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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The lunatic juror

Nov 14, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the lunatic juror in the Whitey Bulger case.

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Unbelievably. Emotional day yesterday. That the Bolger. Hearing the the the victims. The family members of the victims I got property in my Al Jerry Kelly and he tweeted this out yesterday and he said what I was thinking stepping -- joke -- -- -- it is a joke and an exit routes. I don't want and now that it's worse than we're sensitive in the you know well in Dillon stealing your permanent America just I apology opt out in dale now it's -- -- very much Terry is right -- I wish we would have seen acts with skip the so audio the first person speaking. Please. Get don't know I don't know -- don't turn -- Goldstein. -- you I was trying to do that are -- any -- into the yes you might it was a one assailant to hear from these people. No idea which they weren't able this idea he doesn't understand what you're talking last group this'll all its entire I don't know why you can't do like I'd do just appreciated good sketch in no good courtroom sketch. Just the most primitive happened thing in his I say this all the time but I feel like I should be. Like my grandmother's house is -- to look at the Saturday evening post. Oak Hill fourteen and and we can't. Photo or video that's a bothers me. Can our photographs can also say yes -- generalization sure. Courtroom sketch artists aren't very good artists. Nice edit master the lowest did my best -- -- artists and and and it had to turn it around six seconds organic. Air here as. Which had a Larry Johnson -- really get that you see one on the front page of the globe to Angela. Why isn't outrage as we've stated that -- that Moakley courthouse. We can't like looking so that it now. Not every time -- -- -- -- Q soprano killed somebody for real theatrical -- at some time in front page of the globe again and turning his back. On the front Harold holly. And so that's what if anything we at least get a picture it's gonna draw well that's that's. Why can't we just make that next step into the modern era and say. Okay just. The cameras on every one who plays for the scored those things that this whole trial and watched won't be able to watch the Sinai after an all companies believe the federal court -- -- think about that as apple. It's just wrong it's just so -- and I -- not heard. One person explained to me anyway I'm Roger I read it makes any sense it doesn't make any sense know why they don't do it. Because they don't do that's -- tradition. Is tradition like the Redskins. Article on the Redskins -- tradition. -- to Bud Selig affect -- and must be in charge you -- is responsible for credit he might have been so we all. Feel the Whitey Bulger was guilty right to clean and a lot of Alam Tara obviously it -- the whole trial. Was a waste of time because everyone who's guilty. Could just pled guilty in life and died in prison like he's gonna do but you know he wanted his last. -- Playing there on stage so we went to trial and it was a routine kind of well. Go through the motions deal were clearly you know he was gonna get convicted what are the great films in American history is twelve angry men the great Sidney Lumet film with Henry Fonda as the one. Guided to remake this I think lifetime movie one not broad that it just juror member twelve. In a Whitey Bulger may I heard it on driving home audio and yesterday little knots. It that's that's not capture Janet must hear from this Leunen can all -- thinkers say prenuptial passengers juror number twelve and she said Wednesday. Outright in front of the court. If she regrets finding Whitey Bulger guilty of the eleven murders. That Bulger wanted to plea from the get go right here. People like how captive. Because we are content to serve on the jury. Under criminal sentence saying the jury was held captive for ten weeks -- -- are -- being kicked out the window what happened in the it was not a -- try we know what I'll do you know why these criminals they cut him -- to get your freedom. Of victims and he. Was not at your trial it was a circus it was machine and everybody -- -- Not the FBI did not just you just now. That's. Two. People. -- Again. Right well. And it's. It's -- just trying to sell -- book -- heard your nine number nine are writing a book together. -- personal. What he booked out in on the has been some great books and the 300 pages. I mean she's. Yeah maybe I'm expecting yet written one over the equipment -- -- Getter on but think and she was talking in circles the reports that announced just anxious and so you would you would have acquitted him. Oh let's say and and that you want to get home to her guilty she couldn't even saying now they hire people specifically to pick. Members of the jury right. Jury consultant right -- -- -- -- pay a lot of absolutely and these people sat there and either she's the greatest con artist in the world where the the bigs don't. I still don't get why she voted to convict. -- -- can give an answer for she voted to convict and changed her mind someone get her that if someone who could get work. She's a child with white. Right you can write back and -- a -- like a Joseph from the following where he's reaching out from behind the -- and and brainwashing is not. I guess in the book is not going to be -- best seller. She makes money. Pole. The law I'm I'm having a hard time believing anybody's publish it I mean publishers listen to -- -- -- and is a publisher support him. Her. The united not reputable ones anyway yes so bizarre is also alternating two and again Jim it's it's UH. Oh a dollar. We do not your lower house over again it's right here at some point hope we shouldn't we should Jews making around six passes out. If they fail don't do it and it widget. It. Item in the and Clinton and governor -- -- it was her party happened. That was that mr. prince I just. Areas of there -- jurors who have strongly held convictions and I vote. She has strongly held convictions about it. And at first I thought she was just stick to the FBI being crop we know -- -- yes. John Connolly -- -- does -- in forty years does that take away from what Whitey did you play any mystery Rico's John Conley is rotting in prison her right. There. Like there to ski McConnell -- to him them. Am evil mastermind behind who had his back I mean if you wanna ask what Google does not jail I'm all for it let's ask and answer that question. Signal ask hard questions asked educate me -- does anyone think wasted on the -- -- -- without any help from bill acknowledged. And neither I don't buy that somehow this woman could just sit. For 678 hours and he patiently and that's true I mean she's she's governments clearly -- Others another trial in New York yesterday Alec Baldwin. Rental company that as a lunatic Genevieve sub were deemed as -- race -- -- -- -- idea but I -- Alabama's seniors she hot Tennessee -- right. At this point there is no question I'm my news daily note there's that is is -- any debate of the guests. Com boyfriend girlfriend the 23 -- coach -- and three counts of harassment and one count stall a stock ball as against her. So he was talking yesterday he -- in the stands. He was heckled by here at some point he was crying wolf while being asked about a run and -- -- a quick question -- action. Rules in courts anymore I want to announce Khatami on this one and no cameras I mean you can say whatever you want you can I mean she's -- with Stephen Davis said that's yeah rules anymore you can -- -- a -- I love that I'd love if you can give me camera one day in this whole trial that would it would have been -- -- knocked on my nine but he also would have been these victim impact statements they sounded just. Like raw emotion emotion and it's their finally their day in court after some of them 3040 years of grieving -- -- And and wondering if this Mac it was a we're going to be brought to justice he was brought to justice yesterday turned his back on the people. We should have seen and heard it and somebody. Politician of the problem and our new mayor mayor Walt hugged him Marjorie talks about these -- she contacted congress now. No answer on interest that why is no reason why -- -- -- producer during this thing. Always describing you know welcome brought him -- -- it is East Hampton home. I started to Europe and then she showed him why you crying and then later on denied that they were -- she stood up and yelled at him while your line. I can't reproduce this is why don't human way and I'm human and this is the reason why nobody you'll screw me that's one that generally known that I thought that was ultimately is probably higher on the list -- -- -- obviously not going to be afraid of the crazy stalker lady that -- burner bunny boiler suits you you're a Colbert and in -- -- Washington not answered it's I don't like to say it like crazy he invites yeah it's crazy you know would like this girl you know -- you -- should be foxwoods on Alan Ball when they're not. It's politically but -- -- -- -- but -- let's go to hell about it articulate hyper -- files loud. It's frantic it's true that it -- east they're very similar it -- -- waste this girl's got to get that crazy should not bad looking you know you could see we don't we talk -- leaders like the certain people between us and -- about the man. You know. I got back it's on our -- fantastic -- a state he likes and he likes the danger. So we talked the other day about Tom Cruise saying it being a movie is sort of like being in the military in Afghanistan and Afghanistan yet so mark while. Berg who is promoting his new Peter -- movies seen this this season written -- plays and ABC on this new movie. Which is what's early great reviews I'll forget the times it's supposed to really good to go movie he was asked at a press conference a couple of days ago about -- crew said. You know for actors and talk about oh. -- this huge. Smoke. And it. You don't do. It was somebody in the military around. And here you. You know when you -- You here as Austin. You can do no wrong and -- you know you looked around. We didn't -- and chicken -- It's okay. And it. And assists for him and sincere good move such a good so what sort of -- survivor it's the what's the markets look -- that's what it is yet and he's market thrown just one of the great -- rights. These markets -- Who that will be good that comes after some media -- Yeah another it's -- It's part of the Pontiac given the language I don't think it was a press conference -- -- Such agreed to name Tom Cruise and it would have been better when he was pretty specific pregnancy at that comes out December 27 it's based on the failed mission of the -- -- operation ramblings here on survived and great early reviews start screening itself who's gonna play Jared Monty in the -- It's -- public and maybe Tom Cruise do these guys was not all right right so Gooden Jack as Jack -- now. Now I think Jerry that's true that's your headlines brought to you by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment. Take a break we'll get to the calls and I would I've said that before but I'm gonna try this time 6177797937. Is telephone number. It's DNC John's not here dale in for John -- Kirk here as well Sports Radio WEEI.

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