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Andy Brickley, NESN: On the Bruins win streak

Nov 13, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Merloni for his weekly appearance to discuss the Bruins win streak, fighting in hockey, and the winter Olympics.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI your phones all day at 61777979837. ATT -- line. Is 37937. We just spoke with us -- brown. But the jiji press. Who is part of the Seattle chapter of the ball a baseball writers. Association of America he missed that. Replace Fauria at about ninety minutes top of the hour 1 o'clock she'll explain. In her own words why John Ferrell -- Terry Francona we're not. In her top three rail manager of the year. He got to hear this again at one I know I've during the break. They received some text from the members local member who voicemails theory that well without who -- about our little embarrassed by -- -- say that -- -- -- of their voting for pretty prestigious award the BB WA. And -- brown it's part of that you hear it again at 1 o'clock you missed that. I you don't wanna miss the Boston Bruins start to turn their season around and -- Berkeley. Joins us every single week and bricks part of the conversation is brought to you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates and Rick if he had a point to one thing in this turnaround in the last week or so. Does is there one thing that stands out and how the Bruins a sort of picked up their game in the last three or four. Well I think. Intensity level they've been able some in the last two in particular because they'll play control our own airplane trip I think is more -- Iowa that brought have to. The play if they wanna play to their identity and so we talked last week we talked about certain individuals that we will look at what -- taking. And with that intensity single individual performances locally Brett and I share. That they can put Gregory Campbell -- at -- because we talked about four or aiming to be more impact. If Rick also that the penalty kills more like the Boston Bruins are right early on you there were some leaks announcing that they're getting back to that identity -- to arrest a big part of that. Yeah rest is he's just been a normal what you -- fifteen of seventeen I think that the year. Schedule cooperated. Of the week -- allows him to play. -- -- They're never game during the regular season because he's been a week it'd be a wasted movement. And style place. The nordic combined -- the Bruins in the way they play when they're played their best hockey. You get Watergate you know Lou Holtz and the partner yet apparently has to be your best so it's sort. But it's been a decision -- will that improve the outside of that or how political gain by security the -- you've been pretty good. And out real good 22 straight. There debuts -- number so for emblems. In in and numbered -- -- -- forward groups. -- -- -- -- -- Do you think any part of the cleaner play brick in the -- the fewer turn over -- get the popular road and is that. Any part of that that they just getting more games playing with each other -- gimbal playing on a first line with this group for the first time -- Ericsson. I finally get back in their playing with that second line does that. Just the nature of playing -- together as a line is that starts help that the chemistry create fewer turnovers. Part of it a little too big part but it certainly new variable I think the fact that they played deep in the post he's relaxed here. And some of the guys that you're relying on to make those. Good decisions you know as for getting open or offense and executing that first pass. -- -- In there and consistent basis upon management's there's still room for improvement there what they've had trouble even in the last two very pickings. I eat in yet you're playing good opponents but -- puck management their -- -- because -- -- disappear. We noticed it more second period at all because of the long range -- just something that go on with them but. But they played real well that area has cleaned up to some degree but it still go to Wendell. Andy Berkeley is joining us and and part of these lists last week or so has been the Bruins get a ball with some fights we talked via. -- a day early for getting to this last week with TC -- we. You know what the called up in Toronto and and the NHL. Really cracking down on. The rules and the penalties enforced when it comes to fighting an investigator. There has been this researchers now let's have the last week to ten -- days of time to get fighting out of the sport I want it to this opportunity is to reset. Where you stand on that UA Kevin Paul DuPont on he says it's time for the goal altogether I'm not wanna go that far -- I think the -- self policing. Is a very important part of it and people pointed apparel since and Montreal CC. My guy goes down like that this is why you don't have any of this. In the sport that's -- -- 2013. Where we stand today brick on your feelings on fighting in the sport as as as of today. False start when I was a player and as a real stroke traditionalist then and actually stop the fighting was a big part of this art he. Always always was and always we -- Now that I've been retired remember years and that the business of television and -- promote cell which gave sliced open is a place for fighting cookie yet slight technical haven't changed. A mortuary and more step with -- editors. -- at a future rallies on record saying that it's a big part of the sport you want to be part of bake cookies and and that's what it is as possible. And it took quite that is meaningful not staged it's not retaliation for a good clean hockey it. Is the Bruins quite probably 95% of the time. The right -- sometime to come just you know there are a battle that you have with a guy that is history there it's her little. That outside of the lower case but it's very rarely come to the -- and I wanna see fighting the bee park on. I don't my -- close. Yeah -- punishment if they want actually be a little bit more aggressive in terms so what should get war fighting. I don't mind that I certainly -- to that kind of discussion but I like the fact that they don't want goaltender is only 200 feet to get an -- for all. That's all well and good but as far as the essence of pot -- flights at what they mean. In the course of hockey even the makeup of an organization I think -- Orkut. Then brick and also beat the safety of the players at the Sony -- talk about concussions and in sports. But really is that from the fighting hours at the hits you know the legal elbow. I like it a little -- go unheard of occupied absolutely and it in the always well you get it right on the spot in infrastructure are we gonna get hurt. And there's a technique to protect itself when he didn't -- those situations that you should work on it should have competence that your ability to protect yourself. -- But more. And I don't have the data -- but moral duties these nasty injuries are due to. No lack of respect and targeting the head of a political player who has the ability footnotes here. To protect themselves and that's what needs to be legislated better. Actually gonna come down hard with their suspect. It's a brick I couldn't agree more that's the frustrating part of this is that they think at some level right they've taken the fights out is gonna stop the head injuries when he just looked. Every week every single week either NASA shows a highlight we debated up on the one of our segments there or you go to puck daddy. And there's a guy taken a liberty it's somebody else's head and I understand that they are trying to -- toughen up the penalties but I would argue. That -- by making the penalties actually tougher not just saying when -- make a tougher and sickest and against those hits. That would do more but taking fighting out of the game to a ball the sport and get it to a safer level for these players. Absolutely absolutely I think by taking -- -- -- you would provide an element that you don't want. You know that's where there is no accountability or less accountability course it worked more violence believe it or not. And -- I think they're a little birdie on article about it you know by trying to legislate fighting Al before they kill launched earlier. With these bare speaker that we continue to see. It until they get that turned around. In come out harder on the on the illegal hit him in its that are actually in careers. Marc Savard. You know that's that's out to be a priority first before they were out fighting and so -- -- -- brick and nowhere or months away from the Olympics and in the break but I can't help thank you know and Olympic hockey big ice is your chance to recruit -- skates his way onto at least. Has that as a trial a chance to make this Olympic team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was it was coming right after it gave way Torre played very well but he's such a gifted skater had yet it will be open faced him there in English is gonna wanna play a really up. A full game I mean attack on their big sheet. And I ordered her players satellite up in front of him but. They're preaching every -- miniature every organization put their respective countries. When they watched the national likely -- first remote will be impacted by certain. Players how will climb the -- others will slide at -- has certainly climb the ladder and got the look of the street with -- So do we think at this point brick the locks for the Bruins would be Chara -- -- blocking Ericsson for Sweden up Bergeron for Canada. Cray chief for Czechoslovakia -- Republican excuse me to grow Rask for Finland -- -- leaving off what you would consider a lock for the Olympic team. Now those -- the five blocks that I would have on my on my sheet is well and the question mark really because Lucci each actually iron. -- A deal like that we're gonna take a break here because that I've heard some NHL fans are the responses that the stamp -- response to Canada was all. Stamp goes to get a mr. -- missed the Olympics for Canada and not are always gonna miss time the Tampa Bay Lightning and you know -- Like why is it like that and my point is a fan of hockey. I don't want to take a break because the Olympic hockey so freaking good and it's so crisp and it's so clean that if that means eighteen days off. During the season and that means I get it some risk for the owners of these players that -- all the players that go over there they might get hurt. Not playing for their team playing for their country. I understand all that and still say man I love the Olympic -- even during the NHL season. -- -- that that would be. You know I had my pluses and minuses. I would say the losses slightly outweigh the minuses and that's why the -- players will continue to go to the Olympics. Through this year anyway. Obviously. I'm not into the -- shut down three weeks he advocates some players. But it really -- the best players because it'll wanted it to the people it. It's tremendous burden to put on these. -- look at technical player on the world stage have been compact and turn it turn it right on a kid in it. -- -- more intent but certainly more physical and brand -- hockey. We -- to what -- like. I like the fact it amateurs can win the gold medal in 1980s is still fresh minds and our hearts. I'd like that concept. I'd like that the NHL players where. I love that Olympic hockey. Doesn't get in that have been but I am beyond and I really don't want cutie Rachel go to Korea I think that would -- -- Yes the I'm with you understand its marketing best players and it's a lot of fun you know to watch team Canada and all these teams gonna get together and ice it's it's a fun watch and it's ball marketing but like you said it's still. Who pays the bills what are we doing here note Ciara could use a couple of weeks is supposed to go over their bigger rice. Listen I I still believe that it's exits you've played here in the NHL and you in your plea for an employer earnest in the country thinks of times is bigger but it is a tough battle. Gary you know all the money collect real eager to bright blue and you know I like the concept of the World Cup. However offered one and that you know the Olympics for the NHL players -- professionals. And then allow the Olympics competing at address which that would be. Brick great stuff is always appreciated and Alba look or talk with the next week. Great stuff and any Berkeley a -- and -- catch and tomorrow. By the pro with -- back to work tomorrow brick joins us -- brought you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates 617. 77979837. Your phone number eighteen tee -- line. Is 37937. Half hour from now we'll talk to Basra only. Obvious -- get his take. All on the Yale manager of the year voting and then in the pop up quite a bit yesterday overcomes the Red -- -- threes for catcher. Does that make sense but first we see you guys wait on hold to react to a super brown her thoughts on her voting for manager of the year we get your phone calls next. -- let me ask you this because you have the third is 31 place votes out there Francona -- sixteen Ferrell got wall system when he eight of thirty. Went to two individuals that you didn't vote for at all. When you look back at that you think that now may be getting to the stray away. -- Need. No I don't think so hectic.

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