WEEI>On Demand>>Some of the Scott Boras clients appear to be moving on to greener pastures... how do the Red Sox fill those holes?

Some of the Scott Boras clients appear to be moving on to greener pastures... how do the Red Sox fill those holes?

Nov 14, 2013|

Michael Holley and John Dennis discuss the impending loss of some key free agents for the Red Sox, and how the team might look to fill some of those holes in their line-up.

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Now this. It's what you all legendary. -- airing radio. I am so nervous this could not only the airports are also reports that it. Michael I'm about like like like ten seconds away from watching these two -- afternoon drive time with the legendary. Beat beat the remarkable policy -- Michael Holley in drive time afternoon I did radio in Boston. From the beautiful Hollywood resort and to -- out -- that. Part is true about beautiful foxwoods could sort. Resort casino that's -- part. I think the PS would start to what Benedict Arnold there's -- call back the clock out but you know it's amazing. You'll have been at this station perhaps. Fifteen and a half 65 and a half years gonna make me do it until I get it right -- this is your first time yeah. Doing drive them without ever done after the drive. The round mound of sound never invited me to be on the weeks ago. Ever never ever -- I've done to six. On the radio show you guys are obviously -- some personal differences but the there's an issue there hello we are journalists and we are entertainers. Guys got after her drive. It can't admit there is still that's nothing to do with land or any kind of animosity or or relationship because Clinton higher fine. I was channel seven right up until the time that wolf he said -- -- -- and in the morning. And then they're probably don't ever free to do is that is the -- ever at each. Also you're very you're very serious journalists at the -- add -- -- -- -- right now again I can't afford to be around it -- this this. Talking trash but the guys I am breaking stories I have stuff to do have to be on the air at 6 o'clock but I'm glad you're here today. John Davis assaults on vacation. You know is here. I don't know that the course that's about the out what to talk about his trial will start off with double the read that before reds -- you have to ask a net. What is the issue what is the issue there is a lot of animosity it appears. Green. John Dennis. Gerry Callahan Turkmen and -- the. Neil well it's not in cut Hedo -- an awesome about it I don't know that. Well about -- well you guys -- we elected tweak we elected. You know let's Murdoch you're knows a little bit elected just sort of you know it was locked. It makes for good radio it needs to be engaged in adult league works when he gets his ass off Nate Campbell. Stop smoking camels and not talk about cigarettes I -- basketball constant. Any and actually responds every -- two -- that's when it gets. People like -- foods. -- fields but I always saw what it is. You guys who does what it's radio this is what day. This is these days well I don't know that it stage I think Manningham as it has an abject hatred force but beyond that I don't think Jerry does. We just like tweet that we are glad that you're here. It would have liked to -- His. From hot game a -- Know what you guys do is what you guys that he also stopped god -- I got up and get. I think we should do the show. We're just what you did -- everybody everybody company the right table don't have to round table because the round table was just a represented it. Of the of the didn't tell him program what time do. Where the represented at another time it was a -- get everybody and it -- -- every day there awarded to a performs we'll hash it -- what it called it world wrestling a little bigger all the guys in the runoff is not about all about a big wrestling guy. Battle Royale a battle Royale. You wanna do it that went absolutely artist before the holiday closed at 6 AM. She is six or seven college to stick to would you be televised. Would go for six and now. So my note that yeah but you want to sleep in and by the way what do I I hear I there's been three victory thoughts -- -- -- it. I am absolutely honored and privileged to cohost with you today at foxwoods. This is an historic day that we will get -- a little bit I gotta tell you more than anything else -- all riding overwhelming emotion. Is envy and jealousy. Of Michael -- Now we got to get that. Let's do that right now -- -- -- -- it is in the it is ovals it is in the end yes it is it's almost beat its -- my knees in doubles and knocked the ground with the regulars but about a month. And I'm not envious I'd probably like three not let it sort of everything that now know. And it it it occur to me. At 801 this morning. When I rolled over. And stretched. And got. It. About half an hour that this -- to see the shift. Is is is is with the that's the second -- liberating. Liberating Kevin Brian Kevin and are no perfect perfect it's perfect. You get up the morning on yours not mine. Consider -- 345330. Depending on whatever. And between 3:45 and 6 o'clock in terms of showering. At poppy it's the whatever. I have to get -- Panetta and I get a -- added I thought our guys to show up -- up your blood. Don't start out -- this is that I've heard as well before but usually it is startup of the call boys yeah admitted every exclude up. I hurt my -- comes exactly. So today was the first time I've done this LA and and and I get up -- -- -- not because that alarm rang just because the sun was coming into my bedroom. M night -- turn on sports center. I brewed cup of coffee on my -- I went on my a I had that went ESP NN Sports Illustrated Boston Globe and Boston Herald WEEI dot com guide -- towards palm of course first and foremost. Read everything digested everything formed an opinion then turned on. Dale and -- and Jerry on W got to get a sense for what they were all about. It was the most relaxed. Most invigorating. Most restful. Morning of preparation for -- show that we started today at 2 o'clock but it ever had sixty years. It's not -- when you have to be on the 6 o'clock Michael. Okay. The first -- to. -- It was Chinese. Policy and -- If it better. -- we were discussed in this it's a few minutes ago and it's been made. Because -- it's about a World Series test with direct. And most of the World Series the -- it's over. Maybe were not thought to this now in Boston on. A world championship. Or had a world championship 2000. -- Did he. Bring everybody. I. How's east program there is the hero can't just put it about it exactly can't do it. You mean change makes a little bit. There's no way to replicate that for two straight season. But look at. For free agents possibly leave. Port -- RTL's very elsewhere now insult right. Gordon is reporting right now the Red Sox offered Saltalamacchia a two year deal and I -- at a much surprised at that. What we know what the body now we don't have the money -- in their various reports out there -- no Courtney does this one what reports that ten million dollar hole. Which led me to predict that it always grew at a video that you would be better off does not call him at all. If you go -- opera -- billion dollars per year. That's great competitiveness of our Internet -- and it's a two year twenty million dollars. I've seen about fair and we've done it develops Leinart did not develop best as. -- in the minors gives away from Carlos -- -- if you look at you look at Saltalamacchia. Ross at the better compensation. You gotta gotta -- yeah the young guys get a switch hitter. -- the other a veteran righthander. Got a guy who is really strong behind the plate Ron's got a guy who's developing additional. It as a result the -- -- on a plate or week. So that would add a lot of sentence. Look at their free agents and I understand of Napoli wants to go somewhere else understand if Stephen Drew. In a week shortstop market if he deals like -- get a better deal somewhere else that he got -- junior says that boat evocative of that much. I'll Saltalamacchia. Who knows that they had a good shot at resigning him. The one guy. That you can't say I haven't answers were replaced -- Really strong solid answers for 2014. Replacing it Jacoby Ellsbury. Is that Jackie Bradley junior are sure to -- Jackie Bradley junior credit where. I am not and I don't think they are either however if you read John Henry's comments in the paper in the last couple of days it's very clear. And Scott -- already said it. Carl Crawford seven year 142 million dollar deal. It's old contract agreement Satan that's the starting point he said that's a whole. Contract. If we know anything about the offseason. In Major League Baseball when Scott Boras where the love him hate him or your ambivalent about. He generally gets it done for his client. To get away with. Everybody we we don't know he's the biggest. Yes it's all hyperbole it's all about beer carnival barker we know what he's gonna do -- -- does it in any any bill does. In an analytical any metric kind of world. And I -- this makes it different from the Belgium and make he is the Ritchie in cotton Hedo. A agents it doesn't say great -- he says grace thanks Paul Bedard it exactly all the time but from an analytical standpoint from. Any any any. I've got the stable but you're going to need not this year next year the year that he represent to wrap. It records that we're both artists. Are you guys you got a deal -- exactly at. Every level right but you gotta deal with them now -- -- else there yes departed free yes and then you say are. If you if you if you if you -- to say. -- your fool. You are extremist right this is all hyperbole that you damp books out of here you're 200 page books -- -- this guy is the next hall of Famer. Well you -- delaying the inevitable at some point if you'd like hi guys. It was a Scott boards got got the body double -- triple a second third year player on -- -- so you he is a necessary evil we're general managers don't. He is indeed but I would say this that this is what the Red Sox or any other team who doesn't deal with him now and want to deal with him later. He has say he is -- a mercenary and it doesn't matter I don't think he takes a personal I think he looks at this and says. If if I had some sort of internal. Squabble with this particular general manager. What this particular organization. And it didn't go well and he told me to get the hell out of my out of his office and it all fell apart. A year later he does not strike you as a guy. Who was not pragmatic enough Michael -- to look at this and say well if the Red Sox now offer my client this year more than anybody else. My gonna punish them and say no on -- what happened take less to go to Anaheim -- -- less to go to. New York Yankees would be the case may be I think that's all business with this guy but he is indeed. Beat the agent -- in Major League Baseball and and -- this will give him credit. When he says stuff and when he says Woody's gonna get at least says sometimes. It's how well. It -- -- bashed mature -- I cannot do that that happens most of the time. What do you think of a couple of examples that have benefitted the red sox' Jason Varitek. He's trying to create this mystery team for Jason Varitek -- protect our other but bear attacked. What is to come back here now reps rushed to the reds are overpaid but it wasn't an outrageous -- set the market contract we're at their tech. Seventy million dollars a year that's one. Stephen Drew. What year deal. And I'm sure he wanted to last year they can -- Stephen -- -- -- hurt but. I've got to tell you is in the shape of his -- -- working out or don't is unbelievable. Got a government reported contract because somebody else will. He tried to treat -- broad antitrust decree that team around border. And a lot of times it's true but we have those are two examples where has been true I say that to say this Johnson. I'm not sure he's gonna have the market. We're Jacoby Ellsbury that he thinks she's got a oh he will have it I don't -- have -- and more he is making he is doing the whole scary thought that Scott wars thing our public to -- right kind of scared he's trying to scare the Red Sox -- or scare another team is that a legitimate. A to have competition. 142 million dollars that's the baseline yes all man what we got to come up with a 160 expert 170 Michael -- Ellsbury and I don't think you and a -- Can negotiate this number in this little bet I will buy you dinner at foxwoods down the road once this thing plays itself out. If Jacoby Ellsbury does not get more than a 142. 150 million I'll say north of 150 is fuel run what do you wanna say under for better or OK well we'll beat north of 154. Ellsbury. Didn't dinner of foxwoods makes me think it's got some credit here. -- -- And Fredricka and it's right -- different let them get a bit of -- -- it's a good dinner at a place of our choice okay. Are about this you've got to strike a water for more or Toronto will host a portrait or -- get I arrange for car service is about to drive it higher power to do that I'm serious that aside 150 over or under. I'm saint Leo. Italy did he know it's right advocates in that made it into sort of when he makes. Scott Morse is the only guy who could make a 142 million dollars Arkansas exactly easily gotten that -- -- pleased. Three years ago was Carl Crawford caught a very different. They were better players. Are old outfielder. Is again a lead off guy is as as opposed to a career like really good enough to hitter. We're talking once -- are what about that I think is gonna go into that crazy 19. 175. You're judged. And it may not let me ask this who is a better player who would you rather have a new team and set aside -- the balk at Boston Carl Crawford in a vacuum. Or Jacoby elderly Larry Elder brother they're all all day long nine out of nine days ten out of ten days are right here's the problem. Here's here's I think here's the reality two things in play here. Jacoby Ellsbury -- Game is based on what is like he's he's he's beat beat his likes these thirty. He's talking about or just talk about seven years. At seven years -- his game that is predicated on getting on base. Running down balls stealing bases just beat beat beat elect either of course it's not. Maybe a seven year contract Michael in the last. I'm re -- I -- 610 years. We're at the end. You know what it's going to be pool -- may be the ultimate -- -- if not fielders the ultimate does that Arnold if not -- the ultimate is that though -- not to share is the ultimate result that ever. Worked out at the. I'm gonna tell you one guy. And it was a Red Sox as the Red Sox aren't. A great -- in terms of production. Now in terms of keeping you up at night. In terms of saying I'll have another drink please don't just good guy but yeah I do you know saint Daisuke -- -- -- I walked off the stage -- how did you forget -- did any -- well yes eight year contract. A 160. Million dollar right now the differences how old is many -- Thirty for what he still was good I wasn't a problem. He was still productive and now we're we're we're finding out why it was so productive we did yeah yeah we suspect that -- but he was our guy and so we kind of you know adorning I don't have the steroid era but now -- -- nannies is that it doesn't pay off our Manning. But Manny was Gilbert -- productive player at the end of the contract in terms of what it on the field. Got your -- -- -- yeah well okay that productive as they did that would have been a mistake somebody picked up. Does that put him on waivers and credential and that the next all right we're talking about the -- about the World Series at BP so. Manny got it done as a player different kind of player that Jacoby obviously. Off the field. -- that Jack McCormick incident the I opposite opt in system way back vehicle blood right but I went to meet with and -- will and Ricky Wilson that hasn't drained yet. Not running out of urged him. Autism problem state day off truck pulls little bleak wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't -- -- -- his -- all right let's break at all bad guy so but I think by the way. Refused eight years in a row to get out of the dugout. On the club house. Ian Fort Myers to greet the Jimmy Fund kids and sign an autograph wreck that's just that's the so that -- a lot of until all the things out guys feel bad guy but not yet rob. Albert Pujols to Mark Teixeira yeah A-Rod -- -- contract and the only guy who really was it -- from start to finish was. At her marriage so is Jim Karen it's it's telling me there is a chance -- -- -- me about Major League Baseball. Is that all these Smart -- metric analytical people who have. Just tons of information available. Look at all these contracts and all this production and all the the stuff that doesn't pay out of the end Prince Fielder will be the worst polls might be. Worse whatever the case maybe. And they continue to do business this way fourth set in his own newspaper. We are not. Doing long term 567. Year contract and believe it not be the ultimate endorsement the ultimate battle back. That if if if you can find the right people. In gitmo or body -- shorter period of time it can work out and it. Let's get to amaze me I disagree with him. I disagree with the and that's Italy's got a big east school go I think he has done has been disciplined -- but I don't think that's the reason you had. You have success. And have success simply because you have a lot of 33 year deal to your deals with the Red Sox. You have success it would go a long term contract that would prompt for the rest. Until met -- and jumped in and save your attitude though was the attitude sure what is to get a bigger problem was it. If Adrian Gonzales had the right attitude is that you know four player of that caliber just out of Boston got the West Coast where. He should never play outside -- -- -- right that's what that that's where you belong it's beyond money it's -- Carl Crawford. Bad added right. Brought in fit in Boston red -- same thing to do the right. Along contract for Dustin Pedroia. Last year and that was it he could've gotten more it is the right guy writes I don't I don't want to say this question is is to go wheels buried. The right guys displayed and Boston raced in Boston -- well right guy -- well it did 86 or seven year contract I. He has not and they want you got the right guy -- -- you don't fix. If if if they could give Jacoby Ellsbury we try to do the math quickly here in my head. 883. Or four year deal which got -- of course just pops out the window. For more annual money and he's going to get over seven year deal that I'd say yes. But I'm telling you I'm telling you the salty assaulting offer you know to here's ten million dollars. Indicates how paid the Red Sox are going to do business going forward we will give you a little more money. Over shorter period of time you have a bigger endorsement. Could you have a better. Pat on the back the to get what at a boy. Boy that's the way to do you won the World Series doing it this way and I'm telling you what. We're not CN. Let me make me. A projection. You will not seat. I guarantee -- he has six or seven year deal coming for the Boston Red Sox in the foreseeable future you may not see a five year deal. Going to anybody beyond somebody like Pedroia and that's -- who would date. Bogart's now middle Brooks no. -- that in the future that well I got it in the next several years you were not assigned seat the Red Sox sign anybody. To anything longer than a five year deal you're not gonna do it. You're not gonna do. Went so that excludes. That excludes the -- the deal would restore. Because he is coming up he's an outline that at the heart and soul he wanted to stay here didn't they get him for less money than he could have gotten out of create on on a free agent market I would -- -- -- so chart but you you'll be good to be another guy like that the Red Sox. Don't think senator Bogart Jimmy who knows I don't know what I'd card it's gonna -- but let's say grows up to be it a great player. You don't think that. They would say are you know Zetterberg what should be here for a long time what you and your career it is a six year contract they want what you -- would you. To double the money you know I I think what they did. What went wrong it was it would allow contracts that went wrong -- the wrong people just going out of people going outside of the organization yeah. In -- taking the chance to look at what you're we're talking a little discipline that. Adrian Gonzales would hear the Carl Crawford would fit what they -- it. So. It makes all the sense in the world Dustin Pedroia you've seen him since rookie ball. If you look Jacoby Ellsbury you're drafted him -- -- -- -- the family you know what he's like when when he struggled you know woody -- is like when he's going well how we deal with the media. You have those guys you know that better than anybody else so I know most guys your guys and they have struggled with that they've gone the other teams. And made these guys rich guys rich if you think there weren't particularly. Quick quick question -- go to the break yes when is the last time Scott -- laced a debt. And we're in fox rules so that's the analogy. And lost the bet. When's the last time Scott Boras said I'm doing this. And it didn't work out for Scott Boris I can't think of it you can save bear ticket your life you can take Jered Weaver because he he turned his back on -- -- they're not even pocket anymore. When Scott -- says. Seven years at 142. For Jacoby Ellsbury is an old contract. I guarantee of Michael and now. Whatever you bet it'll be north of 150 rails so I don't won't be from the Red Sox. 6177797937. Is that -- number you recognize the voice of John Dennis and you have to don't for the first time. An historic career we were talking about this before the show we were asking this question and we'll -- this question are you guys you answered on the other side of phone calls. Who -- and the reds are at least afford to lose among their four -- in the. -- as the most and it may I have one thing and had another -- there are awesome like 123. Or 56. Things. I need view. As you're among the best and brightest in Boston sports. To explain to me I can be when we come back OK I'm Dennis being the leader is it or that have been interesting Sports Radio that you -- -- the fact is you know -- conditioned himself and did things. Become what he needed to come and help this team this time this challenging that was stealing bases -- -- that are. And and being on -- and frankly getting him getting to second base as much as possible. And and that's really what -- -- themselves and also the fact that you know he played -- portion of the season with. -- it -- very very swollen wrist and hand. Okay. Scott -- talking about Jacoby Ellsbury. That last part. Now it's on its Boris knows aging game as well as anybody what -- JC. Scott Boras knows this game better than you do. Is the smartest thing to say about a guy who try to -- me because if you wanted to and I have a huge Ellsberg there are always. But if you want -- -- big case that he's worth a 160708090. Billion dollars. You really wanna bring up the fact that he's. Injury he had an -- hit it I Apple's line that's the one area where you can poke. He was injured in 2000 it was -- 2012. He was injured in 2000. I absolutely. Positively do and here's why what is the -- on Ellsbury when he gets hurt he goes away. He goes to Arizona we don't seem a mom don't Siemens six weeks it'll seat at seven weeks we seen in months. -- -- seized this opportunity to say when all the chips were on the table. He was there he was there exactly -- and bought her and played and by that I let her play but but but also -- but also hurts but. That is the one thing when you look at Ellsbury. What is the negative -- got to get dirty goes to Arizona goes athletes performance institute doesn't combat takes forever. You know very close question when he's -- a last minute one -- ball it's the one negative on Ellsbury -- I don't know takes too long to get back. He did seem to -- war in two with a team this year that he was into it -- from Dave from they want it eat. What's a little more -- demonstrative yet more expressive. Now would you have thought. Jacoby Ellsbury would be one of the guys growth appear. I quit talking about it a couple of years ago -- I think he would be yet with his teammates he'd have a beard like -- -- just like our. He didn't have that reputation he was. Get the reputation of being a loner is only -- -- -- de Lowery and Dow was dusted right but it's it's dusted in other guy so he's one of the guys out. Yeah you know I think when things are going well in the entire clubhouse is rolling forward and there's no negativity. There's there's nothing -- you don't wanna be that guy you wanna be that guy. That stands alone and says I'm not doing. I'm not doing that I'm gonna be the good gamma and grow the beard about it it was a nice. Will off you know was it wasn't a happily kind of -- up what a little less wheel over to that would that we still hasn't. Let me ask you this. My former. Morning radio partner Jerry tell. -- but what about this everybody -- but it is it is at one night only everywhere outside of a comedy club one night only really -- It's that special perform until the child should try really hard yet this very I don't know it's been screened and if you -- me that the society maybe I have. When talking with dale and Kirk said he would not have. Scott Boras. As his agent -- -- Because he says Boris does all -- you know because Boris -- issue in the going some place like -- Left Cleveland where -- comfortable and came to Boston it okay. But he he bullies you into doing what Boris once that makes Boris. The habeas. And I say to myself no is there another April demand out. Absolutely -- -- -- -- and and -- -- got you were prepared exactly Scott brings three offers in and once from the Red Sox and at 200 and I don't know what a million. As somebody else the Yankees say uttered in Seattle -- as 150 million at some real supply 170 million. Jacoby Ellsbury -- grown ass man. Yeah that's right Scott you look -- -- Arnold. OK so sure it was insane it is simple conversation is -- our -- he -- it I hired you because. Wanna get a lot of money yet but my game is staying in Boston so don't you know obviously you know I can't tell people that right. You go out you'll give me the most money possible when it comes it comes down to. I wanna stay with the Red -- a -- if the Red Sox. Have the third best offer the best offer the story that give money at 101520 million more dollars might warm. Funny yes give -- the most money and have me in the place where I really wanna be. Well which is Boston do you guys think in in who is the Red Sox free agent. That they can least afford to lose to me to go. Real surprise you with my answer. Adversity -- Ellsbury seems like the -- -- -- leadoff guy speed guy atop the order gets things going played great defense steals bases all that sort of stuff. I think there's somebody. And it's going to be very hard to say who it is which -- is on the break okay -- it it it is it getting Ellsbury it it might not be this guy but I think there's a potential for. Oh boy how -- -- wants. Top regulator. -- like Saul yeah that's what seven he'll have a guy everybody reached -- -- popular -- just started off with great. -- -- -- -- -- That you guys -- -- together. I got it takes some the build -- appointee EQQ -- I am one that you made Michael which is. Threats are made a mistake going outside the organization and giving guys a million dollar contracts. It never produced in the uniform. -- alienated big guys to elect. Any fluctuations your ethnic Papelbon in order to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pedroia. Intimidate your contract I think it was sending a message. In that context I think it was the real estate without -- Is not getting him signed up earlier that we -- -- I'm allowed to sit in a compartment a light on that. Put them -- their -- -- seven years and I think game change in baseball where. That used to EPA. Is is good terms of the compensation political players go at the end -- one picked its slot protected that they over the bonus. So it's big mistake to let guys get that far and and analytical report you make it and you know the sea sick with that yet project I think I would say. Or open market freeagent. At that can make a lot of sense the -- kid like folk arts -- to a three year and -- -- -- and -- does that mean you're you don't know should be played. If he did it and if he did it in the parameters that Dustin Pedroia -- just -- -- correct but if he if he is if -- is hell -- In Bogart's guys -- right -- on getting every single dollar UC Bogart's if all things work out to fruition say it out. I think the term hometown discount. But do you see a Boris guy. In -- Bogart sticky hometown discount if he is what everybody hopes he's going to be down the road I don't. I'm not but -- back to back that your your former partner's point you to. Of his point about Boris Boris makes you do things. OK I think with with players some guys just Eddie Manny is is a perfect example. That was different borders who did that with many that was never -- just -- It was all have a right to televise NAS ESP -- and more it was so remember how how a noxious he would do that they all. Brandi wants you to bring the clubhouse -- to Cleveland as part of that still -- they're all right Brian. But it -- -- -- zeros on the contract -- and then -- that -- a lot of gone but. -- -- Everything we've heard about -- to Bogart and could change but he seems to be different -- -- guy he had the opportunity. He agreed to to deal with the Red Sox. India and other teams gave him the Red Sox were early it solved and a rule but he wasn't feeling well out of early got about a bad -- chickenpox or something like that got a lot of bad. Worked about instead we gotta have this guy they start his brother to. After that other teams arrive -- -- well. You agreed to a deal with us and it -- word to know I've been great but the Red Sox. I'm reconcile with the -- And that that happens when you're sixty or seventy. What you become 2445. You -- and I was just that night he hit I would ever do anything that stupid now. Michael what would that -- but -- -- it does but what I promised you that there would not be another six or seven year contract coming for the Boston Red Sox to a player. -- talk about the Josh Hamilton's world I'm talking about. The rubble and kudos to the world they're not doing it not to when they they they somehow some way through the gift of god. Got out from underneath Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford and I think they say -- not go back there -- not to -- that anymore. This is a template that absolutely works and I'm shocked and you'll find out in this offseason if other teams look at this and say you know -- The Red Sox have a -- That's that's exactly the way it needs to meet people say you know sing for your supper late for your next contract and and not the Scott portion of the world. Scoff at that. And slap in the face but worked for the Red Sox now at the Red Sox failed miserably and brought all these good character guys in. On short contracts and a little bit more money and they won. 75 games were irrelevant in September that I'm sandy of I got it -- the topic splash I come to argue for the foreseeable future the days of going out and making 83 agent. 567 you're splash are all but. And the Boston Red Sox -- Before we get to -- Rhode Island you mention the gift from god a couple of hours ago yes I take a true gift from god I have due to sit back and listen Andy. We already in any sound from our girl Susan. Any factor that John Farrell's got to deal with 3040 media members. Every day vs other guys in smaller markets. And move. -- -- Of what. It. Tough out effort at five tie to support your support -- -- orchestra but Tudor room. Our own. Of what. As -- brown is a living breathing embodiment. Of white votes should be able to beat a passer. I went to your o.s and it does he -- are gay right it's up they they yell hey they have annual Arab. And yes quite used that also the payroll -- -- Every event. Have so many voters. Why have so many voters with these award they have voted for these awards who should be voting. Have voted for the hall of fame you know public that the bylaws do this way if you have your ten years. In baseball and got -- yet you can go way you don't have to pay attention to baseball anymore you covered the sport. Like 1965 and 1970. That you don't dot. And -- it's just you should pay check and I don't -- if they say are you know what I get a pitcher today and baseball is critical I'm glad I covered that yet now. I'm gonna study architecture -- gonna write about houses and -- -- don't watch HTTP. Adapted to the baseball. Your ballot comes in the mail you could still vote for the hall of they've figured that there are colonials -- daughters. The good -- an amazing here's the good news yes it is for a super brown. She can -- -- a first class stamp now 35 point seven I have a two by evergreen stamps -- -- -- they weren't supported that's a much. Forty some forty photos and presents whatever it is she can save that. Because we now know next year she will -- for me open at bat back and -- -- to say so obvious that well. Here's I'll let you talk to you to -- this yeah. Remember baseball writers' association what is wrong they worry they should be embarrassed -- they should take action that they thought. And maybe new York and they have I think they all. Definitely managers have. Each day and correct it are greatly -- as we don't normally. -- your oldest five name -- Robinson. You've got the -- I. As Jacqueline yard routes that are rarely had a built in -- -- they're gonna put this up here that automatically direct at whoever it is. Where did you come up with that and I think is what they're baseball records those -- You don't have to you're -- accountable yet their presidents at the but yesterday when you're the president. If the bill in the open well he's a guy asked who left Pedro -- but he's the president of their organization well he's also the guy he's a. Who who is telling guy who said baseball pitchers have their own. Are at their own award the year before you vote for one I don't George Dick and George did it then waited on vacation could be Australia. Anyway so we come back to you know we're gonna tell us eat these that he would hold on to this yes and he's gonna tell us which Red Sox freeagent. You can at least you can least afford to lose. You're gonna not like it. You're not -- like Sports Radio WB yeah Maru. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Know the -- -- -- -- -- -- have a caption contests and that's one of the nine or ten things I need view Michael Hawley to explain to the John Dennis well before we just all. In Morocco yeah I don't know I have no idea -- -- to give you a good explanation. Why he decided to vacation in Morocco I would say I would say the only is it places just -- -- them. I don't know maybe exchange rates good that it is not what is known for I -- -- don't think -- no regrets that I would rather go. Let's -- fabrics down. Is that what it is but Roberts would be Syria. Somalia. You have you can -- captain -- -- Mollie you almost a year. Afghanistan. It may be. That Barack yeah we actually do this in the morning. Things to do in rock would -- do besides there if they were there were four -- -- Campbell there was a date it called bizarre which is flea market okay. And they had they had cobras what are they were. Au prince over political stakes harbors it's gonna turn -- where are -- it'll be the there only. Because it's. Where policy partner to -- an arsenal but everything the other it was a mosque. And the bigger better mosques. Record Boston. There was eight treaty to mechanical guard -- the tree. And there was no one of the things that I can call for mr. For must speak -- -- up -- right now like all right. Could be Bobby Bright -- yet right or break the beat the cobra doesn't -- of gas apps can't hear. And here they don't just over just with a bullet -- -- okay so what this thing if you're. You held on this integration yeah what is this that who is this person that the Red Sox at least afford to lose. I'm not saying it's the it's the person they can least afford to lose but I'm saying there is a potential here for being the -- a year from now you'll say. -- Stephen Drew. Steele bit the shortstop. We would not have gone through the growing pains of -- Bogart's. Kind of sort of soft or slot. Now we all -- They saw news is decorum. His ability to to take pitches his ability to be disciplined at the plate. His ability to certainly not melt in the white hot spotlight that is the World Series. And I think it'll bench during it and all the baseball ops people in the Red Sox organization. Looks at -- -- positive thing and it certainly -- and that going forward when he gets the regular season. You know that crucible that is April group's -- September. All be too much for him. But what if there is this kind of sophomore slump. C will -- were open as an example OK it probably it is is is will -- somethings now. Then you didn't think it was going to be after you -- will middle Brooks in his first 162 games. And you know it it's a fair point because. In the cases under Bogart would -- to let us talk morsel of talking about his rookie. Did exactly essentially his Major League regular season Major League career is made up of 44 Matt yes. So we haven't had no 100. Majorly bad it and a big sample percent of Bogart studied I think -- -- -- -- but OK here's the here's the good thing about it. If all you have to do in free agency or so what do I -- -- What are the major that you have to do it three -- it's come up with a -- glove at short stuff. You compliment we'll little -- or debris there just in case things don't go perfectly let's say that they when he fourteen version of Alex Cora. I think that you -- -- Probably can't tell it what are they looking for him. If drew goes Morse takes it and takes him to wherever I think maybe break Riyadh that part of a veteran and had our. Back that it got to have a better back let's get to your local 67797937. That familiar -- you hear that threat that is John deficits not a -- that this person later. For the first time at his legendary career. He is doing afternoon drive today so that they didn't do reporting today no. Do they know it was irked at Jerry's Jerry telling ride but tomorrow you'll be right here Apocalypse Now. All out here. It actually showed them -- well being just got some stuff I gotta do it definitely not going to talk -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- what's up. Think I yet let me just -- -- -- -- -- a couple of things Red Sox would've won the World Series. Which -- actual in the Holbrooke at third. OK because the reason that is is because they traded English yet because it isn't everything luckily he is is in the end leading war. So that's why they can't be at theaters or embracing it. -- wait when you say Sander is everything -- -- is is and more you're not talking defensively. Are you. Why isn't bigger than it could -- their shots. Not busting out of all coincidentally -- -- race is superior. He's a great defense and shot stopped and we'll see that. And remember that will -- little Brooks it was her last year in open declaration during this sort of typical what you showed during times this year that you know he can still hit the ball hard. You know a lot harder than J. D. Drew I'm pretty sure. So a -- real that would J. D. -- sure is well I wouldn't I would say that it makes all the plates and Steve Israel -- -- out another without alone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- accountant authorization. RA while still -- actually treated their young powered by the late into the future in in the Ramirez. And they brought back to guys got to the World Series absolutely what I get after that. They get that low what you expected they would be better guy it's still raining in their go to a playoff bubble about so and so forth and so on. Now they have an opportunity -- if you. News from your account into the team an opportunity to still wouldn't fight you know -- short term contracts that they stumbled upon us and became pour a -- across. This crucible that we're never came out of a right I'd rather keep them not signed Ol Barry. -- percent of -- jobs starting center in its spring training. Exactly right. Soaring. Prose -- and put your left Italy particularly great. As -- intricately and soaring Napoli out of that television and have it Pedroia Beltre poppy. Napoli and whoever put after that. I'm open I'm -- -- And I don't I Napoli you can put. Daniel Nava at first base -- on the upper right right I don't -- I will say this is do you think and I know the Larry Lucchino John Henry Tom Warner. And cheering and all the baseball -- would never ever ever admit to this. But do you think there is less or more pressure. On the Red Sox to succeed next year the answer obviously is yes based on what they just it is next year a perfect year. To find out exactly what you have with your young hopefully or baseball players like Bogart's and middle Brooks and Bradley and everybody else and if you don't. Win the World Series hell if you win eighty wondering 85 games and and then you are the second wild card team to get bumped out like -- -- from Cleveland. Are people going to be upset no I think this next year seat -- out here to find out exactly what our future -- is that the -- You know John -- the ownership put it that way I can immaculate job. I can't imagine John Ferrell dictionary and that it that way and actually being on orbit that is too competitive and war I mean it looked at. Ferrell is the most dated a guy of the ball yesterday a -- -- -- record and it is richer helping organizations not a -- that would be a part of it. So I can't afford to think that way. -- -- a little more big picture. Ownership -- -- 35 years on the edge of the -- here at ten and -- thinking that way but I do I'm curious about this. Six point seven cents at about seven -- -- them very curious about this done. You said you want me to explain some things yes yes I think it's big guys I -- -- big time person EP I am willing to help you out so everybody gets to find out. What I get to explain to John Davis after this.

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