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Matt Barnes of LA Clippers ramps up the 'Use of the N-Word in Sports' arguments again

Nov 14, 2013|

Michael Holley and John Dennis discuss Matt Barnes use of the N-Word in a tweet, and how more and more that word is being excluded from lockerrooms given its extremely divisive nature.

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Oh I was really looking forward to hosting co hosting this with you Michael. Because I wanted to get your take on some stuff that we've been talking about for a couple of weeks now and something. That hit the fan last night. From Doc Rivers LA clippers and that would be Matt Barnes. -- That used the N word right now it was any different context. Then then. -- -- -- -- And I think there might have even been from my standpoint. Of -- about the so -- More malfeasance. Based on the fact that hey this dole gets kicked out -- an NBA game the heat. Goes to locker room and says I got a good idea between every locker room while -- -- still going on. And see obviously the most egregious call my business called the -- teammates at work. Now. You know far be it for me to judge what is right and wrong between. African Americans referring to one another -- all I can tell you -- how I feel about it and how that word in that sound. Makes me feel. Now my guesses. -- might not. Builder in publicly but he's not happy or yes I was he's not happy with. So what I know about doc doc is. There and done if this is why it's my -- that part of the reason get paid seven million dollars -- year. And he's got the powers -- personal power with the clippers he's one of those rare NBA coaches today in a player easily. Who could say to a player you know what you know which talkative right or shut up -- -- you're talking too much about talking about he's got my -- -- not playing hard up whatever. So it goes up to even even before this is one of the few guys in the league who can control. That bonds but after this he's going off on that bars they've put in terms of the word being used in the it is today. It is one of those things have had arguments. With people. Out this word for. It seems like twenty years 25 years back and forth. I remember right the column. 6070. Years ago saying. I'll never use the word again I think. That's going to come home you know it was just one of those I've heard the word in so many different context -- -- In the in the traditional way word if somebody saying something to be trying to. Trying to destroy me trying to trying to upset me -- -- to insult me. I've heard people say it at parties that it -- people's they had when they are -- other happy. I've heard like kids say that we each other. You know so it's just one of those things show. I would think with with that bars. His teammates might say. -- -- I know this is something like -- us this is a that you might say that's on the plane. Was that you we did about it yeah. It would do it unless it is very straight position it's about we have to have a conversation about it where. Before it was just something that -- we did I just think that that's something that you. That's the way it is that a fair is it -- -- say that the way to top this the -- it is good. Perhaps they do but this context. He was not -- Right he was not happy with his teammates this was like hey how are you out and -- You know kind of you know -- that a party -- amended some sort of place a little. About is that -- that a particular I'd put it -- I can't imagine how accurate but the but there was some -- ready to -- context of what it is he was saying the -- environment in which he was using the word. He was best at his teammates. He's not -- -- up -- them anymore. -- tutelage on this negativity anyway. With the word of experience you know even though I had to explain that yes. I've heard of war would not hold that rocket that holds that bid to be as a way breeding. -- -- -- know that I that escalating right actually worked up shortly. I haven't beat -- -- five years yeah we do we wait like two hours -- with a particularly good. Well late fifties or what they always -- -- will. What -- -- -- -- -- lately then you know maybe after few drinks out well let and here's. How wanna -- -- -- in -- -- and belief I don't wanna spent a lot of time on this is we give we give exhausted our our 18. Talking about the situation. But this opportunity for me to sit here next to you -- -- to talk about this. Is is interesting to me and I want to know if you have a theory. As to why. Almost every single person that we have seen or read the not a member of the Miami Dolphins that would be Cris Carter that would be -- Jackson that would be key Shawn Johnson. That would be Herm Edwards that would be. Chicago Bears wide receiver who read a -- thank you Brandon Marshall. Who said under no set of circumstances. Is that word. Whether it's meant jokingly as greeting as for sure two -- as as as as said and anger. Is acceptable. And at the people who were closest. To this knee and -- ball -- savidge in Cog Hill and popped up -- about African American dolphins right. Are saying just the opposite so why is it that everybody all the people that just outside of that organization outside that locker and say no it's never right and Herman Edwards. And I know he's been removed from coaching and playing for quite some time so that -- it was never OK with me I would not permit it I would not have allowed it -- said. To me -- I mean for me around me. And yet doubles with unanimity. Miami golfers and that's Richie Richie -- doctor about that decided. Well. A -- that theory I would just say. They gave her beverage if the if he feels that way fine. I know a lot of -- Who -- like to say. There's adult -- -- care openly support I don't care if you think -- -- term in urban I don't know pure pure play well I don't care you are repeating what somebody else that. That don't saved me. Other people look at it is. Our. If it's eight there are a lot of that you can say eight bloody -- viewers or -- -- -- That privately that it -- What else to state this year but it of Fred Durst did you don't believe it you're dealing with words about a few words upfield on a daily basis. And then before that radio right -- all time -- very important and powerful I think. Probably every word or any phrase. I wouldn't say is just out of the question did you lose it to depends on what. So there's no real real good vocabulary. It. When you say under no circumstances how could. Energy and how about about the wider how -- The Sopranos how about movies how about on Saturday came and started to note that so. So there are times where you are what you are listening to a certain that you're watching -- will be a certain show watching the play in public you're talked. I don't believe what I'm trying to say John I don't believe that -- but it's about date. Edwards should be can't. Under all circumstances. What if what I'm you know one day ever had and -- on one of my characters talk like that. Should be banned that -- if that is not worthy. -- -- that's I think we can set aside the artistic license that is entertainment that is a screenplay that is a novel that is what he said Paterson. Because I -- -- right you're trying to represent things existed this country that isn't there aren't as as an example would if you were to art imitates life life imitates art art art art. Don't think how to beat each other says yes indeed when she get into this in the next hour we'll get into it. We'll get into it at some point right now would have Ford -- happened at the belief that John we will continue to happen is that conversation throughout the day it is the holly. And didn't -- that's it right. Shall we here at the captain I don't one -- only what -- -- only showing maybe Sports Radio WB yeah. Are not gonna sultan -- shows soccer's on vacation stand again today. Is John Dennis that's right that John Dennis and Dennis and Callahan morning broke. Maybe you -- -- and historical way radio or isn't -- well -- beyond the fact that this would not make it historic disperse -- -- -- on afternoon drive. What happened today it was 31 years in the making and is closed one of the most famous or infamous chapters in all Boston. To life sentences plus five years or James GB white the Bulger. And I got a bad feeling yourself when you get out of this like it's blatantly ironic. How about that Segway Mike to Rico we talk with you every week how many times have you had to follow it and cut it for gracious but why -- -- that like Toronto. I'm I'm a news loser I -- news I -- news' Erica White mavericks here than some of the office right now so I was -- -- the white people do stuff on Twitter and on the news feed during the day so. May lead to -- you know I've got a wife and AT comes up with something. Just the little bit inside. -- at how are you Michael on tablets are good -- you do well. Bob doing well very very well we're at foxwoods and have a great time. You know -- before you came -- we were talking about. Aldridge got veto aunt and somebody having somebody layers to this story -- Matt Barnes get it but you know just in in terms of what happened. How did it happen. Guys who were getting support allies the the is specifically African American players and dolphins locker room who have. Willingly gone on the record to say hey you know -- are with us but. Before you know until that I really what -- hear your perspective on it I know you're dead one on one interview with Stephen Ross. I did that dolphins Buccaneers game. It's very thing that Stephen Ross anything that stood out you. Either on camera off camera that really doctorate from Steve -- Instead that. Approval and commitment to go over. He brought so we will we see NFL owners in the light of their ownership of that scene. Steve Rossiter wrote a bunch of businesses where many years that are incredibly successful. So he is comic I would at least from what I've been able to observe as this is one of his businesses that wanna see. It is workplace in that light he was appalled at what's gone on. And wants to make sure that there are people would place so that the corporate network which is the witnesses say. Others a little bit surprised given that open it in the -- civic or all of us. House said that he was in his approval of fuel opening putting him on the groups that people who can't cope with that Miami -- met when I walked away it was surprised. Mike on the flip side of that coin that might not bode well for Jeff Ireland if indeed there needs to be a fall guy. I think you're right and I think we've we gave we gave the opportunity to talk with Jeff Ireland and I think it's been incorrectly portrayed in the press conference Stephen Ross didn't bring up Jeff Ireland as much in our interview he gave the he did mention gap and he did not -- in -- negative light he mentioned it as part of the management team could buy ads directly that the accountability of both. And he was he took that opportunity to be effusive in his praise of bill than it was not at the same level. Of these approval war Ireland so that may say something is built Ford -- so they did it's. -- the problem that we have in the media right now not only do we report things as they happen. We just immediately analyze them and don't give them proper context -- all possible corporate board committee report. Our. And it -- -- that we do on the on the net network of -- Chris said this is like a puzzle and we have success centerpieces in the light you would go to look like we're also hadn't done it would try to right the last one. So. Our impatience is going to Wear this I think into what eventually it happened. But certainly the -- for the locker room going forward I think will change forever and that is that -- -- I think the other locker rooms because the awareness. Of what happened this week. Mike that's the question comes from about 35000. People and down on the ground be on wins and losses what is your -- litmus test Mike to Rico. What makes a good owner and a good organization in the National Football League because we have in all all shapes and sizes and approaches we have Jerry Jones on the sideline in the fourth quarter we have Robert -- staying up in the box we have discovery of that -- In your estimation what makes a good owner of the translates into a good organization. It is one of your own Tip O'Neill locally -- great Tip -- line was all politics are local. So at the risk of that I would answer even if I was on in Dallas I think. Robert Kraft is one of those people because the right way his presence known and built his his fingerprints are on the organization. Yet he is not. Out in front trying to be. The know would all end all authority on football with the organization Jerry don't get a lot of criticism understandably so. Jerry medals in football but he also carries the general manager titles with unique chance to leave it to. I wanted to -- that the owner of my team is involved there it's going on. And is going to try to move the chess pieces. From behind the scenes and I have to come out -- -- that -- it's reasonable to move. Thought we -- in the NFL I want -- -- owner has the ability to walk into the locker room. It's -- of the guys here's going on. And -- mile walk away from any patriots situation that you. You always hear the players -- that mr. Kraft can phrase that they know if he knows them. And to me that's some -- -- that are well that's the kind of voters and I'd like to see or remind themselves. Initially there was a great deal of outrage toward Richie got veto we heard about the voice mail and what he said on the voicemail Jonathan Martin. Afterwards though I think people were surprised that. It got veto had some support among African American players in that locker room where you surprised as well and why do you think it happened. I I think the locker room is probably believe race based place in sports. Soul ice and anti to your point not a bomber could be off the record so -- from Miami vote is very supportive. Well what -- thought it had become out of this past what he'd become. What he was doing in that locker that we don't know the specifics of this situation Jonathan Martin and other people that locker might not go back. They were just going observation Leo what they experienced very counters with the two of them be parity of the offensive line in the offensive group and he was so. I -- that from such as black players white players players period and we which we have become a little bit forward here if it's one. 2013. -- stop labeling. People as black or white war. Any sort of a site will be you can put. Categorically. Gender or race or religion where Americans were people those guys are -- and that certainly -- world where Americans. But -- we keep dividing ourselves. Well backwards step we're taking as a country and it's just another example of that -- but Matt -- but the priest use a bit derogatory term. When he weeded out in anger last night after the fight there's no place for that is built but if you hit it in rap music it's in rap music that we have to listen to -- or supported. We'll continue to say it's okay to keep doing it because one African American person might say to it's that we think we're all societal. And that that is exported to the entertainment world as well. And stop using those firms in the words it freed has more like. Americans are patriots or dolphins or whatever he wanted to be a part of a group it would be a part but I just think we're counterproductive -- -- -- -- -- The part that I can't seem to. Really resolve my brain -- is that folks like Chris Carter and Tom Jackson and he shot. And Herm Edwards and and a number of other people said there is no place or that while I played when I was in their nor should there be a place that now does Michael -- alluded to. By and large almost unanimously Miami Dolphins said it just -- Ian Ritchie you think there may be some sort of oh I don't know culture culture situation that is singular to the Miami Dolphins locker room because after all this guy. This person has been elevated to -- role of leadership in that locker room. And that they look at this and say that what as long as he is. In spending all of his barbs in his abuse and his bowling on Jonathan Martin and not on me that I'm gonna go along to get along with Richie and caught it. There has to be something good going on otherwise somebody would've said something. Now was this something -- -- market obviously there was to what extent we don't know we may never know beep or we might. But at -- something positive -- he would speak up there are a lot of avenues and Morton didn't feel comfortable using those there's and that's one of the issues that -- Stephen Ross. The dolphins in the -- as the case go forward to make sure that there. Release a system where whatever. Is bothering you with him that workplace you can speak up and say players' union. Player of player relations for a player Dietrich there's if our department every team in the league as a former players around you can reach out. Whatever it is those avenues Jonathan Martin didn't feel comfortable using -- apparently that we also look at the football or. Which I don't think was talked about a whole bunch Jonathan Martin was left tackle. He didn't play well they got Bryant with any which is not -- that we've been the asset every site to go out yet. Because Martin couldn't -- look back over it will be the right tackle and an advantage to. So what you really look it is you have to understand that the individual involved. Was really under the microscope and was not succeed and the opposite wireless get the quarterback back at. On pace to be the third most in the NFL's history. So there were other issues that we may never know public sales contributed to this in addition to the stuff that were waiting to buy out if we have reduced. Messy situation. Nobody wins here acceptable lawyers which is disappointing. And I think my bigger take -- guys. We are opening up for everybody to see the sausage making process in the -- so stuff because -- a lot. The concussions the pain the injuries all the of the business -- all this stuff. How -- have wanted the NFL will you still within Sunday at one -- the united eight. Monday night at 840 course to watch the game and love it. Do you like the salt baking process is part of the soap opera would be turn your head you know -- enough that this noise or what -- start -- flexed position my. Well -- -- -- -- -- you just -- to that -- an -- economic fall right line that you would ask you about football. I was watching. Last Monday night and I was rooting. Really hard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Aren't recent part of the reason is Tennessee football that's one that can't do it. Wait who's -- -- -- -- but the bumps. I I had thought that the dolphins would be such a disaster that I've made the bowl oh my typical of starting the Buccaneers defense. It's so I got a safety out of it. I got an interception that clipped -- -- fantasy football portrait or you don't care about that so but anyway. I can understand why they have talent I -- still also why they were -- they are really frustrating and maddening to watch. As Jon Gruden pointed out during the game he was really upset about bolts and took it to your penalty. What -- yeah actually have a good game coming up on Monday and you've studied. You study as much as anybody what have you seen on -- -- from the Panthers that should make patriots fans that pay attention or a little nervous. Yet I am glad yes because mark my patriots state it is my home -- -- built in Carolina. Most of this day from studies that report. Front seven really good I mean really really good. Start -- our local -- is there. Those tackles be sent to tackle first round pick as you saw people backed off from because -- -- medical concern return it because by a virus that the -- Star little who has played well he wants -- played well but want Edwards -- could prevent defense of rotations tackle. And their ends are very good this is an anonymous team except for who he leads by and large. And Heatley is as advertised as people up there from Chestnut Hill talked about for the years he was playing BC he's been written. At linebacker secondary is not what to rock stars but the people they have on their defensive front seven make them better so that they concern -- -- an offense they run the ball. They have more rights to run the ball that would scare me. If on the patriots given what -- -- the middle of -- that's what -- b.'s worries over the wing perspective going to be able what did. And now setting his football aside as we wrap this up Mike to Rico is there any doubt in your mind whatsoever that when this -- in -- needle thing plays itself well that Roger Goodell laid down some laws in terms of hazing indoctrination. And NFL policy regarding. Our players treat rookies and young players coming into a system. Very little doubt that there will be something formalized along with the players association. -- code of conduct what locker room that is. No unseen on written at this point is different going forward. Michael let LB just because we continued. Lockstep with what -- beat goes on all the way through their issues out there if it comes up we would just to protect issue number. That phrase is used over and over. And this is something that threatens to damage the issue the locker room culture is different than every other workplace we have if you guys got a -- at work you'd be improper. You be in trouble off the chart. I don't know how spectacular that maybe maybe salt -- it may be a it's funny to admit that he's surprised -- -- As the ratings grab for a morning person that we -- to dedicate but the point being. If they're real workplace if that happens. You are in trouble it's full wallets. Hey guys okay you were also are were gonna be -- property next week what's going as I shower together change in front of each other they take painkillers to go out play. -- artwork that we that's very different from every other workplaces and because people the highest levels of the city and it felt that the typical for America. The boss has to change that I think bill will. Mike Tirico always appreciate the smarts in the insight we'll talk to you next week. Absolutely I'm very excited about talk about -- got veto or MRSA. During Monday Night Football this week. -- -- behind that daycare Mike to Rico. Is brought to you by -- blue cross blue shield. John Davis who we got let me talk about we didn't talk about minority have a discussion Porto Rico came onto Rico. Added a few layers to it as well if you're familiar questions. Who continued talk about this 6177797937. To stop -- -- show with John -- today Sports Radio W media. All right this this tells you that -- while working with a rock star. Howard out of box with. John Dennis alongside well he's supposed to be so. A lot of people have in coming up attendance. During the breaks I like beer or Michelle and offered beer. Maybe what. One person not all -- offered. But coming -- -- that he loved to urinate on opening. People my best behavior bad people coming up you auditor. So you have in theory popular guy today. And one. Acting talent that was that well got to have some friction. Don't know although not -- some just say something derogatory about -- a little X -- face -- not my favorite space. It. A great thing about well there's a gallon for now it is we'll see how this trial goes to you and I. You really wanna start this rumored he really wanted it to go like -- do you have a lot of the approval rating situation here in terms of if you say going well that maybe you know management would consider. Oh thumping and outrageous there are -- don't mean the obvious reasons why that's not the case if he really thought about it would go. I'd like that I am I getting -- at 8 o'clock in the morning accurate I don't. -- think about it a little bit 6177797937. Is the number let's talk with Steve. Steve recently sixty I don't match. It also to build. -- to. A little comment I mean I've been listening news follow all of the back and -- and this. Double -- and -- need coaching game game on the wired. -- funny I mean. I guess I'd be worker. Strange. Work please. Aside from the N word. Pickings get pretty altered your property. You know. The main line. What the prime -- network in order to line where Ali's. Which I don't work. I do artwork for mechanical contractor. Plumbing and heating pipe fitting we're out in the basements. You know -- we do dirty work a lot of Chinese certain non you know sometimes it makes today float in -- mean. The -- each other back and forth. Definitely never goes. To that extreme. But it can get pretty Volcker -- -- so your point is what it's all laughed and joked. That's so if it's at a point is that their their time there are some workplaces query against it. -- Now as far as what. Artwork where we are right it's what we're important but there's always that would look at the FCC's. Yes well obviously that kind of comes in their political talk about off the year yet to what the other thing is the the the vernacular beat the the words of the day change from. You know a year to year and decade decade before antsy now. As an example the the word retarded. -- -- re too hard to read which was used. Pretty much with impunity. If the team twenty point five here I don't know -- until the day is is is no longer acceptable. In game in. Common public. Disclosure and discussion Tuesday. Yes it is not much that this word that we're talking about or that other word that I just sort of brought into the -- the conversation about a reference to a woman. Ever gets to that point I just don't. What will work to talk about it publicly but I don't know I don't know -- to talk about it -- what we're doing -- out to actually use it with me in in the context of the work. Don't work work place probably where absolutely. -- that is that is knock it that is -- -- It's not about to talk about. Conversation in general like some people confuses people can't you two guys sitting next to each of our stolen a bar always right that always -- but it turned. Being around. In a conference room -- -- -- -- arsenal that in an office right let's quickly got jobs that are jobless not. How big guy Zelaya yeah don't tell why I want impact on the kitchen pot -- being. And something that happened yesterday debt that it's right into the the Minnesota Timberwolves. I yesterday announced that they will all hope in Haiti being in the Iraq problem from this point forward. Now that you've seen the NFL doing anything like act. I see Roger Goodell steps I ST Roger Goodell absolutely positively setting down a set of guidelines. That that may be even to the to the extreme that. We're not -- shoulder pads were not buying. Donuts help we're certainly not been 30000 dollars only on a rookie meal for veterans anymore go forward. Job well. What was utterly typical regular Richard yeah if you treat it as yet but it just what it's the -- bullwinkle is that it is epic and -- so good guys. -- Late fifties early sixties to get a red -- you could be Bob moved out Christmas. Maybe it was about -- walked by. What was it was that good feeling bad that was negative or positive. No I don't. Abused by final hour of the show coming up John Dennis the party has its first day afternoon drive. The party had experts exposure of work or about 42. Experts answer the question. Special. Yes -- radio me via.

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