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ESPN's Christina Kahrl explains why John Farrell was left off her AL MoY ballot

Nov 13, 2013|

We discuss the voting for AL Manager of the year with ESPN's Christina Kahrl, who left John Farrell out of her top 3 votes entirely.

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OG ready. He turns on a rubber attitude to home so. So the champions it's. Relaxed at best they're Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. -- is Dave O'Brien on the call you got the heart of a million times by now I think you have great call. Beating the St. Louis Cardinals four games who in the World Series moment will be easier today dessert -- on questions that that's the Buckley. This isn't my gut Joseph Carter winning the World Series in 93 with a home run walk off so you kind of know they gonna win it. So do you have like a little thing all prepared you -- momentary you what do you do there. Well in my head the only -- into it wanted to say was I wanted Boston strong in there because a ball meant to this special season. And the rest of it is for historical perspective. But you're right when you have a game like that which is effectively over by the middle innings Sox were up six to nothing six to -- games over. Then you have a chance to really relax and sort of think about which you might wanna say at that moment but you never know what's gonna happen you never know. If you know he's gonna -- on covers anyone in -- right center field victory knows got to make. A spectacular after prison or seven luckily you're exactly right up to you really can't plan those things too much. And but that was the only thing that that I really wanted to -- Can I apologize for an I gut just got to call from a fourth grade English teacher. You regardless which I usually let you know I is not a word I let -- -- -- that -- -- -- there's a debate on it there actually a bit and debate on an about a 150 years is that it was in Trenton 79 o'clock o'clock. That's actually not where my bad on -- take it. Listen don't about it and let that be your last apology for a great deal to combine so John Ferrell obviously the manager of the world champion Red Sox. Manager of the year voting was announced yesterday. I John -- -- when he finished in second place former Sox manager Terry Francona wanted one of the voters Christina Karl. From espn.com. Joins us a nice enough to join us in Christina. -- not have John Ferrell first second or third. In her voting so Christian and he'd be able Brian Steve Buckley Michael -- here in Boston -- Telus. -- what would your vote the thought process to be voting. Oh cool happy to be your guys. Well really and we have to boil down to this with a great year for managers there were six really good candidates let tape. For me and -- -- kind of had to kind of discard -- your authority and that yes. What pretty early in the process so we're thinking about it over a couple of days at the end he's -- but. You know. When it got into you know a couple of points of like you know why one over another I just ended up thinking that and deciding that cherry pick. On his ear really he made a huge difference in whether or not Indians win ninety games and whether or not the Indians get to October at all. And if you don't have Terry Francona word is that Indians team. You know doing some of the things that he did in -- -- that is you wind up what they don't make it to October and I was you know. For Cleveland a pretty big deal. So you know starting -- with. Really a kind of fell into two groups which was. Melvin courses. Francona but the top vote and then. From there then basically to get a consolation point for third place and whether that would should be. Joseph Maddon who also had a great year that I -- for the -- made a big difference they're getting into the post season. Worked on Ferrell and you know that was a tough call like that would probably I think that my article on has given. You know that was probably took much. Trying to decide what to do with that one point as it did to pick between -- and and icon at the top of my. Well Chris Kennedy I'm I'm guessing. You didn't have the Red Sox going very far when you had to make your predictions and -- February march whatever was not coming out of spring training is that correct. That would be correct -- also I would strapped is not a criterion and whether you know like what iPod. The Red Sox were gonna do the first important as what the Red Sox but they were going to do it. Army but I I don't think they believe they were gonna win the World Series and internally they were. They were thinking about 86. Contender you don't spend the kind of money that they. And not anticipate contention. Get to what what a lot of define contender like you know in the wild card makes. Why would say that they were a team that you know we -- or you could -- he could come up with a reasonable explanation or expectation that they would win. Somewhere around ninety games and be in the running to win the division -- went wild card. Nobody in that division particularly because oblivion -- are tightly controlled we. You know that -- and you know the unbalanced schedule worked out. Nobody in this division looked like they were gonna win a hundred games and run away with the division direct talks were in play because everybody and Activision was essentially in place. Proceed when you look at what the Red Sox accomplished under John Ferrell 28 team turnaround going from last. To first how much did that factor how much weight did you put on that. Are they didn't put much factor on that at all because again you're looking at like -- asset that he had to work with over the -- these and not. What essentially you know like it all he didn't inherit all of Bobby Valentine's problems he inherited a clean -- with a bunch of talent will couple. The fact that he had a very talented team and that he's got you know a relatively healthy and great year out of a bunch of players where. By contrast Valentine you know just about everything pot that could've gone wrong with that he did go wrong. Whether you'll put all of that on Bobby B or you wanna put all of that on on the management choices before that even. Or something that didn't work out that's one thing this year a lot of things did work and you ended up with you know. Part of the reason why they could fulfill that helped it expectation that they could win ninety or ninety or more gains. And end up in contention and -- -- point. Christina let me ask you this first of -- how are you. Aren't you get what you are doing great okay so do you believe that managing in this is something we talked about with great fervor before you were on the year. You believe the managing a team any big market Boston. Philadelphia. New York certainly places where people just go crazy about baseball. Is is a different. Different kind of job with different expectations and different stresses and so forth. The managing -- Cleveland Seattle and so forth. I think it depends on that again and the kind of killing around him and the kind of like this get into the -- -- modern role of the media communications cut. Members forest you know because we all want some of his time we all want to talk to him we all get media availability with the manager for an ever have before and after repeated. We get you know. Commanders challenged to be more about these guys are franchise in a way that you know like. Saying you know it's kind of like you know -- -- President Obama had to be his own spokesperson and explain everything every day about how he was doing on mr. But the tough gig and it's tough -- manager in major media market particular market like Boston or New York. You know where you end up without much attention with Bennett many passionate fans who really are gonna go nuts over every little thing will. Arizona just don't think there is -- masking is because image mr. I covered mariners when year years ago and Dick Williams was the manager in the three of me but then again Jim street. Couple of people the -- pay for the Bremen and paper but basically just the same three guys. And we'd sit in the area Beers -- Dick Williams after the game before the game it was just an entirely different situation. Then managing in Boston in in the reason I think anyone who didn't have Farrell in your top three misses the ball. Is because. I can't begin to describe you the the pressures of managing the Red Sox and how would almost it almost knocked Francona right out. And and then they bring in Ferrell and all of a sudden end and we can debate the -- is a nose but the responsibility -- I'm repeating myself. The respectability to the accountability is the way I was looking for that he brought to this team this year where it was nothing short of stunning. And that is as -- reasons why they competed as anything else. There I think you know like working in the media I'm not gonna say that the media had an impact in the romantic or does his job. And I'm just saying the media and current valuation and all and others. That's got to really think we need to give too much credit -- how good they are with but I don't think we can get much credit you. How well they manage or how much media expectations play. Different you know challenges on the field I think you know what again that's something which even if we wanted to go there. I don't think we can like claim that it worked X number of -- to make this kind of different person that kind of difference I mean clearly Joseph Girardi had a different. And I would say less positive relationship that certainly with New York. Media but it doesn't really impact how he does his job and I just you know -- again I'd say. Each each manager has the ability to kind of create either his -- positive or negative environment is playing clearly Bobby -- did not create. Positive media environment necessarily -- did not contribute to want. But you know like some guys when even despite -- again I just I would hate to operate. The media aspect. Of the job when you. You know at the end of the day laden are more interest in whether or not they made an impact with this discrete decision making. But help their team win and what hope -- that he do better than -- Actors are this Christian art Terry Francona with -- average. Well overnight he would like I think it was 93 wins. And his years in Boston won two World Series championships never. Got a manager of the year vote now goes from fourth place and -- central to second place in the AL central. I get team manager of the year award and get to first place vote from you I'm wondering. What would John Ferrell have to do. To get a evil from you mean how does how does Joseph Maddon get the third and third places to me I would I would say first -- second I think there's a debate for Francona. But Madden and third place. What what would what would Ferrell have to do to get that third place vote for me. I think you would have had to deal I mean it's not nearly so much a question what Ferrell did wrong but it sounded so many things right and so many things well. Mean again like when you talk about like in -- tactics to running a -- platoon left fielder. -- the number of things that he did but. Other guys that would necessarily done and he did well. You gotta give Carol a ton of credit for that. But the contrast didn't with what you know is -- the statement is in a negative where like what did Carol not do the question instead of the problem. How many things did -- do that basically put him over. Carole and -- by that and I have to admit I think most narrow margins and you disclosed. The situation we here saying you take those nine points you get as a voter. And you get to distribute them anywhere you wanted if you wanna get nine point one guy wore one point nine -- guys whatever. You know on my ballot you know what I've looked at that level. You know I probably would have been a 4311. Like spread -- -- -- heroin and -- that -- but yeah I chose men and I think there were very good reasons because his rotation -- get being Japanese did have to manage around several problems. And he did have a lineup that wasn't necessarily Patrick consistently did have to chemical ought. And he was. Again kinda hyper kinetic you know tactician that he always have to be with that -- and that makes a big difference whether -- why the rays are able to contend in the mail -- So it was a big part of the the reasoning behind your vote Christine is that these that I knows those are all small market clubs you voted for the managers. Of small markets. Francona Melvin and Madden. We had a right Iran earlier. Who did not have John Farrell anywhere in her top three either and she was talking about the size of the payroll. And all of those resources. That come with that being a major part of her decision is -- true view as well. I would say it's more about you know like not necessarily payroll so much of the talent that buys you. What you get at your fall back options when things do get go wrong I mean. Barrel again one of the things you can credit him or could -- get a good job of it in terms of like you know dealing with the first couple of months win. You know first hand and goes down and -- goes down or -- and Campbell were inconsistent and not especially special. And he gets he gets to finally turned that we are who turns -- -- season nobody can predict it and I don't think you can like you know ascribed to unfurl like. The level performance but we are a bit. Anybody knew that we are and that -- and you were gone for a lot more on the free agent market. But he had a great collection of alternatives now you compare that to send somebody like Terry Francona who you know like. Chris Perez is what kind of you know the latter date on stand out to the -- -- reliever who just based scares you every time you get on the mound. That was a tough situation for Francona to work wept openly in the again it's something where. And he didn't have a lot I mean -- mass beneath the tunnel in both your fallback options liking you don't have a lot of great fallback options but Conan nevertheless made that work. Whereas you know again the Red Sox had some pretty good options in case things went wrong with their late game plan. Our Christine go to their could not disagree with you more but I will give you credit for about coming on and explaining you're you're voting process here. It's Christina Carl from espn.com. Follow her on Twitter at Cristina Carl thanks for taking it to our walk out of regulator. Decorators in our that's our Christian Karl from espn.com. And if you know you guys tell me appear to have been different if you ask me it sounds like. Is just one of those large payroll -- sorry got a large payroll. Your your organization spent money on freeagent well even if I'm not impressed with the free agent you're impressed with them because you Simon has been a lot of money and -- so. You think -- contender I -- I can't give you credit. But -- -- a better job of the woman Seattle defending her all the tall man obviously not nine Hyundai Kia and however. For her to so cavalierly dismissed. The worst to first aspect to this is is missing the big picture here and I thought cavalierly. Dismissing your point. About managing here and how different that is the managing yeah Lenny walls -- or. -- just about anybody else other than the big markets and it that we focus on all the time. I thought you -- sort. And if you -- three of us have worked in different markets and and we are better prepared to talk a vote. The small market vs big market and it's not just being bodies but the writers I think she's sort of ran off with that because I mentioned sitting in Dick Williams's office you know -- no lights thirty years ago. But it is different being in a big market with the expectations. Absolutely well. What did you guys think 61777979837. Taking your phone calls on this and other things today but this is that this is the hot story we've had a couple people. From. Writers association of America baseball writers association of America attempt to explain that in in my mind the unexplainable. Doing. You know it it it's supposed to make us feel better. Out of it makes personal nor shall -- your WEEI -- to.

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