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Curt Schilling on the Sox offseason

Nov 14, 2013|

Curt Schilling joined the show to discuss the Sox offseason plans. He said that Jacoby Ellsbury is likely gone.

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And joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T is the Nash nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy LTE network. Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling -- are right on. -- Very good doing great I I know you have expressed in the past your appreciation for the yep performances and and skills of both Terry Francona. And John -- did you have a preference between the two for manager of the year. You know I it was hard to really like about the American League when he was was incredibly terribly but I get up -- two guys that had phenomenal seasons. I think the hardest part and I'm not really sure why it is that all the awards are locked in you know. At the end of the season so for some -- the playoffs in the post season don't count and I'm not really sure why. We think about it. But. I thought the one of them could have won and I thought there was a lot of you know like I'd be fit that job that the people it was a made a big Girardi Melvin. Now and I think there are some just some amazing season that by some some really good -- and American League mr. Occurred if you had to guess we -- Chara and has some cash and now he's in of the year he's done an amazing job. This season if you had to guess is he gonna stick to his guns in the short term contract and be disciplined this off season or will he get jiggy and go all feel on us and make a big splash kind of deal. And it depends -- There's a lot of early field here but you know build their confidence in -- in a lot of ways so. Thought I think. If it if people out and do the things that baseball ops people should be. Allowed to do and and and there's -- -- parents from people that shouldn't be preparing. I think he'll stick for the most part they'll stick -- -- documents you know every year. You know two -- forty million dollar deal on this disorganization. And rightly so RB. We are doing with all your ESPN we're talking about this -- parred the last couple years. It's like if you 200 million dollars. Nice that you -- have a player for eight years and you could go back over the last 25 years and give them money to a player. There's literally almost he may need to -- three guys. In the history the last point by -- that would have played to their contract -- he can't do it. It is there's no logic to it I understand I get what teams do it on the I think you're gonna see some fiscal insanity this winner. Because the TV all the TV money is just ridiculous and you're gonna see some teams spending some insane amount of money on players. You know thirteen million with the number last -- to limit their three year 39 million like everybody's fighting for. I think better numbers from the jump this year again and interacting. And part of it didn't -- -- is gonna be a potential 300 million dollar deal. Yeah me that let Stephen Drew. I think could -- it could be -- -- probably become our crowd up. And there are no idea. A liar almost I bring this up and talk about western that you had some your best years at 34 on when you started with Arizona but you talk about the long term deals Red Sox won't sign. -- they pick up the option. But he's going to be a guy Curtis he is another good year this year in his thirties he's probably going to be looking 67 years honored 5060 million the Red Sox are gonna do that -- No no I can't imagine it would now and I don't think -- I don't think you're gonna see. I don't think you'll see any team other than probably aren't the first off turn around and you have there are homegrown player six or seven or eight years for her especially within. An idea what he are really not from this team anyway and it it's -- you saw what happened when they try to go down that and I think -- You know that that it's going to be pressure in their mind as long as these guys are still making decisions years that the nightmare that they were under in the fact that there won't be a doctor's. Out there and two or three years to to take also hours of -- to players. It's certainly sounds like. The -- like us don't think there's any way in the world Jacoby Ellsbury is back here. -- no no no no and -- except for pretty much guarantees that I mean. If you look at his history. And what he's done there I think it would be exceptional spring appeal of his points like Carlos and some other guys -- yet. Massive massive deal and when you look at the amount of money available for the team now. You're going to see some potential players in the market for -- that might not have been two years ago. Now I think you're gonna see the Mets do some significant spending the corner. Although they're gonna do it with the thought that that. Now they're number one that hardly -- that connects here. And it's going to be interesting it's it's it's funny because now I'm one of those guys. That I used -- not like you know the disgruntled I bet alone though it could come onto it and it it's all content you look at the contract I I think like. I looked at them and talk -- on the Primeau and I think I wonder what Randy Johnson help you Randy Johnson in his prime would have gotten. As a group and in the market but down now that it's it's. The -- to over the span now and and that you can being like Tampa you can Buick Open that he can be to some Democrats are now and and not get carried away with the purse strings. You can do because there's all that money you look at the teams like the Cubs and support -- to their player development system is built to update the then the other team operate -- people want to electorate four years. What secures an Astros. They have to wait they've played this new system to fatigue. They'll pick that they have if you -- -- baseball people they have probably 45 guys should have been a big league last year that they did not bring up. -- stat in the minor -- in and I people like Kobe you're gonna see a team that -- this new system to the -- to the scene and the gonna be run out some some rookie of the year candidate. Right we know you can never have too much starting pitching but the fact is the Red Sox have too much starting pitching -- -- healthy. If they make a deal. These are don't you can't carry I mean -- -- you don't ever trade from that you. Perspective he can't mention I remember I don't remember it was two or three years ago when when they came out of spring training with Daisuke and Wakefield are like seven starters. And they are contemplating going to a six man rotation. Remember what happened at the end of that season. We're trying to trade for Bruce Chen. To make a starter on the final that it never ever ever played out that way. What -- and -- I I think it's every year with it's it's amazing to -- go to camp in the MLB wanted to see Obama got they've got a surplus of pitching. -- and the people nobody has too much pitching ever. So you don't think he'll deal starter. Not I don't want to do well -- -- I don't know I think Duke dictate I think they will all. I don't know I did get -- do will be immortal spring training perpetual thing. Like Dempster. I mean there would like to deal Dempster -- assume he makes all of. I think that they realized the -- you know I think everybody realized that you you can't be a contact guy in -- in the Belmont put Bailey's and and you know I think that the challenge -- is is. From everything I saw heard and guys that talked to discuss I was in an enormous part of that clubhouse and I didn't provide nobody in this when I played it that's the kind of -- He brings a lot to the table from a -- -- perspective in. I know first Lieberman traditions that -- them not but that is a big deal and -- so. If you're a little bit ill woman out there in my interest particularly your Bible -- you'll probably okay. If he's got to be a three and have I think your problems. You said that Kirk that you don't think could give us 67 year deal -- forty million to Jon Lester he's got one year left. You think chaired that has the stones to deal Jon Lester. The deal I don't know now I don't think so because I think. They're they're legitimately planning on winning another World Series and and I I would I would there's about five of those four of those maybe in any one time in the game. You have the guy you can hit the ball because. If you look at the way this season and it always plays out this way and I I I I got to see one of the most any examples of this for almost a decade in Atlanta. You can you can build the team to withstand that 162 game schedule and win 9702. Games it can stay healthy and you watch the parade through the ninety's that's what they did. But when October rolls around they had John Smoltz. And and and it -- seemed early on that he was never got to pitch in game one you have to give one guy now and I I don't know that you can get. True value back for him. You just don't you know that the frustrate me I think for fans. I think the Red Sox are very comparable letting these guys walking -- the text -- -- people like good about the player development system. There's a few years ago you wrote in your blog about about portion -- -- when. Pedro Alvarez signed that deal with Pittsburgh -- star of the show talking about Boris you know withdrew and with. Ellsbury how did you view Boris when you were player you look at them now. Could stand I thought the that it -- and this is one of those things where I think hindsight has given me over the -- perspective but I thought it and have thought that type. And in 2000 my eyesight prior might -- actually became. My own -- for the final 89 years of my career. Agents are in my mind we're the only thing the only people in the game the -- never gave anything back. Now -- and I'm looking back on it and I ended up playing with a lot of guys that that including JD and Jason Varitek to reports clients. I have never heard a player that was our former -- current client. Have anything to say but amazing. Things about Scott -- and I don't know got so everything I did was based on what I heard and read. They can't talk to players they swear that he is the ultimate. Guy in game and it in the they've got to meet carried all the way that we I thought we did have a couple part about it is like I I didn't like him are really I'd like to think -- set it. You know if you listen to the big east at the winter meeting yesterday. I don't know if you saw. That -- the comments that he made but if you read the comments that he made it clear that he practiced this interview or at least thirty days before. He's not that witty and everything Australian constructed. But are we not tired of -- -- going in saying there's no way golf course is gonna get this guy X amount and hit that I quite that amount. Because it every year so he's obviously the best in the business so what. Have they all leafs on my feeling is. They leave they're the team there on the technical. And I don't so Bogart's is that it's -- -- -- guys so Bradley. In six years five years ago as -- Bogart's he's gone. That's what you have to put hate you have to hope the player has some some semblance of of and it's emblematic of the season went on because it if you learn nothing else you wrap those guys up early. You get those guys included Dustin Pedroia deal. You get -- guys will you buy out you know two to three years of arbitration your free agency in the first two years were pretty or something like that the only way. You're gonna get it -- wars planet by the six years within reason. An end right now everybody has the money to do that so. -- -- that the -- -- -- the rest I mean I believed him to work is going to be an extremely out of man. An incredibly talented player. I also think Jackie Bradley is going to be a pretty good player as well bit but I mean you remember the hype around him in spring training. And then in the game point out the police some credit for some guys. Well don't you think Bradley Center fielder on opening day you do agree with me. I think that's the plan. I mean did he do anything in Tripoli to make you feel like he was of the -- -- of field approved for a while chipping club last year. In the minors he he did but not in the majors. And exactly sold sold look on the market this winner. And and and other than Jacoby goes out there you know you -- It's not that hard I think a lot of time to look and think like -- GM if you if you're being objective you know in in your view. You spent other people's money which you do with a little bit of caution because if you look at our thoughts are not gonna go on spent 250 million dollars player. So -- -- other than Jackie Bradley that they can bring and that's kind of how I try to look at the picture. Went further assess what what some of the looked over and no -- will -- -- estimated that will just. You don't stop the -- every winner so they sort of market. You are all World Series championship in 2004 was one of the great moments in Red Sox in in new England sports history. But it wasn't improbable you had a good team and you guys did what it would everything you needed to do when you won a championship. I said that this World Series championship and the 2001 Patriots. Super Bowl championship. Where the most improbable sports wins I can remember. Now I just I disagree wholeheartedly I mean if you look at that -- and hope for you got to remember every bit popular -- baseball with the Yankees. And an -- became improbable the day we lost nineteen -- eight. There ain't gonna -- and I was I was brought in this year with a lot of interest obviously. Would with the guys that I know and and talk to McDonald's I'm all year just kind of quality guys. And and there are so there's part of the human part of me at the end of this where I was kind of -- and while you know they -- -- take away. What we did it it's gonna it's gonna make what we did last night at the end. I was so excited for them because of how they did what happened and I realized nothing more change would happen to know for they'll never be another -- for. And and coming back the way we came to Rio and and doing it the way we win in those eight straight games that I mean that was as improbable a scenario that I've ever been put it in ever been involved in. That's the most improbable for different reasons. But it -- -- -- in spring training and and a lot of people were were kind of well like they always do right you know right -- -- -- part of our -- wasn't a good bit here. I couldn't -- to the block party. Because it. With with what -- you have questions around their their offense with Baltimore your questions around they have the top of the rotation pitching with the with the vehicle hit. With the Yankees that would help and with the Blue Jays were all those guys fit into the mix I felt the Red Sox in a lot harder because. They can but it looked like they can pitch well and they look then offensively they might be able to fit the team that have all of those things happen. And until the they'll -- -- but apparently a bit of economic and run away with anything. But. You can kind of see if everything went right now that's the thing that doesn't make it easy everything had to go right down the -- made me to go right. And so it was a an amazing story brought a lot of good reason nothing bad had happened for this to happen to them. And and John Perreault. I don't even know what I mean. I don't know we'd like we talked about this sort of like I told you I think he's the most vocal but -- government is. If it -- any job in the end. I thought that -- ESPN and they look at me like -- compare what makes this guy took it -- that you better around him you understand. Just what he brings to the table and it's a unique skills that I think you're looked in that probably. The biggest thing -- -- -- and I'm excited about there is no fear that he ever misses a team of players that get complacent. But take advantage that do the things that happened. At the end it carries on here that that I can't ever doubt them. That scenario -- I'll tell you this much about him that but I thought he got I thought he did some things in the post is from a game as respectively were not good. But there are some situations he got out managed but I also think he's sort of learn. Final question before we let you go on this we'll take -- little far afield there's a lot of stuff out there in the sports world right now. Dolphins story especially about locker room atmosphere and hazing and things like that and and you were involved with. I'm sure situation about the course. And and but but I'm curious now you're you're coaching young people now you're you're out there with your daughter's softball team junior in your coaching young people. Has it cost you -- look differently at some of the things that went on in the locker rooms in the past with you and and now saying I don't know if that was the the right way to do things then. Acknowledge there was never the right way to do things ever it never will be. At the bit that -- well there's a big difference between professional athletes and interest. From clubs perspective. Certainly I would tell you there's two places that I've been in my lifetime where. The locker room mentality and the jocular hoping that happen. Are accepted common practice and out of the locker room. And didn't hit an unpopular war and I I I've I have had to have the honor of being involved and I I was thinking about this you there's a discussion about the other night -- and there were being listened. I can't tell you how many times. You know public -- complete blog you know that people and we just oh my god. Every single day. -- ultimately you're an example he. You guys see what Dustin Pedroia both publicly on the field. How when his mouth moved who's generally work because without coming out of that kind of Christmas Carol. The mentality compared to what happens and across the things that are set to each other and you know -- yes there is there absolutely is bullying. I've always accepted it as. That was you have to find the way it is and I'll play the -- that indicate the you have to find a way to -- ingratiate yourself and and be a part of this and and the hazing and all the things that happen. The harmless stuff that happened. I don't really got me ready to play out for example in Philadelphia the thing that was said to me as a player it's my teammate on the field. I would never have dreamed of saying to keep to my teammate but -- you know what the things that we -- in the locker nothing is off limits in the locker room ever. And and you know why I'm I'm someone who. I didn't come from the south I came from eye opener -- honest also. So the racially charged up I was never around that is as an amateur when I went to the professional my first my first three or four years of -- ball. I was blown away by ABC. The stark. Differences in guys that I played with and guys from the south. And and guys from your city put -- -- locker room they've never been together and the light is really awkward it's -- it's an environment. Very few people outside this -- could ever survive him. Doesn't make it right does it make it okay that's the way it is so. And that's the way it will always beat because you'll not be allowed to put people in the clubhouse the police to police that there's no -- in the world but however while that. I don't let your softball players haze that's rule number one. -- know that it put them do I have an unbelievably talented. That's been sixteen you've seen this year but. They're so much difference in him and how you can coach and teach these things at this level that end and at the W lover but he played -- It's because they're from your neighborhood you kind of grow up in the -- -- are you noticing things. Think about what sports especially -- sports locker -- now get 25 guys on the football beat 53 guys. And -- -- you got guys from Stanford and guys from Marshall and guys I mean it's amazing to me. The cultural diversity. Not only the great thing. We always appreciate time happy birthday about -- Productive take care that is a former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling now an analyst for ESPN. I somehow had a feeling might have an opinion I I want him to get over joked I beat -- and eating better and Harold Reynolds there's no Carlos I don't know it seems like is that true couple places yeses. I mean everyone's asked how rounds as a nice guy he's with animal on nicely had some trouble be more trouble -- grass so short grass yeah -- you're not. And that they have no tolerance and ESPN analyst Howard Bryant that's okay then you and what went around one thing he did say tonight. Agree with and I don't know why the Red Sox won't do. Is that they should -- Jon Lester this offseason that would take balled -- right I -- that they're not like resigning my initial instinct would be I would stand and applaud I would I would even care with the go -- -- -- would -- that -- About a player I'm Bob trusting each but they don't think about a year ago coming off a lousy sacks and -- bad attitude and I thought you could have got the reigning American League rookie rookie year he's straight -- doesn't Wear the gloves and what do you get now for him way more. And what he did we get more volume more when your left yeah you get more but there's only one year left that's a little bit from a team that might want to -- limited market but there's a market and I would just take guts and you would say. And -- pin is doing it his way I would I would I think it's for the starter and maybe they can get something of getting nothing for -- Dempster that just unload them. But is nick of part of points out Lackey has a lot of value right now -- of that Kirk 23 years ago John Lackey with two years six losing to the left. Has a lot of value when he walked in off the -- it definitely chanting his name our basic errors that open and there's some moves he could make and I -- wants to make him he's probably feel pressure from a lot of different. Directions but he should deal -- -- they would be dealing from strength will take a break we'll get back to -- just couple moments I will say this I have a buzzer beater atop the -- It will make even Gerry Callahan stand up and applaud.

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