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Michael Fabiano, NFL Fantasy Expert, answers all of this week’s fantasy football questions

Nov 15, 2013|

Fabiano explains everything you need to know about the upcoming fantasy week. Michael looks at whether or not Shane Vereen and Percy Harvin can be trusted after coming off injured reserve.

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Back at a -- -- about 837 WEB got live here from foxwoods casino or talk with Michael about the out of your chance to win. A thousand dollars in right now but it WE PI dot com slash cash into the code workshop SH OP shop. -- candidates to enter. Go to W we got dot com slash cash at your shop that he would die next it's the way it was socket -- pork like right here or not to three point seven. WEE. It's a big week -- football. There are a lot of big injury between Michael -- on its necessity. This week he joins us Michael how -- -- I'm good guys how things go over there you're in my neck of the woods in Connecticut knows -- -- Yankee fans everywhere some believable that -- -- that -- -- I haven't I have a great time here they take a lot of my money like -- quite frankly that's not I want yeah give up that's typically what happens my mother my father my sister they'll complain about that but they keep going back -- it's not believable is a great great spot a great time to talk municipal board triple calls here guys are lined up -- It just a second all star with a big Centre the week Peyton Manning. He plays Sunday night. So you're a spot or if you if you start and he doesn't play. -- might not be left with a backup quarterback or you feel like it's gonna play Yemeni backup options for people with eight man I. Can't see Peyton Manning not playing any game of this magnitude. And part of a national television audience I would start him confidently in terms of being active now this is not a good match up against the Kansas City Chiefs but. My perspective and fantasy is always -- stick with your -- you play your stars they're your stars for a reason. I can't name one quarterback that anyone else would have on their team legitimately and most normally makes but I would play over Peyton Manning this week. What a couple guys -- love the idea -- you would stash and Shane -- Percy arbiter -- beat you at the beat of bad spot to start these guys that you wanted to look at first. If she is Marines active I column reflects. In a PP our league and with Percy Harvey and I think he's -- three PP our league. You hear the term limited snaps when we've talked about -- but then again coaches have been known to lie to us in the past because they said. The giants' coaching staffs that well we're gonna get outraged underground ten to twelve carries last week and it hurt itself. It really depends on your situation at running back or wide receiver. I'd be more -- to play Percy that I would serene but clearly both of these guys need to be owned in all leagues right now. Now it real quick on your rankings. Michael when a guy like Stevie Johnson has ruled out does that affect other player -- the quarterback obviously but skill players right you update. Your ranking is still wide receiver route that might affect other guys on that team. Oh absolutely those rankings are updated right until kick off on Sunday. And which Stevie Johnson out Robert Woods injured you're looking at markets Goodwin who'll be potentially the number one option for -- Emanuel now and let -- go and pick up Goodwin. He's morbid desperation deeply. That's a guy who could be a potential sleeper -- for Tony Gonzales is out and you need be a tight end for the week -- -- -- on a violet -- Jason Witten for example. Hopefully you're not figured that it had any more so. It definitely makes a difference that you would also think the -- are gonna run the football more. The jets have been really good against the run this year so I don't know if I play CJ Spiller is more than -- replace him at all but. Fred Jackson I I put him in there as a low and our -- you. Or reflects this week EJ Manuel he's not starting for anyone outside leagues with that two quarterbacks. Well we get your full -- -- twit you -- -- that beyond a 6177797937. Your phone over your questions. Heading into a big big week Chris is calling from a but the adversity -- -- -- A question what would -- start in the fold over Peyton Manning and he's that you wouldn't cause any side by. I can't have a gut feel polls. If you have a gut feeling -- and I think you should start of I always advise people that if they have a feeling about a player. Regardless of what I think with the match -- think what it is it your fantasy team. Me personally. I can't do it and I maybe I'm a traditionalist I can't do it could -- full score more fantasy points and treatment in this week. Actually this -- been fantastic sixteen touchdowns no interceptions. And he has been flawless and he's got a great matchup against the Redskins if you like falls more than Manning start -- me personally. -- -- seven the best season of any quarterback ever since Tom Brady I can't venture. -- TT -- -- wants about the running back situation in temple with all their injuries like. While you're looking at a time share with Brian Leonard and body Rainey who looked a lot like Darren Sproles on Monday had its -- is the same sort of body style the same number. It's really tough according to us. I think Leonard will see more touches. But Rainey has more upside but also keep in mind that that was against the dolphins they can't stop anybody against the run. This season so. Leonard -- guys start standard leagues as a flex and this is a desperation flex. Maybe rainy in a PP our league but again -- roll the dice with either one of these two guys to shame. That that James got injured because he was on pace to have a very big game and I really like him down the stretch. -- it is at New Hampshire -- wide receivers and I -- They got played on good. Good I gotta -- questioned. -- -- -- Riley Cooper or Joseph scored. Riley Cooper has been on fire absolute fire five touchdowns in his last two games are great match against the Redskins with that being said. I'd have to go Josh Gordon. Josh Gordon has been very good this season Iverson to came back from suspension regardless of the quarterback is -- Jason Campbell it's if it's -- -- If it's you know Hoyer didn't matter Gordon has been very good. And I like Cooper. But according to me is a guy that I'd rather play this week Cooper's been fantastic look at me wrong I'd start and -- a three and and many leaks this week. But Josh Gordon is a guy that I actually have this situation and in one of my leagues and I'm playing Josh court. The Riley Cooper nick pulls the monopoly. Bob Bob that a Clark talking quarterbacks and Michael for -- ought to go ahead Bob. That's what's so I have. Aaron Rodgers as my starting quarterback and obviously -- -- for the next couple weeks of and we're pleased in my league. I have about Carson Palmer and Russell Wilson has might backups. I'm concerned that Roger may not be coming back. After you know the next couple weeks when we start the playoffs. Should drop who -- pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick -- -- waited on Rogers. Brother I would waited out right Fitzpatrick is not enough -- off the waiver wire and a place on the right now the second that Rodgers it's a waiver wire someone else in nearly. Is gonna pick him up the good thing is you're not bad -- Russell Wilson spent phenomenal. If he's got a great matchup against the Minnesota Vikings this week he is my third ring quarterback. On -- -- -- comedy you can have a fantastic game. And he does have a bye coming up and we trust you're gonna have to play the matches that point but. I'll tell you -- I could not drop Aaron Rodgers until I hear from the Packers he's now playing the rest of the year. I'm keeping them. There are no -- fancy questions summit ever easy if you could write that down as the easiest question you'll pictured I'd drop. Errant Roger via -- don't agree on what this so that the quarterback. Matt Ryan and all -- keynote. With a -- a couple weeks. Used to this question guys spurs how crazy this season has that. At the beginning of the year Matt Ryan was in it was the top twelve quarterback. And he started off hot now you've got Ryan not playing well because he's lost some of his weapons vacation Keenan has been very good now. I like case key in this week I think is a sleeper he's got a great matchup against the raiders. But without being said Matt Ryan is playing the Buccaneers over the last four weeks the Buccaneers have given up an average of over twenty finish -- points per game quarterbacks. He's got it right back maybe not a 100%. Who knows what's going on Tony Gonzales but I just like this matchup for Ryan to a great defense has not been good lately -- the -- It's very close. I could go either way wouldn't it but if you if you told me I needed pick one -- taken that Brian. Speaking of picking one Ryan has a wide receiver question he's in a car Ryan go ahead. Yeah. I was just wonder if I -- Trust Jordan now than nor are go -- Richard first you harboring him back. -- Great question because dirty Nelson has had two sub par games and now Scott pulls into the quarterback for the Packers. I just. I can't start -- over during Austin right now I need to see him I need to see what happens. During -- has been a guy who's been -- top ten finish -- receiver a season long OK yes he's he's done it with Aaron Rodgers for the most point and now he's got posing in their. But I still say Nelson is a better play this week Harvick is -- really. Sort of that a coin toss because he can't come out there play limited snaps and maybe get yet. Five or six fantasy points or he can hit on that one touchdown and give you somewhere between eight to ten I don't think he has a big game. I play it safe here and regulatory Nelson. I want to talk to Jack in New Hampshire boy a lot of watt receiver questions today Jacko had. -- back and Michael. The album bat mobile on the road and wait all year but it's almost sure he's ready to go yeah I need to are these -- -- -- -- whites. Towards that. We'll -- it is definitely going to be the guy you're you're going to start without question. I'll tell you that that's a that's a tough one the second wide receiver that I would start is actually Marvin Jones and here's the reason why. AJ green and Joseph -- they're gonna be battling all day long and they agree -- success over against Joseph -- but he's one of the best cover cornerbacks in the league. Look at the numbers. Of the number two wide receivers that have faced Cleveland Browns they've been seeing targets and Marvin Jones as a guy who had. Five touchdowns six touchdowns over over two or three weeks began a few weeks back now he hasn't scored in a couple of weeks and people are on him. I'd just like him better than Roddy White because I think right where it's gonna be covered by Darrelle Revis and that's a tough tough match up. And Boykin is more repeat PRC to -- and he's got the same issue as Jordy Nelson Scott -- and as quarterback so. I rolled the dice with Margaret Jones. I like trade questions if their well it -- well if they're not. Complicated so hopefully -- New Hampshire is easy -- question rob go ahead. Any -- I'm I'm -- to meet their cornerback captain Foster went down so I was wondering if I should use that. Calvin Johnson and Ryan chapters in I got the opportunity to get to char Jackson and either Eddie -- you -- -- While rule I gotta tell you something. I kind of like that it's it's not you it's not that I like getting now rate of Calvin Johnson but Ryan Mathews is. Just an average fantasy back and he's -- Goodyear and he's still an average and you're back you're getting back to John Jackson. Who is a top eight wide receiver fancy right now and Eddie lacy who I love. I've been talking about it at least you guys know for weeks and weeks and weeks. I pulled the trigger on that deal I know Louise and Calvin Johnson hurt but he didn't show on back -- -- -- -- or gore and I I I played after -- I pulled the trigger. Our birdies and -- -- complex question of Michael Fabiano NFL network nfl.com go battery. -- -- I have -- question and the defense. Question conflicts. Fred Jackson and Ryan -- a marquis Colston. And defense to I don't the 49ers -- the ravens this week. Fred Jackson is the guy you want to flex out of those three. And the defense that I would play there have to answer that the rule out the answer kicker port 80% -- that's OK I don't know why I. I don't have obviously the defense is -- can help you we have fun with it but. -- -- -- Seventy fancy place last week outscored Ray Rice CJ Spiller -- -- -- for everybody that kicker are you really talking about a separate yet he's been he's been pretty good my brother so you know what anywhere to get as she points. We've got to talk about it. The defense -- I don't like you're warned I I guess I'd go with the niners but I don't like either one of these defense is. Look and see if the giants are available look at -- protections are available look and see if the chargers or the bills are available that they have great matchups this week. Don't be afraid. You sit your -- defense that they have a bad match up as long as the -- are picking up. Has got a phenomenal match up that's just that's an issue that a lot of people have with the chiefs this week the played Peyton Manning and the Broncos now. The chiefs are a little bit different -- -- -- the chiefs have been so good this year that sitting and it's like the alternative -- areas like the the -- sitting Adrian Peterson at running back. I would -- that you out of the chiefs by the Texans -- the cardinals this week there's there's no question about it. Go out and pick up another defense obviously and the ravens defense is not connected Tennessee this year they've been okay. I keep the 49ers and I pick up when the defense is I just mentioned I guarantee you one of them is out there on the waiver wire. Like Ray Rice the alternately you benching Ray -- is this week against the bears I wouldn't. Because the bears have been awful against the run for most of the season and when you get a matchup like that and this is a guy who you're drafted in the first round. You almost have to play them I think maybe the exception that rules Trent Richardson who -- forget about -- and the rest of the season. But this is more about ray rice's hip I think because if you watch the games the ravens. Don't give him the ball out space and when they do he can avoid Packers and this is not a thirty year old guy he's in his mid twenties so he's in the prime of his career. I think they hit is the problem the offensive line is -- -- not helping him either but when you're playing and it really that run defense like this. I I can't see Benjamin -- really deep at running back. Let's get one more question here from Michael before asking me general fancy question Paulson Chicopee high ball. I I don't good. They're armed -- PR. -- -- big giant experience where we lean toward underground with that but I got out for a while ago. Our man I couldn't -- job for more -- and I love underground I love Andre Brown. But Morris has been the guy. The Eagles defense is there's actually been pretty good against the run but. Morse has been someone who's been pretty consistent even when Mike Shanahan is fool around the back -- given regular carries her to Roy young carries more still produces. I really like Andre Brown but between the two. I have to Claymores I try to what do they both like it. -- upcoming masters of tech's response on this Michael's all askew Burress were let you go to one of the reasons I despise Nancy football at times is when you get to this point -- year. Because they're all owners that just stop and attention their -- team and they start guys who were up by a stark guys that are hurt. They don't pick up the -- is dead weight so. You do this a lot more than -- do you. What why do these people like what happened. What is that on the tax credits it. -- English it is there -- -- you could put in place like have you heard of anything to keep people active because this one it sucks some guys team. Is terrible your security border to express the leak. Chinese water torture maybe you could be something like that. Honestly I mean there are leaks out there and I've played -- -- out there where you get penalized. Four for knocked. Participating actively. From week one through week sixteen if you. Seem to make it that far and penalties go from loss of waiver position. There could be some financial loss there in leagues where you have a few bucks on the line. At the at the beginning of the season. But honestly to me you've got to know your -- -- I -- -- -- tons of leaks and sometimes you get people who lose interest towards the end of the year and -- those people sometimes don't get invited back. The -- like the back shut the door that is that is. What I would do I would pay attention to what you can't force someone to get in and and play when their team isn't doing well. Which is sort of bank that in in the back your mind and saying well you know what I'm not gonna bring this guy back. Next season because he didn't participate -- he made things easier for teams down the stretch because he didn't -- -- -- didn't pick up. Guys off of the waiver -- I wouldn't do it to somebody who maybe doesn't do it once or twice but if someone is just completely absent from the whole process of picking up players and setting your lineup and that kind of thing now that's a different story. Not great stuff like we'll get a lot of it is I have a different -- which we'll talk about where your stuff that's always a good if you did not get your question answered Michael underscore that beyond NFL network and I fell about comets rankings all. On the web site Michael thanks art reference they care and if -- -- joining us and you guys -- in like wildfire AT&T text line. At 37937. It's two dollars for a loss at the end of the year right now lot but it's a little bit of book acting on it if you pay attention try to win. Weekly high score like you build into your -- that the high score every week it's paid some sort of money so -- would cost -- play. That would keep you more active. The losing team -- have to -- to a -- the trophy artsy guys accord financial. It has got to be some way to do look at that we love fantasy football you're at seventy leagues I'm at a couple. It sucks at this time New Yorkers with Billy does it date they suck your team sucks then it affects the rest will be video beat owners all the dollar. You got it lasts this much you -- so the last 23 people that are awful. They fight it out and yet they don't wanna pay the extra on like that -- penalty a payment last place payment yeah. LP stay out of the sellable we do what years we kind of reversed the track is what the lottery to handle the worst team. -- gets the the best -- its keeper league so we -- where in the past record after a certain point I think it was or reverse order like the team that just missed the playoffs. And up get a first picks that he kept trying to win. And the first team now actually the first pick the next -- -- the worst team that you played through the end of the year -- sixties make it the seventh place team at the first pick the year ball. So you're playing for -- and keep the league would always be you know. We hope you keep it in a wallet that sort of -- listen at Texas a suggestion -- and his wife. Like that. That we -- -- deadbeat owner of us they're actually what's. What let's keep yet so you make my son. My son -- daddy. The movie cat given to finish that -- we campaign -- that again -- respect -- moving. I cannot say that moving. The campaign as well he's funny will you -- you -- campaign. -- markets Ellen I -- the Will Ferrell did you watch hero blast I don't know -- saw you got to see enough that it it looks stupid but it's great that's the best line and we'll be right there. And I can't -- 61777. -- 7937. -- number. AT&T text line is 379837. Will come back we'll talk gut. About the patriots and Panthers like recent ESPN Boston dot -- is this the week for Shane Vereen. We'll find out next.

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