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Rob Bradford: "Sox will offer Drew a two year deal"

Nov 13, 2013|

Rob Bradford joined the show from the GM meetings in Orlando. He told the guys that he expects Stephen Drew to get at least a two year offer from the Red Sox to stay in Boston.

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Our conversation with WEEI dot com rob Bradford who joins us from the GM meetings in Orlando and has brought to you by the beaches of Fort Myers and -- -- bill. -- -- perjury won't be long hand says Bradford those in my life single off place all stories -- when it's solo it's called -- -- -- -- -- -- hey rob joins us on the AT and -- on good morning -- I ordered beyond -- -- short eight -- hand as well laid the gauntlet down for you -- that you will be entered this is John Ferrell. Heavy -- clause in his contract manager of the year. I think they -- usually you do I don't know -- certainly but I think usually that's the case that he should be pissed. Yeah a lot that you should be pissed because he deserved reward. Going thanks so. Do you know obviously you know the the gal who voted left him off the belt but you know the guy from Seattle the nation negative from round. Iggy Kiki -- -- there -- a so you know -- brown from jiji press as you know Madden. And Walter Ellis ran -- and Errol I saw the item and so -- army Showalter really. -- in this always happens by. -- -- -- -- -- fell off. Are about completely used to -- it is wrong. And and obviously I think that you should one I don't care about markets I care about the boy that what do you game swing yes I bet that's what I look at. I was gonna ask you it we try to elect program how we would wait certain things that were making this vote and if you had a vote. The delta between last year's win total and this year's win total would carry the day for you. I think so it and if you're looking deeper into it and you look at all the circumstances that went into it -- -- -- -- US overall roster. You have to you have the dynamic of Boskin and then that's the thing is everywhere and just don't. Would be no manager in Boston and it's so hard to win a major of the year here in Boston. Well should we look at a little differently -- a little more difficult sometimes to win in Boston and other places. About surpassed expectations. Because nobody I think we have 48 -- 47. Pre season you know picks on various publications and not one pick the Red Sox to finish first and in fact most had them last or next to last. -- and that we are just real hard discounting what turned Francona did we understand that we -- to study what Bob Melvin did. By all of this week we accept -- as -- the the best sports stores that we see no one -- time the Cleveland Indians were nice story but I don't think they've all of the same category. Erupted up or shut up on the subject after I'm done with this I think the fatal flaw in this whole thing is the voting is done before the post season before you determine who has ultimately -- the best job in baseball and that's get his team to win a World Series. -- it but that happens all the time that that's been built then why. It's just how it's always been -- with -- obviously you have to help the ballot in before the last book I -- -- forty the playoffs. Probably -- so I need to know why -- -- -- -- you can't determine the best team in the NFL is until after the Super Bowl is played you can't determine the best college basketball until March Madness is over. There's a lot list of things -- go wrong in regards to the BB WA and in baseball all mean that's one of them I agree with it. But they in this different topic it was just dropped in out of nowhere else. -- don't understand why Israel is I think gonna happen down there at all and all the speakers just can be nothing but obviously going to be hard to stop happening. What's happens hasn't happened yet. I had a awesome menial -- -- bomb. And then I'm not lobbied for some more. So yes it is your question now and give a reason why. Is that there there are -- can -- that happened every general managers and we'd like to go down the list of Daisuke that you're 2006. -- go back the last Iraq suicide. But there's so much money in baseball I think that. That players and agents are petrified to sign these deals because they feel like a pipeline that deal now electric. Unbelievable deal. Then two days from now. Then somebody who has got a better deal because there's more money and more interest but that's why I think you're not seeing a whole book -- right now. Is Napoli gonna have a lot of options. Yeah I think so I I think so because you look at the type of player -- -- -- -- -- more value this year than he did last year. Even before the -- thing came out. Because you know -- -- the time player years which is the guy who hit home runs and I was power which is the hardest thing to -- baseball. And then you also have. You also have a guy who takes the other pitches but now you have a guy who can legitimately play a position. And play it really really well last your music catcher but he was the catcher who you read political concerns over he was okay he handled the pitching staff okay. But you look at him at the first baseman this is where you belong to this party seeks help. I'd -- leads. And that what was latest rumor that he stock and to Texas go back to Texas. Who plays first next year. -- I think he should keep an -- on Corey Hart number one guy who's got out last year right handed hitter. Opera the brewers he's put up good numbers in the past. And you have played maybe he'd be it might target sitting there you have do not receive I think these are the answers are not saying that the way they're get ago. -- It is I don't think there's been easy solution like there was last year last year remember guys do when you're either gonna go after Mike Napoli. So I think that after Napoli this time around. If I don't it isn't there's no slam dunk. Is Beltran a realistic possibility is that someday that they are around. Drooling over. Arnold they're drooling over -- nobody like him and they like him but that the this thing is -- the roster that the problem. You still have to leave them in there because there's not discounted a novel what he did. Right in and there's also going to be competition in terms of Beltre and the Yankees likeable lot. He's dead and they're guys we have to also look at that I think this hasn't been talked about enough that you -- lose some of these guys to replace them. Jacoby Ellsbury you're you're probably allude them. And how are you gonna replace his offense if you look at you bulwark against the best wins above replacement of anybody on the team. So you can get that they Jackie Bradley replied in the -- to resolve all these from you need to -- more bats and a lot of -- I that's why I think that bulk for an interest them. Which one of these -- starting pitchers they're gonna move there's no way to bring all these guys back next year just doesn't make any sense. Yeah but here's the thing is that if if they don't get the right deal form I could see them bring them back. Just because they like adapt. In the Arctic territory got the ticket -- got now there's. If you look at the Lincecum can't touch you look at like what are we can't can't go looking for. This spot fourteen to sign -- get a spot starter on the free agent market it's hugely expensive. So that the team can go in and say hey you know what working Garrett Jake -- Ryan Dempster is if it doesn't hurt that much. Because that's what's starting pitching is going forward and actually might be a bargain but that's where they might be an advantage have to try to deal one of these guys. I don't this is like figuring out the domino effect -- play along with me here is Natalie goes and may have an interest and Beltran are they comparable with Beltran play right field at Fenway Park would -- more sense to have novel go to first Beltran take over left. -- victory you know Ian Wright and I guess Jackie Bradley and senator does that make sense. They either got makes more sense for that he still work Jonny Gomes Mariane -- -- Well played every day right these decent player and and it got dark and now the other day and not -- a guy you know I felt okay at first but he acknowledges that you some work to do. In the other thing that I've heard in the few meetings here is Mike park. He -- up and bomb like carpet they're not willing to deal with a there that don't wanna hang -- guy in the end he might be a legitimate got -- looking at again I don't often play could be the year date. But he is in the mix here because welcome back do it does hit home run. Guys just won't do that. Why can Jackie Bradley just your opening this center fielder why would you want a mess with Victor Reno. Who's played as good right field as we've ever seen around here. Why not just go to plan that we thought was in place along. While figured questions there about -- told me say that at least once in this interview. But that is the request X it. The it's true I think that's what's gonna happen I think Jackie Bradley can be -- center fielder a big victory optimistic right. And in a barring any kind of Beltre and acquisition I do think that you probably have a combination collapse. Which could have a bad combination I think I think now what does get kind devalued here. You look at like the cut the year that Viet. And if you're still value OBP and work -- account. I mean what do you wanna lose shelled now over the on the into the bench you wanna lose Gomes I mean Gomes if any of these guys is gonna complain. About lack compare -- playing time would you would you agree that will be Jonny Gomes broke. If that all I I don't think so I think you that you probably wasn't too happy when he wasn't playing by what you guys would you -- let me ask you. You guys would you guys have a problem they came back without help field. No no doubt will not target sub sup prime -- gone back at the had a plan in place they knew wells were asleep and I've known for years. And and Bradley while he struggled in his brief time in the majors is progression in the minors I mean who knows. -- BP in his minor league career that's almost a thousand plate appearances is over 400. As he works the count gets on base in place of damn good center field why not say it's his time he's 24 and April -- don't think it's time. Side I think that you can legitimately be a Major League player right now I think we're obviously this thing with Bogart's. But I don't think we should discount Jacoby Ellsbury is out sincere. We eat it -- it was a pretty big part of the lineup so you need other guys to stop opera and and I know everyone's assuming the Bogota is good step up. Everywhere you assume the Jackie Bradley couldn't stop up. But they might need to add something here especially if you have at Napoli. Are now that drew was gone we assume -- is now you're shortstop for the foreseeable future. Where what of middle Brooks will he be your starting third baseman in April. Yeah. I'd still I don't think you can discount through big -- -- usage -- gone right now. I still think there's there's. There might be a scenario where you they go in the offered through a two year deal. So and do that obviously -- bill Brooks were probably hit the trade market or or maybe you might look about the first base so do you agree that's gonna happen. But I wouldn't rule it out. Either it's such a deliberate Sox will offer him a contract this off season to your deal. Yet yeah why that's what narrowing that -- failed to get the dog if you released a companion I mean it will pop up like that the the plan is in place -- the shortstop. He said is this marble middle Brooks and his mobile. Well I think you also -- -- audio that's also factoring bikini. -- and upbeat on middle brought. And how a lot of people baseball like to keep better in the middle -- now. Now middle Brooke and I know you guys know this he's got -- 169. Games here and hit 32 home runs. I don't think it reached in and I know he doesn't take a lot of pitches I know he his diet and that great right now. But he he he's. You proved to be a Major League player. Why do think that the type of player the -- like what you portraits he used that by the guy who you ask what is the scenario why they would do this. -- that took -- -- why they would do it we've Bogart that third out through their per couple years took it he becomes up. Then you figure out what to do with middle Brooke I'm not saying that's gonna happen but I am saying that that. It is in one of the options. Iran beside Ross will be the other catcher on this team are we used salty my hand or somebody else. Are right now but I'm gonna they rule we I don't I definitely don't think McCain and I'm pretty sure not salty. And if not Ruiz and you would get a guy like Guillermo Navarro. But reasonably interesting guy because two years ago he had great opera review -- -- of over 900. So that's how they built the team is in some respects is that bidding go out and get the guys coming off of these great years they got that guys coming off without years. Bigger than they were gonna bounce back and they did not back there and root ball in the Catholic. Why is salty no longer attractive to bam he provides a lefty righty with Ross. Yeah you know what I guess people think -- value moments maybe as much as other teams and if they did they would offer from the qualifying offer and once they don't offer him the qualifying offer. They note that other teams are gonna give an armed. And they're gonna offer much more than the Red Sox are willing to do so. I think did they just looked at other guy does better options right now you're right I mean this guy hits with power. He -- from the left side you put a good compliment. But for whatever reason that there identifying is not not as valuable maybe it from the gulf again. We're artists and now we're gonna find some dirt on him you want twenty leave oh yeah. The -- that smear campaign that little minor Myers small smear camp where does get up yankees if they don't get. Can't I think -- little White Sox. But like -- very delicate point as well everyone does that ruin doubted -- -- we can get an up with the Yankees so. AJ Pierzynski or Ruiz a bigger shopper captured the Red Sox location. Ruiz out but it Kaczynski was click over to the plan -- place in the politically if you know obviously he can hit -- hit with power. But he would have so many other things that you have to deal with. That that type of attitude that he he's he's he's a very polarizing guy and receiving the ball he's not a good receiver in terms the catcher. So. Yeah I would I would definitely say Ruiz way above opposite. Do you do you get to stay in the same hotel as all the GM's U India of -- room there. It yes yes tell us the answer I can tell you the answer is yes. He's got two rooms smaller rooms like Q and Alex of public rooms that are election -- this week. -- -- Can watch it whenever built Shatner gives us that's what we. What's our rob Bradford to do list today after you check off breakfast buffet. After -- pit -- destroy this morning the material will map the candidate at the lobby. And -- board to force the ball well that. Is probably early afternoon but you know it's always a festive occasion where. You stand in the middle lobbied for about a hour answering every. Question about every single player yet the -- -- -- he talked about drew. Because you always have to bring up Bogart student spoke out is guy just like Bradley's new guy -- -- Barry. Though it's not like you like UN human denigrating Michael W ago would you try to push Beltre on the red side it is pretty -- indict him. I went well I'm coming home just in time Q you got that far. He's doing the live hot stove show from the hole like this seat on an email while -- at foxwoods tomorrow that's not incentive enough to be there. You guys keep her -- me -- on seventy. Go use -- actual -- hot and what's her name. Thanks rob. Thanks guys our conversation with rob Bradford joining us from the GM meetings in Orlando is brought you by the beaches of Fort Myers and senate to.

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