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Gerry and Kirk open the show from Foxwoods

Nov 15, 2013|

It's a free form Friday with Minihane and Callahan at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Everything's on the table, but they open up spilling all the dirt from Dino's hotel room rager last night.

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It's Dennis and Callahan manager will have a designated number of challenges. People spoke very emotionally about -- pin was unanimous. Very happy person. -- -- -- -- Dennis behind bonds. But the language we use for sometime as homophobic. Some comments sexist know a lot of time victorious as we do that we told you what our team. -- -- -- Curtain and and the on Sports Radio WV guy. Question what human -- You'll be happy with an open question for him a good question that's good in -- area that was your first experience. In the crazy world that the note that I got it last night that accurate first taste it's been you've been in this undefined roles that -- 21 2013. And correct Jerry. That was how many months ago and 999. Months ago. You've missed spring training you didn't really you know the summer you last night you were in his layer. Which they did it live up to expectations. If one of the pieces -- she wrote her in the World Series you referred to Ortiz as the gravitational center of the series yes. The party last night John Dennis with the gravitational pop -- a -- center right. Left it was the -- the you know idea of -- -- four bed which was about three hours ago -- went about it tweeted a picture from the party received. Now Margaret Cho and the other you don't -- OK okay you know discusses. Whatever that is is tuxedo on everyone kind of wears real similar we we had the big. Yeah -- party yeah. I guess it was World Series celebration so I don't know what analyst -- -- the sponsors advertisers. And McGraw get together down here at Foxwoods Resort Casino which is just the most amazing place that we are sitting in the middle right now. Just try to grasp at all and call in sick -- rooms. If it's called a -- I mean the Segway Segway I believe -- cubicle let's analyze it was a call -- good question and here we are in the middle of the nose -- -- his. Massive sweep the biggest. The here -- only have -- twelfth at the party may still be going on. He normally does show at this hour and look where that normally it's yes -- yes. But it got away. It got in the latest -- program has begun in the waivers. Plans yesterday. And he would sleep in its -- -- party as it and it got away appears. Plants today yeah it is as you know. Curtis was there and we all went to the party we had to. Receiving party insist it just may you come. Yeah yeah oh sure Brent -- 1983. Many like you my third grade third graders -- Somalia where downstairs at the restaurant and have a good at least texting get out. Why that you -- get to my party. We have to go to bed we shall we had to go to was I was all. I was all I want -- dog I saw you bowling and Tony and I were -- -- the -- this beautiful -- offs in the middle discuss. And I'm getting -- how communal art. Spanish congress pussy cats what is offensive which would go to hell. His massive sweep. With a bunch of guys in a few and street -- Jonathan Martin -- After all of us at Texas a voicemail. So I went up. -- bothers me is sausage -- And it turned out to be -- -- it did it's certainly. It was a ninety got a -- girl growers were there I would by the chemistry -- girls got there that's true -- really -- you or has now they were showing up you know we left -- took off at like eleven it would -- -- -- and it was just getting warmed up. You know the tuxedo the was coming off the tuxedo you don't have the jacket he had -- jeans on last night that he -- -- down on -- -- Humans were airtight and looking good Jerry and jeans with a tuxedos and unique -- -- -- Let's a look at says I. I swear to god -- younger than you know. That he works at that and but it doesn't when the prize. Politics. No one made it's that fashion statement like the loss. Applause G-8. G. With me a dirt. That was called -- they're noted it's a high hat yet. He thought he eat he was working really hard on the Justin Timberlake. That to call I guess that's what it is I'm just intermittently. With the sport though that the shirt on tucked and the poor -- right edit hearty. With bosses sponsors. Say grown man in his forties he would if I was Phil's accurate that party -- that's. Give -- -- -- give everything just leave we don't have wanna see you again this is embarrassing all and every single person look them. What's with that duplicate duplicate your life even if you thought it looked great when a group of trouble explaining to everybody properties high energy guy laughed and about popular values that good. -- tiger borrowed that I've -- as some people this girls and they thought it looked for me -- thumbs down. We kept saying all the girls said he looked good. Mean nobody over the age of four and probably regret it. I would. Get away with the port I have Oregon between the excellent and it reduced to let -- -- -- -- picture of the lost our little books the so little boss if you have a good time. That was awesome responses rate it really is -- -- to people when I first went to like Las Vegas first went to exit the casinos. -- gambling Mac it's. Apple stuff is placed his whole purpose -- -- you can clean and -- -- them room to great -- well it's awesome. I didn't put the nickel slot machine on my. Like play black U2 for two hours in Bologna play. When. Before apart for the port -- Meet 377. -- About -- he does LB that. You assist from the recent. Play about it yet the basic black Jack rules. Aggressive and each as she gets us to Vegas your hatred you -- double down a new chance at the split the ninety Wright walked away with 37 extremely 77. While I didn't know that Robertson to move and the guys said sales caskets back to go back now. You walk away when you win you know it'll also have risen -- pocket it -- blogger here. What does that in this book my wallet my kept. If the proper credit histories procurement and tweet that out. Curtis we that I am gonna walk that. Bananas a lot of catch -- chat room. -- First I wanna see it since she is -- you walked away with 377. Girls and said wow hundreds. That's more than 37 -- a -- among the stock now. Liked that went to war with recently set them it was time to go to dinner. Really an issue has brought it to -- -- Maloney got cleaned out to the table 200 -- gone -- but he got cleaned out and and he went over the craps table and went seven. -- -- did he did wow. You know what he kicked everyone's best ball. The day I was role -- Maloney is at the hand it's good athlete clutch is he Italian on his playing weight but it's. Who is always -- not equated his playing weight but he didn't have the skinny jeans. And yet -- -- right -- it was limitation. Support that I'll give audit management credit here it's going to be Jason. He said my ire when you know in decision to Dugard -- Spots of business and the -- the young guy. Guidance today who's now it's -- Nowitzki right so Lou and I appoint Bob Black jacket text that much to worry. Said taken a -- and on the race that's a that's a dog races and -- don't let them and watch them -- Monte. But because Dino is against easily run in the place he decided I'm not a good afternoon a -- and you know he told us the biggest -- -- this was -- the ordered the city had to do. Yet the -- I was always sources what I was told by sources in -- said he insisted. He came -- this whole plan. Mean let's face he is plan if we say the -- you know he plans I heard from the -- source he. Thank god he's up and tweeting. So he sit in this rule in this hotel that we're broadcasting from tweeting in his underwear and we're downstairs. Doing -- show that he used to be part. Your idea anyway we talked to some important people -- -- -- that is apps like he was. It's 62 afternoons in the war. The two world these boring anyway. He loves the nose is not a gambler either unlike you I don't he went -- -- -- spent a dollar. Now again the polar meet a mobile -- gamble with Euro blackjack player and couples who would love it means risking -- I respect and this at some kind of laughed at that you know. She was Russian but -- something that. But -- blast it was they you know this is just one place and to -- that. You don't have to be Campbell have a good and don't yeah I mean I'm happy I'm why not suck it up in the you know the CEOs and here I get up the problems -- -- any dislike it here rather moderate amount massive biggest danger to high five I think I would rather come here are there. In his I'd rather be here for two days rates for three or four. Yeah I mean you have to go outside it's cold today it's nice to. And a lot of our advertised. All played golf and now. -- -- -- -- Efforts here why is in the early I ask you sound like why should I just looking at the -- all the guys here are still land. Still Jason Scott Boris on this picture that you took of the only Alaska. It's weird oh this won't be in the background you know you're in the picture. This angle looks like they're receiving. With that you re tweet that in the -- in the background the groups that condemn the rank this is -- Leo's rule. How big would say you know. -- -- -- Would be the size -- -- -- -- the size we Google bar near. Or off the scope Logan's run you've seen it right on the bigger than that. -- -- Looks like it's like oracle in this this in those rooms bigger. Than in the neighborhood. In. And it's getting more gossip plus. Elected we got I don't know what you wanna begin -- -- the gossip oversee the -- gossip or other than that certain series radio host. That you. You're that they -- -- beat him engineer. You know but he got sleep so. Tell me what did you hear your victory Acxiom. -- a few Beers well here's some gossip goes in when they hear the other is that sit in on what you know trying to get deedrick. Last night but the real you government for it to my face -- you -- this. He was asked what he was abstaining like you that you two ball on -- charity -- Russia. Should it refused last night. I need -- the jury saw that picture again it sure what are you re tweet that I just because priorities that we then and then. If he's he looks like he's having a blast and it yet although he had a good time he had a good. What's in his hand. Package that's ball. Its own right. So give me the good guys but security there's really honestly it's a shame for me there was a lot. Everybody up telling everybody at parties on -- the he -- is do you -- at this private party last. And he would go round and whisper hotel rooms every. That was the secret past hope. That if you just go around that I've been looking up to talk to somebody over you know. Ted Hewitt he you know means somebody's a year whispered walk away and keep what's it to the children -- Yet -- a -- talking on the at a good time yesterday. All kidding aside you absolutely need the show that you all know the first -- boxes -- get here yesterday. 6 o'clock actual cease analog. Which -- ago. -- the show. -- -- check list he was very proud of the very chemistry. The Ollie Ollie felt the same way evil they were like click. He is ankle but there's I don't blame as you do -- to blame him when we need to wake up call like 30 this morning to you to blame -- said he got to do it every 10 fear. We do every day it is and that is that -- ladies lesion -- no easier job in the world notes there is not mean you sleep late you don't watch any game awhile you get home theater if you want ago mean it is a -- bush. Gave -- thought -- and Ali sounded good. I thought they like each other -- was a little spent you know. As it's been accused that a lot don't they missed that. But -- you never had a fight that a few Eagles had a few few and everything is a government and you know what the subject that the matter was -- Who was smarter. -- who was smarter. If you ever. -- arguments -- vote whether you're Smart I don't quick it's come up like. -- -- Crazy people really crazy people that they -- crazy via -- you know so we'll -- I'm crazy about -- that's true he never says fairness. The racecar -- -- Smart yeah that's what action is action crazy. Right never says I'm crazy right that's a you know it's truly great history because it's good point is he is Zeum. We anymore there. Is now back asleep. Is two mornings at -- slip and Monday morning will be in the -- early as there's X and -- night -- Tuesday. And that Tuesday really really early will the -- Back on morneau and what we they would have been telling I think he's I think you'll be there on the salt -- all. Trial should try really hard yeah. This'll keep back from the camel ride. You know it's good you know when they do it. President does State of the Union Address that we would cap the number the world is just -- case -- terms could we left one. Full time host the world so we always and it's weird and it's -- right pocket right what's strange is that it was an epic yet whose name is what you want -- -- SO trips and nobody talked about assault on the all party. Odds are good it's really not me. Yeah I'd hate to see you drink makers when you documentary continue mischievous little last night last I was pretty OK now you're titles all with everybody that's trickled out there -- -- -- -- -- could Wear down their -- with its it's minute challenge at the foxwoods. Resort casino. We don't have the text which. And we're not doing. -- text good we don't want we don't have text today because the next week's brutal out there are saddle Bruins on our rulers here. Doc -- it is a free for pride -- what to expect to Bruntlett back. Brought a lot of things back like reform right wouldn't -- front it would -- a lot to discuss we beat him. Others other the party last night when someone called and asked -- -- you have the ability to say. I don't wanna talk about that or no comment personal that -- ivory I'll answer that question about the partner -- edit edit edit about ask. Ask the public. Answer the question your -- and -- in the year. True that your notes general so that there. In the afternoons that you asked the court I mean I know what Ilya I did notice that your answer the question jerk I notice that imitate adults that you -- That you say it's a question. And what they do took questions come on the text at the can can. That he get a text captured by the questions are the commitment to excellent. Answer the question many and you cheer it's that the question Kirk that. Whatever and in the sponsor and the questions can be critics on the table according to what happened at this party last Hamas sensitive guy I don't know and I'm watching that I mean had a couple years. That new. Where are much as usual now you're. Some with the more stupid right and Eminem I'm not any -- I I would have a writer but a story about and the only in the book news stories said. We had. We had dinner we had a couple of Beers and the exit as the beer went down the language that's all. I used streaming through all the time. To my mind is smiling which conversational yourself right right so whoever it is right and what you're just -- Now you just talk to me 5 in the morning 5:30 in the morning. All right I mean I'm a -- them swear but what's the difference does not. That was Ivan I don't get so I've been around -- -- so I didn't sense an augmentation that because it was just inaccurate it was wrong anyway. Many bullets and he -- question short anything at -- but -- focus if you like on a personal stuff -- -- -- comfortable making one of the moment the -- -- about comfortable I don't care I don't evidence. But that. We can do that we don't wait till later in the showed do we. OK we get when you roll in now obviously I teased this -- when they do you know anything about radio. -- go look at this you know -- they're -- pictures of his -- all the it is the food left on the table food by the way tremendous. You a credit you can -- was late it was so ultimately denied food once I have a delicate sensibilities you know I don't are Smart I don't like -- dragged him back. Right away I had a few Beers and they were every it was cheap and -- it was all this late night. -- -- -- And they were neglect Chinese rules committee set to leave the pretext and drop the jerk. Unanswered questions jerk because that your application. Is it fair fair -- birdies ride camels yesterday by the way. This horse sports things the mosque. The that was the Olympic building Lego castle this is. The train ride in the snakes at the does this is Alabama is now that Morocco is actually up in the fifth salt. -- sea salt that's how that's how bad people look consolidate those stare. A she's Cuba to go there it's my shortlist. Was that the question of rules and I would -- -- Really very heartened by everybody percent and go to that's true yes yes I iBook and we missed the places we go instead. And and the list went on and on and we go to bed at one point because that the list lonely 300 place -- Out of Oxford -- ya know I'd rather be right idea subway made them. Put Somalia behind it would you behind -- below I would go to Morocco before it goes Somalia yeah I guess in Kuwait. What's the place where it -- it. And slumped a million rumors that Mumbai India Mumbai. That's label. Which rather go to prison for a day or Morocco two weeks. Prison for it looked yet though I'd I wouldn't mind if you if I wasn't it it rates right Jim you promised me a look at raped only the hand. I I did the night in jail once and you know it's awful because you don't know what. Brenda when I was getting out -- told -- of -- the day for hours in I knew I was -- now we get out if we choose that two days. Two days were to be in jail or two weeks in Morocco jail. The -- three days. Go to Morocco. That's that's the product. Yep because we're out of picture so talent like that I just thirteen days. Thirteen days jail if it's local catcher is supposed to do is a Morocco steps toward a better at that. I don't know but I know one thing I'm gonna die. Without having -- Morocco and I'm going to be okay what hoped -- -- be -- it was simple get to. The answer to the -- it's the question -- it would get a budget question I know we will we're gonna -- this Kirk all right short answer we get lots do on this free form Friday. We get to. I. I need to (%expletive) I need to find out why Dino and he's upbeat -- -- tweet about it vetoes could bits. Only the patriots they'll lose but the -- survive it's Monday night. You you on -- that you believe that not really. I don't either I see a lot of reasons that that it's gonna keep role in each have a fine. They did that pretty good come upon historically yes November. Brady's numbers in November not to -- last for years but he saw when he warned wonders -- off off the charts lotteries to thank. They'll be OK on Monday night on the -- The price. Racial slur when we get there -- priceless and -- in the size follow later -- later make over there. They're gonna have the price for the pedicure and manicure and now we have a priceless for racial slurs in the NBA and BA. I'm really surprised. -- Inexpensive. The Edward was format arms -- that -- -- I was surprised and we get more. We get more from and cherry and on Stephen -- which disturbs me. -- won't smoke. I hope he's just votes simply doesn't mean we get many -- on Bill Maher. When I get to that a lot to that headline -- to us and we're gonna tell you I'm gonna try and help. And him raise his son at some point and discuss this good some worry you -- -- worried that he either you raised his -- Our problem yeah. Two. I don't know. Musicals that would -- to -- likes Arnold pastor yeah it was started off tees and last night he stated he -- upstairs to go to they lawyers suggest as I it will. Anyway when we get personal we have to get to it's the question Kirk. It get a lot of questions here we got Somalia is liable of their life that it is meaning hand and Allen and from foxwoods resort NC.

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