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Headlines from Foxwoods

Nov 15, 2013|

Mayor Menino fires back at Bill Maher. Rob Ford is VERY well fed at home. And is Chris Farley the number one SNLer of all time?

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And headlines as always has brought to you by precision fitness equipment. A shopper the pros do precision fitness equipment nobody here last night for precision unfortunately that's what else. They work to Mexico. Now it's too bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then that would -- gambling addicts like you could get up. I did thank -- casino -- Tamar in the you know here once second I did think though this morning that. This is going to be the rest of my life that these parties though I would just sit there intricate Coke. And don't you feel good this morning I do feel fine but don't you think you feel better than you know the -- you're not you're ever gonna be part of the action. You know euros it'd be on the outside looking at the ways of small little readers to. Next so we have we played well the play -- first. She sent out a way to -- bar and -- yeah steering the show is little sleep well yeah headline and the -- it's men and you are regular Bert Parks I would say that well played a -- here Bill Maher on his HBO show. Commented on the Red Sox a celebration -- There you can graduation rates are. -- -- You know maybe go to the place where that -- I mean certainly -- and they put the World Series that -- there they -- god bless America. Wants to. The Olympic -- -- you know it was a bad day three people died it's terrible will remain that are important. Of course when that happens every game or accidentally kills me instantly goes out. Oh my god I've been out here. And you've got to give it I think never pilots say these words. -- Anthony Weiner credit. Yeah 88 looked at him and at first he was gonna just chuckle money he actually heard -- and it said. What is wrong with you what is wrong to cheer the -- sit three people died. The principle I hated car crash torture are correct bad things happen. I believe the number of -- was what 260 -- the number of people lost limbs was 2930. -- -- Like it was just some guy drove up the road in -- Jennifer can't I'm -- for Martin Jim Richard's -- it was just a bad day just a sad day for people what's the big deal -- -- -- a mile away. It to the defended him not stopped they put the trophy not the -- the trophy. By the way that was indeed -- room to Susan -- World Series -- trophy. On the finish line. At all. Saying god bless America and that's it this in any way affect Omar's Saturday that day we will -- you think you've got that got his way -- you think he was even out of daddies get three strippers in his. That's what he does not pass judgment there -- you work for somebody today who -- liked it. Mean really how did we it was the offensive part bill not. Not you want to be outrageous she wants to be the guy who's not afraid to say everything that nobody sank -- that right and he knows because he's a good left wing -- that he can -- anything right usually cannot salute mr. So Menino Tom Menino yesterday our our June party mayor here weighed in on had some good sound. That's very irresponsible and does an irresponsible statement and I think again Jimmy Higgins cast back to back guy wants -- himself -- on. I uses marathon as a place to do use it means is that that's that's very response. It's Tom thinks it's irresponsible you think it's your response I think it's more than that mayor it's outrageous it's offensive. The mayor was more upset when chick filet wanted to open this -- opened a restaurant and Daniel hall. More upset at that that he is -- that's right it's you know the AAA. Owners in favor of traditional marriage so they still coach Marty Walsh let chick filet it seems like -- -- got me who is. You tell me because the -- forward to get to baggage that he. Previously didn't see that -- of trial my god the guy who owns this place is not want a man to marry another man. Powerful -- fright night that would be a nice first step for Marty Walsh reach across the aisle to the traditional. Marriage folks and allow chick -- in two annual. I think that -- good first Marty so I think you know dean don't we always try to figure out guys that can fill -- while we're away you have vacation John has vacation. I do and I thought we talked Iran for the last night I think he's the kind of guy the party that may not see him. I've been looking for work first of all. Legacy of northern Christmas week yeah I mean -- looked -- to go off the beaten track a little bit not the same old. Mean nothing against. You know the usual suspect all those guys dale always important if he wants to be -- Bill Walton could work with. -- a hockey guy yet and I think we have juror number twelve. Every other day -- -- -- real that they would put them over the holidays without being good spot that would be bad so rob -- back at it again at a press conference yesterday morning novel mayor. Talk to -- reporters who had some questions. I don't appreciate people on a -- a prostitute. Known prostitute here I'm very happily married at home. That this is very disturbing it's on my way. I'm fortunate to take legal action against aggrandizement. Stopped us and part two weeks after. That weasel it's the waiter that I was doing lines that your market that is a great life that is not true. No it wouldn't vote for the first my -- wouldn't they're called a friend of mine. A philosophy when it is not a prostitute she's a friend that makes me sick how people are saying this so unfortunately. I have no other choice you on the last one to take legal action I can't. I could put that anymore so I've seen that means I'm litigation during shortly I've had enough but whether or you -- -- careful what you. OK so that's all I have to say for now and the next thing when it mayor retain it in Hamilton. And that that we're gonna have to spank -- little tiger cats on the last thing was Bolivia gone -- that this says let's I -- -- a mile conduct I've never said that in my life. I would never do that -- -- -- myriad of them more than enough capital. I've -- that I got her up. A play that put -- -- is it me the media is gathered around Cameron's. Reporters' microphones and exit. Good scenario you should eat her. On the last thing woods Bolivia gone bad that this says let's I wanna hear a mile it's gone back I've never said that in my life. I would never do that -- -- -- myriad of them more than enough capital. I can't say more than enough to eat at home yes. -- That's Susan to a marriage. I guess I have to defend Anthony Weiner again because he's not that nuts. That. It's not quite what you tell that -- won't be mannered that that's law. Sinner should not that picture you so much. Does it look. Like at any moment some of its keel over -- he's like he looks like Chris -- we looked in the final days that's like Chris -- with three minutes ago in true Hollywood story right you know everything's wrong -- the -- -- completely loaded the success that fit their exploits. On the block here it's cocaine there. Yeah that's what it was like spotlight -- the final days all of -- tight jeans. Tuxedo shirt yet that very very end that's generally what it looks -- this -- ultra short picture right -- tuxedo shirt. Read magazines come up with that fashion statement that is I've. I think Dino does have -- I think pay somebody -- closed because of the fact that there's little notes the ticket and get this though is that Ralph who. Ralph. That is get some guys that accept that exceed -- sure that was that was clearly a look at that time and ambulance comments on this. Yeah you just for a closer look back at the as a pack them on the you know -- -- -- Since the key is even YouTube is the key is do you -- weather because that picture is -- that you want. Right you don't have to iron to correct the -- Euro mr. You know like good summer. But a night like last night you know no notes -- -- your clothes your sweater if dark. -- dark pants you do Abraham Lincoln that precedent about Mary public and oppressed. -- 61. More. More than enough. Eat at home this is a 400. Cocaine addict right. Why isn't he no comment that people wise -- you say talk to my lord please. What elements obviously. Like -- I was told something I think I mean it was like theirs on such speculation that picked up my guess would be yes was -- with them to go -- no I sought -- I don't Sarah it's now. Which you know that she's not a -- And I don't know that but I'm gonna take -- guess they met -- -- longtime -- -- -- -- -- and that is Toronto like Boston -- if those crazy years you get the more corporate do you get the -- More decadent you get the better chances your in the next elect -- he is human need there help us I don't -- I don't. -- -- -- survive you you he's gonna. Survive no he looks like he's exit but the blow you know blood vessel as trainers it's about to give out. -- all that much trouble with drugs in the past but I'm addicted to Coke we'd lose salute and speed not Ellis -- You're about going to want ordinary where by the time clock. I'm not -- -- the clock you know but the clock. Good news analysis in bed. Is tied up right now -- veto it that would give it to do. A lot of people guessing who's indeed those rules because the left the -- -- -- slight hangover. One of the great however movements all time. And there's still some people in the rule is that harder yeah. Could be tiger's chickens in Ireland the movie hang over the chickens attackers at the you know the age prostitute -- music is a good point one at Texas. It's sad that Chris Farley's advocates worry alive the guest hosting SNL this week I agree with it is rough for pressure on them back. Well rob port one way as deet oil -- or he was doing their whole press conference wearing a Toronto organized Jersey. A Canadian alters right. So the end -- the consensus at Toronto that he's lost his mind yes he's lost the San Diego mayor you know. Groping people like ninety women. But he never city gets played eat it all be pretty sure that. But the problem. You're right they're gonna. It might not be Chris Farley but it's going to be some obvious that doing Chris Farley was born for Scruggs is the greatest. Character in -- and honest not much -- -- you know that's not true at a Hartman. The greatest -- -- penalties was Hopkins. John -- it's all you know. All the same that's not part it was the best now Eddie Murphy was great -- It -- not -- more hello I'm outlook or number one I put in the best character effect. If we get the best of shows that despite its great probably want is the best one I've seen a whole bunch of them. In the will fails in the worst ones don't look at me with Google felt -- Will Ferrell so. Eddie -- great comic characters that you -- we usually out in his office a short time that's the thing was that mr. white character and he was great stand up for lost his mind post about Rushmore. My -- is Chris Farley. And yeah. Lebanon. Would you know like at -- Belushi. And they only want to hold up well. The guy just quit -- -- -- no one just quit this year oh. But Sudeikis or -- Bill Hader play haters we're going to do it can't stick is funny that make two characters to another to heart it was gray writes that he was I and he doesn't really have a lot of characters he's usually that Italy actually is such a good solid supporting. You can't deny terrorism. -- what you think he's been partly no wind and Barley and partly my favorite Ali is that an NFC blows this. I've seen it. Fifteen times and I cannot stop -- -- I see the Chippendale stale tactics -- -- Patrick's race could be the funniest sketch. It's Saturday Night Live history -- right over here. We are the foxwoods resort it's much rob for twenty feet away hanging out and he could be rough sport he might be. Could play the parties that much hair everything else. They did say it and here that's pretty that's -- an indicator that's low blow real quick here Antonio Cromartie set the -- took that joke out and the 2000 and I'll just tell everyone that told us -- -- -- -- 2012 was reported. Several of the mothers Mardy showed were kept in the story each. The limit competition and half siblings or close it would be able to make more money in the 3500 -- -- 86 of them. Marty shot down on the idea that believe they say when he got the -- like David Carter Mike Myers not. -- elected economy. I liked him I mean it's great imitation is bush is funny but you can't hear Chris Farley. As Rudy Giuliani's son. It's great it's in -- you can't look at that Obama left Foley's -- fully awesome could be the greatest says that live -- up. What do you remember about that Davis -- a crack -- -- left mr. Steve apple right yeah this that's -- ultimately that it future after the first -- falls that would -- just crushes the -- to the hill harvester that that's -- that's a tremendous it is and the whole thing with them eating his own dandruff from all of those things that. The people do it up and Dino -- right now. We found out and do we get -- but for real we're gonna get some real there for real good story that's what we -- get somebody up there do you think there really is it was you know exaggerating I wonder sometimes. Well gonna get an answer to that we do it's a lot more questions for her to each other you're gonna get my answer the question your father. -- That's true get to that good is that. I'm very disappointed in human and usually don't you know go with trendy thing fall in line your kind of a iconoclast little rebel -- we had a did you -- a little skirt Harrison and yup and when all the other kids play football legacy no football for you are -- climb trees. Were discussing negotiating that right now Iran football at that age now. If you were in the NFL right now -- -- risk his life at that 8910. Years old. When you start plant pop Warner -- -- you soundly. There's nothing that we'll talk I think that. We will get to that we will. I also we have only do the Matt -- to add buttons right. 25 grand cornyn worked astronomical rate the NBA Charles Barkley thinks it's too much as we talked to much. It's loves them -- tough -- but -- when a team and we sent him up and find out who's in Indian swing and that kind of formidable Rome week. Will be out packets men have a Callahan at the fox or not the fox foxwoods. Resort concede.

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