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Buster Olney, ESPN: "Surprised" Farrell didn't win

Nov 13, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the AL Manager of the Year voting, collisions at home plate, and the offseason.

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I joining us here on the eighteenth tee hotlines -- front balls earlier ESPN as we are creeping into the hot stove season buster but Lou how are you. What brought on. We've spent a lot of time today talking about the American League managerial of the year -- we talked to them one of the voters who left. Both Ferrell and Francona offer ballot -- and I guess. I I know that you see some tweets about a correct. Yeah I midnight I didn't hear the interview but I it's. You know the references to the explanation. And you know I'll just -- -- in general -- the manager of the year voting I think it's. I think it's a great award and it's critical that you know particular that he won. But I hate the Edmund you know doing this for a long time and I've no idea what criterion it. And I don't think anybody else does. And I always thought that the team. It -- came to major awards and that includes UNDP. It and I think manager of the year which are generally units generally speaking to make those choices through the prism of who wanted to who lost. Team's success highly thought that the big market teams -- is that a big big disadvantage. Now do you -- hole. And. Look I actually haven't voted award to -- New York chapter would -- -- -- writers in the -- into politics. It gets awards and who doesn't actually voted since 1985 and -- the awards. -- is that we're we're -- -- before and just recent -- -- of people voting on on you know players Reza -- right and knew that David Ortiz name came up the other day and it was on the top five finishes and BP on the top ten finish and in BP. MVP and avenue -- you listen to someone like physical brown explain herself and it's. -- -- Reza -- for John Farrell goes down a road you know what he could be O Terry Francona and I just I wondered -- -- do you think that they should kind of always review and look back and in question maybe the people at a voting for these things that mean a lot of these individuals. And without because that I don't wanna you know cast and I I didn't hear interview I've heard excellence in general. I would think debt -- BA baseline of knowledge. Again without getting into specifics about that voting is and I wanna rip colleague. But there have been situations where people left. Players felt about because they forgot about them. That you noted there was some question about it who is eligible for certain ward who was and they were simple mistakes like that do. Maybe you'd be good idea for the baseball writers to double back and some of the voters say -- -- is really different. What you banking on that and they can talk through some things because I I mean I -- think it makes. And believe me and you guys know can you talk to writers all time -- 99.9 percent of the -- that the voters really take it seriously and they dig into it they try to be fair and equitable possible. But I do think that there are times when the voters. There'd there'd definitely see it -- -- use same standards I think is there a -- they should. Real quick you get offended when you -- a vote that is just so out there and I'm not specifically picking out one but is it a BB WA member who who takes his job seriously -- analog camera baseball. The issue off when he -- up and ago. How did that guy not include that. Person for whatever award it is. You know I -- I I. The thought there was no wind it surprised me that he didn't but I got to sing at the mention I think them these standards for the manage yourself -- The 99 vote which Pedro didn't get the NDP really bother makes. That neither he wouldn't even -- because 22 writers let them off entirely that that's still sort of stick micro a little bit. Let's get that business and down there and Olindo. Apparently Scott -- starting point Jacoby Ellsbury is call Crawford. What are you hearing and ethic. A lot of eyes still may be looking at Seattle what are you hearing from their spectacle -- -- ghost. Yeah I don't think there's any question about it they are in their views of wildcard into Texas Rangers are viewed as a wild card. Because they so desperately need help for their line up. And that's why any time when you speak to general managers now and they talk about offensive players being available. They they look at the Rangers being in the connected jump out. Because they have a lot of money they have an owner who this year for the first time he took over Nolan Ryan's office he wants to be involved he wants to be very Jerry Jones. I know that with the Yankees organization when they looked at potential suitors for Robinson canal. It really know who might develop out there but they look at the Rangers being a team that could be aggressive. I think he's gonna wind up you know Jacoby one of getting offers somewhere in the proper range because the Mariners know by now that they've got confederate money. That free -- don't wanna go there and that they're going to be -- shouldn't somebody but like to go with the gonna have to go above and beyond the tried to to get him. It's funny say above and beyond because the Red Sox didn't nothing like that when it comes to Jarrod Saltalamacchia busted they let him get. The market he's 2080s switch hitter and it appears they have zero interest. And bringing him back if you. Dug around at all as to why they're so opposed to bring them back is it dollars in the way he played as it just time -- to move away from Saltalamacchia in this team. Well I get a damn minute that was my column to have heard that they actually date they made an offer to him and I can't tell you looked at. You know one year one million dollars type of offer a lot of times -- agents -- been these things in different ways. But the word among the general -- and in Orlando was that they have an offer to. Saltalamacchia may need to approach in the catching market you know I know it is that the interest in coach Rudy Ruiz is well they're not that keen to make that twenty million dollar offer. Maybe they're feeling -- began -- this in and it effort to sign a catcher. Look we're gonna drive our price and estimate yet been great that we take that position off the table. And maybe that's what they've done with Saltalamacchia. And so there's no question I think that the the postseason weighs heavily in their minds I think. Based on the conversation that with a rival evaluate players they think there are serious questions about Jared more than -- can hold up physically. Through the -- of the next contract I think that. That's the big factor because remember once we get into this round of conversation and -- teams all have accidents due to medical information I think that's the word mystery about your. You know Los Angeles a big fan of Stephen Drew was all year long I think it he showed defensively what he can do but the ball flying off for fourteen point one million he refused it. Scott feels there's a market out there former look at all the call flying offers and is only one -- Betty. You know for a team so you know I'm just wondering -- this. We saw last year you know its top people don't give up those first round picks especially. Watching Michael -- a -- throughout the postseason for a guy like Stephen Drew what what is the market is their chance he comes back to Boston finds out that it's it's not really out there. Before the qualifying offers were given out I had people it you know it doesn't seem to only. They thought that if the qualifying offer was made it drew that he should jump bad. They she'd grab it in his god has made it clear he thinks he can get a lot more than that. I've noticed a lot of writers saying well he gets forty million a year fifteen million. Let's say. That I'm kind of bad on this thing where I wanna eat. -- -- back it it came out there that's going to be willing to give him -- that kind of offer and give up the draft pick. Because -- talent -- I mean within the industry. They're certainly not in that kind of sentiment expressed to me that they're willing to give up that kind of that kind of money as well as the draft pick. For a guy who's not a star player. And so hot that one really fascinates me because when we went -- dead date. After the qualifying operas are given out I had a bunch of people say to players need to make while playing hoppers won it Kendry Morales. And the other Stephen Drew ball players are represented by god. Both players turned on the qualifying offer. We'll see at the end of the day whether or not they get anything close at fourteen million dollars you guys remember last winner. When we got into January and there were three players out there are. Who all were having a tough time getting offers and obviously the most prominent which was Kyle Lohse. And it really -- to have that draft they could catch him I think it's gonna hurt David. It in terms of the market from Mike Napoli I just assumed to be back here maybe couple years 25 million bucks them like that but it appears. He might have more suitors and that for what he can do -- for space -- what is he but the market for Napoli. That hey you know I'm sure you guys talked about that out pretty well and we saw this would be -- made yesterday by -- -- thirteen. Are now I'd be willing to pay more for power and that's why they -- you wonder about. It was Stephen Drew in terms of the -- can be getting prostitute not necessarily paying for good defense that shortstop. They're paying for power. Now again there's a lot of stuff out there are about a big market for Mike Napoli. And I don't think there's any question he helped himself this year but. I wanna see it happen ally once you actually take place because. If you're sitting -- and your team and this is -- all of not in my community had a tremendous year but if you're sitting there and every choice between between saying -- James Loney. I'd first base -- you don't have to give up the draft pick he's a good defender he's a good hitter. In the end will. Defected Mike is -- draft -- going to be something that separates them. And you initially look at the -- fifteen. That have protected -- one of the ten worst records. And I'm not seeing in that group somebody's gonna jump out there are. And and sign someone like Napoli and. You know and be more inclined to -- the second round pick then having to give up a first round pick up to be sort of fascinated he. How that one play that is well I thought I would like to once they gave him. The qualifying offer that that would open the door to multiyear deal with a Red Sox having him return and maybe that's what will happen. Yes yeah I'm with you I gonna percent because Adam LaRoche is the other guy at 33 home runs 2012 exactly at 33 home runs in 2012. Pay for power okay well he was stopped and signed back with. With Washington. That the -- all -- offer is this what they thought they were getting into because everybody has refused to two years now. Every once drag -- to draft pick attached and it's hurt and free -- general Scott talked about that before Boerse. Yep that's right and I think in you know in some respects to become the Major League Baseball what the franchise tag is in the NFL. -- hurt the player now appear in a lead guy you're Jacoby Ellsbury robbed -- now it's not a matter. But if you're one of the guys on the lower Echelon. I I didn't think it matters and I do think that the next time. That they negotiate a labor deal in three years that it's gonna be talked about because the agents are going crazy about it. We saw that would affect who wrote Soriano. And down Kyle Lohse. And I think it may well -- even -- again Scott that there are saying that he thinks he can get something it will -- Buster great stuff as always the GM meetings appreciate the time look for talking next week. -- Muster only BSP and -- in on all things but just read cycle of a baseball related and a very good question about it. Discuss big picture of what they do with qualifying offers because clearly they work and when it comes to help and a Major League Baseball teams or players. What's the next step and will they get rid of mall together 6177797937. Your phone number eighteen tee -- lines. Is 379. 37. If you missed it you'll hear from a -- a brown -- voter who left out Ferrell and Francona offer roster. For AOL AL manager of the year -- played -- 4 at 1 o'clock get to more your phone call and between Allen 1 o'clock. I thought I want the Celtics to win like eleven games -- that's I was hoping for him. I now want them to win how many was they have now for want to win four games. The rest of the year to last place on reason for that all about 123. Reasons why am looking forward -- that mix and that was your phone calls next.

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