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Peter King, SI, weights in on the tough year for the NFL

Nov 15, 2013|

Peter joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the concussion issues that still remain within the NFL and the consequences of repeated head trauma. While the long term future of the league could be in question, the league is still recording record ratings in the wake of controversies which include the Richie Incognito situation and NFL Alumni showing evidence of CTE.

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Ever spent a lot of time on football today no better got to talk about these issues. -- -- our friend Peter Kay the Monday Morning Quarterback Peter -- a little Oreo. -- looked up so early today. We spent a lot of time talking about Bob costs this year Peter I get to the patriots don't get the Peyton Manning and I guess I'll start -- -- you wrote the time that. The other National Football League in their settlement with the players are that that was maybe it was not the first step what's gonna be a process here with Tony door set. Sees the signs of CT eat a hundred or more players now signing up to get themselves tested. Was that settlement the first step and what happens going forward is we find out board or about players being affected by how they played the game. Well first of all did the presiding judge in this case has not signed up on the settlement yet. It's been about two weeks since I ask this court and it hasn't happened since about two weeks. Since they -- -- questions -- somebody in the early nineties certainly if we have no idea why. This is being held up well but presumably. This settlement is going to be approved. And you know again all of those 765. Million and I think 685. Of that. Is designated to be the beat up. Among players in a trust -- You know all who need that money. -- -- seemed to me. That that's not gonna cover everybody's. Head trauma I mean if your if your cap for a LS patients. You know like Steve Gleason. Kevin turner -- 330 back. If they're gonna get five million and then obviously -- -- lower for. For other. You know diseases in and other head trauma related. Maladies. It surprises me that that's going to be enough. Her whole class of people to divide and for everybody to have a significant settlement but. Eight. He you know according to one of the lead plaintiffs' attorneys or TARP to. He said they brought in the how much money is going to be enough to get relief for X number players called treason could be seeping out of this pool in the next. A couple of decades and they thought that this was going to cover that -- edit it make it's it's it's just the spark that started it. Are we seeing the tip of the iceberg absolutely. This is going to be eighty. This is an -- story. For years. And in big guy like Tony -- certain Leonard Marshall and all those guys come forward. I and we're gonna see hundreds of those in the next few years. You just in general the -- People look at a parity. Question whether it's good parity economy. Pretty concerned with the league with the issues that big injuries on the field. Maybe just the bad football that we've seen the embarrassing issues off the field in the NFL. If you're from anybody that said he is it seems like nobody can test it fell as it is but it's been a tough year. It has been -- very tough year. Now only because -- settlement. Because. Player after player after player come forward talking about being being damaged by making. You know the Jonathan Martin's repeating -- -- -- and then. Obviously a bunch you know the numbers. Of young football player -- both of pop Warner level. And any organized tackle football level being down. It you know you really have to start wondering long term about the future football but. I just I think it's. I think the reason why the NFL. Is going to exist. And lying it's going to continue. About seeing unabated. But why I figure if we continue to be the most popular game. It's because universally in America although there are a lot of people or wake up and seen it. We don't like XY and -- about the brutality of it which is understandable. The record numbers of people still watching it. You know how these readings keep rising I don't know -- -- the numbers of people playing -- football keep rising. Mean Morgan one out of ten Americans. -- arena football. And had a little American abilities and that's straight US. Incredible. And all those people. Are paying attention to the NFL on Sunday I mean it's that kind of thing that baseball and basketball hockey can only dream so. At some -- they can kill the golden goose that might put I guess I don't see an end in sight at least right now. After ten weeks ratings were up again this year Peter we're talking to Peter King Sports Illustrated the Monday Morning Quarterback as -- Or Richie -- ego Peter has filed a grievance against the dolphins challenging their suspension on the grounds. Or conduct detrimental was this expected Richie -- -- how does this. Grievance play itself out is that a lawyer is that the leak in the NFL EA how this process. Work he would either ask for an expedited grievance which means that he wants this resolved in the next weaker -- so eat it move forward. And I believe try to play for contender down the stretch if they don't take them back -- -- be very very hard for him -- him back. Certainly I think it would be harder than they Jonathan -- back right now. You know -- chemistry of the team in that locker room -- -- can get -- result in the next couple -- so we -- who -- -- Beat up concern is Denver right now with Peyton Manning it was wait to see the injury report is the simplest itself they got a shot. It doesn't matter -- You know whatever is basically you can play. We all know these -- I mean -- Warner both ankles. And I think here's some mystery there. But. He you know they have the word -- at -- high ankle sprain. And that is really not going to be able to be mobile and I think against. Four would she didn't ask her. And how Ali -- in Houston on the outside. Gary Johnson and -- here people on the inside. I mean look at Denver's. Line has allowed him in the last. The last three weeks to get all. And especially over left guard was seen Beatles have been terrible year. I really question. How effective Peyton Manning can be in the -- you. -- a -- -- -- this week I don't think it's the week you think you're gonna get many but at Marriott's conference -- don't know much time meaning after we. I look at it Peter is the real lasted desperate Kansas City got an LP look at who -- beat at helping it's a great list of people around -- -- -- look at the same way that we're gonna find out. How good Kansas City really is Sunday night. Yet but I mean it could be a tiny gain last week unit could be trying to -- That Carolina NC producers go play last week. I mean I know it sounds crazy to think that but it could be a very low scoring game one -- secret. I just I have sincere. Reservations. About whether meaning it's going to be you play effectively on Davydenko and against this -- for. The team that clearly is in the lead in sacks in the NFL. It also in the lead. Is compiled by pro football focus for. Not only. Sacks but also for quarterback is quarterback pressures. So I guess I I keep thinking that. Even in the city can eke out. You know seventeen point this weekend. From an offense that isn't playing well. I think you're gonna have a really good chance to in this -- and it probably picked Denver but it would. You know. If I were a -- get it's weakness in the last. Might that the younger berg and so I would I would bet anything else on this game because I think -- quote mr. Peter last couple days he's Billiton tuck into both agreed Indio we'd all Bill Belichick feels about opinions of siding with the jets. A couple things do you think it was just being familiar with Rex Ryan and try to reestablish itself there. We think the -- today interest at all. You know I heard right away that it yet reached out and Rex Ryan personally. Pushed hard for this. It's heartwarming development at senator Bill Belichick called it agreed. You know debate it's happens that I really want to hurt America Reid would. I think you've got to be a little bit realistic in his case about what agreed -- has left. Big guy at fourteen Eric. For use it you know he was hurt a lot more -- he did not -- effectively. You all I live in New York now and they've made a huge deal collapsed before our corporate -- sign. But you know it's like in any game. You know in any sport when you sign a guy -- significantly. Over the -- you know it's great for headline. Blood headlines don't slate -- going gamers are actors. I can't see agreed being much of a factor in the -- they operate. Every great weekend of football Sunday and Monday -- the prime time games actually really really good compared to last week Peter for sure -- -- seeing. Other coverage and NBC reading it all weakened Monday Morning Quarterback thanks your time. Thought it. Peter King joining us and he joins us here and we are live from foxwoods -- is -- three huge football weekend. What Peter King joins us he is always brought to you by Air France. Blows like that are right part of -- electorate there. It's always brought to you by our friends the complaints insurance by town fair tire. And up -- paper record re our guys over it boy you -- of national they bring -- Peter King. On patriot Friday scandal football but it's get a break come back it's a lot of football Michael -- -- Peter brought a principled policy huge week. How does that be out dual the injury as he worried about Peyton Manning evil -- it's 1 o'clock. Out now like -- ESPN boston.com. On chamber -- return but what do little bit or baseball we come back. Is that replay is a step closer it's something you would I didn't like about replay I think they fixed. When it comes to the challenge system and at the MVP voting. Well spent as much time as they help management there were some wacky AL MVP votes or mix that with your full calls live from -- with Sports Radio WE --

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