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The Danny Picard Show - Bruins and Celtics Early Season Evaluation

Nov 16, 2013|

Danny Picard opens the show discussing the Bruins and Celtics. Both teams are off to good starts but are still searching for their identities. Danny discusses both teams and how they are doing so far this year.

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This isn't good. Courage you know -- through an enterprise and days for. Do any good -- -- On Sports Radio W. -- 1013. This is the data for God's joke. On Sports Radio WEEI here until 9 o'clock tonight. The Celtics played tonight at eight in Minnesota. Second straight night coming up a tough loss at home last night. The Portland trail blazes a trail blazers team that we knew going into that game. Could shoot the lights out that's exactly what they did but I still think the Celtics did some things. To take them out of the only game in their own identity at which trying to figure out. What the Celtics identity is and we'll get to that throughout the show like Giuliani Comcast sports net. He's gonna join me at 7 o'clock. On AT&T hotline. Will get some patriots -- -- Bruins maybe even some Red Sox offseason stuff with -- Free agency in Major League Baseball as kicked into full -- in the end of the week. -- this week with GM meetings wrap up. You know some some things happen with certain plays and Stephen Drew -- we don't know yet he's not going to be back at least that's what -- Saltalamacchia the Red Sox up from a two year deal. And I would think the priority right now is Mike Napoli and Daniel gets well -- Ellsbury you know wild berries to come back. What happens to you gonna get a guy like college -- is that the movie Munich. And if so all the isn't gonna come back on a two year deal van. We have on the plate next along with David Russell get all that throughout the show I don't wanna begin with some Berlin's -- because -- the Celtics -- -- eight. And before 8 o'clock their tip off I will lamb hit a nine but I'll get -- What the Celtics identity is against the -- last night also a tough loss of the brewers whose last night the Celtics closed last night. And which lost to me was more disappointing was the Bruins because they tuneup and lead in this game. The weight they lost that you can go to and the first period they outplayed Ottawa and Ottawa last night. In that first period. You can't finish that type period. With the Arnold as bad as story crew external can't do you cannot do that org group try to do. Try to do too much on his own to get that puck out of the zone after taking a big hit from Chris Neil. And then Chris mailman play against that -- As -- Bruins team that outplayed dissent it is as much -- they did that first period. There's no way you can going to locked into the press room. In that first intermission. With only a one goal lead. Would even alone ought to look to score a goal that period that was a tough. Top goal and at that set the stage for what we saw the rest of the game which was -- teaching maybe you can make the argument. That tour recruits. Big time mistake there at its -- blue line and in his own -- the turnout puck over. And at the end of the first at the end of the first period. But fifty seconds left in the first thirty times over and Crist no steps and scores cuts the Bruins lead to one. I guess you could talk about mental fatigue and and physical fatigue all of that. Comes together. Because they did play the night before they did go to all the time at home with the Columbus Blue Jackets had traveled to Ottawa. You know again it's promised that probably shouldn't -- went all the time I don't Chad Johnson played well. One too many juicy rebounds. From Chad Johnson and dad also comes along with not playing -- -- Thirty plus what that would be 32 saves. You do have to give him credit or god it doesn't play. You know I really at all this step in. But then the next night -- respect fatigue when you play back to backs. Like that if -- liberal and travel. Do you travel to play back to back to -- -- eight out of that first period they did show. It's almost as if the Bruins and to detect in that first period. But still even if you empty the tank the way they did issue and the first intermission with a two and certainly they did not restore -- with an awful Arnold. That is on line he tried to do too much. Now I think where the fatigue kicked in was. In the third period when the senate is tied it. I'd tie a minute and a half men. Seidenberg loses his stick. You get guys run around that's when the defense. And the defense of responsibility not for Seidenberg I thought he played it well he went to get a stick. At the right moment. But that's one communication. Takes you know you know comes into play and the defense responsibilities not just from defenseman but also from the forwards. I look at that play again and meanwhile Lucic was down deep and I think given the fact that. Somebody was or a form was already up at the left point covered his man coach needs to realize. That you don't is somebody he needs to come as sidebar goes go to get to stick article is not Monica out front. He didn't and that means you have one defenseman tried to trying to fend off two guys. And Spezza is right there at the left post wide open because one defensemen can't come to guys. So afforded the stepping in and that to -- was mental fatigue that goes along with the physical did the physical fatigue. That tied the game to do. Then. You got a shot from the point but it's still again. Midway through the third even hope to the Bruins aren't yet it's not the only pitcher a hundred through you don't have your legs but this. A one goal game witnessed team with two grass Kevin and I for up you still have to give them a chance as feisty group as we've seen them. And you know that bacon did they tried to. Have the defenseman -- that the play create the odd man rush and yeah got to him a shot down one but. That. What the final goal for Ottawa. Was. David great to get in his pocket picked and that is. One of the best players in the world. A debt is pocket picked -- his own don't. I'm telling you right now that is not gonna happen on most nights. That's not -- it's fatigue at its finest at that point and that is one Bobby -- stepped -- He put apart two grass I'll have to get into grass. He actually put this one on himself. And I think he's just trying to take on for the team because I don't look at this game last night and put it onto grass on the Bruins jumped out to a tuneup and lead. It it yeah how can you blame the goaltender for the first -- goal again which I think was the biggest one. Late in the first period with fifty seconds left the admirable a pretty reliable defenseman. Officially his rookie year but from what we've seen auditory group I trust him to make that play out of his -- What he did tried to make one too many moves well that was not the man does not that Bromwich is -- that thing. Off the boards and get now needed -- wanna do that. Novel. I don't be you know gosh that's an all alone -- I don't put that took the shot from the point that squeezed their own. I don't know. I don't have too is vision on that one I don't know what hit I don't know what he saw. A shot from the point which brings up front and direct -- direct it up guys I don't put that Google and either. Navy Bobby Ryan's when he steps -- -- -- kind of whip on the shot one under his -- maybe that's 12 -- -- -- still. Yeah you know a world class -- trying to break out of his own. It gets cuts no reason or at least gets caught quiet and too late to make the decision to make that pass up to his left one. Bobby Ryan picked his pocket he steps and still a guy -- eternal misstep and all along it's awfully tough for me to sit here tonight and put that -- So a tough one last night model for the -- you that's. But. They coming off at a fire all I can't look at the big picture here and say that all of us on the Bruins don't just don't have it. I don't at some people all the Friday wanted to talk about I was against or what do we gonna stop talking about piracy again. We -- gonna stop don't. I mean I like to stop now I'd like to really stop. Nobody in the Bruins organization got the tireless again was about. -- the Bruins organization adopted they were gonna trade I would say again and it was going to be a stiff the rest of his career at 21 years old. Nobody thought that everybody know the potential that he had and what he could be and probably one. Will be in a system that isn't as defense of his -- Julie ends. I don't went six and was in -- I always screened at the top my -- that. He should play with David Ritchie and you waste and whenever they did place it democracy. They produced. They did -- pulpit and great she helped them. And crate G if you plant would say again for the rest of his career he would help I'll say again. Be one of the best play is one of the best offenses goals scored the National Hockey League is no question about it but days. Lacked the defense on the outline when they were together and that's why unions Claude -- keep again. No we don't sickened and. This team -- A defense. That is in place. With the five point 75. Million dollar cap hit that was about the Cumberland wait for him. No one need to resign goaltender to a big deal no one is still talking to bring magnate importance are you still need to. You still need to do some some other things add pieces -- the offense I think they did that -- every time to -- didn't score as we cannot. We got to play this scam all why -- it keeps again. Well what are the Bruins doing it's all wrong aren't they lost to Ottawa and they they blew a tough game which they had a tune up but. I don't think we should go back to say didn't trade. I heard a lot and not that's that's all of at all. But under the two losses last topics I do think that the Bruins was the most more -- what. More disappointing loss only because. They had that you got the lead. At a site where we all expected them to be for T dot of the date they really want. I'll be really workload Julian talked afterwards I I -- on nests and talk when Jamie. Along the lines of well maybe we need to use our energy more wisely in -- in his sixteen again. May be and I don't nobody needs don't come out of the gate as good as you did it blood. -- war times in this game last night. In which defenseman I know that's their strategy I know the Bruins are gonna have did the -- Russian and play and jump into the zone. I mean these are much on total that's a perfect example of what they want the defenseman on the proceed -- Like most he takes it all the way up up the middle he's dangling his stick handler takes all the Blue Line. Drops off to launch on you play again the replayed this no other defensemen nobody stand back. They have four guys up and play. -- -- -- doesn't come through with a little old drag high slot and then snipe at the top shelf. It turns -- puck over -- that's an odd man -- the other way. There were times in which state did that I thought one too many times I can -- one. Example in which Doug Hamilton attempted it. And it -- broke up and the senators and O'Neill and edit score. But -- -- itself most its needs to be some more communication. With the fall it's somebody's that it would jump back on the point when he does that. But I did think one too many times last night no -- that they were -- midway through the second. And into the heard may -- need to maybe you don't need to goal after it the way it did when you have a tune up in two to warmly. And they did 21 lead throughout the second. Ottawa in tied to -- -- and it's go to law and the fourth one midway through third was really the back break. -- pocket that won't happen every. That was a -- Bruins team last night early in the regular season. Back to back nights I am. I don't wanna say OK with the way that went down last I wouldn't panic and say you know this Bruins team has issues. That study is. An issue that just goes along with -- back to back. But I don't try to put on itself at the at the end game now put that two bit and if you -- point the finger. Then you point the finger at the end of that first period you need to go into the second -- to -- have to. At that you can not all you can not have that type -- I'll move forward what this data -- return awaits you on that but. I do believe that even -- back in the lineup. You know for the long time big picture and that's that's what we think of what the Bruins team -- big picture long term. What's the lineup gonna look like. I don't think that you know of the playoffs began today and you did have a lineup of with -- -- -- Hamilton in group all of them. I would not feel comfortable about that I think you need a Quaid in there at some point. In the back and he's a big physical body you do not one of those guys. It and and take away one of those offensive players you can't have too many offensive defenseman on a team policies you can have a couple. And I'm fine -- Hamilton and I'm fine with crew but have and that also bought coats yen and recorded out not quite back. So Woolsey. -- how serious that injury is with Adam -- movement fold but the Bruins as I mentioned weren't the only team had a tough loss last night's noted the Celtics. The Celtics will play this second of back to back nights right in Minnesota. Have to lose in the first for the Celtics go on to win. Then next pool. And then they lose to one overall they lost on Wednesday night at the bobcats in a game that I thought. Jeff Green this was his game take all of this was Jeff green's game to take all of you didn't do. And do what you saw it Saturday night. In Miami it's the game winning shot. I think we're all sort of beckoned for jet -- just continued drive to the basket. Drive the basket and that's something different to last night enough I don't knocked. I say this I thought Jordan Crawford an awful lot not just on the show but also on my web -- that every morning at 9 AM. Available on iTunes on Blog Talk Radio. But I'm not Jordan -- a lot. I have given credit in the last 23 games. Jordan Crawford has had the awareness. -- Figure out what's wrong with the Celtics offense. And he knows how to fix it and what that is is drive from the basket. I taught me on sunscreens -- all the time and I could not agree with them well. What does this Celtics team turns the ball all the dog they have before five point believe did. Even higher than that and they see it seems sort of she's gonna come back. To panic. And they bring the ball up and you can almost guarantee you stupid three point the next possession almost guarantee. Jordan Crawford a lot of times the last three games has realized. What's wrong with the Celtics team Y always why you know why don't we scored anymore underscore why it is the other team on Iran. Well it's because everybody stand around a ball movement but most importantly nobody is driving to the basket. The -- needs to drive the basket his self esteem is different. And if he's not gonna do it Jordan profit as. It's taken into his own hands and he's done that. That's when we talk about Celtics identity and what they. Can do movement forward to be successful with the guys that they have now is a lot of people don't want this to be successful because they talk about tank game and they. Look at the draft and not get the -- -- the Kansas Jabari aka. Would do to get a lot so all these guys it's exciting because in your mind appointment Celtics uniform -- -- this should be great. What it regretted the Celtics. I don't -- guys that didn't figure out. What they have when Jeff Green didn't figure out what they had what Jared Allen didn't figure out what they haven't Avery Bradley. There were one of the worst instantly and then didn't debt. One of the top two picks in the draft banks to a lottery that. Doesn't always favor the worst teams in the league the way it should. If anybody knows that it's us -- one. Would this help state. So the -- -- -- to me it's difficult can't do kick with the nets Celtics room to tell guys that does not win not trying to win. And those four games at the Celtics wanted to even in the last two that they lost they'd given his size now Solingen. Return to the lineup last night I thought it was great. Celtics identity movement forward you know if if they can get Rondo back. You get Rondo green and Solingen. And even what and for -- Avery Bradley last night. Only 21 minutes that's not enough 21 minutes Avery Bradley is not enough it's not. Only five. Field goals Avery Bradley. This is a kid that can shoot this is a kid that along Astoria about bringing the ball up plane like a Jordan Crawford -- -- Only worry about playing in his -- shut down defense that we although Avery Bradley can play. And get himself open when he doesn't have the basketball. 21 minutes to meet favorite Bradley just isn't enough now bigger role the Celtics rolled ten guys. -- Chris Humphries who want them to may be were eleven. But now we'll get to that Humphries isn't happy I would be -- 2000 it is to play. But I think for the Celtics is seen enough talent on this team right now -- Maybe make it maybe I could trade that could help this if Rondo is gonna come back -- this year I don't know for he has. That's the wild caught it when will run no comeback. And if he does come back how long's it gonna take him to be -- -- point guard I don't think anybody has the answer that question on Negron was it that. But -- the way I look at the Celtics team is if Jeff Green. Continued to drive to basket and we even sharper for moments last night nobody can stop this guy. I want I don't know what he's got to realize that it does no one can stop that didn't -- Daniel drive three times wrote an open and bring capital tickets to the three point. Many still realize it the next possession to pick another stupid report. But if they Rondo back. To goal on the green and solid d.s arm last night. Did neighbor brother -- it's what I'm sure as he can hit those shots. I I actually liked this Celtics team now they need more I think they need that dominant big man they do they -- that dominant big man way to go damn I'd U. Your answer is as good as mine. But I know that some people wanna think of trades to me make this team wars I don't I don't look at it I don't look at that. How can I look at how do you try to make -- the Celtics team that can get them a dominant big man and. Well maybe arguments Rondo to come back sooner than maybe he would have dating get that. Celtics lose -- last two they will play tonight 8 o'clock. In Minnesota Celtics -- 89 and a half point dog in this. And the Bruins won't play again -- Monday and Carolina we also know what else is -- it. Monday Night Football patriots in Carolina against the Panthers and Mike -- from Comcast sports net New England he'll join me at 7 o'clock. I will talk about that will get into maybe at some Bruins and Red Sox offseason stuff I will take a phone call 617. 77979837. At 617. 77 on seven. 937. Also taken you text on the eighteenth -- on this -- did -- concho. Sports Radio W yeah. I was pretty powerful thing. You know every every once in blue isn't going to want those -- your feelings as a soccer net and it. She originally. And today it was all of those gains let's still you know we announced it literally it its third period as it. But then again you know. Let -- couples there. That's to -- got the last night's four to two loss for the Bruins and Ottawa. Have to correct myself wasn't great -- that -- rallies and it away. Thoughts -- and physical mental fatigue it. But apologies to David -- that was not greet you it was -- net. All even before that now the turnovers -- I don't soup is you know to get -- is just. Eighties. He's taken a -- I don't I don't put the blame on to go to this game last night adult. And it. After that first parent you don't have an emission up to not to not that you need to you have to 61777. On seven. 9837. Vinny is in Braintree with something. I think you know I tell you you're I love your show mind what you think just like I do -- exactly -- I hope you get -- -- just regular guys do do in the weeks. You know let red reds right now where do an -- Saturday night till nine Saudi government. Ha ha ha ha the Red Sox and Bruins have been -- treated a year under the gun routine or is this. What are you when you got. I'm more stiff this year. I don't appreciate Saltalamacchia made it two year deal I -- -- got that right fielder if we lose they'll. And it looks like we're going to particularly hope -- the cardinals follows. I don't know they're gonna be taken for sure on that. Currency and Goldberg we move. I'll let you feel that the truly -- the senate and hopefully we -- the regular from the cardinals would take place may be and that's scary by itself. And now I really I was disappointed in -- curriculum in the postseason but I loved him during the season I don't know what the heck happened to him. In the policies I don't -- indictment -- pitch people. Little opposition field and now an open door and allows them. In the -- business anymore. -- -- technical help they don't score -- championship team at least during the goals for goals. They struggle want to and the drive me crazy. They -- every day -- there from Pittsburgh got accomplished a lot he would like that -- Not enough -- scenes. I wish they would get enough local school but I don't want that to change -- -- a -- -- the places that's on the grown right now and I know you gotta do something to get. An initial incident so aggravating especially that last game at Ottawa two nothing lead. And then the struggling even put the puck in the net. And not on line income and -- auto and he took a puck in the net. I reports of any puts it in the -- but I mean. Really and again it was the demos you get a chance but it shouldn't even have been. It's timing at that point really questioning at that point but the two defense a problem that wasn't an offensive problem last -- for the -- that was a defense of problem and -- went about offense. -- -- -- you're wrong had cut them back took. One goal they still struggle getting -- to -- a movie and yet he lets you know that nobody else can one gold two goals student the most. They have artillery and didn't really -- And they do it every single game -- this team by now maybe they haven't -- -- open. Could contribute -- equipment or Eagles game. I don't I admitted that supply I disagree that this team -- does include Julian team that's gonna rely on defense. That's gonna use a defensive model to win a championship and if you're gonna use offense to win a championship you would still seat. I guess -- and you still seats Sagan like that again like you wanna type you'd think that a game was a common -- and put fifteen goals and add again all these. He's not that player and. What again what is for the Bruins team is -- god it's going to be great. He's got to throw his body around guided to dropped the -- if he has no -- is gonna win battles along the wall that first line is. One of the most dangerous. Lines in hockey it is. It is and again -- ads that Powell. Right now in mid November. When the Bruins struggling a week even December January even February there's going to be times which this team is gonna struggle in the puck in the net art it's everything. But this team it's sort of when it does happen it's sticks out more than most. Because it is a bad. -- that again. -- That's because this again is a defense of hockey game they create offense from defense. And when you defenseman a turn it over and their own zone at the wrong line. At the end of the period just dominated. That's not an offensive problems and that's a defensive problem. You know when I go back to watch the Bruins on defending Stanley Cup champions because the black mark on the beam at the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last year I don't wanna get. Too much but they should have. Why they didn't. It was a deep sense of problem defense of breakdowns in their own zone that every armed. Decisions that defenseman -- and one of the goals that I just talked about earlier on the show was Ottawa's second goal last night. The game tying goal of -- early in the third. You know Seidenberg loses his stick that's Seidenberg picked a good time to get stick the best start that he could possibly pick. But afford it win -- wherever it is out there. It was just I thought needed the pick up a guy out brought in to pick up -- out front and let the other defensemen takes -- at the left post and you can do that. Miscommunication. That great defensive breakdowns to meet that was what I wanna forwards. If it's stuff like that happens this Irwin Steve becomes average. About Iraq they don't have those. Goal scores you wanna see. But that's not how this team relies on one. And I would knock that but let's face it they want Stanley Cup cosmic. Follows in Westfield what's up well. Won't -- are you I'm good how are you. Yeah you know after the year's car had to learn morals or eight years ago and he -- in India and -- provision in patients so happy to call and get involved. That that's because. Now he's great at what he does. Yet again and yes it is a couple things you could talk about to clear up the I'm met who does that say I think the person or agree with you aren't sure we tell them relax and the Bruins. And let's look at what we have with the Celtics -- -- -- -- 31 round pixel -- Paul and Kevin looked great to us. The plane and then it became so they bought the name America -- the reform and we get our first round pick retreat in -- rivers what can't we accomplished in the future. Yeah and I also think that you need to look at what you have on this team right now that's got to look when you go into the -- not just gonna draft Aldrich dot lineup. It you don't next -- so you need to take into account what you have right now. You need to evaluate young talent needed to realize the guys that you want to keep around. What it would whoever you do draft and the guys that you wanna get rid of and the guys that you might even trade this year. You need to evaluate that you need to evaluate what Jeff Green as you need to evaluate would -- it's colleges so I think you need to see this thing I'll let the steam play and. Even other you know two games under 500 they have got a very exciting two games under 500 they've got a chance to win. I would say eight or nine. Of all these games so -- -- and we would decide -- beat Miami at all. What a shocker right. Yeah and then that ended Paul thanks for the call -- mean. Bagel and a Miami on last Saturday night and I are going to be an aaron's studio going into a game Nolan what the Celtics had gone in the previous two games. And I thought there was no chance they were going to Miami and when that bullet the twelve point underdog -- that thirteen 1213 point. They had come off. You know waited. When a role. After losing their first four big goal in Miami you get in -- now granted Dwyane Wade just missed a free throw and manages a stupid decision. Not -- -- and thrown off the backboard I mean he basically gave the Celtics. Got a chance to win that debt. A chance to connect and would note that doesn't. So. Even had -- the shot up before that. Avery Bradley. You know he had some strong -- -- didn't take big shots in Vietnam. I -- don't -- it only gets seven point snack and an outside of the late there with six seconds left the try to. -- the -- up there. Try to create a body contact and I'm -- -- we talked about that but. Before that he took two big shots and I start team that has some young kids did that. Don't hunters willing to play and take shots against Miami a team like Miami wanna take the shots. I ever Bradley wants to play. He has big games against Jeff -- launched the plate -- That's a tough quality defined on a team that lets face it really had no hope. From the outside -- And certainly that the needs of people into that room and an organization that may be dot this team and what they do have some teachers that are exciting. And peace if you watched -- sellinger last night you'll see one of -- we talk about all the time core pieces will play is well Celtics identity. Get away from -- is identity. And get into what the identity of this team will be 23 years from. What in order to do that need to look -- value stolen I would adapt down well. -- -- you know if you could package Brandon Bass with Kelly Atlantic and one of those draft picks what could get. I mean that's stuff that don't in my head when I see some of the performances the green hats in could be. And even though I've given Jordan Crawford credit the last the last couple games -- -- a guy that. Has decided in at the right moment it's a -- and it's not driving the net. Does this is what we need we got away from this I got the Celtics get away from last night I that they got away from it against the bobcats. On Wednesday. That's what they do so well and that doesn't mean you need to take that layup or trying to -- on some -- on but create that. You know bad drive to the basket and then addition if you need to take three. Brad Stevens. During last night's game and this is common for -- channel broadcast. Don't the team late don't pass up on rhythm threes. I thought maybe the advice should be don't make stupid -- Take praise when you get. Put a lot of times in this Celtics team. Sees the opponent. Some common back or run away with it get away from their game. And they start coming up and they don't move it Jeff Greene takes it. Up to the three without passion to anybody and takes a stupid three. That's when this team gets hurt when they stop drive into the basket I know I Brit dropped -- the vita got it done that the last couple games and he's done very well. But. Don't get into this whole -- Celtics would be Bennett. Without Rondo and that's. Now this team's identity is drive into the basket -- on Rondo is one of the best in the league -- get the -- 6777979837. 6177797937. Phone lines are open fully on this Saturday night. On here until 9 o'clock this is the day god shows Sports Radio WE. -- -- -- Finally got a little value. The mindset every game of the fight game. And every chance he did you gotta do and right now I think we're way. One in three. Something like that and we've got to get we gotta continue to win. Definitely if you wanna look -- look and initially got to play defense -- pointless. You know if you know playing defense Monaco -- And you know we're two. -- -- -- that spends -- games left. And -- -- and engine mamma. About with the tools. Celtics tonight in Minnesota. 8 o'clock tipoff. -- -- until last night. 26 points. In his retire a little me injuring. 36 minutes that's only eleven of eighteen from the field. Grabbed eight boards 46 points. I solid it was a beast last night and I a look at the rotation at -- use. And political only sixteen minutes last night -- all five -- fifteen. I agree to a I'm a -- guy and he can run. With these guys and you know the Celtics -- Iran. But is sellinger bad bats with 29 -- bass takes one too many stupid jump shots and he does. And -- throws up brick some nights some nights he just doesn't have it and you know he's gonna shoot it he always -- unit and it's just. It's bad three for eleven from the field Brandon Bass I'm not a fan. Of the Brandon -- jump shot if he can get him to strictly focus on defense. And -- just trying to post op and maybe make the easy buckets then then I'd be -- -- I am not a fan. Of Brandon bass -- jump shot the Celtics they lose last night they played tonight in Minnesota. Celtics have now lost two straight they lost one day. Against Charlotte and last night and home. Against Portland on the Bruins. They lost last night as well on the two losses last night I feel as if the Bruins lost. Was the most disappointed because they had to openly -- attitude at the -- in the first -- -- mission. But Dan to our group turned the puck over awful turnover an alien to one lead and then they blew it didn't act in the third. So the Bruins don't plant on Monday also Monday Night Football patriots in Carolina against the Panthers. Mike Giuliani for Comcast sports net went on he's got to join me. At 7 o'clock at the top -- next follow we will talk patriots may even get into some Red Sox and some Bruins as well with -- Until that fault lines are open for -- 61777979837. 6177797937. Or attacks on 37. 937. Text from the 50 wait dude what are you talking about why you're talking about is they just -- five overall. What they held the one I assume that you're talking about Bruins. Well the Bruins this one. They went 1234. General. I'd like to correct Matt and I'll talk about it because of Britain now what happened last night. -- five in a -- so that's why we're talking about to personally about the -- Second ball with talking to because it was a game was played last night and read on the at a breaking down at 9 o'clock soul. What are you wanted to go three always review went a patriot and some money I would get to the patriots. I can get the Red Sox Nazis will get all that stuff they've talked about the plate tonight. On their phones -- 37937. As the next on. And fall on a 6177797937. But you know just I guess. Wrap up the Bruins Celtics discussion as to which lost last night was tough -- the Bruins lost to me. Was the more disappointing loss but I'm not panic and like many calls -- panic about the -- because they don't score. Is David got to go through stretches it would not put the pocket and et. Al -- I'm finally at long term because I know it does seem to be in the playoffs. And they don't they're gonna need a guy like -- back they'll they will need garlic -- back. That's not to say don't like Bob -- I like his game. He's a good offensive defenseman. He created that second goal last night he took it and -- over the -- -- -- -- -- -- shot moshing and I -- -- and we're gonna it's gonna take me. And liberties that it ever gonna Brad Marchand the longest. So Brad marsh land. Came in absolutely -- option off. About host he created that play it's not I don't like -- koskie. It's that I don't like this idea of blog -- key crew in Hamilton all three of those guys. In the same lineup but that's when you get to a playoff series that's when you didn't. On music it's mid November. The Bruins -- did this the back end of back to back nights night games. They show their fatigue midway through the second into the beginning of the third. Man in a couple bad turnovers and -- -- you know mental fatigue. Is created from physical fatigue and I thought they had that. It's really an -- and I'm not again the text of that. Want to see why are you talking about as well I'm not trying to panic because I'm not and tell you that I'd actually believe. This Bruins team. Should've won that game defensively last night golf was good enough to one again for the Bruins last night a top Vatican -- -- Because I think defense we'll get an old proof -- this -- knowledge to to a man. That when they do get in the playoffs with this group. They will be that defensive team. A caller early -- wanted to complain about again -- that he doesn't score as much as used to Europe is not a fifty goal scoring. I don't think the Bruins dot gamma they didn't bring it again love for one point eight now. The score fifty goals against Brigham and it's well Portugal's they didn't bringing them into scored thirty goals. The Bruins brought her home again and as a veteran presence. On that top line at the wing that was gonna play Bruins hockey. And if you pay attention you see that juror and if you're not just. Don't open it up the paper the next -- or going online and look at that score sheet UC natural Denmark. If you watch the games is -- Bruins hockey it's almost as if I feel Jarome Iginla. Should have been planned Bruins hockey a lot longer than it that is now. -- and I -- -- back to the trade does illustrated last year deadline he chose Pittsburgh people that would that. I would choose indicate I would choose to play with Crosby as well. As good as the Bruins -- As much as they have a group that knows how to play together and went together if I'm Jarome Iginla I'm looking for that cup. I'm not turning down playing with Sidney Crosby -- -- I'm not looking at the score sheet but again Lauren well look at is his battle level his compete level with the steam. And his ability to match with that top line with Lucic to be got physical presence the goal along with one of the best sentiment in the world. To be one of the best top ones in the league even though he's not -- I don't look at it at a gay and lesbian some sort of lost first of all it's too early to even have that conversation but if you wanna go -- And talk about the team going on -- scoring drought now on. I'm not concerned about that at all in fact. Even -- was not score I want -- games so far especially in the last handful of games. 617779798376177797937. And attacks -- 37. 937. Might Giuliani from Comcast sports net will join me at the top of the Al talked patriots may get at -- some Red Sox. Freeagent stop but he had some bruins' other until 9 o'clock. This is the -- and it cut short Sports Radio WE.

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