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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: Thoughts on OT rules

Nov 14, 2013|

Pierre McGuire calls into the Mut and Lou show to discuss the Bruins season so far, Overtime rules and how some players around the NHL feel about them, and the state of the NHL.

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-- joining us on the eighteenth the outline and it's perfect timing talk about this is our buddy Pierre McGuire. And NBC sports appear much. Lou are you do very well what Luke congratulations. On a shock. Thank you -- a lot of fun we -- -- We around for a bit and they'll. No actually we -- -- -- to the burn to change the report it and we're. It was we'll get to the Bruins here at some point -- were started with the conversation coming out of Toronto. At the NHL general manager's meetings at the thinking about tinkering with the overtime I I don't like the shoot out and games so when I read the potential of ten minute overtime first five minutes for on for next five minutes three on three I get the three at three is gimmicky but I would prefer that. To the system we have now with the shoot out what do you think about that proposal what would you do if you were the czar of hockey to change or fix overtime if you do anything. I'd be all and -- what you just said five minutes 445 registry directory. -- -- and one of the premier players in the league last night after the Pittsburgh to a multi game. And he said the wanting it would do is it would create a lot of water cooler conversation around the transition because a transitional passionate. Coaches would be challenged eagle two defensemen or one forward to go to forge and more indeed legal brief -- if you try to put an extra point in the bank. Ukraine all kind of different -- conversation or -- good reason like I think based also great work in that spot receipt and bit of the conversation about free agency and the conversations about -- -- have all the action built up. Well -- game and yeah I think their pockets we did that short time rather than a -- be a lot better. Hear what about maybe just like step one bit because I think five minutes is wait to shore up vote. And I think the object is try to get a game decided before the shoot a published extended the ten minutes and then just the take a year and -- gave -- maybe that's working. I'm probably I mean I'm -- for compromise -- -- -- game being misled by the players on their certain skills competition that should best be served at the all star weekend. In -- comes to the shootout so I'm all for anything that would get big game decided by players on the extra iron just to shoot out situation. Feels too gimmicky Pierre and you've got the -- was the player talking to his name -- with Sidney Crosby and -- -- bass player or three and three. Which he renewed -- and Korea during a. Yes he did not. In the division right the Atlantic the Bruins are looking up that at Tampa Bay and after a slow start here we talked about the style of play last time and maybe how it -- it leads to these walls -- also leads the stretches like this for their defense is playing like gays and Rask is playing like he's playing. They can get a little bit of a role in -- feels like that's what's happened here us last time we talked. Long long way by their effort on Saturday night person strong mean that was us national kind of -- your -- -- feel like get paid. And they took an -- not valid as physical. Beat down that I'm used to watch the British performer and then to see -- carried over. Does to your Monday afternoon against temple obviously the unfortunate injury with that stand -- to -- -- being dirty. But boy I was really impressed with began to grow considered offensive ability the ability to move the -- collateral to guys do this. Beyond that you are completely different workers in this speech watchers have tough time getting up and honoree this year that having that problem Eritrean president watched. David -- -- same kind of thing these guys are much better shape you can it would agencies and -- along. You know for the most part I realize it's the same core but we do bring in guys that begin and an Ericsson and Riley Smith is gonna take some time in its. You get in particular was it just a matter of time you started seeing a more comfortable player. -- -- -- and just dominate sport player right now Lou you're start machine go harder than that -- -- in talks off the post. I mean he's just so reply -- now much better than at any time I saw on the Pittsburgh. I still think the trade was a shock to the system he didn't understand where out of Pittsburgh he's got around now bought sure. He's enjoying this time -- last -- literature -- -- -- how much you enjoy and that are bought and I think last year just a complete culture shock for when he got traded from my target its -- He's much more familiar now with the Burlington and their family situation with the -- and yeah no I think he's about to really explode -- people disagree can be in this. We're talking appear McGuire the Buffalo Sabres -- onto an awful start to make some changes yesterday. Can it be a quick turn around thirty -- that is a long process for the sabres and their fans. Depends much on how you quantify the -- -- you're talking two to four years -- and mark that's probably what they're looking. Hum it sure it's gonna take some time that just don't have a big cover -- players. They're Russian foreign eighteen in nineteen year old kids in the league right now I think that's a recipe for disaster got a bank collapse on -- Gonna reevaluate what the nursery here is proposing in turn -- Russian their four young players in Italy. Especially -- direction -- mistress delighted he's an eighteen year old kid is a real good prospect of offense but. It's too much is certain the same thing was a door -- So -- they have to look at that but I do think it's will pretty significant rebuild better document these people. You'll -- -- the Shanahan wasn't happy about the -- hoping fight and I think ago a lot of people that talked about fighting the C this is this is gruesome this is why they -- -- get -- out well the game they agrees and Emery did. In that fight there and it brought up the whole discussion of fights again in in this game and where where are you might be any opinions changed on on that we are fighting as a place in this game and not. Pick. When they're not com. Staged fights and it's out of frustration or two out of one guy trying to get revenge for cheap shot I don't really have an issue with that I make the stage fight to the thing that everybody really fed up with. There was one the other night -- -- went in Saint Louis vs Ryan reached that was -- What I was playing defense when guys played -- they'd never fought one another ever. And all the sudden you see them drop the gloves just in the pocket dropped about a staged fight. Don't believe doesn't mean that the caliber play it's Ohio -- the fight till we want to -- The other ones they think people have a little bit more -- -- -- to -- before that the goalie fight don't think anybody is not good for. And still until I feel confident the league is gonna come now big suspensions for head shots then -- Shawn Thornton Pierre. He got a real defendants teammate because it's real it's still too inconsistent for me. Now we're on the same page that -- sit I think therefore an appetite for it you know moral policing role and if it's just. Stage right that I just salute and Saint Louis -- and I. -- appeared open to more locked in the -- especially comes the Olympics and we talked about this a little bit yesterday and I'm curious about the process you talked to the people. Making decisions but there's still chances for guys who are -- officially is the rosters are announced yet but. And they still evaluating players and -- brought up the good one -- -- the other -- teen USA open ice never got an invite to camp but boy it was unbelievable in the playoffs and plays. A style I think might fit our players still being a guy -- players still making a roster between now on the first of the year. The answer is absolutely yes and no one general manager who's an art machine NHL Jim restoring our scouting trip starting tomorrow. And not his -- got three games over the course of this -- trip that he won't say. Because he's out there evaluating players for the country that is working for. So the answer yes a lot of destruction are still very fluid and especially when he considers -- an injury situation. John taveras get here tomorrow or even stand coast -- yet heard the Jonathan Quick getting hurt. There are a lot of fluid situations with a lot of rosters so -- the answers. Though there's no set roster yet obviously. Bryant suitor if help is gonna make king USA. RBC itself these -- created -- -- yesterday and obviously -- LP Dustin Brown can make teen USA those guys are locks alarms that are helping. The most of the rest of the roster or are these countries is really fluid. Don't ask you about Tuukka Rask is he's been unbelievable. And and and and OPEC Iranian navy's probably built up enough credibility but he's not exactly off to a great start himself. He's done all the way he's done he's -- injured he's not -- -- be in the Olympics she's she's not going to be there if you guys. So there yet know it took just how I was with cutesy opening yesterday. He's a very strong voice interest Shockey and a real good player in the league in the NHL -- And everybody all the -- or reading about that on Niemi who rushed into Eric -- latent. So I would say there are -- money right now to gradually the starter for -- and -- I get the last -- I ask you about as we all Lucci she raved about his play he's considered a borderline to make that team any shot of me on team Canada. Yes very good shot and I'll tell you why in 2007 Canada played against Russia the best 120 players in -- -- super series. It was a celebration of the 1972. Summit series. And the teacher is basically the spark for team Canada that their hockey Canada remembers little strange. He basically carried that team on his shoulders through eighteen days in Russia and he was off the church could I was there for the entire time. In May remember that his skating -- in the -- -- very capable playing on big I achieved in the intimidating for their. And we're watching right now I talked to working carrier about your leaders if you notice have been a lot of guys were -- -- I don't watch a lot of Bruins games and I think one of the reasons of their partial birth Charlotte the other reason other store Lucic and he's played well on the up America major consideration beyond that game. I'll tell you what we're gonna utilize you peer to talk a lot of Olympic hockey leading up to in February appreciate the time is always we'll talk the next week. It's awesome being marketed guys hey boo welcome back I think so I was a month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's Columbus tonight he's Pierre McGuire joins us here on the -- hotline AT&T. The nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy LTE network -- -- calls on the Sox as he calls on. On the NHL overtime as he calls on the NHL on period. We'll get to we come back and our Poppy Hills poll question which is tied directly to. Our -- from yesterday a super brown keep it here.

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