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Dino joins his own show for one segment

Nov 15, 2013|

Dino threw a hell of a bash in his room at Foxwoods Resort Casino last night. Despite having the day off, he managed to join Gerry and Kirk for a segment to provide some details.

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I would juror number twelve atop the list her to mention that not talking about killers and murderers and rapists terrorists. Just talking about repulsive people -- he simply just I kept my don't want. I could -- public joke that -- What she's not watcher you know now she probably speaking of repulsive people yes we knew when you're here early in the morning. -- a lot of people like us just get up early shower in the coming down gamble and other people just wandering around aimlessly. On the lost you know they don't know what time it is that that the house yeah it's there and it. And you hope in the picket line the rule by or there's one -- and get barefoot flies. And then in their -- open. And -- look in the trash can. Stop that's not a fair enactment of something I am. It's not fair. Shot. I have a new rule -- if you're gonna show started at six. It's just a cameo I'm here for couple minute where an eastern time and I know change the clocks in the Connecticut I have a new -- if you're going to fall off the -- all. I don't know -- shot slots are a southern. City. -- -- -- have a had a half mudslides on block island I remember. -- -- I last night. Was falling on the value of this place in your head first hypocrite that's like -- your hands behind you like from the city get rich donors that concrete. Good how -- you when you physically move. Oh I've no idea I feel. I'm OK you feel are at our dad drank it like threw bottles water for a went to -- I think to go to -- that it is a -- 305. Do you think you know that brought forward its. Urgency because mental Bob -- I thought I wanna see -- robbed Florida. We're not on TV. This which advocates we were -- -- -- He brought to us this morning yeah reckless -- he shows up. Christian as the balls water don't know he's got the Russians with what is it out militia that's a bottle of vodka one. Which is like general vaught good choice and I'll -- a -- historically you. I don't. You could look at them -- can look at the morning I just it was just against my book the fiber of my being to leave it in this angle hole. Right that would have been your bill if you. Know some -- What about. We all YE I heard you say that you thought he was okay -- -- last left with left without bail. Lebanon yet call and it was just the party started it's still out there. There are people in my sweet that you just left from here out packed up and the other people in my suite at the other weird that there's change. All over the floor changed like money orders change change all over the floor. But it might have bent over eleven -- throw up but a bit of order here shortly worse yet is it just changed all of the -- -- sweet. And you left for the made that was -- nice to -- they're so close or made oh my god we just watched a tweet it out to retrieve a shot. The food and booze. And please I know. Commitment and of course. As you just looked at all that foods to eat right don't be so everybody like. And I just a couple of Beers it was our option and why they were pretty they were super I had approved I played if I'm his pretzels in itself in efforts. To all of that it was great spread some. It was on. -- -- -- What's it like stone -- -- watching that simple before -- fast. What you do you know what I -- I have to look at my old soul -- now. Is there but I thought I thought I'd make you want a drinker not all I've read part of the fun I think scene you have that much fun. -- -- -- -- To hit it. They've got to be class. People. And he absolutely does a good to have some guys are mean. No you don't turn note -- only the language doesn't it's all note that insulting. It's true you know you start in fights. That people fight them look at the drug that you would drink and the it's okay I could. But he wasn't. Either. -- either I was worried about that that we get by love you all know damn well not up to your site as it. You have that -- up on the new yeah. That's it is still in your room but no he's gone -- off to Iowa to new bosses salt. In -- yeah the the -- -- he's on what we like him -- like you know like yeah but he was. He's just -- the you know if you're happy that he's not is not happy drunk yes he has -- he has to break. And did you explanation on the we're trying to. Like you would go out of the house that he told me I think at the chick magnet to quote Avery she's a port hi. -- meg I told these guys -- paid and women love it he told me it was a chick maggot that -- best. I mean if Justin Timberlake wearing at that point yet your back. If you just some time ago that bush like yeah he tried to I would say this I would say this is in in that and how many people were -- -- -- -- inviolable hold though we. Forty. I -- today yet there were about 344. Well import you avoid -- up rapidly sort -- that if things things even out or if you're trying to stand out. If you're trying to make yourself noticeable. Among those 35 or forty guys that you put this. Noticeable that girl's gonna -- back -- that. This late into -- eight. It takes balls to. -- go to. Leaks -- I don't know fear and a few others. In the it's one thing -- Saint Louis on the play. Yeah I'll let alone you get us in got to go to Paula Paula -- half the states that this doesn't become an education. I know that's a nine game where Sanchez with the union ninety's more seconds I took -- anger -- are you would talk at this point you were shooting -- yes I was -- -- when you said that like that when -- taken all have about. The Olympic that's -- bought that argument afternoon. Does that mean you wouldn't expect you -- a little too proud all that -- always up to Iowa I'll -- -- with everyone how you call click yes we do -- the show here's what I would say. I I I deal with -- Is is just it's easy and just as a CEO. Is feeling -- Paul. But the -- -- if you will of getting up at eight. Crude from a good two months Jessica. -- experts say is not a little anxious in the afternoon at a cost it two months of doing it to this show. So much. As. Sleep until they get up off the sports center. On your side. Research they know Hillary and by the way -- I mean how many times -- after a nine or general what winning games. You go to bed wake up shoot -- last night the well there's hardly just didn't go exactly for work and today I'm still sleep and and a bottle roll out -- What to do the Monday night game Monday that what my -- -- on all that. -- -- -- means a lot back to an update for being we have. So. Who's in. OKJ's gonna go most of them from. Who is. Like whatever. -- We asked this listing to the show on your way down yet bush seemed more believed -- Well I don't know I mean in my structure that we're happy 00. Well. Yeah deferral. Yeah patient at all so they also have the producers. Everything else. It was -- they were excited I'm excited -- that is excited up but it's my first thing I see Dino block in the clubs -- -- think of sound. It was very chemist yeah the other angle and you saw it. With the boss in the corner there I think it was last night well there was Ellis thought that I was are always a lot of the big boss Tuesday on the couch to imagine -- -- Switching places that you -- Was mentioned cool now wolf. They say -- -- in Morocco free radio. From here on in people excited and excited this anything anywhere. Nowadays but and I didn't think my briefcase in my opinion -- even argue because of Vista even -- happy humble yeah. -- I had a great night I I certainly met new friends made new new. Alex tells us Obama different book council -- couple on the show all the time has been on lately but. In the morning he hung over -- -- has the most of cursing. And he would just sit there smoked. -- exactly what about time to throw us. And it in the and the -- came into the let them as having -- -- thank you gonna go. I do you know hundred over the peninsula and drives that all the cattle -- in the -- -- justice statute that -- also say. -- just gonna tonight president and he -- look at him docket tonight -- -- what -- -- and not just got every right to Logan via line lost a analysis. To show that right to -- I'll be in Tampa at like. 330. Clear to signal some. You meet new friend all I did yeah -- new friends. They come by looking for -- you leave should be they'll meet no they're still there. There upstairs where sent someone up we -- and I knew what the -- number is right everybody or lose 17100 us. Average eyes that look for the double doors to tackle when it -- say. For the double brewers' double -- deal -- Double or they would -- in reality -- -- double doors and some party goers are still building which is due to show here. I think so what you think are pretty comfortably deliver adequately comfortable and I urge you. You have a sweep all very sweet sweet really grew -- like my sweet. What's knowledge original idea that's what it's like it -- -- -- the greatest hotel room every two ensemble and Carol off on the show was too hard long and luckily I okay it was a record -- great knowledge a public show and it was awesome I was just based food senate or in -- for the free shot at -- often. He stuff stuff it's like you're like in your room and bathroom. Bathroom joke. That. Front the back that's. And up front about what a pesky things -- -- at a you just need to -- -- spots and face talks says it's time to take it. We already did answer the question I heard yeah attitude again all right -- People come up more questions like who's in these rules yep so I think that audience. You. Do the initials. One K. Once G. Kevin Garnett said yeah I put -- at Eddie's usually beat. Or indiscriminately. Well I have a good I got a -- an -- not -- they call it you usually wouldn't as the number. -- -- It down I did say I just wrote it down but that I swear I've never in the text text that was 3797. Yeah. And you can text your questions. Kirk it's the question -- promised that it's any. It's an -- animate the prediction yesterday and I know you you you you recognized because you talked about it. I'm just telling you I'm afraid. -- we can do this Monday morning we'll do the -- in my I'm afraid that robbery how is that he's the money more on the brain for Tom Brady on on Monday and I am not -- cores on our hands you you you in everything you can and go meet. -- look at into the so little yet. Everything points to the patriots exit the location obviously and home. Muffled by -- and a Monday night do you rate the good people know discover. Last three years in November -- -- as a matter that does -- at that the patriots have. Mastered that that you really -- this world attrition in November that we are teams that -- what it's three years right point 41 victory -- to report. As the beating Carolina Monday night will be more difficult than beating the saints with that last minute. -- just what's the weekend it's -- -- question it's a narrow haven't affect what you were thinking this line is that you think of that dysfunction rule that -- patriots team. It did that Gradkowski in the bills in an area two leaps back where I live in the -- This is for this is. In the NFL in November -- almost people's race that's with the results obviously you know also worked in jail up. Every team -- discussed that help the team all that so they're reasonably healthy. Well rested. A couple of the greatest offensive performance in you know -- -- they're playing the best defense India though they are first or second -- they are also wrote that. I think they're better be -- -- that allowed eleven. Points on average in their last drive over eleven what was he'll run you call him what I want when Michael Richards you Michael I don't notice. -- they're about sex. We just saw rate I. With bell -- -- the big bosses here and in effect that it's a to -- it right here eco beat us. -- -- -- Some good pictures they're playing cupid didn't cut cut cut cut a little hair of the dog -- little -- of the done. Those factory or do there are -- He's on April yeah out. He looks. It looks pretty good this is lighter bleeding now that's good apparently smells better than you do in July. But. You know what some people I don't even know did that they're -- there right now. I had no -- do they are now fills that that our thanks well all right dean thanks thanks for room. For everything we -- and -- it's gonna happen yet. She picked -- that we. -- you -- -- boys animal we my travel to Tampa mom I'll. Sun screen that fifty plus screen a predict last night it's going to be different that night for just a what -- was -- -- by the pool. I'm at the Hampton in my -- to -- -- -- -- specific. I'll tell -- what happens it's Florida all the pressure that's sure your life in -- -- -- at him. You'll like it did last night at a they've -- -- -- Monday it you know that's -- really applause breakfast it's all part. Yes he party starter. You call them the -- but its gravitational center of all of plastic ball well Foxwoods Resort Casino everything. Revolved around. John Dennis. The last. -- eighteen hours -- I would say he's the gravitational center thought oh we'll take a belt that it is. You know what it's that she would love that admit that the office Monday it's -- I don't drink a bottle ship this on -- that you are a little -- -- do you know and that just like that you know is it really so -- We need a sense -- what was room. Some of these street team yet we need to know who think somebody at the key. -- who do you think I don't know I am a lot. I don't know I don't know. -- -- sense of the -- suite the double Stewart's week so we got mark Bill Maher yes you were played at all you could we got him politically and missile we heard that what. Dale lashed out to replace that. Mean you know react to it that's real good would have that. In the headlines and we will have Charles Barkley just park which take on Matt Barnes and others to the Matt Barnes. Stories after headlines it's men -- and Callahan from foxwoods. Resort --

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