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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, expects the Patriots to go to the quick pass on Monday Night

Nov 15, 2013|

Mike Reiss previews the Patriots’ match-up against the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football. Mike addresses the issues that could be created by Carolina’s strong defensive front against the Patriots' offensive line which has struggled at times this season.

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Talked like recent just a minute not decreased seven WE got -- live from foxwoods it'll be the assault Apollo program back in studio. I'll be getting it 2 o'clock your phone calls until it six point 77797937. Of border between Texas. -- on ETT tech line at 37937. Feels like the week machinery. Feels like this is the week -- Juan Williams. Off the roster is a roster spot open nobody add it to the -- sports we know what it just. It it feels like he practiced what's it's the thirtieth of October it's been a couple weeks now -- they have an open roster spot it's a perfect time to. I you're talking about a defense the Carolina Panthers that. For awhile there underrated and now that might be a little bit overrated terms of the attention they're getting but they are really really good it's a front seven. That is like the Baltimore Ravens until the ravens what their really good physical teams the pressure the patriot they get to operate. This is a group that does that with Charles Johnson -- one at a party on the other -- equally in the middle. I'll keep the what he's become the middle that defense -- a rookie year. A year ago. With all that pressure the ability to have a safety valve like she victory. Really have not had a third down back when it comes -- patriots the -- -- that just use that position. Getting -- back is going to be huge it feels like it but is that the case like -- habeas via boston.com. Joins us you all the answers like -- is this the week for Shane Vereen. Certainly looks promising much and move it from practicing now we're up three weeks and I think it not been sort of -- said that he -- And whether he comes -- this week or not I think you know you can get a full chamber in -- to get the same guy on the season opener but it you can get after the bat. To the patriots would certainly like back coming up set up prince's performance against the Steelers which with impressive. Yeah at a guy like Serena and now all of a sudden pictures are becoming the focus on really got explosive offense you hoped you could be. Yeah Mikey -- -- but it isn't coming back but is it maybe don't expect it is. It's really good timing for the skill set that he brings isn't it against this Carolina team is -- will be difficult to run on. So that third down back that maybe -- -- been OK they've really been missing. It always farce is that screen passes quick passes whatever might be. They're huge different in terms machines are being in boulder talk about a third down back in. And that's not just in the yoga fitness but also in the pass protection mentioned to me. Is that a whole higher levels in diet and you know quote into the cabin all. If you would head range and and they even better in terms big play ability so it would be great time because it's not sure it's gonna be parts. Run the ball against the Panthers front seven. But I think they're giving up to 82 rushing yards per game -- about. Yes Merck and will be made second best in the league so probably on the top that's been -- the ground. Pound away at your particular spot. They did this short passing game an extension of the running game and one of Marines -- Like craziest PM boston.com is joining us we know that Reid could be back. Ed Reed will not be here Steven Gregory looks like you'll miss the game this weekend. I like the idea that read eight in the mix here by Q what did you think of the potential -- every before excited New York to be gotten it. Idea from people you talk to how close it's close at all the patriots Ed Reed got to a contract. Yeah I I like the idea as well might and I don't buy the whole you know prospects of Ed Reed is gone you know I think he could help. Eighteen it used the right way he's obviously not seen it really -- that he once was so I actually like the possibility for the patriots especially given. You greatly in the situation he had he had been here to a -- final seven games are against. Former team that it -- pull it -- and heck I sort of simplified -- you're going up against Peyton Manning. A week from Sunday who would you rather have a secondary -- all due respect to. You know rookie Iran harm or second year players if I'm Wilson would want -- will -- -- and I would get read. In terms of how close it it came I don't particularly very close. I know it reads that the patriots contacted them. How that went down not by sentence that it wasn't really. And then like K we want you to come play perhaps we'll make it happen if anything it was other respects and I don't think they were really and not. Like -- you expect. Dribble Tompkins -- -- back into this mix in and within a couple weeks talk about Dobson. The last thing that we saw he was outstanding. As he got -- leaps and bounds ahead of -- talk -- the is just the numbers. I think he adds do I think this is pretty pretty. It's in favor of Aaron Dobson has that sort of outside. -- eager and I don't think we're headed back. In the direction can belt content I would expect it seemed more Aaron -- I go back to some remarks and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels made. Earlier this week when talking about the number four receiver because that's basically what Austin Collie was in Egypt. Well let go and who couldn't even the report fever and beat -- said. It'll be a competition between -- pumpkin and Josh for you where that role so. My expectation is confident you know if you got it it would be and that number shall work site rule. Like -- ESPN boston.com. At the the Panthers defense is sold physical Ed and F front seven is getting so much credit you've spent some time prepared for that you've written about it. Like how how closer today to be the best are the best front seven that you we had a chance to watch that you're so portly. -- I don't even know what I -- go -- are not and I think that -- thing with all due respect to them and they're very good. And definitely need to respect -- I guess my feeling is I look at who they play and I just don't see a team that can threaten them. The way I feel like the patriots as they play up to their capabilities. Union so like last week as an example they're calling the 49ers and but when I -- you were playing right into their strength they were running. Right into the -- says -- an -- -- -- when you know we know from watching the patriots if the cancer shortly and box. They're not gonna try to run interest that they are running it they're gonna spread it out and try to be too with the passing game and so. I think even without 49ers how they couldn't do that or they didn't wanna do that. Feel like it's entries will also definitely this concept is one of the better concerns in the lead but I just don't feel like he'd been tested. From either has -- definitely the -- In the league until articulating the patriot maybe next week -- say you know I respect where do they are the. The ad is Mike IQ witness -- Monday because a couple of reasons patriot offense -- it looks like obviously it's a lot more comfortable the weapons coming back. But this Carolina defense you know we are talking about physical. Defense is front seven you know and -- in the mouth. Is this the that the defense is team a struggle it's in the past right India so in this today to show you that they can gloat in beat this type of team. -- you know I. No question this is the type they've struggled against in in wonder. Yeah idea that they're physical and they can get there with four Russians. Think so hard for me that he shouldn't be overlooked is. They don't know they're -- the what I -- except for coverages that much spirit more zone coverage team and I've always felt -- Tom Brady carved that out as long as -- -- so that's why I sort of look at -- say that I offensive line can hold up and. You figure they're gonna try to get the ball won't quit. -- -- I could see then that he -- off and having success. Against a defense -- to this point. Has looked very strong here -- -- so much of this is the book matchup and I YouTube and bill -- in the morning it's you he would surely inflate. Blueprints from that sense well what's the first thing and it comes to mind. Kabul and -- what what was their Kryptonite so. I -- I just -- some -- I think for all the focus on the front seven. -- you know I think you'll have to look at the secondary and guys like captain moderately and you know an undrafted free agent nobody quite you know starting at quarterback. Last week I think there's a matchup advantages here to exploit it you can protect it didn't come back the protection not a lot. We talked protection Micah so what you -- during your -- talked about the patriots offensive game playing get the ball out quickly cover that with Charlie -- the -- the running game indicator Ron. Other short passes it it. Is this a game where we haven't talked about a lot but -- settlement right. The normal in this office B try to quick he quickly get the ball out of your top rate. I certainly could see it because I think where when I look at this plan for the patriots it's it's really the first time you might see. What I think are their best three -- and good players on the field together that would be read we talked to vote Cronkite -- And and then dole helped so you start there. And how -- we wanna build around I think I'll you'd Greg Dobbs and and -- as your other two guys and so certainly it in the -- and -- Even there he received a package more than skiing and we've got sort of by your mind so. Certainly don't -- him right in the mix to be a big part in the month. -- would you pick but it -- like. Along with the patriot since when he scored seventeen and you know what it is sort of along the lines in the same story like the upstart team in Carolina. Just when you think it's even deserves respect. Against the old you know trying to measure themselves and and I Q scientists some of the comparisons -- last year. -- game you don't people were down and -- within the one of the biggest game you've ever had in franchise history. And we know how that turned out I guess I I I -- good signs here for the patriots are medium -- it by that I do like them in the game. It's a great taking its utility as PM boston.com. Like appreciate that double talking next week expect. About like recent ESPN Boston dot com joining us and and that. That quick pass all its -- -- it's just -- tailor made for Monday night it feels like this a Carolina team. It hard to cover in the football against it's what -- do you get the ball get the ball get the ball for Brady. He gets of that rhythm that it's a good deep -- Carolina but I got to believe that'll be the big part of the plan. Coming up this week -- 617779793. Separate your phone number the AT&T excellent. Is 3793. Civil come back we'll take kitchen wrapped up here for foxwoods. We'll tell you what's on tap an insult and holly tick over to your run 93 point seven WE yeah.

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