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ESPN's Mike Tirico: Around the NFL and more on the use of the N-Word in the pro-sports lexicon

Nov 14, 2013|

We take a few minutes with ESPN's Mike Tirico on the Salk and Holley show.

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Are not -- sultan -- shows soccer's on vacation and stand again today. Is John Dennis that's right that John Davidson doesn't Callahan morning program the other says. And historical way radio or isn't alive and well -- beyond the fact that this would not make it historic this is the first ever do on afternoon drive. Happened today it was 31 years in the making. And has closed one of the most famous or infamous chapters in all Boston. To life sentences plus five years or James GB white the Bulger. I got a bad feeling their subway -- get out like it's blatantly ironic. How about that Segway Mike to Rico we talk with you every week how many times have you had to follow it and how to integration. But widely Bolter that like three on. I'm I'm -- news loser I -- news I love news' Erica White mavericks here than some of the office right now so I was -- see the white people do stuff on Twitter and on the news feed during the day so. The lead independent lab -- got to -- and AT comes up with something. Just the little bit inside. -- that how are you Michael want to looked up it can't -- you do well. Bob do it well very very well we're at fox was that a great time. You know -- before you came -- we were talking about. Richie got veto aunt and somebody having somebody layers to this story had Matt Barnes yet they let you know just in in terms of what happened. How did it happen guys who were getting support allies the the is specifically African American players and dolphins locker room who have. Willingly gone on the record to say hey you know rich he's all right what does but. Before you know until that I really what -- hear your perspective on it I know you're dead one on one interview with Steven Ross. I did that dolphins Buccaneers game. It's very thing that Steven Ross anything that stood out you. Either on camera off camera that really doctorate -- -- -- -- Instead that. Approval. And commitment to -- over. He brought so we will we see NFL owners in the light of their ownership of that team. The process run a bunch of businesses for many years that are incredibly successful. So he is a Republican at least from what I've been able to observe. As this is one of his businesses that wanna see. His workplace in that light and he was appalled at what's gone on. And wants to make sure that there are people would place so that the corporate network which is the need this to say. I was a little bit surprised given that open it in the face of it for all of us. How's that that he was in his approval of fuel opening putting him on the group the -- who can't cope with that Miami -- -- -- when I walked we will surprise. Mike on the flip side of that coin that might not bode well for Jeff Ireland if indeed their needs to be a fall guy. I think you're right and I think we we gave we gave the opportunity to talk with Jeff Ireland and I think it's been incorrectly portrayed in the press conference Steve brought didn't bring up Jeff Ireland as much in our interview he gave the he did mention gap and he did not -- -- -- negative light he mentioned it as part of the management team could -- -- directly at the accountability of both. And he was he took that opportunity be effusive in his praise of bill -- it was not at the same level. Of these approval war are so that may say something isn't built for I still think it's. It's the problem that we have in the media right now not only do we report things as they happen. We just immediately analyze them and don't give them proper context for the full public corporate boards and make report. On our and it felt review that we do on the on the net network of Friday. Chris said this is like -- puzzle and we have 67 pieces in the light you would go to look like we've also done it would try to right the last line. So it. Our impatience is going to -- us I think into what eventually it happened. But certainly the -- for the locker room going forward I think will change forever. And that is that -- -- -- I think other locker rooms because the awareness of what happened this week. Mike this -- the question that comes from about 35000. Feet -- and down on the ground be on wins and losses what is your let litmus test Mike to Rico. What makes a good owner and a good organization in the National Football League because we have. In all all shapes and sizes that approaches we have Jerry Jones on the sideline in the fourth quarter we have Robert -- staying up at the box we have discovery of that guy. In your estimation what makes a good owner that translates into a good organization. It is one of your own Tip O'Neill -- -- great Tip O'Neill who's line was all politics are local. So at the risk of that I would answer even to vote on in Dallas I think. Robert Kraft is one of those people because the right way his presence known and built his his fingerprints are on the organization. Yet he is not. Out in front trying to be. The know it all end all authority on football with the organization Jerry don't get a lot of criticism understandably so. Jerry medals in football but he also carries the general manager -- -- unique chance to leave it to. I wanted to -- that the owner of my team is involved there it's going on. Andy is going to try to move the chess pieces. From behind the scenes and not have to come out and tell me that the chess -- you know -- to move. So what -- with in the NFL I -- -- the mine owner has the ability to walk into the locker room. Eight of the guys -- going on and two mile walk away from any patriots situation and -- You always hear the players -- mister Kraft can praise but they know if he knows them. And to -- that some of these races that are well that's the kind of voters and I'd like to see or remind themselves. Initially there was a great deal of outrage toward -- veto we heard about the voice mail and what he said on the voicemail Jonathan Martin. Afterwards though I think people were surprised that. It got veto had some support among African American players in that locker room where do you surprise as well and why do you think it happened. I think the locker room is probably believes race based place in sports. Soul ice and anti to your point not to -- could be off the record so -- from Miami folks very supportive. Of what he cut it had become out of this past what he'd become. But what he was doing in that locker that we don't know the specifics of this situation job that -- and other people that locker might not know that. They were just going observation Leo what they experienced there -- -- with the two of them the parity the offensive line in the offensive group and -- -- so. I -- that from such as black players white players players -- it would. We have become a little bit or is it it's 12013. -- stop labeling people as black or white war. Any sort of site will be you can put. Categorically. Gender or race or religion where Americans were people those guys are -- and that certainly -- world where Americans. But -- we keep dividing ourselves. The backwards step we're taking as a country and it's just another example of that -- the Matt -- but the priest use a bit derogatory term. -- he weeded out in Ankara last night after the fight there's no place where that is built but if you keep it in rap music it's in rap music that we have to listen to -- -- supported. Or continue to say is so Katie keep doing it because one African American person might say to -- -- -- the world societal. And that's assistance force it to the entertainment world as well. And stop using those -- -- those words it freed has more like. Americans are patriots or dolphins or whatever you wanna be a part of a group you -- before but I just think we're counterproductive silently by doable. The part that I can't seem to. Really resolve my brain might is that folks like Chris Carter and Tom Jackson and he shot. And Herm Edwards and and a number of other people's that there is no place or that while I played when -- within their. Nor should there be at least that now despite all -- alluded to. By and large almost unanimously Miami Dolphins said it just -- Ian Ritchie you think there may be some sort of oh I don't know culture culture situation that is singular to the Miami Dolphins locker room because after all this guy. This person has been elevated to -- role of leadership in that locker room. And that they look at this and say that what as long as he is. In spending all that barbs in his abuse and his bowling on Jonathan Martin and not on me that I have to go along get along with Richie and caught it. There has to be something good going on otherwise somebody would have said something. Now was this something back -- market obviously there was to what extent we don't know we may never know beep or we might. But there have been something positive role he would speak up there are a lot of avenues and Morton didn't feel comfortable using those -- -- and that's one of the issues -- big Stephen Ross. The dolphins in the league as the case go forward to make sure that there. Truly a system where whatever. Is bothering you with him that workplace you can speak up and say players' union. Player of player relations part clearing Dietrich there's an entire department every team in the league as a former players around you can reach out. Whatever it is those avenues Jonathan Martin did you possible using the apparently that was also look at the football or. Which I don't think was talked about -- -- on the -- with a left tackle. He didn't play well they got right with any. Which is not exactly does the -- every -- -- yet because Martin couldn't play -- -- -- -- -- -- the right tackle and then the bench to. So when you really look it is you have to understand that the individual involved. Was really under the microscope and was not succeed and the opposite wireless get the quarterback back at. On pace to be the third most in the NFL history. So there were other issues that we may never know how -- -- contributed to this in addition to the stuff that we're waiting to find out if we have reduced. Messy situation. Nobody wins here except for the lawyers which is disappointing. And I think -- bigger take -- guys. We are opening up -- everybody can see the sausage making process in the NFL stuff because -- a lot. We -- -- the pain the injuries all the of the business are all this stuff. How how have wanted the NFL will use still within Sunday at one Sunday they. Monday night at 840 course to watch the game and love it. Do you like the sausage making process is part of the soap opera would be turn your head you know what enough that this noise or what it was started by flexed position my. Well -- I think that you just had that went in Alberta and -- fall right line that you would ask you about football. I was watching -- last Monday night and I was rooting. Really hard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Aren't recent part of the reason is fantasy football that's one that can't do. Wait who's -- -- into the box. I I thought that the dolphins would be such a disaster that I've made the bowl oh my typical of starting -- Buccaneers defense. And so I got a safety out of it. I got an interception -- -- my fantasy football cricket I don't care about that so but anyway. I can understand why they have talent but there's still also why they were aware of this they are really frustrating and maddening to watch. As Jon Gruden pointed out during the game he was really upset about golds and depicting -- penalty. What after -- actually have a good game coming up on Monday and you've studied. You studies but is anybody what have you seen on the home. -- from the Panthers that should make patriots fans that pay attention or little nervous. Yeah I'm glad yes because mark -- hatred state it is my home invasion of kind of built in Carolina. Most of his days from -- him. Front seven really good I mean really really good. Start -- our local -- is there. Those tackles -- -- tackle first round pick out of Utah people backed off from because it was a little medical concern return it because by a virus that the problem. Star little who has played well he wants -- played well but want Edwards they've -- it could prevent defense -- rotation tackle. And they're and they're very good this is an anonymous team except for who he leads by and large. And Heatley is as advertised people there from Chestnut Hill talked about for the years he was -- BC he's been terrific. At linebacker secondary is not what to rock stars but the people they have on their defensive front seven make them better so that they concern part. Commit an offense they run the ball. They have more rights to run the ball and that would scare me. -- -- the patriots given what I'm missing the ability that's what my biggest worries over the wing perspective going to be able wanted. And now settings but all the side as we wrap this up Mike to Rico is there any doubt in your mind whatsoever that when this -- in -- needle thing plays itself well that Roger Goodell laid down some laws in terms of hazing indoctrination. And NFL policy regarding. -- players treat rookies and young players coming into a system. Very little doubt that there will be something formalized along with the players association. Accepted code of conduct with locker room that is. No unseen on written at this point is different going forward. Michael let LB just can we continued. Lockstep with what -- beat goes on all the way through their issues out there if it comes up we would just to protect issue number. That phrase is used over and over. And this is something that threatens to damage the -- the locker room culture is different than appropriate workplace we have if you guys got a flight at work you'd be -- -- You -- for it would be off the chart. I don't know that there may -- to. Maybe salt respectively BP it's funny to admit that he's surprised it has been a ratings. Grabbed for a morning person that -- -- -- but the point being. In every other workplace if that happens. You're in trouble in all -- hey guys okay you were also aren't going to be tough for you next week what's going. I showered together change in front of each other they take painkillers to go out play. Throughout the work that we had very different from every other workplaces and because people the highest levels were sitting in the felt that the typical for America. The boss has to change that likely could go will. Mike Tirico always appreciate the smarts and the insight we'll talk to you next week. Absolutely I'm very excited about talk about -- got me -- or MRSA. During Monday Night Football this week. Our -- behind that daycare Mike to Rico. Is brought to you by blue cross blue shield. John Davis who we got knocked out we don't talk about minority have a discussion Porto Rico came -- Rico. Added a few layers to it as well if you're familiar questions. Who continued talk about this 6177797937. The stock in college show with John Dennis today Sports Radio W media.

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