo. Rex decided to do one of those little coaching treks the night before a game in buffalo against the bills. He gets the team together in the hotel on Saturday night like every coach does they have their team meeting now they're gonna separate and offense and defense and have their separate meetings and he says our record do. We're gonna go to Dave and buster's. Any piles -- mall and the boss -- however they get there and off they go to Dave and buster's. Was -- a school bus. I don't know that evidences of that people earlier this year to -- on the green yellow -- ridiculous school I don't know if it was school off they go to Dave and busters that guitar. If the Buffalo Bills I'd probably -- -- Sam. You think particularly iron kicked our butts and even have to ask and trying to that in -- out collecting -- let Dave and buster's. I know coaches like to push these little buttons and play these little games pretty unusual time to do it is by law. Say this world for the road trip thing is what through and usually it -- them not correct but expand on your earlier point bills and stuff -- season -- I think it's just it's. I don't. Remember specifically if -- I'm sure we have speakers almost every single night before we would watch something special. You know some sort of old boxing match which was one of -- big things in the Micky -- -- -- -- Porsche racing to horse racing secretary races have been used from time to time but you always does -- -- -- sometimes it's -- more doctors sometimes it's just -- -- that happened around the league that none of -- would have noticed that. Never would have risen to the level of a sports and highlight. But that he would bring forward to say here are some things irrelevant from around the league to Nazi. He's really good about finding outside the box things that he thinks can either motivate you re folk issues but. That's pretty typical the idea of getting the -- in which helps build up that's that's new Motorola. I editor Dave and buster's on a Saturday guy -- a candidate did in season don't let my ticket Saturday and yeah it's just -- it's straightened up but I mean that's part of Rex and I think really -- we -- we joked about the school buses you know we -- he does stuff. It might be considered non traditional sometimes it blows up his face sometimes it makes it look like a genius but yeah we used to -- -- for -- of this. This whole thing for the jets maybe it's wishful thinking on my part is you know everything bad that happens to the jets makes me about a person. This whole thing has the deal for me. I'm just completely falling apart it. They get Rex Reed each shelves us locker room goes crazy they go to buffalo Rex is playing outside the box where ought to Dave and buster's. Finally caught up -- 31 -- New York fourteen -- back with a -- date. Strike -- as a team that needs stability can be dangerous down the stretch I honestly do -- in right now the playoffs started today -- -- in that succeed may be in the post season but I think at the same time. That's a team that really needs to start displaying some consistency they've been that win loss win loss win loss over the course the season. -- to string together. Career for really good you cannot -- you have to be wins but the need to string together a handful of really good performances have a really good December. To show me that they're capable of doing something. In January but and frankly at the same time look at the -- finishing eight compared to where they were last year they should be should throw Fareed. Had pitted if they were that bad anywhere that bad at the start of the year there were circus at the start here with the Sanchez stuff but I think he's been able to get their defense to play at a level. This is a borderline but meanwhile Portland playoff team. Or missiles well I hope fans pickup ball and they were storyline circus I don't believe there were football circus they have they were bad with. The back page you know they were bad with this that the -- things have -- about how does that translate on field. You built a really good made it a distraction does that affect on field talent to get to any of Sanchez's case not NC well 92 days now they were army's gonna -- suspicions of the -- November that's different because it's it's. It pervades the locker room -- I don't really buy that they were amassed and I believe that we were trying to sell papers in May and June to believe that the government studio listening to his bid. Really from practical perspective when you talk about the FC east very team that could take advantage of an opportunity -- Miami's struggles. And take it got a Russian that void and beat that team. The -- thought maybe could be. That challenges the patriots put pushes them a little bit in terms of you know divisional supreme what's against shows you how unfortunate and poorly timed and if if it ends up being. You know euphoria stated that the dolphins last week at camp hope that that -- That they now sit at 45 jets at a five and for the much more than driver's seat the teams there they're fighting with of these playoff spot in the entire AFC north this. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be really interesting gene to gene library view that they sit in the driver seat and and in part because are so many other teams that are struggle. So have they make this move in again Buffalo's now backing of that -- received in every. Every late November early December of playing spoiler I still think they're kind of a tough match a week to week they don't seem to put together but are always competitive. So I would just handed the jets I don't know if that's the open now story line -- threats. They need that went six and four cent on the heels the patriots and it's and had a lot of these other sort of mediocre teams that are in -- you know technically in the in the race for the patriots a picture perfect and the jets have to be pretty happy for a set. When we come back after the break we're gonna connect Rex Ryan. And the Carolina Panthers and the Panthers defense against the Patriots offense as we breakdown that matchup because I think there is a connection. The two losses that the patriots have suffered this year and Carolina. And a lot of similarities at least defensively and how those teams will approach the patriots today will get is that when we come back to NFL Sunday presented by the Polanski insurance. 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