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NESN's Jack Edwards: Penguins remain top competition for B's in the Eastern Conference

Nov 13, 2013|

We get our weekly state of the B from the head statesman, Jack Edwards of NESN.

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He's the -- -- the result. A man who needs no introduction but we'll introduce him anyway. The voice of the great Jack Edwards from NASA. We talked reject every week Jack has brought you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. Jack Edwards how about this just elected day you're on with another play by play great table Brian is here and so Steve Buckley was going on Jack. Well they not whole life and you know I've never met albeit person but I have Alison Pill for many hundreds of hours in -- your great job. He's a tremendous. Jack -- -- I wanted to ask you one quick question before we get into bruised up. Do you Wear your championship bring. All the time bulletin did not every demonize a -- And -- you know the great thing about it is that when his defense. It's just like an op status they collapsed in knots and what were in control surrounding. Let them try to aren't you that there -- What a pleasure any control around -- -- Vladimir -- Like foreign. Not micro I don't hate it it just occurred to me will be given at a -- baseball fight. Call baseball -- -- -- a real baseball fight on the you know we go badgers aren't being I've had probably you know 1520 of those but I wouldn't call anyone a legitimate finale to a hockey fight. Is this guy's the best club fight -- -- no question of mine and the and the lingo he got to the -- the travelling and yeah. It Jack I don't ask you about this though we were we were working with the L yesterday was me -- and Jackie McMullen -- said. That took a grass is the best goaltender in the NHL right now the best not top three not I said that dale number one. You agree with that. On any given night yeah yeah I'd I'd say probably is but. You know that's. And it takes nothing away from Tuukka. -- say the say thing about in promising a couple of years ago. And there -- what common -- one and number thirty -- takes away half the lights were about 40% of the game. And that Yeltsin himself in in Italy yet Benjamin pieces. This morning. You know there are Smart player I don't need to put out curvature are there. So that part of it NATO partners record fuel in our coaches. What have you considered goalie friendly system you know that I'm not saying that -- -- not a great goalie you're you legitimately great goalie. You might start fulfillment in the Olympics in cylinders. Easily. Easily defeat this country and in goalies. In the world. What do I have a hard time with absolutes because. Hockey that you're very important and it's all difficult to measure. For instance. -- stand goes against the Sidney Crosby is that -- A lot -- -- round and Crosby and you know unfortunately not right now like a lot plaster around but. Yeah it's it's a really aren't going to determine because all a lot of took a success and he'll be the first to say it. It's the inmates -- probably in the system that they play so well. You know Jack we we wrapped up old home week last week with the Bruins who thought Tim Thomas returned we saw. Tyler -- return Phil Kessel. -- those three guys. Which guy do you think in the Bruins Rome or in the organization where they look at them and they say. You know we cannot lose to this SOB or they're still there's still some hard feelings or or it don't do any of those guys fit into that category. They have been so good Michael atletico. Just saying you know today it yesterday yesterday. And we're not let that get inside our -- And that's part of the way that quote get sustained focus and I think that there was a lot of anger towards Tim Thomas last year. Primarily because in a hard cap. Seton or pick up where. We're hearing about the -- down. Promised but his game with a five million dollar at the bank a salary cap that it it just requires. And so -- -- -- that you can -- on -- But if he had retired he would open up that cap space so certain you don't want actually got to figure he would. Because you started 35 when he gets under contract but. You know if you. Stinker of the year I'm sure that he thought wouldn't sit there aren't getting paid. But it was the other way around the broad -- holding -- these salary cap back in and that was a nasty thing to do to its active. Jack I haven't had a chance to get to the garden yet the whole World Series thing is still wrapping up for us. When you look at this Bruins team. And the way Tyler Sagan was received when he came back and and I'm guessing you may have talked about the last week and I apologize. The way Tyler Sagan was received in the way that Thomas was -- yes no maybe how he won that. You know -- -- a little surprised that people -- Sagan as -- Because it's not a that he to be traded or was. Or really bad eggs. If Tyler -- has a shortcoming it cities just immature and I guess we can probably expect that a lot of 41 year old multimillionaire. And that's just that's just part and parcel of how artists. It's it's odd is that the you know in baseball and hockey only. You have. Entry drafts of seventeen and eighteen year old and you have to determine. How they're going to develop not only physically. And technically but most important in terms of their character by the time they're 21 -- 22 and they begin to have salary. So. You know it's it's really really hard to figure out if this seventeen year old lighting up in Ontario hockey league. Is gonna end up being. Real superstar in the rule was gonna make all the players around him better and sort baffled me as to why the parents. Boots day in and and I couldn't hear a single -- -- -- That's that I don't think. -- culture include Iowa via I was really surprised to hear that about saying. Jack are the Bruins the best team in the east. They were pretty good. And I only saw like him on TV I was on NBC's soul I don't know. If if I really -- formulate an opinion. The thing about Pittsburgh is that they can actually light it up all regular season long and -- -- gonna go where Marc-Andre Fleury in the playoffs you still wonder if the -- got to go off. If he's just gonna have this horrible collapse in the playoffs. -- that happen repeatedly and they continue to -- accomplice beat got to think. That worries. Dangling at the end of a very very short -- On balance. Brokered good as anybody by. In November you know I -- -- said that that Tampa Bay it was the surprise team of the east and so students samples broke his leg -- -- sales and so. I mean I know that the Montreal shootout last night but you know. You don't want it shootout for a team that spot light it up offensively. Fixed there goes the way -- and -- it's pretty hard flight plan. I don't know why don't I can't remember how the hockey world reacted when Tammy Lee was named president of the Bruins and -- Howard reacting here is talking about throughout the league a wonder that will be a similar reaction. For Pat LaFontaine. President of hockey operations for the Buffalo Sabres what do you think about that. All I gotta go so poor edit it can't be down because there -- quality tests and it was shocking to me that there are -- you're able to keep his job and fire Lindy Ruff. Maybe that was just a relationship that he had -- secretary Togo who while the sabres a few years ago and completely. Remade. The sabres side of the arena and really gave it -- championship now feeling. But. You know I I. Lindy -- as a tremendous hockey coach. And throw him under the wheels of the plot after it roster was. Decimated as badly as as Richard decimated over the previous -- years. Deported many guys in -- it long term swaps and just had no resonate at all. You know Christians are often Ville Leino. And also the -- Tyler Myers to a huge contract and take away thinking you know it is takeaways is is veteran defensive partner. And and let him fail which is what he's done -- But to me that was. All -- this year we're not and you -- fault that was all outdoor cures you're crippling that franchise we were bad administrative most. So yeah LaFontaine. Gotta be positive news for them because there at the bottom there's only one way to go and technology can still coached Egypt that some issues through the years so. You know Putin. Keep it off the right stuff off the lights and you really well with his team on the -- and kept them some -- -- that's good for -- -- -- -- -- -- finally from the you notice Stanley Cup champion looks like what it feels like. And I've been asked this question dozens and dozens of times since game six of the World Series win did you know. That the Red Sox word this kind of teammate championship level team. As you're looking at the Bruins right now. Probably terribly unfair it's a middle of November but. Are you seeing the makings of a Stanley Cup champion in your eyes. Every dumb I think number 37 come under the ice for pregame warm -- I think at the -- in the Stanley Cup. It's it's as -- a chart it's as spectacular -- cute then. As much of a game changer -- Lucci is. The the system were coaching the goalie. To me it's about Patrice Bergeron if he's healthy and he took the top of -- game he's as good as any player in the National Hockey League. He's a guy who completely. Sacrifices. These individuals for the -- of the team if you will he's. He's Pedroia needing to get a lot of law if you can't try the ball into the gap. Is -- accountable for dialogue. By the way who by the way proves that you can be a teenager and play with a level maturity in the NHL. Well yep exactly but I I think we have a screen now that the Patrice Bergeron actually 45 years -- and disguising it very well. Over it it. It's true he's. I I think is as good as any player in the lead and not you know people like to speculate they say all that's seventeen seconds in game six against Chicago. Don't you wish they had instead -- know what is certain that doctor in the world who allowed it the punctured long to get into pressurized cabin of an airplane -- fly to Chicago play against them. No -- there's no. What then -- in April and win the Stanley Cup in Chicago in game seven especially good because they didn't all they already did not want senator Gregory killed in play all the Stanley Cup final. So yeah a -- my my answer it. That with this system and the other personnel they have their return Bergeron comes on the ice I think they got a chance to and they'll. -- fantastic start well we'll check in with you next week. -- Jack gray Jack Edwards what did you think of what he had to say. Talked about Patrice Bergeron -- talked about but Tim Thomas returning the read the the Bruins have moved on and in some cases and they've they've moved on and all cases. According to Jack I'll say one thing he did say that got my attention. Patrice Bergeron no Patrice Bergeron for game seven there's no way the Bruins win while. Only one game. One game. Now if you are in game one of the series you don't have Patrice Bergeron you're facing. Potentially seven games against the Blackhawks. That's one thing. I gonna do with this can't find a way fight through one game without your best player. Well anything's possible. I like the the Pedroia example -- Bergeron minute that rings a bell with me to. You know and the value of that player for that big game up any game philosophy of it because when he said. The comparison and I I've made -- mistake picking personality and so forth and they are. Quite different versions are very. Quiet stoic kind of guy -- -- Pedroia quite a different kind of guy I would agree with that -- yeah that's why kind of was settled but I'd NC -- -- game. 61777979370. So far we've been talking about baseball talking about hockey. I eventually will work -- college basketball I don't know much about those minutemen and what you guys last night at UMass went right over LSU. I was watching a lot of college basketball last night and I think I have changed my opinion about what the Celtics should do we'll talk about that a 4 o'clock the next. Your phone calls on baseball and hockey.

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