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It Is What It Is Cast: Previewing the Patriots and Panthers

Nov 15, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price preview the Monday night showdown between the 7-2 Patriots and the 6-3 Panthers.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody I'm Mike Vitale had joined as always by patriots expert columnist. WEEI dot com president reprise role well rested Crist who. I was -- break. Good good time militants -- it's been so that definitely and we've probably got a reluctant players say. But ready to get back with this week with a -- you can really conceding defeat. Patriots obviously seven into the Panthers. Really a Cinderella story of sorts in the NFL they -- -- six and three under coach head coach Ron Rivera a lot of people thought might be fired. Especially after last year he was even on the I think why it's important for people's books early in this season -- what is turned their season around. Well I think they're getting contributions on -- that's the point being Kim Newton is really starting to mature he's starting to make better decisions I think overall that's not to see you meet. Great decisions across the board over the course of the year. But things seem to be clicking form offensively he's making good decisions he's getting good help from the running game that pass catchers it's all coming together -- on the offensive football. Defense that did this defense to become one of the best defenses in the week. -- secondly against the run second only to the jets I think there's some similarities here to talk about the patriots jets matchup. This the team that is gonna present a real test for the people when it comes to their feet. Everybody and their brother remembers one -- -- is one of the best young linebackers in the NFL and everybody knows what kind of tackling machine he was here at Boston College. When he played here for three seasons. Certainly he is the anchor of what is as you mentioned a very athletic very young defense what impresses you the most about. Completely. His nose for the ball I think that that is this field it cannot be bought Tom talked about it earlier this week. In his press conference saying that. -- -- reminds him of some of these veteran players some of these great older players guys like yet read guys like Zach Thomas and ability to. Know where the ball was going to be able to -- cut through. A lot of players still talk about a -- during a press conference today you building eighteen since we're pleased going you believed to make that play win. Maybe not everyone has that sort of sensibility when it comes to the room -- -- I asked Bill Belichick about the weekly in the press conference and the difference between. On tape one I like -- equally. Is the instinctive or is he self taught me what is the difference when I think would be deeply. I think a lot of Tedy Bruschi in terms of his instincts his pursuit of the ball. His intensity is fierce pursuit. Of the opposing the ball here you see some of that. I do anything that there'll -- some similarities between what that means that kind of comes to mind that the possible -- but in the sense where. Good and a lot of stuff. What you think I would be good nose for the ball in the god help that once we're going to Ireland Scotland. He's also tied for the team lead -- Think that's that's the thing about him in its ability to play makers -- -- a lot of thinks he's the guy you definitely have to counsel when you talk about the Killen. All right Cam Newton what kind of challenges does he present where the Patriots defense I mean the obvious is he's a mobile quarterback that Belichick was telling us. That he's not only a mobile quarterback he has got a variety of different types of running backs behind. Exactly he presents a couple of their enough but we talk about the -- not only his ability to make good decisions and his ability to cut the ball to the quarterback over the last couple years. And I think he's going in the right direction of bystanders separate suit thirteen. That's good it's respectable not great. But you know it's what you're looking for from -- young quarterback I think he has the ability to use. A lot of -- of what interesting things about this offense there's no singularly at least pass catcher on the team but -- four guys -- at least 380 yards worth of passes. There for any -- -- with the receivers the receiving yards. Instantly Billy do good job -- -- the debit and spreading the wealth in that regard I think that's gonna test. The depth that the patriots secondary yelling -- -- you mention. He gets a lot of great country and out of the running very deep running game -- be interesting museum on the beach side challenge that especially with the difficulties they haven't adopted last month. And the one thing Bill Belichick was telling us is that Steve Smith doesn't return kicks anymore it's not that kind of weapon. A body is one of the toughest. Players all on the Carolina Panthers and one of the players -- just get a sense talking Belichick. The players he respects the most he's somebody who runs -- -- can still get deep. On the patriots got the ball no -- read look forward to he has signed with the New York Jets. It was fun while it lasted you know it's funny week on WEEI dot com we -- a global -- to sense where. What the fans thought that the patriots should do regarding every when he was released this week cleared waivers on Wednesday should they sign him and not. Five minutes later it's like when we put pull up he was signed by the New York Jets for your read on no pun intended. On the Ed Reed situation and why he that the New York not here -- I think he needed to go to a place where there was some level of familiarity this speech of his career and it being one of the reasons he went to death was because he played for -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scheme wise personnel wise it just deleted it from the jump. But I think there's some things that need to to believe if used properly and I'm saying when he thirty snaps a game you know you know -- could get. Seventy stepped out of the game out of many more. If you can use him for twenty to thirty snaps a game you can use that wisdom news that veteran knowledge I think he can bring some connections that. The Rex Ryan factor obviously Rex Ryan. With his defense -- coordinator for many many years in the mid two thousands. With the ravens have to be a huge factor as well exactly yet again you know you have to go to sleep but there's some familiar you're not gonna walk into place -- these new system -- the coach. I think it makes a lot of sense for team had to do it I would have thought that the colts might have had a shot at him as well. -- institute chuck McDonald got to with a while Baltimore. Privacy the New England connection. Let us to believe that there might have been something there but it's gonna be -- his -- What kind of effect he's gonna have been a jets team I think they're still very much inept play efforts that number six spots through and I'm fascinated to see how all the bad layup that. You wrote about this week and the. UB EI dot com the impact possibly -- Shane -- coming back from wrist injury and having it didn't sound like to me that Belichick was ready. No shock here to make it an opportunity. Confirmation that he would indeed be ready for Monday night Carolina this year incurring return. Yes he does that mean we're gonna get an email on Saturday -- Sunday night saying that you know we've definitely -- in Carolina and we decided activity over him and put some excellent. You know injured reserve -- -- wouldn't please don't don't don't. I think it makes sense that he didn't what you've seen from -- over the last couple weeks of ramping up and back to stability. He's been very quiet locker hasn't talked to us you know it got an estimate that technically. You know you still. Persona non Grata in that regard but. I think he's got a play I think you have to mean it just snaps a little bit. I go back to seeing accounts in his first game back against the jets. Come back against the mingled both those situations that staff monitored I think you're gonna ramped up -- careened down the stretch but I wouldn't be surprised to see simply 56 to present them. This week. It's always dangerous business to read the rest of the schedule the patriots -- seven and two they have only seven games left now after their bye week. They have Carolina on the road home against Denver those two games really can go a long way in determining whether or not patriots. Not just playing in January everybody pretty much assumes that at this point whether or not the patriots have a home games in January and even may catch. Kansas City Chiefs the chiefs stumble. It's going to be interesting to see the way everything kind of pulled together you're down the stretch when you talk about -- well because there's a lot of wild card being played here. If you're talking about a patriots team that is coming and -- offensively but he went back to back to the defense but we did it struggled but it comes to stopping it but big picture. You can put the the patriots and and with the -- today but the Broncos then there. The singles as well on the colts at sixty right now belongs to the jets. But that's still you know that's the work in progress you -- do one of those ones I've seen him but maybe the ravens have been pictures well. We don't know but the dolphins they've obviously stumbled the last couple weeks but they could be part of the truth while so it's going to be good to see all of it shakes out. I think right after he visited the feel good about where these games. In due to the rest of the schedule Caroline this week -- Denver next week. The rest of the way to meet -- it's definitely been the -- that greatness. Patriots are road dog what happens -- I think the patriots hopefully it's been so I really do think that. Right now as we stated here 1 Thursday morning -- it would definitely want. -- -- You know that's going to be revealing legitimately I think that's definitely good human think that's the potential between the government running game and your -- -- of both of them. I would be as well the patriots wouldn't get there the second -- of the season and officially -- -- With some positive momentum he's -- and -- price up like the -- and Gillette Stadium WB -- Dot com.

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