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Asuka Brown explains decision to leave Farrell off Manager of the Year ballot

Nov 13, 2013|

Asuka Brown of the Japanese wire service Jiji Press, one of two members of the Baseball Writers Association of America who did not include Red Sox manager John Farrell on her ballot for American League Manager of the Year, joined Mut & Merloni on Wednesday to explain her thought process.

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Are the AL manager of the year voting came out last night Terry Francona winning the vote 112 points to. John -- 96. Points in the BB WAA on the website now lists. Who voted for what and a super brown joins us from the jiji press to talk about. Are her voting for -- manager of the year Suk it's Mike and -- here in Boston power you. I thank you thank you for taking a few minutes to to talk about. The AL manager of the year vote a lot of people and talking about the vote -- went down you voted for. Bob Melvin for first Joseph Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays for second and Buck Showalter for third and wanna get your talk -- your thoughts on how you came to. That top three for -- manager of the year this year. Yes. I think. -- there are so many premium players like it is -- area. They have not leadership in nine days it they'll read it well. There's not. RL is on the outstanding manager and -- -- -- significantly. How ever by -- -- and hit on the L game. I. -- -- thirteen that -- a buried on world. There you and get back. I first you -- And is my manager at melting and then that's. I guess I guess the argument would be that yes that Pedroia and Ortiz they also had them you know last year. When they won 69 games and you know there was head Jon Lester who performed very well and John Lackey was outstanding but. None of those guys and they're all there last year with a pitching staff. It was awful the year before and Lackey wasn't there you have John Farrell. Come from 69 wins nobody had them in that probably in the top three in the AL east and even though they had a payroll. There was questions about whether it was money that's spent you know spent the wrong way and just the -- wasn't there anymore. That consideration we just look at that the names in the superstars. Maybe. And yes quite used that -- -- the payroll what I am. That -- I didn't Aaron hit ball and -- I say hi you know play -- is highly respect that teen lit the candle in that the budget and ended. Boston and maybe New York Yankees they have I think -- -- Probably manager has. -- -- it was a Braun of the jiji press who had Bob Melvin Joseph Maddon Buck Showalter my question would be. The the guy that won the award Terry Francona. Had a lesser payroll then Baltimore -- I was Terry Francona not. But on that list eventually won. Yes yes I get. So first my first development -- Aaron manicures for home -- -- hit the -- Teams and I about a third the -- should come round if you get into the Alley his back pocket the dividend and Major League Baseball. The reason why. I didn't bode -- -- and what I like that. There and unbearable and came from -- -- -- unity -- team would be oh are struggling team. But that. My third bullet went -- Showalter. Who maintain that same level as last seen him. I've always felt that -- needing a teen in it did it again is more challenging and different from. My painting in the other and giving them. -- let me ask you this because you have that there is 31 place votes out there Francona gets sixteen Ferrell got Wallace's 28 of thirty. Went to two individuals that you didn't vote for at all. When you look back at that do you think that now may be getting to the -- away. He. I. Can't. And I am -- that got -- had a super -- Well you imagine the division and like I agree with you by the way I thought John Ferrell because of the division. Deserved it over Terry Francona so when it got down your third place vote and you wanted to vote for someone the toughest division I guess my question be why not the team that won the division Red Sox at 828 game turnaround in division that I guess you and I agree on something. Was the toughest division in baseball so did you consider Ferrell it all for third place to just decide that because they spent a lot of money. That you couldn't vote -- that position. Like I said I think Boston has and how is not -- so. In -- it manager cam. -- my aunt and you know good piece right Pete you hit into that right. -- It it will work. We'll what it is as good as the question 'cause they. They spent -- a lot more resources couple years back. And with Crawford and it did not work in last year and blasted -- salary two years ago the salaries once every five this year is 155 so. They spent less money on a team that you know 169 game -- Winston -- 69 games so it was more for payroll the year before. They spent less this year. -- -- -- a lot more so we'd we'd just looking so you do you just you mention the years as far as payrolls and say top ten payrolls like Campbell for any of them no matter what their team that. Even maybe resold the players yes. Maybe I get your rights and has. Any -- that but. A -- EU can look at the last nineteen World Series only four times as a team that spent the most money. Won the World Series as the Yankees every time we look at the recent history of baseball the payroll. Spending money doesn't guarantee. Anything and and and you've been in all these markets right eight. The Boston market itself I would argue is tougher to manage in forget the resources the pressure of the fan base the pressure of the media is that. Any factor that John Farrell's got to deal with 3040 media members every day vs other guys in smaller markets. -- -- -- Before. OK so Terry Francona -- I'm sorry yeah. What did what what what did I just wondered Buck Showalter. Yeah. -- what did he did it just because he's in the AL east. They you went our own. With 91 million dollars spent. I may respect his way to manage the team. And it yeah I. It would be difficult to maintain that same little outclassed in the heat yet this year but he could gain that these years and now. That. That's a reason. Bazooka how how long have you been voting. To be VW around. I hear people wanting in different than that and I begin my manager in 2011. He. Well I circuit covering Major League is looking -- about under two. Alas what for mediate did you realize when you put your voting you voted for in different order. Well you ended up voting for the same three managers. In consecutive years. Yes. Because that's -- how might well and that's what I thought you know -- They should be heard -- here. Yes yeah. We pay by heart as bad out -- it. Deep bunker do you think you didn't think you vote for the the same through next year. I don't know it depends on that -- Yes this is how I. You know when I. There is that you haven't. That team. This Luka you've been a pleasure to talk with about this because a lot of people wondering why you voted a certain way you got up early on the West Coast to cable audio explain it. I your vote -- of Red Sox fans disagree came on and explain your vote and we really appreciate the time today. Thank you very. For having me. Well thank you for -- not talking about it took -- brown of the jiji press joining us here. Are on the AT&T hotline eight unity at the nation's fastest now the most reliable Ford GL TE network AT&T. Rethink possible. That is a BB WA member. Who's got a vote for it and she's Arctic covered baseball since 2002. Has been voting against institute that I became a member 2011. I guess that means voting it 2012 and 2000 their teachers voted for hale manager of the year twice. And two consecutive years voted for the same three managers and -- order. I had to just that that put it in some sort of perspective. And it's good I'm telling you I I banker from the bottom like freaking heart because like these voters hide behind their vote. You can agree or disagree all you want -- she came on she. Who explained her vote I think -- I think she inclined to vote. I think there was an explanation. And now we know why she left off Francona and -- off the top three. Like bank of -- -- it. One member of the local BB WAA right. Now in this city that heard that it is happy. Let me just say that baseball fan and I -- not -- -- does not make any of them look good and it that is not. That that but -- by no means I know an awful lot of people that vote ticket very very serious. That woman should not vote on anything OK nothing at all -- -- vote on next year nothing zero. Take it away. Petition. Everybody. -- -- Well again I thank her personally and I don't wanna get her personally could she came on defendant. Your point is well taken this as someone who was voting. Four awards that affecting guys futures. And you look back and you say was John Farrell managing the dollar lost that -- Francona. He talked to one of the voters who basically says because of the money and it popular bodily Christina Carl referenced the money to. Well both forgot because the dollars. And it shows all their third. Because he was that a tough division. The Red Sox want that tough an Asian. Red Sox I think I -- look here. 97 wins they won the American League east division -- and I agree is a very tough division. Doesn't. Doesn't get the vote in front of Showalter. And Showalter maintained from -- today had a good year last year error I get that. But he John Ferrell improved -- from 69 and 97. The 28 win turnaround in division we all agree is a tough debate and I I can't say this enough. Because they do respect a lot of -- that does not represented. The the local people that. We have around here that that take pride in their vote. I would be happy both balk which on McCadam what Steve Buckley York. Prime McPherson a -- too -- or anybody else Pete Abraham. With what you just -- Not lump them in with there. That was embarrassing. That was -- -- from -- of people next year you know you don't need to see results legacy results for payroll. What -- at 31 place votes with the Francona unfortunately -- Christina Carl down a heck of a credit card collection makes sense that one down their Chicago at there that's. What got. And we get exploration Ferrell I don't think we ever got any sort explanations -- that division. Payroll is less than Baltimore some books -- Walters better division much less -- -- -- bonds are right it was nine million bucks. They spent nine million dollars more so Baltimore got in their Francona Baltimore court the day it's been great ninety once that I talk about the publicly or spend eight to five a nine million dollars just it just looked at -- said no no no no no I don't care what they did know and don't know. They don't deserve manager of the year because they were that the payroll resources. That's not the way it should be done and not everybody does it that way. It's its. Mix of phone calls and -- shall we 61777979837. To keep Texas on the eighteenth tee decks like many view more. At 37937. You react on Twitter as well. Lou Maloney a -- WEEI. Brad in New Hampshire he's first up after. We talked to a -- guy Brad. -- fear hate and sort out later -- -- I am you know you'll have. Appreciate her to herself but I will slide on this one city should not be bald guy and a verdict they sold. On intelligent and white lights. And that's who controls a vote for manager of the year and general he's got a bonus structure built in rebel what if what -- John Ferrell right what John Farrell has a kicker in his contract decision when manager of the year you get X amount of dollars he might not want anyway if Christina puts him on the ballot or I -- put some on the ballot right -- What that was the difference and that was that bolt was the difference what do that was the difference between extra fifty grand and Jon Farrell's pocket or not. Think John -- is thrilled that the BB WH thrilled. I don't they are today hearing that. Don't want to sort out major media went from worst first I guess I would be my point but what difference we're. Without a court pretty -- and in -- For that or not. Why am I listen. That is exactly why get a hold people accountable that is exactly why and I know. It writing for following a team running for paper for certain money is ten years gives you -- -- -- -- really got to take another look at it. Because that that is just -- that's not the norm but that is an excuse and is an example of you know. I don't know what of -- of thirty votes. How she get one. Really N and other handful may be out there at the same reasoning to back on whatever as far as. Knowledgeable resource is the hard work to put in these decisions is there anybody else up -- that's serious health -- -- You vote for next Jim BP. I don't back to back you're the manager of the year she -- from it maybe she is locked in the manager mature. -- jays in Florida -- agent. -- -- -- -- -- here -- -- ago but got a speaker work right now. Exactly -- love of god. I don't know what can help you think based on -- line everything. What both ordered an editor here. Absolutely guys year old was like ten million. And the other thing and another compliment you guys. Are -- restraint. It will -- -- little backed into a corner and had not been an easier producer when I called up. -- -- linked laughing hysterically because you can talk to make it look so bad. You've got got only -- I'm -- now. Well again and again PYE get a -- I've given her credit for coming on I totally disagree a little daughter what she said but she came on and answered the bell by gases. She get call small over the country today I I don't know maybe should none of the interviews. On your first interview they were the only interview she will do. But -- kept Francona and Farrell offer balcony ran 12 and male manager of the year. There's got to be an explanation their -- when I want the explanation you guys baseball fans deserve an explanation. It's up even out aside do you agree with the explanation do you buy the explanation that's all we are trying to bring you there and I certainly don't think the resources thing is bull crap. Well it's Katrina Carl or super brought everybody else. You spent the most doesn't guarantee Jack. Biggest turnaround toughest division huge media market manager of the year Francona big turnaround. No one expects him to get there he somewhere in the mix. Can't leave pull them off don't you get it into the Dexter I will elsewhere my kid that was not -- that was real that was really -- brown. Someone who voted for manager of the year. That just happened. If that is not call from a car is drive in a row and -- -- today. -- gentlemen I'd like to say that was not unintelligent. That. Once the most nonsensical. Explanation I think about -- are hurt and -- like who I can't even believe it.

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