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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Prospect Edition - 11/13/13

Nov 13, 2013|

We discuss four topics revolving around young prospects that may or may not affect our Boston teams.

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-- -- -- -- -- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for. Fun cleaning. -- A welcome to Ford for mr. O'Brien. I'm delighted to be a year it just occurred it is this this is your rookie. -- for this is mine for Gordon you to go and how we do you get -- and it's the rest of and maybe finally easing -- Kaman with with a box full of those donuts which should be outlawed that you have one year old line -- are great. I haven't had a build about five months and I don't need another one for five months -- -- but it's just that it entails you know trying to don't know. Nobody never again I'm gonna these are made them more shocking it was actually offering food and didn't weren't well great great stuff. But by the way you do way I -- you do a great Vince Scully. And possibly instantly US state or is that too sensitive to. I'd I'd go postal you don't I don't and I think adding Mikey does the best that ever heard and I made I -- dog him into doing it in front of Joseph. -- during Jimmy Fund and he was uncomfortable he was uncomfortable that he knocked it out of the park it was incredible -- are hurt. With a point out how to do -- that field. He loved it yeah it did not much. But he did I think he put on a good. The -- he did he tolerated about Mikey does the best I've ever heard anywhere programs out there -- well. Color -- and -- what are you guys got badgered Bedard Ben what has gotten -- question number one the Red Sox have some highly touted prospects Jackie Bradley juniors and to -- guards well that'll Brooks among others. So who's the most exciting young prospects other than Zander Bogart's on the Red -- Remain Christian Vazquez. Young catcher. Summer saying he's a couple of years away I don't think so we talked to Red Sox got into World Series -- cities closer than that. And that might eat in the end to leave the Red Sox to make it different decision about immediate catching -- look -- the biscuit cannon of an arm. They love the make up they think he can be an everyday guy in the not too distant future but I'm torn between. -- Henry Owens and Jackie Bradley junior Henry Owens because. -- over the same scout told me that this -- a lot closer than people give credit warden but I haven't seen him pitch yet have and. Jane DJ. -- me when he was in spring training and maybe I'm still. Weighing it too much in this direction but he just seems like he belongs. And over the numbers weren't did productivity was -- their -- he just seems to me like a big league ball player he was not blinded by the light when he came out. He fit in well -- with maybe it's a more reflection on the teammates that he had these things that you want the big leagues just. You guys think about that tomorrow. But the next short stuff for the future the next short staffed until Bogart at third admiral is short and continued -- negative publicity in this is a very people order to have Bogart in the out. Good employee could -- is he's that kind of an athlete but look out for -- why -- -- well I don't know switch hitting -- Sox are very very deep but catching in the minor leagues. -- so who has been the most exciting Major League Baseball prospect come -- in the last five years you've got names like -- harper Strasburg Harvey we Fernandez says but us which one is your most exciting prost. Well most exciting America you have to go work you have to go Mike Trout and I think. -- there's a lot of attention on harper. He has gotten me. He has a lot of people often he's got a little slack to all men and women harper. Mountain about harper has -- swaggering army's got attention all that stuff where nobody stick more -- -- weekend yet but but just in terms of production you look at the first two years of -- Trout who reared its heart does go with anybody else offering them. -- would be on -- he had an MVP caliber season very few people are gonna vote for him but probably had a better year than he did this season ago. But I answered another -- soup week. Is a target he is probably gonna be out of baseball and hand. Full of years you -- in early Vizio Qatar only with considerable more skill yes it was okay Terry had a chance to play in the big leagues and then just. I'd stay away it was like lolly gagging up the balls and was out of the big he's and he had a god gift from god to play in the big leagues for seven years the mind -- -- going up and attended. And -- take Bryce Harper. Only because. I don't like it when rookies have swagger because I think you should earn that. But when you bring swagger -- you with a little suitcase you arrive in the big leagues and then back it up to that -- the as I respect that. -- -- that will be a lot of people are gonna vote for Mike -- Who vote for him before you weren't there. If there would be B baseball writers association of America Michael crisper pictures. Of the freak me. Have -- to start aim and no franchise what young player would you use to build your team around slightly different question but can be the same answer. I think is the same answer -- that you. If if but if there was a young pitcher out there that I thought was the equivalent of -- throughout I would go pitching but I don't think there's anybody. Pitching that's on his local magazine mogul Michael walker I I don't I don't think so -- well wait my turn I don't I don't think walker whose line is on Trump's level. -- could be. He could be. Look at you look at these last two years dropped up to -- I would agree -- the guy for me. If I had another pick it would might be that kid in Baltimore. Many mature. They're awesome. Olympic walker only because it's it's really hard and it's the exact same but it's hard to compare. A pitcher with a handful of Major League appearances. To -- what was already throw already established big league start that we can all agree on that. I like what his composure and I certainly logged -- you must -- this as an announcer the way he works. Gets the ball the catcher he's in his windup I love that it's quicker than burly he's quick and liberal which is saying a lot. -- you -- you like his composure. In in game six do you think he lost his composure or was it just. That the Red Sox had had a a good view him in game two and they were ready form I haven't read it was accommodative about a combination of both of them the Red Sox had quite. Red Bull coming out of your -- the next game they came out to win a fight not a winning game two when a fight that was a scary Red Sox team in game six. And they went to school on Michael -- they went to school which they did better than anybody in all season long. When they figure out what you're gonna throw look out the feature into the ground they did it all year. It up he was anointed a little too soon are better with that I'm not about our -- I'm not sure what he is yet I mean he had. -- even coming into the are coming to the World Series. It was kind of buildings while the cardinals have good pitching because they have Wainwright walked -- -- -- out there Wainwright he's a proven. I'll post season performer. Although he had start the game before this World Series the first time starting in the world's -- might issue is that I I know why you hadn't earned it yet you know I agree with that -- I base a lot of I feel what wacko on the NLCS most of the World Series. They saw -- mobile power -- almost a no hitter yeah. Well and last night the top thirty -- college basketball took the court and displayed the skills that teams like the Celtics are covering. After last night's performances who do you think we'll capture that number one draft spot and who would you ideally want to see in Celtics green. Our guys -- -- deficit. After watching last night. I was with the tees that you had a little Abby Joseph to have drilled an avid weight loss is planned on I call our neighbors -- ticket I I. Yesterday it was tied to Jackie McMullen and making the case against taking. Oh come on you know it's as good for the young players make the play all -- you know it it. To develop this -- this this know how winning games being competitive predict tank. What are you players can't change take anything yet again we not only united can get them all out there. Get their -- going to get that MRSA virus going. -- -- that thing that infection but they either Rutgers there could. If there's no number -- -- and it hit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tell you. These guys the three players I saw last -- not even sure who the best one is I know the consensus. Is Andrew wigand's. If Wiggins is better. If he's better than Jabari Parker he's better by me here if you lost Somalia's new haircut there in a pretty sleek form. -- part Parker was impressive yesterday manager Wigan Athletic fast. Coming smooth. And then in the first game. You only just ran don't want a man you know we're reminds me of hoping he reminds them you cover a lot of -- that's what 5055 games and here you have Prius -- -- He reminds me of a young. Zach Randolph I don't think Zach Randolph was as good at 1819. As Julius Randall is right now the Celtics. Have to get one of these guys tank damaged tank hit. What Bret Bret Stephens along contract six year contract on or about. We will write off a 25 and 57 season when you're 62 we got to make a -- about start losing now you want these. A big fan of -- Steve discoverable lot with Butler and he's going to be a great fit here. Jabari Parker would be. My choice covered him in his college opener for duke against Davidson he hit the first five shots that he ever took in college basketball. And then after the game we asked him about facing wigand's. Last night but the game coming up. At freshman against freshman and he said this isn't about me against him this is duke against Kansas he looked like a Celtic to -- what we want a Celtic to be and he sounded. Like -- Raising blocked well I want to give some love my guys Chaz Williams I UMass I think the mobile lottery pick next exit. Nice start for them -- -- very good good good luck to coach killer it's a good program and you know what I -- somewhat accused myself because of its still wrapped up in the baseball and all that and I haven't seen as many college games that would like. So I have to go at the what I would have said we eagle program show which is -- because he's a -- that -- and I know something about and read about him and in the absence of having seen -- and I like to see the player on talk -- to read her bio on the web site so while ago we and so for. I gotta tell you just watching these guys. Watching these guys last night the hype is justified a lot of people of compared this draft of 2003. In big but the 03 draft the good players in the top five. You had LeBron obviously yet Carmelo he had Dwyane Wade he had Chris Bosh -- -- skip over number two which is dark so -- the good players. I think it is it's hard to shake somebody's gonna be LeBron. But those other players in the top five. No perennial all star short of Darko perennial all star players. Franchise players in their own rights. I I see it with all of with all three players. I was trying to think I saw somebody compared -- apartment Carmelo and I think there's -- a lot of negativity around car model now because we've seen what he's become in the pros. I still think he's an underrated player people. Really -- Carmelo I think he's good. But the thing about Carmelo when he was nineteen years ago. Winning a championship for Syracuse won and done but a team on his back I've made all that that that the height in the statements about Carmelo at that time. -- his -- probably wasn't even the it could have been higher that was his stock was that if it's what was a freshman. At Syracuse. I don't think. It may be my memories and ultimately a little bit. I don't see Parker as being like Carmelo. Really -- for -- to come -- -- -- comparison -- -- guy but I saw -- -- last -- who initially saw its first game. I did it to me a lot of Scottie Pippen and his -- a lot of different -- different but then you know. Step back but bigger but a strong and he and gonna get bigger he's -- stepped back and he can hit that three from 24 feet and he can go to feed over the rim. He's an exciting I -- admission show yesterday -- we are you when the whole tanking. I don't think as you said. Players can do plays can't you can't argue today if you wouldn't you wouldn't want it to happen you wouldn't want this guy go out there have been a player would no player in his right mind would do it. Because it just messes with you or it messes with your personal brain and forget about the team. You know usually well yeah you just can't be a player who intentionally missed the shot misses free throws turned the ball over. That's that would tanking -- -- -- Matt -- for credit card organizations tanked. And then that's that but that had to have been vendor in the summer. War can be done by a coach. All non non non -- it to get it done -- coach or browse to it and this this is cancel lights on improved season a big boy coach fix your -- and and peppers cute tank. He kept his boss tells him to. What you put the guys on the floor I'm with you or what parts. My immediate -- this guy thinks this is real. He thinks the goal -- the play out -- -- going to be a seven seed and maybe make it past the first round I guarantee does guarantee on as a serious bizarre that's what I'm seeing in. Good for him. The only person who can tank is is the general manager. That may happen. Let's read it on the phone we're not don't ever -- well. Over the phone culprits of phoning me -- eight games into the season either this -- Titanic as the general manager. Either as you said. You give those players in the offseason you make trade Hughes and Rondo Watertown to package Rondo went. -- Rondo isn't that exactly would you put it that Rondo with Gerald Wallace who's actually playing good heady basketball. You keep Chris Humphries on the bench which he's done for the most part. You make sure that you have combinations on the floor that from the coaching perspective. You have accommodations on the floor that don't necessarily make a lot of sense but forgetting change. You make trade for the season and make trades in season. If you can't here's a problem. A lot of teams in basketball feel like. Yeah I need to get one of these players have a lot of trading partners. How many people are really going for not a lot of teams -- more teams that seem to be looking at Jabari Parker and Andrew Reagan's. And Randall and Smart to keep going down the list all these guys are going to be in the draft. There -- more teams focused on them and focused on the Larry O'Brien trophy. So it's a tough situation to being an. Hey can I just -- -- on behalf of the network that I work for the recipient. What a great thing that was last night to be able is particularly between like 7 and 11 o'clock last night. The games that were on what was that marked the UMass LSU game to chip it down which is what -- on the but I mean you've got. The damning with faint praise the book but with a tip the marathon is a terrific event if you ask it -- -- against Harvard -- work that's right. Now before -- get your take on Brad human genome pretty well -- texas' Michael you're an idiot riker. I don't coach. And no coach real coach what Hank. It can't get no real competitor. And even think those words. Oh my god entered in the Kool -- that's ridiculous to hear from you sorely disappointed. Michael -- if you lost your mind. The C shouldn't take let these guys grow as a team and shame on you Michael shame on -- The problem is the team they grow into won't -- a team with a championship. What's the ceiling for this team. The feel like this season but this year outrageous eight -- projecting -- speculating or guessing -- -- -- what we do. What do you think the ceiling is this current Celtics team does -- what Avery Bradley got a growing to what Jeff Green and growing too. I think it's easy according Crawford -- gonna grow -- yet has it been around it is what it is. And he -- to wait till he's what six years seven years he was in the -- at the 2007 draft. The -- what I mean I don't know what he's growing into for the most part com. In the absence of any one player on that team I I don't see LeBron don't you Garnett I don't see that one guy. Who's gonna say climb aboard in the carrier which championship I don't see that I don't see any of these young players. And it's not a knock some where asking when he's -- to be an iconic player. An iconic players you don't just grow them you have to find -- Lock in of them to some degree or make a really great greatly needed when he went -- -- house and knocked on the door. And and said please extend come noise complaint with this or dot -- or -- -- the lottery what has not been allotted in 2000 which -- an incoming head up that. It in 2014. When Andrew Wiggins is coming out and -- -- Randall's coming out as a part Parker I don't know I don't know what the Celtics are gonna do. And and they may not have to take in all seriousness I'm talking about you know them coming up with mysterious illnesses and -- this up and ulcers. I think if they continue to play hard. It may not be getting a good enough to get to the playoffs looked good right now showing a lot of effort. Four straight wins without Rondo without Rondo it's good Rondo seems to be on board to see him there so dressed in the side -- issue an assistant coach. Pretty much you know being very positive. But I think the fact is. Once once the games start to become a little more intense when it seems when that when the good teams truly start to five to play opposition. I don't the Celtics have enough. Get into the playoffs but they don't have enough to make it interest in and you guys tell me -- -- and I am -- right I'm an idiot. But you tell me the Celtics made the playoffs this year I -- And out I don't know if that's the if that's gonna define this team. Making the playoffs they have to make the playoffs -- to show tremendous growth for you now some notes that the but the subject to some. Morning. You're not in the lottery you don't have a shot at one of these guys. -- -- point if you're going to be competitive. Friday may maybe -- just all screwed up which is which is very possible. I thought the point of moving on. From KG moving on from Paul Pierce. Was to say was an acknowledgment.

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