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Farrell got jobbed

Nov 13, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the manager of the year voting from last night. They all agreed that Farrell should have beaten out Terry Francona for the award.

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It's Dennis and Callahan Terry Francona in Cleveland beat John vause John barrel by sixteen points what the hell that you guys. Which I'm Dennis I just try to do about my kid every day and I'm not perfect -- don't make mistakes can't break you Gerry Callahan. There are a number of kids tonight who. Top notch NBA players as an American I would like to think that for an American team would never wanna lose. I'm not done. Encourage men ahead Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike would phase of Mike I don't want America -- Viewers. A lot of interesting stuff in there on Sports Radio WEE. Was I thought he died in America yes. They came back the light of fingers crossed the you know figures for us -- guided America for two and a half minutes and you be surprised us all when it was gone. Yeah it's a gamble -- looking up at the Campbell he fell off -- Campbell. She. Did we do that the salt can put on this. Based on racial Asia as a means most of it is obscene I can assure everybody's friends every -- saw -- millions but we'll put. He is indeed riding camels in Marrakesh Morocco first to her that he was in. Or ride camels didn't think it was a joke like Morocco Florida. Right you know and I resort Jerry Nick -- its way to business in Morocco right now riding camels out what time is it right now like Mike Mike Mike. Five hours and other incidents -- probably -- -- and you saw in the tenth slip that and and the gets up and -- Campbell in this arid desert is that same -- check -- sand dunes I'm not sensitive. Rocco does need the public's fixes or your punishment at 110 Oreo write what you what are the attractions there was like amusement park wanted to slide out in the Sahara the good because I guess it's right that twelfth hole at the course and looked -- I did look it up 73 yards. In his really tough it's it's his signature hole got a real you know -- yeah. -- it to me up with a -- weird part is they're set tiebreaker Volquez and trying to go to Iraq I'm admittedly not that is there something. You do in my rock. Something -- and that's. Attraction what do what do you contractions aren't rock mean every time ago I went to Italy last year and it's obviously you'd go -- -- and -- look at -- -- and various plus you can stuff your face -- Actually -- it was a lot of fun of clouds of peace deal. That got them on the popular Google. This. Built the place because horse in the -- and drink wine yes I did all that what's his face is there via. The Pope but yet he's their right it certainly. Does a country -- It has its own country it's the big if that's even a bigger orchestra and the Disney. Yeah I mean literally you combine like snow globes and Bobble heads of all of you walk through the leap in the attic. -- that's the point point is -- Marco. You go to wherever he goes somewhere use again seat this. Thing and Odyssey. You know the rich wrote of course look at -- right. Goddess the the first all these people the right there what do you see him rock. You'll -- see when you when you look for him -- go Rocco and and hit images using a bunch of like bazaars. Route -- -- largely got the news. Like O Reilly markets and -- markets -- political bazaar just electric animal dead animals hang in thing is you -- trying to clear right over there. Yeah it's Chinatown here if you go on site in the windows and -- -- -- -- -- Well or people excited I'm excited -- hang in in the store window like you should pick up the canal and the cook reporting now works yet. Make -- farmers like charts. So the in the bizarre they have snake Chalmers -- congress with their heads up a guy's got the the they play -- close but -- can't -- The stakes six cannot hear somebody charm. It's if you watched the guy who's a snake charmer he he vacillate from side to side in the snake is just mimicking the motions -- or what he sees in front of them. The music has nothing to do what she figured a way to put him. Plants and snakes -- that your little hearing. Yes it is like McCain's right right that -- and here. Which callers it's called the jump my elf yeah. It is squarely the vaudeville show that never got canceled. It's derived from more than 800 years -- assault came back as I'm looking forward to the tribal law and easy. Well it would Beckett picked up the patriots Monday -- -- -- -- rights rights for your whips and Reynolds and blogs and yet he has walking from America -- and so -- because you shoot I mean I saw those pictures from space tours. Riding -- yeah looks like fun a lot of fun when you're done with the snake Chalmers at the those -- what you have to do the slumping. No deal today views and educating us all day I don't care about the mosque. That's a good -- the Soviet boss Ayala -- can help will be excited it's like I'm on Jewish American that's what I wanna go by the you know on the what is its iconic moorish minarets. That stands over. Two stories tall red -- buildings. Yeah. To the garden go look at our closest movie theaters and a palace. Movie it. I'll take action -- refrigerated nights you know culture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We can have a health inspectors been in here lately -- -- -- inspectors and all -- golf at the stars golf course if the letter grades right there were you want to have core problem. You know in particular cold Diet Coke. You can't get cold night co pays a we have the local -- -- it's you know in paper. It comes from a rubber tree with. It bluntly fluids. Only seen the ice in Morocco. That's what I'm afraid of classes and my sites they must know -- I get their chills even now -- -- -- 2000 acres of gas stations. Again don't forget W only about some place in this congress. Go -- -- -- -- in -- of the -- that probably of oil well. I think I don't know was the biggest export. -- preposterous they're big they're biggest export phosphorus. -- the salt into the size -- Flies back and sadly the camel has struggled -- and we should put -- space -- we put that is portrayed you. When we that is being nice stuff in the box and zero dark thirty west portrait. What if I kept caught sooner I wouldn't go into the promised -- good boy oh boy no I skipped up like a regular guy he's saying now -- and wherever you were London Paris Paris in the exit of -- bizarre. You know around the corner you go I don't I don't wanna go to the -- welcome back -- go to the -- Monica and rob yeah. Forty and you know bringing crashing to America wouldn't bother disarm Iraq and I look I know what you get a monkey. Can you could you bring on the play. Now every plants. Or animals you killed a camel the -- Campbell delicate now. Account horse that is can kill him -- India. Can't do it right let's like that that transportation of a break it's like console particularly as -- back -- you know I think it was lots of plus size Americans that goes there and like yours. But so is also -- Not just mr. and mrs. -- the kids. Romantic place is about a little. Go ahead adults what is Disney closest -- so I would go to -- is leaving -- IP he's got a young daughter Chris. Yes if my daughter that young not scared to go to Morocco we met with tickets there's. If you get taken hostage well and yeah whatever. -- -- -- that the bizarre. You find that out the -- terrorism has -- when you do when your little -- I have no idea. And Africa it's Muslim countries notes ninety point 9% -- a little bit. Security risk there and beat the game is on the capsule can deal with him. Killed himself. The -- Each ascent would be your definition of torture as we get to get the torture torture definition of torture ought to be in a room assault bird knows he's -- his it's. -- captor for two weeks. But that's where I saw a before and after picture of the camel. Hump before. Also wrote in and out flat insult that was way back he's OK okay -- it looks like a -- He's -- -- -- there was probably aren't much like Mike Mike Mike. Torture some plot to get to that in our next segment what your definition of torture at the dictionary definition or other forms of for questions or your brains engaged enough and -- -- probably gonna try and shore. Up question number one. What is the ultimate final measure of an NFL. Teams success. What is the ultimate man I don't I don't I know condolences go to doctor when Super Bowl very good -- -- acts. Ready for -- -- him a time. -- -- What event. Tells you whether a Major League team. Is the best in base like this I got this that the World Baseball Classic. That again. -- -- That's it had just happened just ended. The world serious. Question. If you are a great. College basketball team. And how do you find out of the best in the land. We -- that things repealed every year. Now and the tournament march and ends with the final three national invitational turned no not that the money. Or March Madness ultimate national championship. So now most typical question -- those three parameters why accents. Decide who is the best manager in baseball. Before we found out find out how comports himself in the ultimate pressure cooker of the sport. I've never understood I don't I never understood why they wait and deal which will be and are able to stop me. The most important thing manager all year long I mean this season as a dry but how he comports himself how he manages how he gets his team. To win the World Series is the most important aspect. Of the job shall not sure it's the old Karl Malone and BP over Michael Jordan it's all of that so I was shocked to Charlotte whose columns -- -- they -- -- they don't. Until the series. Determine the manager of the years that -- that just after the regular season I'm sure you're wrong. And it's. It's logistics as much as anything like with a probable list of global warning like -- -- well. The NFL season Heisman voting is too after Thanksgiving. Autistic -- -- -- Couple buttons on the Internet votes or 2013 you have to only votes required tradition and tradition is used to be in the mail all that but. I have no problem with that -- There I'd like when they considered -- guys who -- bad teams and make them better as the stock handle yet as opposed but you wouldn't it if you it took in consideration the post season. They did just -- the World Series winner simple. Should be a big thing if it how if you take a bad team and make it very very good in the World Series of -- goes without saying I mean to me. It doesn't matter -- option one -- action of one easily. I don't even. Understand. I read the case that one of the two voters who left -- off the ballot totally. Left her chic. Chuckle she she she she she left barrel off the ballot. And -- -- -- long thoughtful piece. On her blog and it makes no sense she'd left off because the Red Sox were supposed to win. That's what she said they were supposed to win and they did. She also according to whom according to whom would they supposed to win. According to nobody other -- your answers nobody liked it here pre season kicks a few -- season verdict she picked. Champ to win the east and Toronto. To win the World Series so she picked at best Red Sox finished third. She prepare to win the east and Toronto in the wild -- she picked at best the Red Sox to finish third they finish first finished with the best record finished with. Obviously World Series title but she couldn't they finished -- -- -- -- teams that were going in the playoffs the -- Obviously. She got a little confused in the end. And she's just one of two guys to people throughout the -- yet. To Toronto blows left Farrell are out of first place they him -- he abandoned them good point it's a personal thing in the hand. And it's too bad I'm glad they. We have all the results -- everybody's votes we have everybody's email everyone's Twitter handle. So there is some accountability here and again she tried to make -- case but it made no sense. I would even have a problem if somebody said you know your Francona critic Elvis. -- and see what he had to work with I see where he came from a CD the delta between wins Lester and wins this year. But to include Ferrell in -- -- first second or third place vote. The fight is just absurd. Buck Showalter third over John Ferrell on in the -- I finally Francona winning -- it's a coin flip. But to look at the American League -- John Ferrell to not to want the three best managing jobs as we just leave him out what is remarkable she picked Madden. The other guy from Seattle picked shall shall -- third. I'm pretty sure that ball -- teams all those measures finished behind John -- I'm pretty sure both those managers and Jon Farrell's vision and he beat Campbell -- a soak -- a new Bob Brown from the jiji press. Hurt us now. We got all the results all the names and and she was forced I think. To explain herself yes Amaechi was bombarded. With from Red Sox and. As bizarre as her ballot is she has Francona first. -- second and -- third doesn't include Ferrell which is amazing even more bizarre than that Suk a new brown from the jiji press in Seattle. As Melvin Madden and Showalter does not include either Francona or Farrell on his -- amazing. And her friend called on north Ferrell and I noticed. Subjective thing his ballot should be taken away because this is either a guide to settling personal scores or beat a guy who doesn't take it serious yet. And I feel bad for. I say this all the time most baseball writers' picket procedures to take these responsible and -- Christina. Whatever Karl. She takes it seriously read her blog she put a lot of time and thought in that is it's just very convoluted. You cannot leave Farrell and Francona off your ballot and and and and claim that you take this process seriously he doesn't. He shouldn't be voting agreement with the jiji press is -- the Japanese. And in obviously as they Seattle. There's just following those guys around shortly about. Right a couple of players are -- has beaten. For the jiji press as a newspaper or -- -- website brought I think it's a newspaper out of Japan. T wire service in Japan wire services to pity Q branch office. I'm trying to slog through Christina Karl's explanation and haven't gotten completely accurate yet at any point -- she mentioned the division. In which these guys perform she mentions that it rule let's think it's -- -- has to deal with Tampa Bay as a yankees and Baltimore and Toronto Francona as we all know beat up on two. Sisters of the pool yes Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins -- is -- and he's -- job site. -- That the point is that the at least is much much talked much tougher. Franklin Pierce is the simple case for Ferrell and again and if you wanna make case for Francona that's cool I don't care and I don't feel like homer here right. I don't think there was any doubt that it was the misery he his team improved by more games than frank ultimately deported this team won the division. Franco's didn't -- battered division. Right yeah I absolutely. Francona didn't witness division he cannot and he didn't and you can't say -- beat up on bad teams don't know which is Francona thought -- -- obviously and we had a better record. He had more improvement any better division let's say for Francona made the case -- it's pretty simple routine was terrible the year before seeing the Red Sox -- -- but not as terrible. Knowing about the program is not as much what she has worked out would you say Boston significant. -- this team won 92 games significantly less talent. In the Red Sox were you know a year removed from -- time before that its corporate team. It was thirty games or 500 in 2011 clintons have bad for a few years. Francona I think. Would be perfectly fine choice. As by the way that wouldn't be as outrageous if these people these these the people of bug me that leave it at the you know points. One -- Leesburg and frank it's -- -- -- the other guy. -- -- offers her his or well. Yes yeah that person's about that person totally off not that it matters but Christina. Used to be Christopher. Not that there's anything wrong with the troop. That is sure she's getting used to be Crist was and and house was -- -- -- -- world Christopher became Christine I think its reassignment surgery reassignment certificates -- real mrs. -- are curious. This isn't the first time to consider. An interest isn't the first time Christine is little confused at that I think. Different but yet a Hummer -- -- -- -- you disagree. -- honestly she was confused about her. Gender but now she's confused about the rules I find her ballot less offensive than the gentleman from the GG Presley little jiji press we would get his -- -- I have Tony they do have to. Answer. Russia to Red Sox beat me no one can be more of Arabia in the ass than -- angry red zone and score yes experience. And the and they are taking up the case for -- on their bombarding his people and and in some of -- copy announcer company -- Twitter and -- killer and her -- for this. And again she it's a long thoughtful piece but -- which she writes. So what about federal US with the Red Sox always command outsize outsized attention. We lose girls worst first pitch for top skipper was easy to latch on to. After the Sox. Clambered. -- eight MB ER ED clambered. I've never heard that word and the word. Clambered back to climb I think. I hopes up from their disastrous trade policies you might think files case sort of resembles those of Bobby Cox and Tommy Tom Kelly. Managers who went from worst to first and one mentioned the not so much though she writes. Those two teams would genuine surprises. In contrast with the Red Sox committing a franchise record 175. Million or so low payroll. They were supposed to win and they did. This baseball -- right here. Who says the Red Sox were supposed to win by the way baseball beat writer who picked them we -- -- the exact spot she picked them but it was at highest third because -- -- Toronto and Tampa to go -- to -- And I guess in New Yorkers had a -- I'm -- GE the victim fourth or fifth. And she says. They were supposed to win and they did you could make. A case that there was no bigger surprise in baseball. Then what the Red Sox accomplished this year and the environment should the environment in which you've managed I mean just the division. Which just the White Sox in the twins in which just like a walk over. But -- it is your strategy and clean up half the stadium or in Boston where you deal with new York and and and and the Boston press and the whole. There that do you think through get pressure speak -- It throw a lot of heat this year and any time barrels -- easier is it better players they have Valentine year before you fall apart inherently subject to -- but and I said the scandal. What was the Red -- supposed to do. According to Lee. There was post when seventy. What was the exposed -- -- 76 -- -- -- this -- the -- computer as of 58181. They won 97. Yeah. It was they were not supposed to do that Christina. -- Christina -- to have the nationals over the blue jays in the World Series and appreciate the blue jays going to the World Series and I think temple winning the vision religious one. So. If you can find a pre season divisional -- The best the Red Sox were was third and -- -- fourth maybe fifth she probably had a group like a lot of people. They finished first in the American League won 97 she said they were supposed to do that. This woman is just confused. Unless. You know. She's being deceitful here she just confused she thought they were like the old Red Sox teams who were loaded and -- and reaction right act win or they weren't. Usher also set I ended up voting format over -- because of what Maddon had to deal with multiple multiple injuries in the rays rotation. Did the Red Sox -- young candidate not go down for the better part of three my response did you not go through three closures before you found the right one. -- -- all -- and listen it's it's absurd all those you can't open I would. Push come the show back -- -- easily easily make it can Frankel. Says the injuries to the bullpen weren't a big deal because federal got to pick between three. Save generators. Making more than four million per annum a piece. Pretty exceed generated. -- generators to plug demand she call some saved generators. I would love to have voted for Farrell. But I could not not within this year -- field of excellent alternatives. That she actually makes the case for Girardi. Over for a second lives majority third after those two guys I'm OK with that bit -- a million injuries she's talking about. Two and we're talking to. Managers in barrels division if he'd -- ago. 24 and and who were picked to finish out of my car. By her by her by her and others. And and she thinks they did a better job it's just convoluted I wish. We didn't sound like total homers and Celek a total -- prank on a pair right right -- Lee Ferrell out of the discussion you can't have anyone actually soaking in Milton went in the mentioned YouTube so. There were other guys -- mean this a lot of homer votes years on the offensive Cisco picture. -- To Toronto guys did not pick Ferrell. Because they don't like him what was the number of people in spring training that we read on all the very public point 646 that was it was in the forties I think it was like forty sick and how to direct talks to you know have Reich I saved my nope none not. Non there were couple wild cards but. Two to win the jail none to go to the world's leaders non to win the World Series but you've gotten out of curiosity you look it up on the people in Cleveland to make the playoffs. -- since may be fired maybe three -- for me if they did it's only because of wanting to division to -- right stinks. You cannot say that you can members about the about Boston the Elise is as far superior. And he was -- -- with the New York Toronto Baltimore Tampa when Terry Francona taken on the mighty White Sox. Against whom went to a seventeen yeah I mean seventeen and two right against the White Sox. That's again if they exceed all expectations. What Farrell did is clearly more impressive to me than what Francona. Yeah it was a -- 170. I mean don't pay well to be fair ninety million dollars more than Cleveland had to work nineteen million. -- makes the point that it's small market guys we're always generally we heard John Mac break won two World Series here and never finished higher than fourth. Editor of the -- will never got a first place vote. In 12 World Series yes and never got a first we'll think about in 2004 -- you voted Francona manager your car godly and unloaded 2000 resiliency some of these people -- -- -- have these weird moon this weird logic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An unbelievable. Some of winter meetings down there whenever artists and help the G excited and you blinked you missed our god at all. You see these guys that the old run to the to the phone with a knock them all down the call their editors and -- going on and -- zero of the nation whenever that happens to be I think. Qualifies as trying too hard so hard that I don't understand what he is writing will get to that -- a long time to do that at 9 o'clock. And torture. Torture when we get back what is your definition of torture. The book definition is yet to causing severe physical pain. As for punishment or is a way to force someone to do or say something that's the dictionary definition of torture what measures neither of us really to get our hands there.

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