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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 11/15/13

Nov 14, 2013|

John Dennis' virgin foray into four questions revolving around the Patriots.

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Bill -- border. They're. I guess we'll just jump right in it Tony four years old and three years and whose career Cam Newton has put up outstanding numbers pass I don't let's get away. We just couldn't get this. Isn't reported. Eric is it to -- people out -- Or four. That's when he died four years old and three years and his career Cam Newton has put up outstanding numbers passing and rushing the league is filled with many problems in quarterbacks 125 such as -- Wilson cap predicts staffers RG three. Where does Cam Newton rank amongst those quarterbacks under. When he five. I would say -- Wilson. At that -- I would say luck. Stafford. Wilson. Cap Brittany. RG three. He has. Cam Newton is what people are right. But those guys yes yes yes it's amazing because what they don't want it it has changed. Since that narrative began in week one and two everybody looked at RG three. He's coming up an injury so maybe not so much but can't predict as the indefensible. -- quarterback in the national football. I don't think that's taste out of this guy's had isn't it funny that the beat the heat broke back to -- Brady Manning. Rogers although he moves a little bit in the pocket kind of Dan Marino quarterback. Who in the first 23 weeks of the season watching tempered people say well those are the dinosaurs the league school the other way at the biggest it to league. Of attrition. And if you are running if you were scrambling if you're doing what -- to -- running for his life from Carolina. You -- last applaud. There's now would you put up predicted front of him that. Instead of which which is how do you rate I'd I'd put him in front of jeopardy okay yeah yeah. So you -- that's what you're here that's 120 by 2 o'clock seconds -- Albert -- yes. Evan Wilson. I'm telling you what it is that -- staffers -- that reflect your solidarity -- like Little League except here there are two things that don't last very long. That's running quarterbacks in the National Football League -- Michael Vick went to elaborate at all and -- it. And dogs who chase cars. Okay. -- We are Peyton Manning is having an amazing season leading the league in passing yards and yes he did return to the practice field. Manning is second all time on the passing yards list 9000 yards behind Brett Favre will be Manning retire. As the NFL's all time leading passer yes easily. Easily what you think he's gonna play three more years I don't know you know about all I got to out of he he he averages over his career and he is on pace for 5000 right now right the averages 3900. Yards per year. That's even in the beginning when he wasn't as good as he has right now so let's go up 4000. He only needs two and a half seasons to pass -- -- I think he's playing three more years so to. I take a look at yeah he's had he's had problems with the probe of his ankles already this year and if it's practiced yesterday yeah. Older quarterback at some point maybe even for -- January Tom Brady at some point. -- -- did you start to lose his title of the basketball -- -- comes close but he doesn't break it. Three lead. At six foot maybe Drew Brees is not blessed with great size most powerful army nor is he exactly fleet of foot. Brees however is on pace to pass for 5000 yards for the fourth time in his career. Freezes off and was among the top quarterbacks in the league but never mentioned as one of the best all time is Drew Brees underrated. Yes it. Is underrated. Because we're comfortable putting it putting him at the top four. There may be. Putting him in the top three. With where Brady and bad. Don't know Canada and and no you don't feel a lot of the top three is I -- Rogers ahead of Drew Brees. I don't know I don't not abated but I've got the bit point yes if you look at Drew Brees if you look at his. Look at his career if you look at his numbers. He he shouldn't have to apologize for poorer. Anything that he's done that I could make it easy case for putting an adopted a new open opera. I would say this Drew Brees is to quarterbacks. What looked equally seems to be two linebackers. You don't think that talent those results that production should be there. Based on. Musicality and whatever else but I -- a very cerebral nature and there's a system fit. For both of these guys that allow them to to perform at this this over level. Don't say here's a better it is a better question what's stopping you from opening. What's stopping yet you say -- to -- but the production is there. And it is -- database size and policy right. But they're so why why output of over there. -- how to do last year. How's the team last year led by trickery it's not very good. When it happens what -- head coach ought to approach so if so -- -- that's a spy gate to build -- check out of the realm where Brady would have that kind of season. We've been doing -- patriot and I don't think I don't know yet it hasn't I -- we have prepared and also that was distill it down to a simple question you've got to have a quarterback for your team next year Brady was season. Brady. Brees. Rodgers. Or. Many. -- -- my fourth choice. It'd probably be back there. About surge ahead of -- saw it as a matter of fact one year and I'm trying to win a Super Bowl. My second choice -- has a. What made Manning's gonna do -- -- -- you're right young men demanded an underrated. Management L that's right -- -- and. Given the challenges the Brady led offense has gone through this season such as injuries and indictments. And the record that the team has achieved is Brady having one of the best seasons of his career. That's the question one for Tuesday -- yeah after question about it stretched especially if they witness game they went to game thing Tom. -- lost. If you lost -- leading receiver ever. We know what -- with Aaron Hernandez grounds out perhaps these here gaming ever don't -- and he gets hurt the first game Shane Vereen. Gets hurt in the first game and yet. If they witness game sit here date to. -- -- Don't don't give it might they got a late Monday night and upset at them if they -- -- they would again. I'm gonna go all literary on -- trigger all literary on my sister you don't know this is a English Ph.D. of the English literature. While she's a Smart one on the one with the big boys Ph.D. Ph.D. English literature professor. Tale of two cities this is the worst of times. This is the best of times. In what you just said it's the best. Job of salvaging and creating. An offense that gets them to seven and two at their bye week. But in terms of his actual quarterback play it's the worst of times. He is more inaccurate he has fewer completions to get to -- -- a lower completion percentage. This is not Tom Brady's nastier. Physically eyeball test of throw the football and I know there are other -- there. But we've seen balls in the dirt. We've seen balls behind guys I don't care whether the guy is a rookie or -- -- knows everything about this playbook. It's the best of times -- the worst of times he has done the most with the least. But this is not been -- this most physically. Up productive but this season but this is Tom beyond Tom the quarterback on the illusion that this is -- the magician. Look at what you did -- heard it here it is reported newest video of me and his -- -- give Obama a rookie. A second round pick. Human undrafted kid get broad Tompkins. Take away his some of his weapons put one of his tight end in jail and look what happened. He has a couple of -- He has under thrown those rookie he's all right -- -- rookies you know he has bounced balls into the dirt at the feet of those -- people this. Yesterday when it. It is that these guys -- what you're suggesting is that every incomplete pass that doesn't seem on the money is the fault of the receiver and not the quarterback I don't think that's the case. -- job I'm doing a broad topic I temperature at a candidate withdrew my name is Kim. Yeah let me play catch at. Their sport -- sponsored by. Barbara windows so now. John Davis did crazy if there it is a topic -- we don't report. That's guys like that but it's excellent 7779790. Trees that. We're talking about that argument about Richie got veto. Some of the things that they did. Beyond the bully in the gates did not you know. Beyond just reading. For that aren't. Their use of language and how it became public how -- -- interpret that language that you say absolutely not. Should not use it other people say it is complicated. Or it's one of those Bentley. -- your sister aged eight college if they. This document on. And I don't know what to -- -- value very civilized in our interest. They -- they have to look a lot of babies you can just sort but they can be apparently -- where. Okay if if it's different. I states are they. Or her that you did not have to respect. And that. -- just like relationships that we haven't explained by the dolphins situation. Why is Tom Jackson thing absolutely not wise everything absolutely not correct somebody lies. Rick Grimes says well. Day that's my guy because you're spending time with him you know that you you know what's on. If I'm sure those guys have thrown some jokes Edward -- -- -- that are. That are provocative that have crossed the line that are taboo it almost died but in the locker room they say OK that's how we do. Here's my theory and this could be completely off base but I'm gonna go of the grave with this I think there is an element of go along to get along with this in -- needle savage. In this locker room I know they're afraid of afraid not. May be physically afraid of the -- psychologically afraid of them but more than anything else happy that Jonathan Martin. Is the focus of his attention and his barbs and his abuse and his bullying and as long as my name isn't Jonathan Martin. That -- the support -- because I wanna be on Richie side I don't wanna be and Richie cross hairs and I think there's a certain element to that. But he's gone there. Never play for the golf so. What are you afraid went over the -- are afraid of which it got to go after dark and I'm afraid of him coming into your blog about conflict more of this them -- he has but there have been books written. About the psychological. Impact -- pressed people. I mean this analogy about. About. Elizabeth Smart and I know the fifteen year old -- -- the -- Golf is not 24 year old Jonathan Martin but don't back to Paris the dolphins are first. What they know they see somebody who was being a rental and they don't heartbeat they don't wanna be the brunt of disguised attack. And so like I fully understand there's a gigantic difference between this woman. Young woman fifteen year old woman in Colorado. Who was kidnapped and live for two or three years with this this this piece of garbage -- -- the story well and had every opportunity that what the parties together. They showed up they were pictures of were the work on at parties were any point you're gonna sit. Eight of Elizabeth Smart save me maybe she did. Even when they saw her as an -- she signal how I got that our oil analyst at its star homes in dramatic Patty -- -- -- -- -- liberation thing and to a certain extent. And this is the only relationship between all of close. If you -- this guy. And you think the best way for you to survive from -- they want indoctrination. Into the Miami Dolphins locker room. Was to somehow some way. Rue the day with this. Animal bearing down on you. Then maybe I try to befriend by trying to say hey it's. Exchange those text messages exchanged those words that would be the third rail in most situations maybe this will go a little bit easier on. Or maybe or that that's one possibility other possibility is some of those guys that are just discouraged his magic not NATO that they relate to because. This is. This is my Canada is it that might be that I think. -- I think it speaks to the abject dysfunction. Of that locker wrote that that I couldn't agree with evil -- did not need though is looked at Andrea held up as the leader of that group of 53 deaths were Agassi. That's what we agreement -- let's talk to Jim in New Hampshire Jeff I don't. They -- it out here. Gold gloves or -- or -- which have not yet Tibet but let's talk you wait wait or they went what's up. You're really are or who didn't determinant as we talked about it that water in them. Almost nearly all black and -- cutie. I wouldn't you like one other -- was -- particular -- your direction my older kids -- expect a black girl probably. I basically. What it should be meeting regularly and I didn't want peace surrounded -- I think people would have been hurt her other people and what would probably not my kids growing up talking about it. And it and it may never be. In that regard to adequately articulate and -- Executed. And the word in the English language. Did it. Would be a moderately. Educated properly -- what we're objectively -- -- your ignorant white originated. Oh I mean it means. That. People are. Trying to then beat you despite what they're really. Way to an agency respectively. What this to a militant word. It could be a generational thing to. You know you're from a certain generation -- -- -- relate to a -- thing but. Like yesterday. Hit 6070. Of of any race at American kids like he is. Latino kids who won't use. And it is just hey it's. Just -- you're suggesting that the hit it to that. These sent -- -- that little Wayne and art and music and rap and all of that have have have just encompassed. Our our young people -- that have -- made them feel that it is -- to use that word and I got that there should be getting any worth that is a third rail untouched at I think they're. They're probably -- battle -- the ball when they get into that I. -- little later or anybody else worked out as just that and they're always -- Before there was little way there was you know somebody else who was around doing something that. That we did approve it always have been. Words that -- that -- just poor little wade was used it all content with the way. Up before I get to wrap the war. Before any type of musical genre that we look at say aha that is that the genre that's responsible for undermining society. Individuals have the opportunity to look at this and say whether they think it's okay or not okay. From my standpoint and again this is a a white Anglo Saxon Protestant trying to all fine. On what is right and what is wrong all I can tell -- was what makes me and comparable what I don't wanna -- -- would not want to be around. I'm asking you used the word OK in certain context is not okay another context to be totally. As an example. If you're if your if your. Donald Sterling. And the older the clippers -- -- Robert Kraft and the owner of the patriots. You bring senior captains due to bring in your head coaches since illicit. Zero tolerance on this we're not don't -- not been set in the locker room anymore. It's not being texted stopping tweak it now does that stop completely know at least the people understand that the person. Whose money is paying their paychecks on the first fifteen every year ever up.

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