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NFL Sunday: The Bye Week for the Pats Has FINALLY Passed, But We Still have to Wait for MNF

Nov 17, 2013|

Dale Arnold, Matt Chatham and Chris Price kick off NFL Sunday discussing how it feels like the Pats haven't played in forever, but really it's just a little over a week. They talk about the Ed Reed situation with Ed signing with the Jets and why the Patriots really weren't that interested. Also, Andy Reid has decided Dwayne Bowe will play and start this week despite his legal issues - right decision?

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Feel like the patriots haven't played about a month. An all the way they don't get to play today either I yeah it just it. It feels like you haven't had a patriots game about a month and I know I'm exaggerating and it just seems worse than it is but surely it'll make up for on the back him maybe three -- four Thursday the arrow etc. Thursday Sunday or Thursday I understand completely out from players' point of view the bye week is crucial it is critical and and I and I am not knocking it I think it's great. But the quality of the product. Overall. From a fan's perspective he vacation in the middle of the season like that we've got a couple of weird weeks ago. We're going to be another weird when next week ago with the Sunday night in -- and high and then the Monday nine -- Sunday night you know. Import those Sunday once again still little spoiled at the collegiate level which is a during the week. They have their teams on April the Big -- and have two bye weeks. Imagine -- where they've the NFL. The -- idea of years Atlanta biblical bye week around her four and then Iowa Minnesota head -- this week again which is. Lot of stresses sort of one year. And I am herbal remembering what seasons was one -- patriot we we won. On -- remember that yes it was weak one was the bye week and played sixteen straight you're so happy right there in week one of them like weeks by really don't know -- this isn't really if you're looking for by a week though you can't get any better than the publicity all right that that is out an idea a little bit. Beyond. The mid point -- any candidate better you just want more anchored to the home stretch abilities. The bunch of stuff going on around the National Football League in because we don't have a game last week and break down in this first segment like we normally -- and won it. Your thoughts on some of the things that went on around the league. -- outlast both that he is simple question -- both for either of you in favor of the patriots going after agreed this week. I was I you know. I would back and forth on this I think he would have been really intriguing addition not because he still out of because of angrily left in the tank -- would have been interesting. From a leadership perspective and I think that was one of the reasons that -- they decided to -- -- -- be dribbles around but IR program. You'll work with some of these younger defense of Saxony he would have been an interest in addition in that regard however I don't know. If he's ready to take on that kind of role quite yet that your after hearing him talked down in New York this week. He sounds like a guy who wants to play seventy snaps a game and I just don't know -- so I think we can -- that he played 22 -- yeah I mean he was he he I think he wants to be in -- I think he still believes he could be agreed in I don't know if you can be that controllable level the front to back for the rest of his career and I just don't -- that -- -- -- I think that. If he wanted to accept a lesser role baby he might have been here in New England but I just I don't think that's going to -- to. Or don't we do this of patriots players quite a bit where. When they're not wanted back here. There's an accountable black market I mean it's a sort of a signaled the rest of the market of what. But person's value might be when he became available in the ravens were starting James had a ball that's strong safety spot. At which -- the assault players may have made some space for himself in the NFL. But it's certainly not deal with Matty will next on that's not some. Amazingly Beaufort position group. And they passed from which to me is sort of that's the note -- -- this year most I think across -- and that's one -- meet again I can't I can't say I've been watching film opened in Houston I just know what the injuries -- just know about. The reduced played played played numbers he's had. But that to me couple of the fact that he's a legit free safety not strong safety. And then also when you look at this particular roster just fitting them here. They've invested in that position that you know even the even if you don't like Avon Wilson you just feel like they've given up on him I look at -- Jermaine Cunningham situation I'm not sure that they have yet. Just 'cause I haven't seen them but -- we may be getting close about. But the idea that they invest in rural to but I pick undrawn -- and the -- the two sitting there. There's investment fair and they're not in some desperate saturation the reason Talib happened a couple of years ago because they were. They were at the bottom basement strong moral issues. They are at a situation going on the Citigroup right now they do have an injury but -- buffer with high draft picks up to me and at the position to action role enough free safety for me this assortment -- I think that's a really great point inning when -- -- safety people think well it's like an outfielder or you know he can display more product safety positions -- no -- he's very much of a free safety. Dumb according is now at this this -- this group very much of received I think there's also some and to your point that. And that we talked earlier in the year about not wanting to bring in a veteran wide receiver to maybe inhibit the growth. Some of these young guys down the road that you know the Dobson the Tompkins those guys and -- you can make that same argument when -- talking about bringing in and it read. At free safety at the expense of some of those other safeties on the roster you know drawn -- -- on walls and you -- you you maybe start to inhibit their growth as well so I think it would been a great story and I think. -- really bill would have loved to have had here I think because. There's such a -- and that's what I'll say there is that the depth of the relationship there is extraordinary and I really believe what a miracle happened here cousy and now this is where the story gets interest. They didn't even that's why I think he would have loved to have figured out a way to get it all say that I -- it all all a modified a little but I think to would have loved to figure out we'd get him or maybe if you -- gotten it -- from 2011. You open at a time machine or something we got here from 2001 I think there would have loved to have half or if you could have had him from five years ago the meet with the heat could have -- here. He didn't even ask Matt this is where the story of course it -- that go this way. Ed Reed said the patriot reached out. Rex Ryan of course has to say he chose Sox right I'm listening to Chris mortenson last night. And Chris mortenson said no they didn't reach out the jets were the only place where you don't and offered the job if that's it read you know kind of a -- Spurned lover yeah exactly is for -- -- well several water of course there were -- until it read I think there's something to that but yeah -- support him mortenson -- one team wanted to. And it's the one team signed him obviously. The patriots did not reach out to want despite what -- we'll tell you he chose us while he chose you because nobody else -- made him an offer that goes back to my point about. If in fact. Belichick would like to found out a way to get in here would have at least reached out to -- according importance immediately I think. An indication of two things both what they felt like his value was at this point turn them into an office and how he went through here I think it was no for two. And I and -- look at it and also players were available as we -- reach out to John Lynch Jason Taylor. Good on the list -- -- -- available free agents that bill loves. That are really free agents I think this was an indication -- that bets that ship that sailed as I do I I think that. Is it would have been a really fun story in would have been a great way possibly for -- -- to and his career getting a chance to -- for Bill Belichick and we've seen over the course the last. How many years that these. Veteran guys. Who he has an affinity for or is intrigued by. We bring him in your kick the tires on him you know maybe try and squeeze into the year two out of him you know we've seen so with a Ochocinco we saw with things -- we social and -- I think -- would have I think you would have desperately love to figure about a week to trying get here and and again I think he would've loved to see if if every still had anything left in the tank. I think they would have tried to figure out you know to put a minute patriotism that would have been answered in the offseason I think it had you know I think -- price cut to -- yet he was still making premium dollars on that at Texas. -- You know if any questions -- patriots have had there been interest at that point got answered by his play in injury questions I think it's just bringing a risk. And locker that the news we've got a couple of things at play here as well as you guys point out seven according playing. -- April and is playing the position that every place. Stephen Gregory if if that were. It in its not but if that were Ed reed's position Steven Gregory spot was his position. You expect Steve Gregory come -- back. You expect they're gonna find a way maybe even tomorrow. The cast that up wrap it up to all those things he's been ruled out -- general that hasn't already -- -- but but we expect that he's not somebody in IR him to say they didn't you know they didn't say OK that's it for the season. And Steve Gregory's played really well. Yeah -- and it's it's interesting too we talked to bill and wolf we we talked towed to Brian florist the safeties coach a couple of weeks ago and the you'll you'll preface the question by saying look you know from the outside -- is having to agree your what are some of the things that are. Were some innings allowing him to how to to Goodyear. And still say yes -- is having Goodyear but at the same time. We're getting really good play out all of our safeties you know in and that's it kind of a typical Belichick response but I think there's something to that when you're talking about Steve Gregory. And the fact that it takes time for safeties to learn how to play together. You know defense to backs is a hole to learn how to play together and I think the relationship between accordion Gregory. Is such that -- we've seen some real strides from that pairing this year and I think you know worst scene look a forty play at a Pro Bowl level as a result. We also have a situation and I know from a fan's perspective the answer is going to be what difference does it. But from a patriots perspective when you asked the question will who's gonna gul if they had read somebody's got to leave the roster yet to make a roster out of spring Shane Vereen and you'd have to make another roster move to bring it read again and again the fans who cares what difference it. The patriots would be getting rid of a guy who they think has some upside it would be one of the younger guys and Abner exact. And a guy who brings other things to the table special teams play in tiger's case I'd love day I'd love to make a point here because that's that's always. This happens a lot in our sport it's you know. Walker who we should of did it. Pierce will be should pay. Person wise old worth two dollars comparable or as a roster spot come from much the same way when arguing about should they blitz more. When we have got to coverage mean and it's really always but the question there's lots of things we do want that some great on paper but there's always. An equal up to have to not give a soft -- so we gonna drop I think about I think in in that situation they would simply pushed. The number 53 guy off the roster in effect I practice squad eligibility that would recent practice squad hit it big deal would. Bring a guy in here they'd -- wouldn't just bring it would just new push receive the door they they would push like like we've seen -- Josh -- an offensive lineman who's been on and off the 53 man roster the last couple days. It EG France is the guy who has practice squad eligibility you know you can bump them practice a different -- in Europe to -- he's up now no no no we don't know yankees he's down but I think if you bring -- a guy like agreed justice you know we we -- with -- -- entering this week assuming. It they're going to bring him back. They decided to have you know -- look on Williams -- the -- -- -- just picked up so I I think it would be one of those situations as opposed to losing some elected to about walls up right to April playing time perspective I think you could you can make that argument. But I think if if -- what you took from purely roster move which mystical I think I think that's important to note because. If you ban on our roster at this point were were hardened enough into the year were a guy who's on the roster is most likely establish himself yet -- the ability to do those transactions of September October 2 little different later in November you've got 89 weeks of film -- -- guy. That's been playing special teams and again rhapsody -- -- Chris White that doesn't resonate with a lot of guys but he -- -- up or not gonna CM AB complex. You can be -- when he's not a guy you can stash be there can be harder to do those weakened transactions in late November. And they are September Dexter in the AT&T text -- they just cut rostrum from a think that's. Out of the UN is adamant opponent ambled up at. Back to another question about Belichick not that I'm not again I'll point you think he's one of the best coaches in the history of the game I'm not suggesting every decision what would Bill Belichick. But this is say what would Bill Belichick the decision. -- Wes Welker. And it breaks what -- the team tells him to do with his little. What joke press conference and has to sit out the first series of the playoff game against the New York Jets. -- ball gets arrested on Friday of the bye week. Speeding its thirteen miles an hour over the speed limit I mean it just meant that he'll be honest about it okay. Marijuana possession as well he vehemently denies the charges but he goes on to say. I apologize to my team for being a distraction you've got an undefeated football team. Andy -- does out of his way to say there there are rules in place under the CPA they can't punish him they can't they can't suspend him. Because you have to wait until all of the stuff comes out. What are our guard could put. And I got the sense that you well that -- they -- conduct a criminal that's that's number elaborate -- -- -- by the way the difference here is. Andy Reid goes out of his way to -- now he's gonna play this week he's gonna start this week now -- goes out of his way to say he's gonna start. Beating miss an opportunity to send a message to his football team -- -- the you have to. But do handle similarly to the way Belichick handled the Wes Welker thing about a -- Urban myth now is that Wes Welker got benched for the entire game get benched for a Siri answers and they didn't lose the game because Wes Welker didn't start the football game. But should Andy Reid handled it for. Different coaches and other business in different ways and I think -- you can do that if your Bill Belichick in you know your. Probably a little bit more secure your position NC injury it is history -- the injuries as their coach no team. I I just say I do I think it's different different teams different rules different. Established parameters within -- organization listed how they decide to -- business and thinking to read -- decision made adding it's interesting to say -- -- off yet -- brought up the fact that look we can't discipline him Blake said there are rules and regulation at a place I think everything is kept threats that's why that Ferrari's conduct detrimental knicks players soul. Nervous because it means whatever you need it to me and I think they always have that number all fall -- economic -- the -- suspend you. But the of the CPA allows for the that the conduct -- terminal thing as a dollar figure all -- -- -- -- program but there's not there's -- there's an -- -- -- look Dwayne you're gonna -- for the first or accepted -- what I thought attack and not even the first quarter. Personally -- cut out of his way to say he's gonna play Andy's gonna start it's almost like. -- -- Permissive ME Mets did to your choice to run -- waved at them on the next event happens Sunday night I'll also control quite frankly between -- Pro -- wide receiver. I think if you're you're talking -- -- was a Pro -- -- yeah well fair enough -- -- -- I'd like a point that the idea that there there at a very tenuous situation although they have that record I think there's a feeling with one -- loss applicable -- -- -- they -- wanted to disrupt this I'm one -- -- if I don't think there is good news is the -- right like they can be -- like you know the -- could happen and also their offer for a -- -- but -- it's interesting because. Man he's the new guy in the building to that's another big important part of context that you got a lot of guys that religion and bring into the team. They're -- to read our view was much as vice Versa so. If you walk him and -- and -- -- Kennedy speaking after and again they're thirst I art for the player. Side of the table public and always wait until the conviction that we -- and afterwards but but just doesn't seem a business is normally Don -- Obama hate that. But it he seems to sort of gone on his way to cover forma -- doesn't seem to be -- modus operandi or does it does -- win him points in the locker room. Yeah maybe and maybe that's a good thing again but bill doesn't need a self identified for the -- that's. As you -- need points and lock these new coach though I mean he has he's in -- about nine and oh yeah looked at a party pretty well you know he's he's he's nine and -- he's been there for you know a few months but at the same time. Is this a moment for him to say look I got to back. I'm your guy I'm a player's coach I'm Leo I'm -- you'll I have viewed through hell or high water on the stick by you until you know innocent until proven guilty and all that may be just a time for him to say look. And to win the so you know I'm gonna win anyone. Who may have a doubt about me in that locker room at Wimbledon with justice and here's the question was of the conviction mean were you charged with no just no arrests that okay. SS is -- I'm comfortable that at that level culpability until we know that that's shall always act. But usually hide -- -- thing about -- took a medal because it's average -- Ever machine army and it was on PRU loose and that's that's and I don't care about the point I think the reason bell objected -- Welker was a halt to what not to yet to answer viewers -- -- different -- -- -- just -- -- -- light. You know -- we've speeding things or. Spousal abuse charge that hasn't it improved on but it's it's been a bad newspaper headline and that will be litigated six months from -- -- usually others. A stamp the faults. And a wolf figured out later that that business of -- proven guilty thing it does apply here. No -- and that's where he fell back on the you know rules and regulations -- the it's the NFL who will decide if he ran afoul of the substance abuse. Policy and they will decide at that point this is simply. A distraction to a team that's nine -- we don't need distraction and that's about to immediately got the Denver Broncos come -- and always -- at your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- even if -- don't -- that don't. Don't get arrested terrorists who don't get arrested just you know don't don't -- stupid don't end up on the front page of the Kansas City Star I mean you know just. Don't do some don't that's all. I'll look back just a couple of minutes our next hour we get this again leading to do last week will break down the Patriots offense. Against the well not high powered but certainly adequate. Carolina Panthers defense -- excuse me the other way around I was gonna say the offense for Carolina is not high powered but the defense is really good. Well talk a lot about look weekly this week Jon -- somewhere smiling. Because he's even wait we'll get to all of that Tommy current will join us at about 1130 or so we'll take around the National Football League a little bit later on. Iran NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance at -- -- -- they shops that use a visit to Penske dot com today.

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