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Around the NFL with ESPN's Chris Mortensen

Nov 15, 2013|

We talk Patriots and Panthers, plus go around the NFL with ESPN head NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

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And it's also important to point out that every Friday at this time we talked with Chris Morton's in our conversation with Chris -- Is brought to you by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The voter tractor and find mass money dot com Chris mortenson from ESPN is here Chris -- Tommy Karen any heart Michael -- was going comment. How much it not a player is who debacle but -- played in any era. Volume was metal -- did you -- -- decides and they are Indian Peterson a Marshawn Lynch. They're gonna play than any year and Jim Brown. Edit -- that we don't lump sum of -- seven guys welcome back if they're they're they're VO three down. You can hit haven't there's still come and have you. This one of those topics -- just go on all day long and nobody can be completely wrong are completely right because they don't know me just guessing game you're trying to. That's right I mean. It's and then it gets to be a little bit silly believed to have an argument over dinner one time but great quarterbacks ever and somebody who'd been only two out -- listening to -- -- -- when you look at the quarterbacks is to figure out the want to -- played in any era. And then there was some as suggesting that Joseph Montana may not have been able to do that. -- understand that that. -- Joseph Montana could go on -- yet I got I got a problem. How about this record at this Super Bowl. -- of the giants the last giants patriots Super -- there was -- guy. Of having dinner with that he he insists the same thing Joseph Montana. Could not play in today's at a Phillies as -- attempts. So at the same guys he's gone on and on an -- -- Chris Mort and I swear to you this happen. I think it was that. Capital grill downtown Indianapolis. Five minutes after he said it. Who sat down at the half I thought so -- did show -- they want to go over through this and it. God adapter as sacred any news it would be done -- is -- economy don't think any news. On the NFL investigation. Or what the dolphins plan to do with -- NATO in and if you can't. -- look at this mean you know what Jonathan Martin just finished -- You know his his. Session with Ted Wells to be independent investigator just -- short time ago. Basically told people we know the report there were out there it didn't intend. To discuss the matter probably getting. Wasn't that in this state -- Quiet he and that mark on the sport has -- the Stephen Ross the owners. Owner minority dolphins at the appropriate time. Any sort of due process want to resume the NFL career now emerging drug -- case. -- I've asked this question several times and has seen -- -- The dolphins announced -- it suspended him indefinitely. For conduct detrimental to the team. Well the collective bargaining agreement is clear that the maximum you can do that is four weeks plus one game -- -- really just four weeks whatever from the date November 3 thing. And and you know so he's out of non football injury grievance against the team. Independent arbitrator would hear effort expedited hearing and we don't know what that means. They clearly he wants to play football again whether it's for the dolphins are another team and I got in Korea. I think he I think about it anymore pick them up at some point. Interest and I know more bad news that's speculation well we lost speculation it's -- radio on a few teams have spoken to you know some. It is could be tricky some -- isn't something presidential they know. There is global take a different different look at it in May be a temporary basis. Of that depending on the state of somebody's property line in the quarter -- got to protect and and how much time left in the season. More I think we left you last week you said you're looking for the talk and some football next time on trying to turn the page to actual football. And I'll I'll talk about Peyton Manning -- -- yes three huge games coming up to against the chiefs won against the patriots. -- make or break point may be for his schedule and his chances for number one seed how healthy is he and are we gonna see him make it through all three of those games. While I can't do whether or make it through that he's not help the mean you know a part of the martial -- today in he ducked anybody was that a high ankle sprain. Those are the ligaments that are that run up your your late. Between your two bones that are in your way and that and then they've been you know -- So that doesn't get you know I don't think -- -- -- the rest of the year you know keep playing football which he has. So it was just a matter of him dealing with the generally it's because some tempers the deal with the pain and problem with that sometimes it is that you won't go to your back -- where it's important patent case especially. Is. The nerve regeneration which you know his arm is not come back to full strength you can see that. Is that he he he needs is for body to be able to plan stick that back right leg which is where he has the two ankle -- high ankle in the lower ankle. So you don't -- and he just you'll find a way to manage around that. I think you know the -- game at home -- huge they've got to win that game. I don't. See him beating new England and new England and -- match I don't think I see them beating Kansas city Kansas City. It more a -- and today one of the stories coming out of Green Bay it's the chair Michael Finley used greeted his intention to return. Right and in so doing as we're in this age of players' safety. And really good. Diabolical injuries we've seen fairly sustain in the aftermath of them. At what point do you is someone who's been around his game for so long and has gotten close to players former players and current players and has opinions. Wind as a player have to start. To carry the onus for the decisions he makes to carry on in the game because we see so many former players whether because it was said. Which -- Obama we're on outside the lines you know talk about all that they're going through yet current players. Still continue to be given wake up calls us to look it's time to move on and they don't. While India are the arguments a little bit interesting because it's more complex -- -- and even. Tony Dorsett case and you you have to go on to LA junior said well I guess I need -- term personally Carolina for the moment came into the league and at the end of the said junior had a lot of issues and and yet he has CT I mean. And you know so there's so many different factors Robert Smith. Don't work for us now's probably the smartest severed. Football player ever talk about this is hard to Michael Finley goes -- -- -- and -- the same product operations -- Manning had. And -- pay and was told that your neck now will be more stable than it was -- when you were born are you when you're normal. And so yeah ultimately. Everybody makes decisions. I said this before football players make a decision on there are risks. You know some football where the pressure because they'd they'd like to know. More information but. That's been downhill skiers by the pilots. You know NASCAR drivers everybody makes decisions. What level risk it's worth it to them or not worth it to them and hopefully that's done in consultation with medical people your family. And and the organization sometimes make that decision for -- by the way. And it's that's just to be it's always fascinated because the amount of consternation that you fired from both the media and fans about players and their health after football. It doesn't really mesh with the fact of what you're saying these players decide to continue playing Junior -- Had CT. But he was never on an injured list with a concussion and I'm saying is that all the medical staff would Junior -- never approaches traders and say. I can't play had a headache that won't go away and -- bright lights yeah I think it's a very. Reciprocal job for player health and safety unit often falls. On the NF LT the big bad guy that's where I think the league has made. Progress even just in in the recent couple years -- mean weird -- in. Concussion reported at a higher rate you know you can't interpret that is saying players -- have a -- at a higher rate there reporting them. And they know that there's there's moral awareness there's moral watchdog. Protocol in place. And that's a good thing and you know and then in just. You know I think that that. You know -- that. I -- -- and then and then some people just like. I -- good friend of mine we just buried his life from alzheimer's you know. It's now like some people were genetically more prone. To these -- -- -- -- and then when you combine -- some head injuries with that then those are factors that. You know it's. I think the league is doing this and sometimes it's okay it wasn't right a few years ago was right several years ago that the -- -- right now. Our Mort we always appreciate your time will be watching you on NFL insiders catching up with you at more report we'll talk to you next week. The artist Chris mortenson from ESPN. A -- we have don't forget about about fifteen minutes who got into the question that the version with Tommy turned never know where that's gonna go. And -- heart more your phone calls after the 6177797937. Sports Radio WER.

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