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ESPN's Cris Carter previews Patriots at Panthers with Salk and Holley

Nov 15, 2013|

We discuss a tough Monday night matchup for the Patriots with the Hall of Famer, ESPN's Cris Carter

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It yeah. Our backup resolved in college a lot of patriots Friday every Friday. We talked with the ESPN personality. A rotation of war in the rotation we have Ron Jaworski. We have -- Lara. We -- the coach Herm Edwards. And we also have. Our next guest hall of -- moment. Chris Carter -- Cris Carter a -- guy and I yankees fan you know we had to bring up the Yankees fan Chris because the Red Sox won the World Series and and maybe next year for the Yankees. All of your talk about football and -- agreement -- -- yeah yeah. I had won the World Series at that point oh yeah. And now -- an inhaled yes OK our talk about football we talk about. I noted. Were great. Secrecy no what are. One of the big games this weekend is the Kansas City Denver game and you have the surprising -- surprising to me at least I don't know if you thought they would be in this position this late in the year. -- -- you see that game playing out and and that's like you to comment on what Kansas City has done so. Olowokandi attribute you know it's remarkable it's it's nice theater person. You know they needed a change in leadership. Andy Reid needed potential Philadelphia's -- -- to -- Andy does a great program. He doesn't believe it rebuild it probably took a right now part you know. In the care of the city younger and predictably there on the first date and over the long are. But he really get -- player and he got called the art the audience you know looking can't step on each eligible that they add individual success for all different level. We tell them that some are looking at paints itself. And he believed he could do real quick so I know that like a couple guys that know you want it -- And they have a lot of confidence in -- from day one so -- that it's now the process it's gonna be a good football game it's a great matchup. The entity we're there decrypt not gonna learn something point in any game in Denver and what they're doing you know. At this point in the season on record pace as far as points scored and and other putting patent in the receiving -- are going you know and couldn't get a running game go. Can he run it -- make some more people in the box. Into the wide receivers only a Little Rock will give Oprah. -- on the web site. Alex real were beginning -- -- -- -- him a little bit and and and make more big plays in the passing game to give to Alter also part -- support. That I look at the game plan out bullets on the subplot. -- -- -- Chris how do you look at these next three weeks were obviously you have Broncos chiefs twice and in between you have. Patriots Broncos on Sunday night it kind of seems like the AFC has been to a shake itself out a little bit the next couple weeks here. Absolutely and you're going to see who's gonna help that alternative and it's ugly it's going to be -- the fight through you know for the team that built it. You know and the only a couple of -- can probably give it. And the team that you know bit between -- candidacy into being a part in order to be in that rare type procedural aspect per year. Because I hope you know -- they've missed because somebody Kevin even better year there into being and you know before they exceed the fifth seed. You know elect and the becomes harder row to. Gain a championship by -- I think it's a great. You know companies can -- that have been hit Kansas City while I'm lucky and to in December to the next three weeks and in return no New England in their. You know it's gonna go to the -- the -- well and all the Balkans in November. Chris top current. Obviously have Miami Dolphins situation between Richie caught me when Jonathan Martin has been beaten to pulp. But I wanna ask to a more general question which is a little societal as well. Chris Collins worth was on showtime unity and he mentioned the use the -- first address to. The white players saying never ever ever no matter how many. Disclaimers you are given by people who happened to be black used the N -- under any circumstances. But I thought it was interesting when he said. And if you're a black player. Don't do it. Especially in front of a white player because it's exclusionary it's saying we're going to use a word. That you will not be allowed to use and I think it's fascinating because it is a -- its sole. I can walk to the locker room and here at six times and that's when the media is in there. You hear it we're on the radio you hear music you know you hear movies. What's your take on because you've been in the a year in and around -- -- for so long do you come down on now. I don't think that young people now eco. On the parents are younger their parents and goal from the civil rights they're coming to a different turn. Around sold better. Maybe not understanding what I understand the words remain. On and it's probably differ by on their -- IT. And continuing to be used to work -- make any type of excuses but the world should be allowed to be. You know it's. A pretty clear all. You know despite the argument on this this -- -- important that people do what they want to do and that would reporter we're doing now. And now. I never played with gaming on. Are every -- associate with anyone in business socially are just walking down the street. I would never allow person so culpable -- the word around me so I thought the worry about that too much but. They got Iraq wrong. It's our league now. And now. -- -- -- -- -- In what -- publisher take when you heard that. That I'm not gonna say all African American players there are fewer of them came out on the record said. You know rich is a good Guy Ritchie is not a races. What was your take win. There's some stories out dead and he was somehow an honorary black person in the Miami Dolphins locker room and they were OK. With him saying that. How much did it go from my own personal experience there. And I said -- font -- public millions of our plan and apparently many of the -- -- to -- And and I never encountered the relationship what I would break someone that -- -- And I'm pretty certain anger on people matter what I do the rest of my life on the -- -- think if you're not a meter mark ardent Obama but let -- you can do. Because I know the word wing. -- Before that I mean they're very very nineties. To the situation and that early and often you'd think -- -- took that -- -- -- is it more explosive. All dangerous relationship -- -- all on the -- you know this to be a test case for. You know polian and ethics. Busan NFL and include in that shield. A -- put inability to their new stadium trying to get 500 million. But straight -- here. And the Super Bowl rotation now. They are looking stadium improvement but we'll be back to the Super Bowl. You talked about. Brilliant was a circular movement on that -- friends are going to have you know. They're gonna Seagram between -- and down you know but at the -- -- fart to wild fire agriculture. No but that's only related economic change. Chris you mentioned your experiences and you obviously had experiences with -- Randy Moss when he came into the league and was an immediate star in key player of that team. Rob Gronkowski is sort of going down that path here in new England and recently he has rubbed people the wrong way off the field with the videos and antics and T shirts and self promotion and and all of these things just just what's your reaction terms of what he's dealing with. You know sort of marketing himself and being a brand while also fitting in within a locker room and a team and the patriots -- I mean they told the final demonstrations. I mean when you when you give money are you -- on the bigger which already. Are killing was younger it was to agree totally playing style but now they may emerge. That's an all that good -- building. -- office. -- that they are -- and the ability to audit the warrior like. It in the pictures lately to act like all the patriot way all right so what are -- do what they wanna do. It definitely do they do agree. That it on -- and give -- about it. Is it ever difficult in the locker room Chris when a player. Capitalizes. To a large extent on. His personality. If -- personality might be. Not taken I'm not articulating it correctly. I guess. The thing -- hit it probably -- there is no good looking. We're going to be useful for the commercial product but Bruntlett the beer commercial. I mean look at it it's amazing that. -- So that a lot of grip -- pepper -- bit I take that and understood and that. I don't. I'm being brought you know to me that you have to be -- -- on the roster at -- like rock and look at each employ. It's a good point there when it goes away it won't be so funny anymore. And that is an -- Rowling. -- learn. Critical week. Well you know ultimately -- you know and did not say they want a bill to maximize that time in the league history that salute -- you -- arguably. Into the side anyway. How do you think -- is speaking of the patriots may play -- Monday Night Football and you guys will be previewing that game ESPN. How do you see that one playing out the Panthers have won five straighten the patriots -- sit there -- nice. Seven and two and they've struggled a bit on third downs in the had some injuries but. Seven to patriots. Against the Panthers on the road how do you see it. -- but it could be a good football OK if you look at New England where they've -- the last several years on the road in November. I mean unbelievable -- record. And the ability to continually win on the road with the personnel -- -- we're reporting. A lot of confidence in -- at this time of the season of the offense should be edit also that there have been. -- look -- state you know becoming after the bye week. You should start with you don't get more art that particular. The other really good real good actor chances you're like he typically you -- because there are growing and you can see a lumbering. And just trying to concentrate don't get in the -- -- in world that I'm getting right now on the ground but that week and assisting the political market to run. Rock you can you killed more a look at numbers special I don't. Want to isolate the linebackers and try to do more don't want -- -- but it -- to -- in the -- in particular -- because it. You know and I go and that also they can't do is -- off and Brady because they're sort of the defense -- far. On what they wanted to worry I mean they have matchup advantages over -- -- of a lot of for the past. Hey Chris we appreciate the time we're -- with good down the road. Ticket to I was Chris Carter from ESPN we check in with ESPN guys every week it's -- broke Haitian. So Chris Carter in the rotation is a lot of feedback you go on Twitter that text machine phone calls people don't go to Chris Chris Carter. You've got an opinion on Chris Carter Lamar -- people always ask that the a lot of people of them you know why is he doesn't really mimic him it's going to be very definitive. You know it feels about things like he definitively what -- you wrong -- same guy and changed. And you don't often see here's the thing Chris Carter's you don't feel like in the intuit could point out next Weinstein that might make my case -- -- he's innocent. He's definitive. Well is that is some users on people like him well his detractors say. Who says it's not their -- is not very apparent Cris Carter hates the patriot organization as it is act is old and tired. Please don't have money more. I think a lot of people here. Think that. He -- anti entry. And that's why that has to do with the opinions and being very definitive. Sound like he was anti patriot here. To drive -- I -- and what it took a ship he took a shot at in this what we would just talk. About this. At a different way before Chris Carter came on. When you are. As is Andy put it you know you're guaranteed somewhere between twelve and fourteen that's at ten. -- -- with two -- Ricky I think -- -- 2006 right leftist and anti. Okay okay okay and they are right at the heart okay okay okay. Estimates or between 1214 win. When you're on the top that much and that much of a sustained success people outside of it as they eight here they go again. And their fans again and say yeah. Twelve imports and -- by a loss to the jets in the divisional round. How it's nice that you got a home playoff game but. Got run over by Baltimore. Ray Rice first play of the game last year's trade blood. Baltimore shut you down. So I think you RE. Your target not just from people outside. But are these people were criticizing the patriots and patriots science. You figure -- if you are here you were born and raised here. And you got the pat patriots had Tom Brady had honestly and five. Love -- but it sure on the front should Keller knows there was a problem okay -- -- -- it's just a problem. And you criticize the patriots are are you a lot to criticize the patriots that both super good work night and being -- rhetoric now. Well I mean you can because of the amateur or not. Your your fan but your miserable. All our. Well proud thing -- and I as well for a outfit will spell during the break that you guys figured out 617779700. Resemble that what you got the -- on this topic. A lot of people look at the -- as evident you look at him and seven appeal and that. Everybody wants at the -- little -- maybe it's that way and after this. -- you bloody -- no. It to be --

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