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Danny Picard is Joined by Mike Giardi from Comcast Sports

Nov 16, 2013|

Danny Picard is joined by Mike Giardi from Comcast Sports to discuss the Patriots/Panthers game this Monday night. The guys talk about the possible returns of Talib and Vereen from injuries and what their impacts could have.

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I'm players -- tired in. When players were tired study a lot in games like this come on they -- and and that's time in his arm. I just described networks are in the field in the way. In the film room in the weight room his overall every aspect of -- -- that's why he's the player he has. I'm ready they'll borrow -- -- team -- And that's fine man. Little. Next -- Ellen ground -- a T believe this is the data from god -- Sports Radio WEEI Saturday night taking up until 9 o'clock and I. The -- trying to -- and my idiotic from Comcast sports net Whelan in just a moment. They get his take the patriots and as of Monday Night Football match up. And also get. -- some Red Sox. Story lines with free agency and some of the news that went down the last couple days of. Guys that we know won't be back and guys that maybe will be back. Well because they receive a a qualifying offer that we just sort of. We just thought hey easy won't be red sock next one like those guys Jarrod Saltalamacchia I think. We still currencies all the Red Sox that Red -- -- -- -- and I actually think we well. I think that if he gets a good enough to he would deal from the Red Sox he should take. Because. It was all it was only make him for a half Mel if he is anybody gonna give salty three years at parity now. Is anybody nor was it doubles machine much but as somebody given and that. Well fear is that maybe you don't but I have yet to see anybody that interested but until that. I would think that -- after considerate two year deal here that would give him I would almost double salary each year but. Maybe get some Red Sox with Mike G odd but I will talk patriots put them because that's what we just let -- -- areas right now. On a team the line like you -- Comcast sports net. New England Mike what's going on. Always -- -- -- -- -- it's fine I need to go on a good Ed Reed ran anyway. Odds are you allowed me to do that and Mike off the last couple days Matt -- ghost of the jets. This story is -- about how Ed Reed wasn't necessarily good. Locker room guy with regards to maybe call on -- coaches trying to be a coach himself. Did it in Houston even aired things -- him doing it in Baltimore but we all what type of presence she's brought to the field in his Korea. Is the problem with Ed Reed did. When he gets put on waivers and nobody claims him it was the problem with Ed Reed -- his off field stuff. All was it his on field production. I think more on fuel production and it's certainly you have to pick your consideration going through waivers. It claimed me yet they. You know bonus for every game in place you're unhappy in a little bit more calories than you would -- cleared so. You know these that it went one -- -- -- toward the end but look. He can't run anymore and he and. Honestly if you watch them last year I know they'll say it and hit it hit game Super Bowl that won the Super Bowl. Not the main player he -- a lot of bad he could run all these aren't. And cute medium all that action obviously they were deliberate on reputation and open -- Smart to carry him through. He's not the same guy anymore now look. Can you get something for it being played many. I think the possibility exists yet that he could probably do that for you if you don't correctly that you don't have the plate and he opened up. What he's done and that's what he's been an entire career eaten up phenomenal summer you'll. Sideline to sideline past -- the -- covered ground. He's so Smart well. Electric off and -- let it go. To be Smart the world but if you look at it like I did one when he got released and -- on around. -- -- -- -- Diagnosed -- the play. But he may get their time you know. You know I'll I just I don't know I -- -- -- I'm not sure. I'm not sure what the white and knock on the door but I'm not disappointed at all that the land. -- they knock on the door. Popularly believed. I don't I don't know what Ed -- what the benefit where it would be Fred Reid say that the patriots. -- -- the phone calls to him. And I would imagine that they did mean much to reduce. The key to -- and find out what's going on news that. And what does this tip the scales and anybody's era I don't think so. But if this guy said Mike if Ed Reed could still play. There is so he clearly wave as there -- so many teams that he -- picked data suitable content as if every could still play. At the at a high level help the team win he would be in New York right now -- he would be with the jets what are. Are now now now now now I mean c'mon if you could still play. The -- would put -- local per song because you can never have enough good defensive -- arm and it's at -- could still play at reed is better than you Gregory out of the political mr. Gregory -- -- the same -- -- -- but it agreed to they'll play. You try to play a way to get Ed Reed and have reported on feel the same time. And and Bill Belichick is shown. He's going to -- that kind of stuff he's. He's done over the course of his career entering the adapt to what personnel out there where where's without -- market I'll find it all put it on unit. And we'll find ways to make it work so that we could still play. But I don't know you would have killed in the patriot over the jet because. A -- and Rex Ryan probably all that but I'm moving the start that -- prompt them. -- From from -- standpoint. -- From the standpoint of an open a place to view and then New England. We heard -- Spiegel in my Giuliani Comcast sports net New England we heard Ed Reed. Last year I've been you know like went back and read Jeff Powell Boston Harold red is he's read the quotes -- -- -- set I could definitely -- the Bill Belichick praised -- prison voted sweatshirt and -- government. It was pretty much and everything but I wanna play for the patriots next year's appreciate what I'm a free agent signed with them. -- has yet another opportunity. I just I would add re going to get I look up and down at the rest of the league and I say. This team could use of this team could use -- maybe this team could use them so wanna pick when he what do you New York I think that's that tells me an awful lot about what he has left intact. On the field but with the patriots. Not get -- read. You know does that tell you something about -- key to leave status because if the key to -- if they thought this was some sort of serious in a season ending injury. Then have to make a move which aren't you -- according -- cola right and then you need a safety what are then beat. More vital for them to go add someone like Ed -- since they didn't do that does this tell us that. All right keep the league ready he's fine it's not a serious. As may be originally we thought what what's going on what to leave and did that to even relate to you at all. But I think a little bit -- -- player that I don't think you can have. Enough quality -- the -- -- -- -- and I think. You know -- -- that they would find a way to make. That worked and we've seen instances this year where they decided their best personnel was. That he wanted you I had been recorded and then rolling out three or four quarters -- They'll build map -- particular will do what it takes to win I think the only thing. My understanding of what you would close to being ready for Pittsburgh and the general consensus was and it's not all the way there yet. Let's not push this thing. And -- -- about a week -- it comes back where I'm ready go to the second apathy and audit it's a big concern for it because it's not without him. Multiple times now with a -- Armed and he never made it I don't leave my memory serves -- correct probably never made -- to a full NFL seasons though. You hope that he's got a little pick up out of the way but he has been a little bit fragile and it's always been on awful thing with him and now this -- -- that but there's so. I mean it can turn what -- he was playing great football you'll become back. And establish that same sort of level play when he compact I don't know it's fair to say he becomes that in. -- united Carolina did the same guy he was. What are they up against him ram in prior to that Jones and AJ green but you know -- -- some time I think clearly -- law competence and have a lot of confidence in him. Do we know what they abortion and -- status and -- and I. I believe -- is gonna play optimal I know there. School around him and activated yet but as you well know Danny haven't spent numerous years. In that locker room there's no good reason and we wanted to actually agreeing on Thursday and I was told all you know he's now I'm 53 man roster. So it's a little. It's a little game plan I believe. That you will be out there on the on Monday night. And India and you believe -- will be altitude when you talk his majesty to the media he spoke. This does that tell us even more about art is definitely going to be -- -- I'm yell at you to get stone cold lock when a guy talk that you would play and the last Europe achieved the kind of match and that a little bit but. I do like that I was told that he was real close prior to the steeler -- so you know there's been no setbacks. He's been a you know I'll go practice this week. I believe he'll be out there. Spiegel like GI Comcast sports net New England on the AT&T hotline. Like the question then has become and I've heard it. On the outside who is more important returned to his major team. Jane -- gonna keep deleted it should be a question it's Aqib Talib he is the most important piece to this team nevermind return. Aqib Talib is the most important piece to this team not just for the secondary but also for the pass -- A pass rush that is telling the rest of the -- right -- is the most important piece esteem movement for would you agree with that. Yeah I'd love these inquiries I do. You today when healthy can -- dynamic merit and we saw that the opener. On what alcoholic -- the superdome and this year. Never had -- the other two back to back good games yet so. You know I'm I'm going based on. What about the potential and the plot is that he -- -- but with the lead but there's there's no question. He had the ability but he's not -- standard I'm very few are. I don't even longer term shutdown corner even though I know. IPod. It's -- o'clock I'm not what she -- court or ever -- or. I'll take that affects. Can get back that up we'll play the payroll and that the number. January February. And that he'd gotten out. Because of what if you were in you know routine. Outside weapon -- slot -- -- play even on an. By the numbers is they're all clear that he and outside the numbers. Are -- -- spot and ride lot -- it I played. This year. But yeah. Be ready 865 apps probably not on the and now you've got the better situation obviously you've been ruled out for money and that's. Now pollutants are coming up but we did you have to meet -- I think he's been very. They're real good player and this year -- -- -- without and yet the slide over to beat that guy on the it quite well now though it's so that'll help pretty well when you implanted -- -- -- -- number clearly and it's all because. They exchanged and when you get someone to take that big guy and be competitive -- and taken out of the game time. It changes your whole defense and and to lead certainly have done. Spiegel -- -- Comcast sports net New England how about Ninkovich I was concerned about him but then you don't even. And you don't see him even on the injury report he's fine ready to go all. Was how much concern was dead and the patriots organization would ever consider it serious injury wouldn't damage. Don Nowak beat you know due to the steeler game impact the sidelines twice I think it is the feeling their lows. You know it's an emergency break glass -- could've played on they were able to get away with that team without -- them. On the lead a full week off and opted -- -- in the first day this week as well. -- -- I thought the womb notable -- off camera he could be. Toll on you know how he got. He's not one who's gonna who's gonna put the truth is that something hockey might he might communication. That was that I think you feel like it goes so. I'll look cute but you don't talk about god that this fly under the radar actually. Mean you can make played all time then he's then it's been pretty much of our game in the backfield or set yet in doing real good job that he's. He's an important guy for them and really allows them channel on the other side play games and and you'll get after the quarterback pretty good which is especially that city the problem they have on the interior without Wilfork is tallies pretty big -- the report. What are you got -- pick -- Carolina the last they've won five of our own all. And even before the impressive -- against the 49 as I was all of the scores 109. Today defense they only allowed ten to fifteen really game last handful of games and David. Outside the forty not a -- put up thirty. Again but now we know what the patriots are 72 who would you pick up on and I. Who will then hit you with the pitchers are gonna do here that they did not spread them out. And it you know what when and embarked on the on the football early we're gonna we're gonna go outside wide. We're gonna become the shotgun and we're gonna try to secure part. The kind of heart in the back including the Minnesota Vikings. It's I don't really know 2006. Maybe two -- in -- five a goal back away but they had a superior front seven and everybody all week long I can. How can run against these guys are talking a -- running an indictment came out and this. Spread it out and we're all over the yard and I think that's why I think that when they're gonna take you're obviously. I think they'll have to accept -- Provided early on they can keep radically because adequacy. In the Cincinnati game and even -- in -- -- kept in they want one of them. When you get to Tom and he hit them early. Yet let -- comfortable in the pocket. And that the team that's capable again after years so it's brought about you -- -- quick they won't have time to get there. And you make your head that way but you know should they have some problems and -- will hold the ball a little bit longer. She did what. Component that let me visit there's a -- and going with -- -- that -- I was. -- -- monopoly in the -- by cue from Grady Little bit you kind of what you feel and I think. You know press conferences and you know we're not doing that let alone I think this week it was that feeling like. You know what there's there's something here and -- are healthy now and then rapidly and I think you believe. They're gonna put a fictional together and I'm I'm declined. Beside him on the court. He's my energy audit from Comcast sports net when when Mike. Thanks a lot great job is always -- practice and. I'm not -- thirty put -- the thirty minute they're good at my bet. You're good you're good that's not like. Like you got -- Comcast sports that -- a great stuff right there as we look forward to the patriots at this on Monday night and Carolina. Again the injury report today -- out Gregory out. Aaron ten to leave the Washington questionable. Toll will play we might just heard Mike say that. -- Shane -- will also play so that question of any agrees to lead marine who's the most I mean on him. I heard the question -- aren't the -- Heard on the radio I don't know like to question the leaves the most important player on the team moving forward not just the most important later our most important player on the team. 617779798376177797937. Phone lines are open. It up with a text 37. 937. Hit till 9 o'clock this is the -- and it -- -- Sports Radio. --

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