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Bob Lobel joins Planet Mikey for two hours

Nov 12, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder, and Lenny are joined by Boston sports media legend, Bob Lobel. They talk about Bob's career and the current state of Boston sports.

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-- you know you -- it is the planet Mikey show approaching now eight years. December 15 via our eighth year on year here which is a remarkable -- it's my. A personal record for the longest duration of employment it 11 broadcast operation. However. I guess we have in the studio now the legendary Bible Belt actually worked for thirty. Years -- well and so is almost thirty apps that was sentences. Six holes that as a bankable again. And elect to move around. You know or whatever now I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Act what kind of day it was just one of those things you know. I lucked out the reason they put me -- was because I was really get along with Liz Walker in -- -- -- weekends -- -- -- moved her -- which is a very controversial -- at that time. And then. So the keeper happy I think they just moved me whether at at. Really -- -- broader coattails -- lot of what she tells no luck changed those at all time via a lot of lover but she's in my SB gallon Jesus. Yes he's a minister yes you can really -- ever ever. Reverend walker and I would you know if bush she's a wonderful person and everybody's always said that about a sister Joni is -- really kind of got a list of maker feel comfortable on the that was it. -- You know had a similar thing when -- were to channel three hard for the kept Gayle king and keep Oprah happy. You tell you what they would act as you know I issued a stumbling over words all the time wonderful woman appointment desk is right next Thursday's great to work with. But really was an Oprah thing you know and then Oprah filter a million dollar house in glass and -- did did delays build you one of them -- well. There really got to talk about that now he might let's get to this now that I'm really curious I probably know the story part. -- you get together. War and for all analysis I have that's got to be the pinnacle of any but I nobody in my mind it's the greatest television local television sports moment that I've ever see you how did you pull that off. You know what here's the deal party get away from that the bigger becomes. -- to Iowa the night. In planning after the actual show. Always wanted to do was a television show we wanted to do a really good television show and that was going to be a really good television show but it. You know you're you or anyone who has pulled off and I was on -- wonder could record and -- I don't I haven't watched it since I never watched. For those that don't know we're talking about it was the most of the people it was the at a gathering for the first time ever it is historic fashion on television would Bible Belt. Of Larry Bird. Bobby York and Ted Williams together on the same broadcast the three iconic in greatest athletes -- And -- you heard the story right coming during. His it's -- misery producers are -- it it it's uncertain how well. We said we wanted to show we yes Alan Miller casinos like mired. Right hand guy was very actually in my brain. Yet about it. Let's just show -- horn bird its neighbor kind of around you know bird was still playing them. So I called the war first they know. He would say yes to as you always says yes and he's wonderful yeah totally wonderful. And then we got bird. Whatever and we decided to do it we'll do it. Next Sunday two Sundays or something. And then the week before the show weekend was medium Friday or Monday you're for the showed John Henry Williams -- kid his kid. Comes in this office sports office because he's on number interns -- You know it's her she's the one that really made the show -- open tennis he's the one which does not get enough credit it. -- she didn't make edits but. I know and how that show that and a year. And I thank her and -- think as we can we talk about so. He symbol you want to add on to because. Bad meaning Ted yeah it's going to be in town next weekend. And I said really let me think about geno could get on Obama ethical or -- -- -- have yeah. -- tell it where really clamped in America. So. That's not happen -- that was a stupid crazy happened so the three -- there and and it was all about you know how we gonna get these guys in. We got a promoted but we don't wanna promoted because everybody be lining up at the station sir so just to see him -- -- -- in other had to promoted. And -- -- command a backdoor. And whatever and and -- bird. I had not -- Had you met four or -- were pretty good friends it fished together on those this kind of that. You know whatever but I excuse certain coolness that it was -- would take just dominant disputed and despite everything deferred to him a little because they you know based I mean they don't burgers and is bashful and or -- I -- it's an -- it's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know make in the dollar whether -- forces fathers signed bats or whatever -- -- it would do it -- -- guilt or whatever but John Henry said okay. I'll bring daddy and but. Photo rights are mine I. Guys and your -- Raleigh mayor remember him overnight Barbara -- he was in -- this kid with a video camera and John Henry kicked him out of the studio. -- yeah -- -- from that was that was -- so anyway. Yes how that photo of Ted Larry I was never -- candidate and they only had about 2000. What people have now in their rooms are gathered their man man caves or Denzel and one of my I have is a is a picture of the photograph that signed by all three. -- -- and they're not gonna have the -- -- at the picture with all three -- -- people took pictures of that and it became market very -- -- is that what a moment that -- now. It was not because I lived in Connecticut at the time comes in the eighties right 80s83. No 93. Had to be -- really have excellent idea I teacher wasn't I was night Easter OK so maybe -- ID 290 now -- or Washington I'm still live there -- commuted appear that's way. But it was not an -- and other players are so many years ago you were there but it did you have had a syndication. Rights to that show that was denied I have noise I appreciate it's Mikey all I care about is doing it. Stupid show how to get through the hour I know I just cared about that and Alan and I just chaired a about not -- up and getting through them and asking the -- -- is -- the right questions and I have no idea what we talked about that night all I know is we were it was over. I'm gonna say this there will be no bigger show them that -- a local television broadcast basis that was the hugest thing and all knowing the history come into the we gather together now that's going to be ever be as epic as those -- gotta learn how am I assume you do. I do. Think -- half really it has got to find distinction to put it. -- what do I -- like to think about it was set John lackeys I want when known are not with the ethnic. -- -- -- We have an -- to put that show my god I'd get some sports -- view and I know you're ammo and remembered -- -- -- in you and you've told me in a -- this before. You said in that story and have forgot it. I danced their shows that John Dennis and how -- other people -- they get a little nervous ago on. You know. John Dennis with the hair in the -- and that's right that this guy comes then. Sits down and you totally for the sake of that story when that little red light goes on is the most natural time of the day from Utah army that. And that's why you came across the way you did. You brought the women. Into. -- the women I know I and now you've bed changeup was dead and what you want -- know in the sense that. And it's a tight dynamite in his -- tonight why you weren't even born and model I was around down -- around and he might have pulled -- is -- -- That Bob did that other people didn't do it when it's time now go on TV peoples and had a TV president but always seem like okay. Eight period repeated fairly gather here or a you know be a comfortable setting when -- on the -- not at all that's because you're reading. You use -- ad -- -- you knew you stop whatever but that I get a -- doing a lot of guys -- today's world of television. That if -- if it is being read by the avenues in the prompted that they can't feel natural and relaxed on TV. I've always thought that was an issue for me it was a teleprompter there are times I would use it when we had. Fact Leighton stories -- had to be accurate like Obama does stuff that had to be accurate that these people. Because they have to be accurate it I never thought I had to be really at hand at the I had to be somewhat entertaining right but accuracy really had very little -- no to that presentation -- so it was yeah. But there were times that I use it but I you know I just never wanted to get into like reading and I just not wanted to -- He thought of as him reading of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't you -- here and I my late mother who we are that we August SI and Jessica at the you know it's expected by the way you can tech's Bob. Not a consistent message we have Monroe and it -- call it was able have allowed you all talked about the bill of about all the. There isn't it because you had to be that the history of view in the sports that you covered so it's not because of that space and -- -- -- and about a loan that's True Religion Harris Allen. With Mike Sunday night and we were talking them. About a -- I've pretty much. Were on. Opposite numbers in opposite letters for the whole poster -- time and a so we really ended up doing a lot of the same stuff. One of the best things ever covered was America's cup in Newport. It was like going to college and not having to study for two weeks. Unbelievable. But he knows sadly it'll not come back because yesterday is what it was an amazing amazing time but. There were so many others the best of these championship rounds and you haven't asked me this but no you don't you tell me anyway that's why you're here I'd say -- His first Super Bowl and the last World Series 861 and the last now not that matter of her win. But -- his -- -- I -- well no I don't need to get that one and both this last World Series at two. Best. For meanwhile high water marks you know -- kidding yeah I think so because. It was like. You know in the middle of the night in New Orleans. When we never left the compound cause it was so much security. And either Chris you had to get back in. It take three or skip packets you slept in a satellite trucks but right your wrath report mornings are. They just one African Super Bowl yen and Tokyo imagination the patriots and director guy I am different Bob -- but you know offered to Sam Jankovic you know. Salomon's. Well they they just won a Super Bowl and it. Of course this World Series it was this was amazing this was this was. This World Series was at like textures if this series had -- in had layoffs and yet players have to guess yes and I was like 2004 it was great. For all. All of our -- That team was a good team that was on the verge of doing something big gap right you know they dated notes rate you know lose interest in some. So in Baghdad. This show in New Hampshire. So I called and said. -- you know three general managers. -- their influence in these three Red Sox grocers in new cats influencing eighty yen. In 2004. Undeniable mind and -- in 2007 and pressure attendant and 2013 three general managers right I think it's pretty unusual and it's such short. And the only hold over players with a once it is that had you know that cross over there in my you know video for team. As magical as was to beat the Yankees after being down three games and that was that's permanently -- is no question about it. They didn't have media they had Schilling and they had -- popular is expected but with this team here in game and going into the beginning of this past year we have people think that was a toll on drugs. It with 92 -- prediction. Now I'm an optimistic analysts are said 9290 -- at the same thing and and basically that SS of that ID three. And I -- that my aunt gets a bad thing but who knows you know this is that you and I. You know we don't care for wrong that's ridiculous obviously there's nobody remembers anyway right you know it's -- one of those -- -- -- -- So you -- -- 79 and -- you know -- at that time the -- great seventy's run was was was pretty much over. The Celtics were just beginning to Larry Bird -- -- yet it was just the beginning of that and the Red Sox were in this kind of what are wheat -- they're ready -- trust. You know pre alpha disaster yawkey trust you -- I could trust -- put up three World Series -- not I don't think so not not a chance that. Now it just because you were around for both these let's ask you to compare -- the regime's. The difference between this group of ownership people. And the prior group of them valuable Berger wrote a ship that was the Kremlin has yet merely an upstart John -- is an accountant. It was an accountant. You know US. -- -- Probably a -- of good will probably was that's a good if you're going to be a baseball program baseball shouldn't look and and -- but it is coming to the ballpark if you UN do -- shots obviously for a million time they. They they wouldn't use the show of no yeah this these guys. Say yes that's the difference they said no these -- say yes now players. I've changed technology internally is changed there's no more one on ones in the locker normally sits -- from Dunkin' Donuts board and that's the way it's done now yeah at least differing electronic media you don't have to go wouldn't and grabbed. David Ortiz and and run over and talked to Stephen Drew and. It's all going to be there on the -- all gonna be there somebody's gonna have a total and that kind of changed the face of of television you know I. And I say this about you know because Laura and by appointment viewing for sports local sports utility and you have your guy the guy you wanted to watch to hear what he said about this game that you delegate. Up to me that was -- other people was last year or or dean or whoever haven't be on the air. But it was it a different behavioral -- for people to because you capture sports information or you're sports takes as they're called. From that one guy -- appointment with every single -- -- was 6 o'clock 11 o'clock and that was who you tune -- -- now -- days. It's a whole different world in that and I don't have enough and I don't embarrass anybody or -- or coma I don't know who these guys are all these different chambers and -- One of the great gifts that -- I have to say that I had was haven't people I knew me Bob knew -- -- -- and people like that. To work worth. And in later years burden these guys draw like. Really loyal and we all kind of thought on the same wave length yes and and that -- helped out the great deal of trust I mean you know if your front of that camera. You gotta trust the people. Better back here point cushion how you look good -- or whatever okay right at but it just OK with good some nice and Jackie canal. Jackie -- I'm producers and Alan Miller who was like my soul mate -- for almost twenty years as a producer. At may disappoint as you go are progressively that he not only do you do you know he knows what you think and you know he's gonna maybe they could even before you what you. Think yes no you know Alan -- how well he has -- some -- things you know write a book you gotta -- the witness protection program and at least. Plus me Alan and I. We go to it was a phillips' drug which was down in -- circle -- a corner across from -- -- is -- one of my favorite 3 AM Sparta and calendar. If one of us had gotten into trouble in some way shape or form. And we talked to the inside track and we knew something was coming out in the -- the next day we get out of the phillips' drug. And get an advanced look at Errol ST how bad it wise to -- no this is just stuff and we did right there are so many little things it. -- I remember when I was out with them. At Friday's. It was a good time to go out after the show at Friday's yes and one of our producers I'm writing a doctor -- works for the NBA now. One of our our news director called me after the -- Sidney near there rattlesnake OK that was. Okay and centuries of news directors must I've been around him need him at the rattlesnake him Margarito or whatever. Grew up over Friday's when he sees a sports producer there. He says. I never I was -- to do this -- were fired him. He's fired McBride fry at 1 o'clock in the morning I'll buy it Guile my guys are guided cart program called -- -- -- believe this inevitably which just happened. You know sort of for the Marguerite I know I was gonna say that -- Erickson I don't know how might -- say it was like cheese it was so. I get fired during a commercial break at his own -- back an old one and O'Toole. Early in Alameda is -- three did you find out in the paper before it -- yeah yeah -- Martin Linehan from the from for the baseball tavern stampede or he comes in the newspaper group but to go on the air it five or six. A morning drive you know Boston big time radio and it looked Jesus or get fired today and here's Jim Bakker was an article says Adams -- Its -- item on the air. And then I've been the boss comes and a guy walked in at 7 o'clock -- aren't -- to find out this way. That's a dude Mike Kellogg's -- that we -- to do -- okay seal -- -- -- -- you know that's -- that's the radio and TV business I want to talk more about the way that the state of the bill. -- -- registered to a good idea we take my rate I could tell we wanted to we want -- Bible college is the kind of -- I am I could tell you. -- wrap this conversation. Go to -- -- just said it sets and you know what it doesn't really even here optic camera on the -- you know it. Yes and that's that's. Got his own driver that I would take a quick break Bob LaBelle the legendary one from yes apple creek Ohio and when asked about it -- let me make -- he's legendary is well over -- -- -- -- his cigar. John. Apparently America and I think this guy's gonna to fix that it graders that are -- this mark the -- -- -- I will take a break welcome back if -- you wanna talk to us about sports and Bob LaBelle about anything six or 77797937. Who will be right back. -- tried so hard to choose this big daddy's pizza. Before going to you know most of your mouth noise. From anybody. Us good. About -- 1010 in radio studio is Bob's great to have Ian thanks Mikey he bowed and I did a dirty water TV episode -- there. The baseball tavern and it was a best dirty water episode ever created. We thought that's who we voted on if that's the way to -- it turned out that we had Dennis drink water on witness and Jimmy Rudy at the same time that drinks was great. And so -- -- he was actually you know pictures and he's like he's -- on uninhibited by the camera while he's always on camera. -- final point every highlight come up every night like every highlight that you saw during the -- with players order is him during a that's a great gay people had they must ask all time who was that guy yet they always ask about Jeremy richer and you -- says it. The campsite I don't that was asked -- do the element of every. Now Sarah BS are run -- we've changed we've upgraded Bob we used to call it the email female position remember. Nobody's doing -- more people text tweet -- stuff now by the way at Bob LaBelle on Twitter. And many still at night now I'd add gently writer and answer that something be thanks under appreciate it isn't a school that's text cleaned me -- Now Sarah is our Texas she is in charge of politics what do you -- -- be. And just a lot of -- belliard the best. Some people wanna know how you came up with the idea of first degree eighties. And she can talk about that a little more. And were also saying that. That bird or Williams combo is like Mike -- and about. Now. While yeah -- sent except I totally different and not good I'm trying to figure out which I was connection. It. What is this and it is jump Charlotte about the great. As -- show that we. It in the eight and 1988 that was like an amazing. A decade under decades and her amazing. Decade for Boston sports that we know. It. Deputy expert tip of the iceberg it was a it was a I've won an iris or worse it was British show it was wrong and it's got law that the song. Billy Joel's. What are. -- -- -- The Politico suggests yes known. Whose every definitely I -- at the -- big big big DDB DD yeah instead of tired yeah that's censor and -- -- and it's -- you think he wants to thank born mediate between me. It's an probably well done. In the Kelly Kelly and hammers -- -- a lot of annoyed. Kelly you're on the air. Kelly you're on the air. What -- Hal intimidated by it says right here's -- in Amherst for God's sake let's strive Franken torture -- -- in Gloucester hello frank. Good cameraman pan. I wanna say they have their greatest lover and a model like Obama and exports they. When you -- at least coughed up that slam before you said that frank. I. Want that they won't now what about big time I went -- boat. Bubble boy number one mother should be eighties and he's still number one today. And the -- want to approach and hit -- besides Britain totaled gonna look what Pablo -- a -- My buddy Bob go quiet that would declare it looked like. And I don't want to go back go way back to that -- have gotten Manila I can't remember I know little about Obama. One on the -- not a competitor. Our -- alive -- thank you break judgment of front runner you guys were one and number one in the ratings for for how many years don't want him I don't think we were I don't think. You know I'm allergic out of I'm measures because they didn't breakdown -- sports -- sports it was just about noon newscast was all about him six Nolan. Totally three stations just battle out the afternoon shows. 11 o'clock shows just you know yeah we honest. We didn't really care about. Those numbers all we care about is what a show on Easter the British show -- And it was entertaining interesting even though we got four minutes back then aspect. And two and a half says what it is now here it is probably it's a sports fan club how many is it that runs sports yet because sports -- a separate entity from an 11 o'clock cholera expert you know it started. You know started that show is Don change. Don Shane started that show back I don't know I had to start in mid eighties. Okay current one to burn Clements and so it was definitely on the or 86 or private started in 85 Maria for him Don chain now on AS sports guy. Yeah and he went to Detroit. Yes when he -- just retired so he really started a show and and many left. Just took it over and and that was it so. -- since 84 girls beta for the imitators I mean that the that brought -- a lot of different everybody's got that -- you know what everybody in countries go in the showdown because it's. -- at that time and it really. Is makes a lot of sense to wrap up the whole thing -- this -- -- -- Marshall you know what depression and I don't show I missed more than anything else was that patriots -- quarter. Patriots post game show. One because. They -- you know it's always great. The follow a team that just comes up and the winds were not like automatic they were always last minute stunning Winston -- It went on and on and on and it was always. Great to do that live television -- firms that are the studio remember the first time we started it. When we had double header. First pictures of first game of the doubleheader and we could not do the show on channel four already handle into the game channel 38 -- OK and one and and we were so stupid back penalty because we just didn't think these things through. So we said we'd start the fifth quarter at 4 o'clock when the game was post and while. The game. Was still go out so an upstart in the fifth quarter with a fourth quarter results that's attractive candidates swept the last thing we did that. -- this is so you end up doing things that you know Debian stupid and you say okay -- and we. Think this you know maybe it was stupid but that's what they do with a station with a real post game show -- the the exact -- relaxed. I think seven that's at quarter until you what Erdogan -- -- tomorrow but you know that is about live TV you know but. So many things tape now there are there in the hand as they say. And I hate that I've always liked the fact that. If something's lie meaning it happens as a lot more adrenaline and -- becomes will it. When you're actually on the air live no matter what because you know what's gonna happen I found an old tape of view interviewing bill league. And I'm a sex. You know he's always one of those guys got to watch out he's on filtered. You looked a little I had noticed that you looked a little like a little tentative about what it might. It was a bit at my TV compared to what what we're getting now and I want to ask you to Bob because this is what's gone I don't know where I came on the TV sports thing. -- endured nearly as long as you. But the whole climate is that you didn't take her yourself. That's that's that's it and I know I latent yeah I mean there are at their reputation remain about. It's it's a different world now because now there's he got 255. Before you get seven you IDS PA -- -- Comcast isn't -- killer NASA and and -- -- the Internet or anything you've seen on that broadcast can be instantly called up. How is anybody going to be as sustain a career with appointment lives local broadcasting in this day and age when information self redefine. Well it's a challenge on to say that I think it's one of the reasons they mean in my contract. Murmured conversation and with the general manager of that day and look I just wanna be a part of -- solution not part of the problem. So I don't know -- you know I would were actor for -- Satirist and wages don't renegotiate here so assist because he's think in the air I don't you know about. I don't need I just needed some added one there that -- embarrassed me like -- right guys that's OK you know sorry that so. Problem last you know it's not fun to get fired in or at least tell me. -- -- not trying to get fired and I think it's so anyway I wasn't really you know yeah so that. -- -- you make a big money because there was a ratings battle going on your your Q numbers must've been out through the rulers and one of those markets that during that time. It was Natalie -- it was Liz Walker Cup was. These were regulars it was Dick Albert these were personality Jack -- yeah and chat and these -- personalities. That drove the market. Wasn't the case and a lot of and other markets this was a destination market that's right people came here as -- -- -- familiarity. Out yet you're coming in their living room with their family every night they better -- Q and write an opinion piece of furniture that talks to them. Today -- now they want that familiarity and they had gestational that it and I wanted to wage I'm guess and its ad lib it. Who like you we give players like in the panic button and let -- -- -- I would. I made the panic -- and it's apparent put me why I have a panic button. As opposed to the state has that disease or -- as they have now the I was just being Smart ass not like can't we give players like that was Lou Gorman. Members traded -- well Butler and that's right Jessica 88 minutes started. Lou -- was never happy with after that but. It was just. When nobody you know I was a sarcastic. Wise guys and it was a Smart sarcastic. Wise guy statement. And there were -- that the reason elsewhere but it was great so many situations came up where you it was applicable that's true that's why and remember. Might as you know your audience you -- I think it helps when you understand your audience. And I know that most of the people out there are. Wise guy sarcastic he -- exactly right I mean that's. That's what sports is all about -- sports fans are out of the fans that like the funniest yeah they have some of the greatest lines they do that great and -- -- has thrown two out impromptu line because they think about it more than we are in the business I know it's just such an artist that's one of the great thing about. And current sports fans in in -- in the group you know in a crowd this. They're pretty funny idea conspiracy after couple Beers that's were I always found out that as Sarah -- -- she -- I don't votes tiny Smart you got some more text messages for a mr. -- I do -- seen and Bob yes Larry Bird or David Ortiz and not really sure we talked about maybe Larry. Teaching for the Sox next year -- this guy Swansea that pick one curtain Robby here are -- you. Hero of our assessment but slipped my Kia lynch asset the other night as David Ortiz. Or who was -- wasn't bird. Tom Brady who is going to be there for the ultimate statutes you know -- answered Brady. There's no doubt in my mind it's going to be Tom Brady and long -- And is no doubt -- the army and pick Larry Bird and often mistaken that the sizzle and we're still have wished I had the sizzle and Ortiz. Phenomenal what he did Obama are -- -- bird -- -- body work is complete yet we know about it I'd take. That how about the line on your special with him and Ted Williams and Bobby -- when he said it birthday cake comes out and indeed the candles and he's he's one commodities that can blow while they're leery of some -- Are you don't want me to spin on the cake here. I thought it happened and I -- there is classically gladly accept you know but I will say that there may be talking about. Speaking in public Larry Bird vs the -- and well written -- -- -- did surpassing blew by bird. When it comes to public. Expletives deleted after there's no question Byrd was just a four letter S word. In -- the populist the big F bomb. And that's probably why he came in third in the mayoral race this year answer -- and I like this other text growing up when the promotions little bell and the Rudolph suits Rudolph suit started you know I knew it was Christmas time. That's right and three generation that's an image -- probably -- afforded every year right they did do it every year and they called this group in. They'll idolize any of these commercials forced Children's Hospital yes that's what it was all that out of your favorite charity -- it was just you know is a great thing. Around between Thanksgiving Christmas and they would saturate the year with these. You know hopefully funny commercials right and they'd have won the antlers in the helicopter in -- stand up and and bang handlers are cut off for an. -- everyone is a headless -- You out of the law. You're at my head and like like a deer edited in a trophy here. He's got Williams and I was sticking out alone and that Jack Williams and walk -- and look at it. The Baghdad where you were you being no real evidence that get you to be toll on stats. And the -- finally here was very -- that at. It -- up -- good ideas but they came up a lot of those ideas for -- Maynard and you're Lapierre and all of that yeah. I image stuff always good metadata finally go to they only do two things a year and has -- on -- -- synthesizing about it without that's what -- Boston television. Steve's in Maine Steve you run a -- -- and -- course when he makes John Ryder Serra beat Mike yet and so we get to producers aiming -- -- busted in a. Ratio got -- thanks. But this is says being from Maine I've called your radio show in New Hampshire in the past. And that's a great show. Well I appreciate you did for a hang in there for baton. Thanks for thanks for being here tonight. Yeah I was trying to it goes on although I was trying to identify. Why he used sustained for so long I think it's. They're looking trio is being reminded of I think it's genuine. Being genuine. While. I'll take that as a compliment is that the same is not -- in Niger genuine -- could be that true. But debt. Thanks I appreciate that. I just know one I just the only thing them. Taking my son and grandson to the sixth game of the World Series at Fenway Park was like. You know kind of a top of the mountain moment you know and when I was getting a picture airman that was. Mean for any and you end up doing this for. Your family and you know your friends and trying to embarrass anybody. What you end up do you cry you know somewhere down the line news and and -- embarrass our current people I do regularly to him but you know what upsets in the but as nice to sets. If I know Barbara you you had. A very unique way of approaching what you did for a living I mean I don't know I mean I wasn't in. Other cities in the eighties I was here by it and I couldn't imagine anyone approaching. The sports segment. Of a major TV stations like Q did you made it light you've got what was important across if there was a tragedy you would live from the moment. You know have a deal you knew how to deal what's the more what's the big story today how much time do I really know tonight and it is. And relational to Amanda because every girl -- changes unity -- -- -- exactly when to be serial I want to be flippant yeah Deschanel. It's really kind of all about the people that's a such a trait thing to say. If you have a support of the news director of support of the people you're working with. And fourth. Then you can take a lot of poetic license and. Right and when that self hadn't done Barack -- when it goes on camera -- the one that has. Heed to the red light going on and not too many people can do it to you did miss the last flattering piece you're gonna get me that's right lane -- that -- -- two things I would say if you if Chrysler XP eighteen. A college classes I would simply say. You know this is not one audience of a million people the million audiences of one person that's -- it's a big way their program look and attitude and Mike. My goal. It's that you know look at that machine -- What kind of a -- to have a talk into a machine mean they think about it that prompter. Yet of video meadowlands and all well yeah -- that's it's a robot -- visceral there's nobody behind the machine and who who knows how many people are. Way behind and she says it was really all about it yet try to make Liz Walker laugh yeah -- they scattered to protect pay attention to me because. Lot times she wouldn't -- -- -- c'mon you know. But people treated to those see that's where people relate -- to TV people back then and and add some cases now not so much within those two and a half minutes sportscast. But just in general is that conversations you have. They are they getting to know you'll -- they know you they feel like they know you because you're sitting there with Liz go back and forth they get a feel for which a person knows what that they get comfortable with you. I think there's something to that yes it's a comfort thing with -- -- of people at the same religion was the same way yeah it was just have without socks and you without socks. -- that's not a son a Mormon Argyle sock I don't know Simon right that far but you know. It can badly out Jack but we have seen where NASCAR content ballots but now but I know what you mean by Al people -- and the camera what they have to do you know it's that you operate. So I look at it they made the cake and then you have to grow in front of millions of people and sell. The events that that to that to -- and so it's a shortened you know and I had great people where I mean now and with the guys who were terrific backhand scenes and publicly have props it you know Yemen and panic button that -- you know wouldn't. Keep these things is not to use a very much. -- you -- over you know you gotta just begins at -- yeah hey it'd better out there doesn't mean you have to turn on you can just say were close. Yeah yeah I -- as close -- there you know those doctors about -- Guam and that not tonight. About rebels in studio course thirty years roughly at WBZ. As the a sports director and sports anchor. On that great devastation and all the things they did there. But he's a lot of stories Italian if if you wanna ask about as well and you might as well as 6177797937. Planet Mikey continues after this -- a song. -- -- -- Dead dead dead played at what they do next this is -- -- -- fees. So expect -- blues. Don't chase for God's sake just like while the current gripe I've ever bought an OJ records since oh. That's what happen in Brentwood 1994. -- the -- -- night OJ ever had by the way two yards to carries. It's a problem bells and how sick and -- The best -- ever regular text auto -- therapy to read -- that Lynette is about tournament you know remember this incident which on the top one. But I had created pop up. Best LaBelle line ever do you wanna take a Mulligan on that on. Bob Bryant. Any US suspended for three weeks after that that was the Jason Kidd thing right -- who are you thinking when that came -- -- use like what. Well I knew that. And I love that about. What's -- what was her name -- -- -- kid you know I'm Tibetans during the Eastern Conference final -- Jason had done. Rafter up a bit I think that was -- yeah -- and down -- He said she's such a despicable person that he had something he got to do more often and amenity said that -- crisis. I don't. You know whoa whoa whoa whoa and he's a friend of mine. -- you know many times oversight there had. Romo. A life like there -- You know a security didn't take it as soon -- -- radon and -- totally ignored me and didn't stand forever nobody he'd handled so glorious moments. And he was. He was the guy Bryant. That I think paved the way for guys like you planning now and all the other print media that. Always looked down at us on electronic media as being swine. And something less yes you know Bill -- and deer -- he's at best Disney Bob Wright implied that he was one of the first you know we've put on. Because he'd always deliver and now all of a sudden you guys caught on say well here's some potential stream -- and come at at at really I. Yes. These traders are because remember it just say something really not great right and they are they are unfortunately there are much better than we want entirely dug a flashback through the eighties brought up pick up the globe the other day and I see. Lee not to want fail if I see Kevin DuPont IC Shaughnessy and I CU Ryan. They're -- you know working in and hear that at the globe are unhappy Lima that was really Monfils try to get president heartland of -- and their -- don't get it -- -- -- and I'm glad it is because. Not only have we been blessed with great teams high drama big disappointments and and great celebrations but. Terrific sport in -- -- this town the writers have an unparalleled anywhere in the country you know really I was you know we're in New York doesn't matter. We got so many phone calls we get to your fault lines here by -- come back every night. But the the molecule I was one that I've I definitely I just -- that. I want to ask so what I remember them days in a conference finals your thoughts on these have got news headline tonight which we've been as announcing here during the break during the classes but. We had a chance to comment on yet. John Ferrell not. The manager of the year I don't know how they -- that happens with due respect to someone we -- Terry Francona and he did tremendous job obviously a crappy Cleveland team. So but how does John Ferrell might get that obvious line is why can't we get manages. I don't know if I'm -- no Erica but an early breakfast but I -- I don't again. -- would rather have the trophy he adds lets you know -- -- -- with their friends now assures -- cynic would love to see that text messages between the eyes and I. Yeah there because -- they go way back in this from renewed bid the whole thing is I thought that's a lock as I can imagine anybody but Ferrell getting it and end up with a close second maybe you know runnerup. Well legitimately. Probably was -- make good for a lot of them baseball writers. Who that tender right. With there yeah arts as opposed their heads we're not supposed to do that and I know that -- -- -- -- back and -- but. You know was all about ten years of not winning it here and lost the struggles he went through with all those people so I just. I think it was enemy can be a kind of deserved it and it they. I mean Cleveland was really a bad team any -- year that has sent anti houses Jennifer in the -- Can't name the players on the team no one can -- except C swisher is the only other guy that's right right -- it's -- -- Oh are vital and he was an after they -- -- in Ohio to erase. -- -- No not who ball Masterson. Yeah amassed aria -- -- -- there we got to like you get pictures like that I can't we get big tall lanky bald -- is sidelining the judges like OK I'm you know what. It's not the worst thing in the world managed in the years yeah okay that's Jarrett in got yeah executive of the year problem. We got a bunch of people here want talk to some folks here stamina cargo ahead -- on the. Sodium and I would agree Chile is thanks you. And I also say that -- as well -- he he was the best and probably be the best for a long round. It kind I agree. It happens are you get away from something better to be but it's like them out like -- right now which one. While that's Lou if it was OK I have to give a number now. But a party get away for an. That marriage the betters a better offer was you know -- -- -- -- bad about it but at the time on -- got a -- statement one more segment. I tell people my first wife and I were happy for twenty years that we met. -- -- -- -- Although problem isn't enough is speedy that a lot up. Great Boston sports figures. Over the last couple of decades. Into the lot said about today's players. Who comes to mind. Not necessarily. The greatest athlete but some of the greatest people whether it's ownership are our players are just -- a big. List -- you tuchman as a person -- as a overall combination of athlete person. Yeah I'll let let let the overall. You know we look at me but it. Kind of focusing on the quality of yeah. Let me answer that we have four people here that I'm sure they are opinions not -- us every night club. It cracked open at all other than you out PR -- Well I would say. Yeah this is probably gonna surprise you. But I was taken charge. The Boston Bruins the father is about a -- a father. Is about is giving. And diet nicest guys as there is I would also say Dwight Evans. -- after he was a player he knows he was a jerk where he was a player I've told them so if he agrees. But after after he's gotten away from that clubhouse fraternity yeah they all change. And almost him for the better and he's he's really been had a good friend and in many ways he realized what he had to go through while it was playing. While his two sons were undergoing. Upwards of thirty surgeries. For their -- zero -- Mattel assists yeah I didn't see guys -- -- for their eyes and very few people really knew about that at that time -- you -- you know those that those -- -- to that came in my amateurs. You know you could bring up anybody else who -- -- bring up I'd probably agree with. About your I saw you -- in and out -- haven or somewhere -- of golf and Bobby your resume peace at a course. Agree I think he's the racist nicest guy in the -- is there anybody Bob it's that tab labels superstar. That war it more graciously. Resentment and Bob Bob Bobby gracious as -- right word tea and in some ways. I I think it's kind of a hell on earth to be to be him because he's always him. And -- you know what you subordinate to be about your daughter goes -- goes with it you know us any idea but it. That's a big burden to be -- around every game even -- British -- witty original or right and you're doing that all the time and you want you've been jerked to one person. It'll get out of him now it'll get around so you have to basically states you know it's funny especially these -- -- your. Right I was at a hockey my my oldest son -- with a hockey player and feel Connecticut Bobby came to speech to all the hockey players you don't get up their personal one kid little kid you know young kid goes. Stands a big question and -- time and Bobby's on states. The kid raises -- as -- were real good. About is laugher in the whole place -- and obviously is are those of best answer ever he said. I don't know -- dad. At a just so yeah well well handled that Katherine of course everybody's in -- get his autograph he cited poster after poster after poster. And I understand -- my son I'm kind about Peoria is a key get me you know I had never met before. And he's looking at my Sonny Sonny looks up at me he sees a look at my face and he goes to my Sonny does does your dad won't want to. Having just handle it without making me feel like 8080 not a right he's so used to face a great guy. You know most of these guys out like Eric Sanders. You know went through horrible period in his life there's in his book homeless. You know between the drugs and alcohol. You know people. Always kind of put him on a pedestal when he was a player because he was a great player we have a way of doing them with guys in uniform that really are spectacular. But I've Easter Bunny she is the guy put on a pedestal now when he's. You know come and Mac Mollison -- -- all absolutely you gotta find the right time to put people on pedestals and it's narrow as winner. Or in uniform right now it's too easy then you know going from really absolutely did do. You know -- now you know Wright married Marion diagnosis started in -- any time. Right right as -- script from totally -- We got a full lines I've promised we get back from his break we'll talk to every single one you Bobble bones studio we're happy to have Bob here at -- -- -- -- so latest texts. You got her green pants -- That's a planet Mikey show live from -- what what better places to be tonight. Yes it is live from Brighton Massachusetts we always say that because it gives that special or the exotic remote -- -- here and brighten the speed and believes great town. Bob rebels there -- then that's your problem how many -- that you win by about a hundred that's there's no way must. I I do but it's so small it's embarrassing them mentions like this. Declined if you know pretend we want a lot in the head enhance. Nor do you know we stopped area after awhile we thought that it wasn't them and that's as they are really weak excuse that I only followed the I wasn't gonna pay for the entry I know don't let the station the station is gonna pay for the entry year. Morgan manner why would we have put together some tape and paying for the entry. Well right -- you know it is also it's kind of like volunteering or Iraq. It's like of a young girls say I want to be Miss America. He you can disable I think I'm pretty special prominence in this contest. And and they make you pay force and I got a really prove that you think you specialize yeah I was such a good job and I'm gonna put an -- -- You know I pay for ending in a lose in -- news. And money back -- that the one award I was really proud of and we -- it was for the greedy eighties when -- iris award for now was the one. And really only award. I thought we currently the retrospective of that of that decade and a public I had written. You know -- truth. No one else knows this except one editor. At channel four. I had written one. For 2000. On 82009. I owe it to a decade yes OK and last I had one written are ready for the same music and then. And in the hammer came and I said. You know what I'm even hit my drive doing this -- stomach to finish at but I it was almost finished it would have been. And finished work on yes -- and underwent -- but in our LA area. You know for fifteen years. I thought you were the only person that was allowed to and see anything in Boston. As you did a million -- charity events particularly. By army human and it packs they're from why -- don't know does a lot of self nordic she does a lot. And fetuses and as you know there's all over the place with Sosa Lenny Clark -- these guys in flavor and they -- they -- -- Yeah. But you didn't I yeah while you when you. You don't say no I mean flattered them personally flattered to be asked I think gets them first and foremost thing right and then. And then when it comes to you know put up or shut up time to what I have to say he has that but then you just go and. And you know they had been host one Emmy award in Foxborough and never speak to back they went back to Tom Bergeron underway. She senator Joseph area -- that -- and and a look at -- talk seamlessly well. What does he does -- Celtic toxin that we -- -- -- dozens of Estonia's you know toxic powder blue a number to answer to this I had to present one year at the Emmys though Bob and I went up on stage it was Michael Dukakis and Peter McNeeley report states. Seriously -- a hundred jury all right Zach had trouble for this Charlie Kravis is like this too much or I got up on today's is that while it's an honor to be appearance -- -- two guys last about 48 seconds. -- you know why it's such a great line and he just was in this place it back up. Right through it right now well I did get it wrong but it was a great lie it's funny how that works don't be ethical over the great line. You gotta find the right place to deliver that is that's and that wasn't it I don't know shortly there after that I have met my own demise of the previous one is high Def is were wrecked me anchor -- honest and anchor killer once that kicked in my turn my TV well I can -- -- -- -- -- makeup yeah it's just terrible thing on the block. Paul and all that Brock and help. Welcome do you ambassador -- Agassi McEnroe and Martin's shot he would not alleging the slogan I -- it pure and what you sketch every night after work you watch -- -- if you look back. Well that's very kind of you thank you. You know best pop legend and wanted to ask you well know 56 -- let those stories tomorrow. Sure sort this all -- you walk and then he challenged where we ended our Oakland which I would get smacked around. -- large bowl is great because that's the one that they member they'd lost nine straight years or something in my Miami depth and that was their ticket to the Super Bowl. That was a ticket to play the bears beat Miami in Miami -- them. The bears -- Don't remember the president of the employment kostelic attention away Irish. Now I don't know 88 pounds to -- because right it's in its yeah. -- good times and. It was a Wesley. It is that the NYS eerie shot the puck over the net I don't have children of the corn. Yeah and I was like just weird I -- in ginger and then he's definitely one. With a mullet and. And you sort out. You won't -- embodied what is the brutal. Thank you and yeah I think it -- -- how does -- have to come on your side and our sense that Michaels at Boston hello Michael. On -- up. I'm back in the days and I think early he made up ninety we -- have -- the marathon. Jack. Who just like an eventual passing -- -- partied -- both you know I think merit it was all words -- you know pretty much but one has been established but everybody is still complete an excellent. In a lot there instead here. They've seen all these he's he's sitting there alone at social I'm in to see the compressed in his face. Seeing all the emotional story which I think you know what that was about it. On the in and I'm like well there's something more just finish on the note the first admission -- it is a lot of stories in the race. And I'm like -- yet nobody around them and now this guy. You know. That would actually be on BP on camera and it's like you know he was the man back. I'm like well you know that have not -- this -- you know. Walked away I see and it and I always remember that you know consider is that I'm like. It's more on the story of America and I watch you every. But I was very nice you bring that up I appreciate them more than you could possibly know -- I'll say this one of the flaws. In the medium of television it makes you. Makes everybody average it makes bad people. It lists bad people a bad performances to average it brings out good performances to average everybody comes out as average on television just does not. Portrait that kind of emotion that you -- talking about I mean I think that's -- America has. As a lot of people I work with the -- in the marathon consumers. The marathon it was a long day was but I always -- I was on the great events. Well it's time really it's an individual taken on their own personal good charted goal here and you know fight against the almost unbelievable so he gives great human interest story granite in 1978. -- that yeah dude did. I did run 97 games like a same day finish. As a matter of fact I think the. Has an effect. This is now I make I can't make this stuff up. We're coming through Wellesley which is the halfway point now. And I hear Gil Santos on the radio caller finish line. Rogers wins another America and we're still -- him right back okay that this guy would come up heartbreak hill. And back in 78. There an evening globe. And the evening globe was on the streets and 78 when -- -- -- so I'm just on -- this was not. It wasn't one of those you George you know -- time analysts it was. Close to five it was like for almost two hours ago almost but. You did it again at -- I didn't have a number eyes I was on the ball and that's but now what. I decided I was just gonna run an assortment of miles though you don't meet them but trust me I'm. The guy ran in MacKey is really close friend of mine is not a dealer from Manchester. The games that McCain has -- still see him this they're. -- We were out playing golf and starts messing around when I was bring up the story. As you know I started again and ran back for like four or five times -- -- really slowdown -- I told -- that -- thirty forget miles that day does that bring you in on him all right pulling you along right but they -- -- was at the finish silent station. It was just at a vertical didn't know you actually ran in that item that is still not easy to do -- it's just it's not like. You know common knowledge. But -- if I -- I'd have to be like you know. Left four pairs -- the -- be like or -- -- out there you know beyond just excited to have four pairs out -- -- it's like you had a ten miles analysis I want somebody to show me. Did you miles long you could do it this amounts yet of what 26 point two wind was crazy. You know I walked the half marathon one -- wanted -- I walking that's walking their murmured as a long time ago I met you know is -- a game and -- now be -- -- -- I'd be a long marathon yeah I mean I'm not gonna run it is I'm not gonna go -- -- and -- -- -- -- Smart decision and are you you're you're brought up in my wife's from higher and I noticed in your audio from she's from Sydney west of -- yes I know you're from -- apple creek apple because as well as a closer to Pittsburgh -- as well as -- It's not due south of Cleveland Akron OK -- in that little. Amish country 200 obvious you have for early or early team loyalties. Well I. I was pretty much in the Indians. -- guy is pretty much Cleveland Browns yeah. Heated -- you scatter over Pittsburgh that you. I don't know man at all okay. Mean this was between Columbus and Cleveland so I like Ohio State like the grounds of liability case like Bob Knight as a matter of fact Bob Knight. Was a senior -- high school when I was a freshman at wing -- school played against him in soft. Best -- half past yes fast pitch softball or Robin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Part of that can't Wear whatever to get up -- argue you know I really don't mention this is the best thing about that you can't jacket. That's right maybe it -- now and I you know who's going to try wiggle it'll even Google -- -- it's -- so anyway it was via nightly news. And that's he was like the star Brad I love the way coached team with Woody -- -- if that Parcells hard -- she actually score and I passed up you know. They wrote a book don't know what to -- champion and what to army and that's what they al-Qaeda and Eric Wright Parcells now and then night. And she -- -- things about you should ask you real quickly we forget to syrupy but it does she have the smallest mouth in the history of -- and secondly. We asked why the hell does -- just. Changes name to the phonetic version with this crucial new ski stuff. I mean it's sure chefs do you spell it SHA you know just -- because I do is ruining things in the credit de -- does your grave stone. Coach K. It's gonna be pissed if he's gonna get -- -- -- its outcome space coach -- it is normal that sit right -- that Serbia has text messages yes it'll lots and lots of question as you go ahead -- carefully do you play fantasy sports I do not IRA -- question I'm not -- enough -- I am not Smart enough that it -- that the people that do aren't that aren't either. Do you think the next red -- is that heading to Cooperstown. He thinks I mean. I'll that's what I say Martinez Pedro Martinez yet not Clements. Oh well that's -- deceit -- countless arrests yes I would definitely seat count it's I think he gets in yes haters get in page coming up. Years and a ice got to get -- religious unity and dancers you know brave oh internal clouds yet that's that's that's a fair answer are you know. Next question who do you think is gonna have a bigger good diet and -- David are always the guy who do you think do you think David Ortiz is gonna have a bigger goodbye. Then yeah Aston. You know. Yes -- An amazing day wasn't it just an amazing second 1983. Different I would have to say. It would be. Very different yes was. Yes this sad is classy. It's like any member yet I wouldn't -- I don't know not successfully -- clearest George guys has to finish his career here we are able to restaurants. First of -- -- World Series hero this guy -- three and that's got to -- yeah but you know we can't -- -- for that -- I 400 my car prices are somehow a faint at the gases in the hall of -- he's had his day -- -- the question is always a bad -- yet -- Ortiz is -- -- be just as big as not to get a -- -- the rehearsed and and pre planned and Diaz was organic running around -- feel he can't do that again I'd ask -- -- what he thinks about -- bills QB Cory -- -- had asked the question yeah yes sorry to -- -- -- while costs. Bob Bob Bob -- is very good. It was a ball player so much as it was a TV. Radio personality but -- literally walk here you know -- very to Padraig to call for Rhonda McCullough. Boston Red Sox -- -- problem though that -- job. And now yes yes -- elect asked you that question in the government can you do bubble well. You can any cigarette and beer can. I would take a break Jim and -- coming up next Bob about that house thanks for listening will be right back. The planet Mikey show a little steam again in the background I think this is page nineteen of I'm not mistaken. You know and almost two million -- Bible -- here -- -- and Bob of course almost thirty years on channel four war. Until. They just figured that seven million dollars a year was too much to pay a guy. I was inside I was not a market for -- had to agree with the I have avid an economy back to 65 and app in an area. John writers here Lenny megs here is Sarah be easier Shelby and patio is spreading are still there. -- I clearly see -- -- Darius is ready to one. Hit the switches are just making sure. And a missing my cell phone which is a worst damn thing happened again but you know I gotta say and they'll install of Vista how -- this is why you can't have nice things this people are slaves. Because nowadays the you get someone's number it's in your cellphone you never know the number not -- you have a little black book you write down people's number out. It becomes if you don't have your cellphone you're out of contact with every one permanently -- could Wear around your neck you know you couldn't really send cards and that's you know I don't want to miss places cell phones I -- but that would have put the garlic. It's just a path I just think it's a tough thing for me -- And Bob -- hanging out with us text -- produce heroin -- from Bob. I have one good one but I think -- -- error and it maybe. And this techsters say is -- getting his finger in Poland isn't that now that got his finger and it was eight banks and anyways that tree -- Gaddis is you guys think -- busted in Canada by our. May Larry's Larry yeah -- so anything -- -- -- and gentlemen I'm sorry Serb. Thank you so gaining on you. -- you which you have to learn batteries and see it clearly I've heard that -- and at -- in the Arab. Teens get this -- -- -- shocking moment in sports history in Boston mr. -- sports history. What's what's a better one out Mike Tyson biting off Holyfield's ear was. Putting a box and I said we parted down. Well she most shocking SS units of dog fighting it out there is no second place. When I say here Aaron Hernandez whose nose into place all right I I got I think again first rate about the deaths Reggie Lewis went by this. Yeah that's not -- death shocking yes there's no question you don't have guys and young guys those still be the ones that question but I don't like people guy murdered murderous. Army who else -- done that of course OJ and Hernandez really amusing is that it. Biases probably -- I think so I know John I think your right I think. You know. Commander from different ways but. I would have to say the bias thing was probably the most -- and still is the most shocking thing right Hernandez Inglis. Wallace is pretty stunning. I mean this dad's death and then again you can go to the marathon bombings yesterday -- those. Really she don't released -- big guys right what -- stupid or today. Right now in Lois and -- should talk about you know to young potential last great athletes that died young. And now with an -- got the perpetrators of a death. So I mean you got the you know and man oh man and let it go on a court think they'll forget member when Bergen doctor. Exhibition game exhibition game right now today does connect grab and yeah. -- picture Jazeera -- statistically more shocking I don't know you know the murders in the deaths and all that stuff I've. You know the Red Sox. Beat the Yankees after being down three games -- -- -- 98 that was pretty shocking yes yes yes New Jersey while you -- -- in terms -- a game now how -- Jeff Reardon shoplifting thing. -- -- Swedes due aren't I I would say hatred stocking up the rim I think. It's a finger -- is probably 2009 and while when it's time to list -- -- who hasn't had a fingerprint investment. But hey it started a hell of a conversation I don't know -- -- -- -- that -- -- think that -- wasn't shocked that I just think that that that. Kicked by Vinatieri wasn't shocking yeah it is -- and the fact that they came back and be a fourteen point underdog in the first. There's first of Delaware now all that stuff would have to qualify on. I -- I go back to Jose targetable throwing out ten Berrian at home in 1967 yeah. Because tended to Jose terrible head and arm worse than Rick Mickey rivers -- And he threw that ball so far from right field but it and Austin Howard had to jump and the every two sweep tag can barely -- math credits that nine out. I know that but and here's let me try and yeah I gym in Medford stellar gem of a. -- -- -- -- Think they haven't they are for I'm caught. Bob great to -- great to thirtieth. Thank -- extremely. I do have a question for -- I know that. -- of the any short but I'm also big -- Mike Lynch and what it's about your relationship obviously. Not that the competition between general or channel five. But I heard you got a pretty good but. We guard the competition pretty much was. Limited to the newsroom. And the news directors and and writers and what had you those of us that ended up standing side by side of -- Parker Gillette Stadium. You know try out this -- countless times are on the road covering the same stuff. You know we really -- we had the same job we just work for different letters numbers and you're probably doing your live shots almost shoulder to shoulder -- every single time again and I tell Michael shut up or keep it down -- -- well as seeking. Anyway we out we. Then I think we both had very similar senses of humor and understandings about white. Neither one or should have been there are fast and hit a lot of legitimate -- no harm done yet and we both I think we both -- figure out that. You know wherever averaged stroke Locklear was. In both of us does neither one of -- should have been well legendary always mentions Harvard had yet. I got a minutia as I'm gonna say you at Harvard law before you do because you can imagine it anyway they have no -- I -- and you're all gonna just. Is -- -- now -- -- it as close as about the same tech as he was on the radio fifteen for -- into an -- football and a -- then he was on the weekends politics. You know Keith Olbermann worked there and -- she was behind him from the web came in -- blamed lynching for greasing the skids government you know. I happen -- Teeth didn't have seen a couple times at Fenway Park. But it is strange guy very strange and very strange guy and neat you know they blame land blah blah -- and and then it was Lee Webb and and lynch in -- on our side of it. It was. Dick Stockton Len -- Roger why bell and then. Or our -- didn't. I'm -- on how old is this guy I hear me every weekend here and we don't really get box Dillard. You know play by play is. Still has NBA and visually bank salmon got a guy must be a 115. I was out the -- of the make them pay up front by a body -- -- Michael I think the one that nothing I sold out I get a day and that I would. The Steelers do over again probably not have gotten behind a desk and done. Sports. Early in Italy although the money was pretty good. -- -- be would do I was I was -- I would do play by play Iowa audience you know what you have choices well he -- that you don't have choices. But I really -- At that point my career. As mediocre as it was -- it was an accident the whole thing is. Accident accident but I really. Would have preferred and that doing stock began play by play it. But then again a lot of people are England right I'm really glad you may not know that's and as you know right into it's it's such. Uplifting thing would you want to do play by play for one team Bob or you know do -- folks these -- -- knocked incurred -- -- collected data for one team while elect of the majority Red Sox baseball or patriots football yeah. Well I just Celtics a couple times when Johnny most that I had to -- most women and girls time at all time I'll character. Obama got a huge honor I would ask you this if we have a guy works here illusory -- station made some of his bones in this market are being a -- And anchor on channel seven. And that would be John Dennis and after Adams. He got so -- one night I don't know if I'm ready runners who have them. I left -- low before -- run -- negative news and bad sides tried to -- the whole thing I mean that this is unbelievable. I think what this is a pampered you know guys who make up wardrobe fix minor. Maybe this is -- papers that there are still in Iraq. Various phone. Via our handy wipes there are papers there are doing all there RC rebels are going to. That's as they went by Basil on -- -- more there's an element that yet he would not or yes it has more of that I am all for -- a little bit of good led the list does -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- I -- country's event and there are no rules there doubts the it that it is definitely a desktop or Madonna thing never written anything other. This two of those explained to me what the hell is this massive. We leave like this like white powder everywhere else anthrax uterus relax cocaine or Denver yeah I think it's smaller powdered sugar who was here yes I don't atoms move -- out of class I was powdered -- fight in here you know your chair a little battles you know we love yeah he's an absolute glorious day it's Friday note here -- -- a work in with a Artie -- it's not working with the sub -- -- if there's and is garbage everywhere and I don't the other day leaves -- a bag of garbage like this -- at that at all. -- just love to hear in this. Today we have powder that every so participate thing -- -- faced its powdered sugar no one. Mr. Curtis I think that it Barack that the best you don't want to go in my office and just don't give it. Yeah throw crap around to make my life miserable could I left some stuff here. But in the TV industry to hear that reputation before run this radio thing came along. You know what I think probably ought to move away from I never really worked with them are okay yes I can't I don't know that it. I doubt it I think he was really sweet guy that's what I heard us why I was shocked when he radio -- economy like that. -- Bob I'd be remiss if I didn't -- you vote. The the help that Johnny Miller was TU not to BC radio and TV. It's so many years and still is still doing it. When I first came down here person. Is extremely nervous. -- being always did a great Johnny Miller. Imitation but Johnny Miller was the first person. To come up and actually. -- friend mean when I got the Boston -- and it was at the ball all Boston Garden owner forget it and he's been a very close friend for. Every. Year day whatever and have been and down effect. I sent off a check today you know and you know for tickets or whatever he's. He's been unbelievable I can only imagine thought through the World Series. He knew it all he always -- like the first question -- always ask the tough question yes you know and everybody. It's okay with everybody -- He's he's just part of the of the burner today he's got our heart the size of the great outdoor rally around bush addressed by you want more from Bob back they're serving another run another text message. Do you miss the old Boston Garden yes I do actually -- Asia. I'll -- everybody out here ever for lacerations and it's funny. Still FitzGerald was some big proponent of not building in new -- keep the old garden and I was crazy you know. -- fits. In this back backwards in all it was right. They may have been able to do some things that thing was it you dirty ugly areas rats provide a nice overruns. If spirit there was. -- obviously. You know I was on the interviewing somebody I don't -- TV and talking to some players and Mikhail comes run into the locker rooms after the game. He has three guys everybody turner a 56 players for five cameramen all the reporters what we got the Florio's. Look at the size of that rat and right in the middle of the court where that'd leprechaun is is this. Honest to god had to be forty pound -- thought it was the biggest fattest thing I've ever seen -- look like a small dog. And it was fat for me popcorn and America. And it was he and the catalyst let's get a round of let's strap on some -- where we got this circle or ring around -- Rosie thing going around don't we catch them. I have no place and the thing ran away -- under the bleachers and the scales is -- he believes that it was he was so too. You know he's like get well that was the guy marlin Perkins or something to attract some got a great American outdoors thing for the way he was into you know -- -- that I've never seen a rapid. And that things started happened you know electricity became a problem that I did with the place and over the -- the roof leaked to the right times -- air conditioning didn't call shall in no way you were hot and -- the whole time it was RC June -- -- -- young man lakers series and -- right now about being in in that locker -- albeit -- Celtics -- lakers -- leaking -- one in the garden. In June like Mike says and then it's the small no bigger than this pizza boxes in the locker -- member that was impossible impossible but you know -- -- -- that was the deal when you didn't bring people to some interviewer room and they all came to a -- table in the middle -- -- an -- like middle accurately -- it up on the table -- -- as -- next to last. And we all know who the last -- are hot it was you know Elvis Larry yeah Larry came. He talked when Elvis left. We let everybody let everybody waited up until all the slipped -- and Syria -- was it a little table let's write -- sit right up there right after Mikhail it was like it was all orchestrated everybody. And Larry they'd show up -- every night right unless Larry was hurt yes Sheila yeah. Any questions for the legendary Bobble -- here for another segment with a 6177797937. We'll take a quick break while I look for myself won't be right back. I look at me I just read in my car I'm sure it's a like Kosovo way it -- all the -- for not -- I found my phone to me a favor. If it wasn't like it was OS it was in my coat pocket and a pocket I'm an idiot and Orleans. As is like this are -- -- though considered an actual took my car keys. And drove home with -- I know he. He -- he lives in in Boston and had to go to his apartment in meet me get my car keys back there's no car at. Did you get a -- No I I've waited executed later played outside the apartment that. Bob -- in the house. And Bob of course has had a long and illustrious. A television career. And I'm happy to say the last television production at Bob did I was on there with a mom dirty water TV it is a memorable one by its gonna go. There -- memorable Dennis drink water. You know you and I and -- co host it but. He was the star along with Art Rooney the owner of the Austin's. What is basements -- Yes it's only been their for you know 400 year and that there's -- dentistry yeah. Sensation that I would walk in the wrong -- right that -- didn't exactly where an old when there was not Smith he'll be -- does. This was pretty nets to. This was got a little was at four levels of nuts as opposed to just the one -- great race you know. We have Jack in Maine standing by to talk to Bob LaBelle John Ryder Lenny megs and Sarah BR techsters queen -- Jack how are you. -- -- -- -- -- And I love what drove what ninety all right. At the World Cup in Foxboro. Alike at the pleasure of walking walking right at you you graciously took. To drop off the ground duster off a bit. You keep this you get -- particular thank economic output. Let me think okay hold -- two seconds it was Italy -- -- Nigeria. Right -- listen urgent strike a little messy no no no no don't remember don't no no -- hang on two seconds number ten. Talk up -- lobby. GO well I never would have -- I got a Diageo Diageo Diageo yeah I think game right and if we don't know about the idea that. Bob I don't know if your soccer fan and I expect him -- That was my cabinet to end that Louis -- anonymous soccer -- the one thing I thought up after this Red Sox were answers. What's possible. The -- office and I said. In my mind. Maybe the US winning the World Cup really well I don't know you can argue -- toppling down but -- -- a really does a good -- of floor space you know really though that's saying. You're not even know when foreigners -- -- are now known dean I don't know if you how many foreigners would be happy of the US one that's what I'm saying that Sony had a bad to get back. An op Ed the quick got the truck that's items -- -- I'm actually allows about -- used to actually. -- you get. A lot. -- -- -- -- -- Hate to say what -- got a great rich. Well you go today and it's important to -- and a link that we've looked at. The democratic mode where you so much it will. Let let. Out. Doc are looked like yeah but the clinical -- did -- great. See you at the Nigerian -- he sounds to me like I was reading a pamphlet on that Jack someday soon as it thank you Jack thank -- thanks across Stephen always Poland Serbia Garcia yes you know in -- that's it right next to -- I almost forget she's here she's too quiet will be what he -- -- -- -- compliment. Might this question Bob what section of the newspaper -- read after the sports section are hot. I would probably say that I would go to the optics. Not front to back you'd be denied go to op Ed section and I'd probably go to the front nine go to the movies -- and that -- that's exactly right. An hour ago. Where I go to your bid just looking for a cheap column so he'll distance on I know let it die at the at bat control I don't know that there's some I just kind of -- play from there I thought. You know I do I checked in -- tracks you've my name's in there it never is so that I go onto the next thing. But like I like checking in there you know it when it's involved tranda figure somebody did it was important. Steve's in things Borough Steve Howard things. I don't know -- so this is Steve printing -- SI areas that are sensitive. Go ahead be redundant if you have to say I have a specific question this ought to. This is the 1986. World Series against the -- -- and I believed he interviewed bill partner after the and it's been gamers and. Right now you're I think you're heading down the road I figure that's -- and head out. -- the question yes is that that you interviewed partner and that the person meal yet. I really. Yeah. Yeah is -- -- -- now he locked up that you walked off public debt and you and I live interview yes yeah we lack are definitely a back end and that. Up throughout their first game when he won. I think you interviewed him again and he was very gracious. -- always made up there. The deal there's a story here economic quick. I don't even make no way we get our live shots then -- individual players you asked them you know would you Kamal it's six point five. And so we hadn't interviewed -- so. I got tired of asking the same questions over and over -- these same guys so I go up and talked to Don Cheney and Alan Miller who are sitting reported that I said. If so then asked but just think about new sedation or what did you ask him why he's not hitting because you know it was Marty Barrett was Karen MacLeod yes it is -- 450 something. Evans and rice and Buckner a Wright's was out live and those guys the big. At bats and I didn't so I asked doctor and he still kind of a question -- asked if -- obviously -- points. I asked it and they're locked he says I came all over air from the hoop hitting caged talked and asked that question and you walked off. And -- less than it was very embarrassing and then I thought I'd lost my job that I met him. And and Shea Stadium when they went down and -- Down two games to none and I saw him under the stands and we should Kansas and I apologize and said look I probably didn't. Frazer question where I wanted to do and he said no I should minutes ago so everything was fine after the open when he came back at throughout the first pitch like. Was it three years ago -- -- to Evans Evans Broderick guys and with drink water brighter right back and we had a chance to shake hands again until everything is cool with that yes it was not a good. Moment and his arm Idaho ranch is for sale for one point seven million dollars if anybody really wants to get away. It's pretty nice -- -- pictures on the Internet. Now there weren't many pictures of his place when he when he left Boston's you know but now you can look and see what he's delivers services. And one thing might you would go ahead but I got a really tell you this quick start the go ahead that. I didn't say that it came back to bite him when he needed -- sixteen as -- I would not you know but we had made up and I would never put that I'm on me a story thanks good story it's not over yet but as Dwight Evans about that. Play because nobody else was on the field behind him he was the only one on the field at that level behind but you're right -- tell me what you saw. And he said well a lot of people don't know that they had to pick off play on Marty Barrett -- put on -- pick off play two less Stanley. And they had -- was -- imagery I was a second race. And Baird cheated over toward second and boxer cheated over towards second to cover up the whole. For the pick up like so Doctor Who was hobbled to begin -- yes and if you take a look at the replays and of course see it a hundred more times. He's coming into into that area. You know to get in front of that ball but he had to -- a lot farther than he normally would because he was in position for the pick off play right at Stanley didn't throw to second. He became -- so yeah a little little tidbit on that. Buckner was pretty much out of position to feel that ground ball in -- start it it did get from Erica. He did eventually -- so you know I'm just saying -- Nadia and I it's causing an excuse now to me just add some stuff to the story. Yeah and I and I admit admit his brother Jim barker in the parking lot and I asked him to sit in get a bill to sign a ball from my kid. And he came back to the satellite truck after as a gimme the ball but he looked like he'd been shot Jim -- whose brother Bob knew Mel looked like they almost look like -- almost like triplets. And he is it -- Hoosier monogram like geez thanks edit I'm surprised you remember he walks away five steps to -- -- -- You know it's not bill's fault are those of crime rate there is. As sad as always and Israel's fault we all know -- manager and a it's -- -- -- I said there stuff McNamee says shaky could come shaky you know. I was. Based I Stapleton accountant he had a nickname shaking nobody ever called them shaky -- I -- -- -- mermaid. It out back and -- and -- -- -- it is clouding your experience would you rather. Interview John -- -- before he's had his first beer after a game or would you rather -- -- chew on razor blades. I know I did -- I got a lot of Mac man you did in Miami because you know what I just. I never stuck it to on the -- let -- distinct and separate right guys you don't have to laughed and they -- tickets out but no I you know needless needless. I don't match against an -- time around faster. Audio system as we get we get to people hole for you. I'm gonna do real quick you know it's 9 o'clock an it summit -- -- draperies bobsleigh to a system professor rob Robinson of New Hampshire -- about. Horrible don't have the best you're very kind thank you very much for -- -- next to us. -- Don't -- that. When he got into commercial. Would Jacqueline that you're in the men's tournament with somebody else and you're making fun of Jacqueline police. Yes yet commences or -- -- really -- yes but you can whatsoever it couldn't do Jacqueline right now. I can't accuse OK but I I can thank you eczema office -- -- -- -- -- the Internet didn't give up pops a decent amount meadow pop. -- -- -- -- -- and got great thanks for Cologne. Any job of pot just go back to that -- security. I was a little confused what you guys are talking about what you did the interview and that's without a -- that match that whole field the Red Sox won the first New York came back well and boycott bombed in game three we lost a lot of three. And sent away and obviously we all know what happened -- in New York -- -- -- and the other thing is all aired during our run. Johnny Mac which would put him for defensive. Purposes either date stable -- Don Baylor at first base I don't know how many people know this but. Build balk or one up to Johnny Mac app for Dave Anderson a whole lot to go up artistry in game six. And I have to be on the field for the final out when Johnny Mac -- brought -- you know why. And look like she did all all year I'm putting the secular reasons attacked from all you know why. -- trying to say this is a passed ball or are -- while pitcher would have that all those runners should have been on base it was it was a total. It was a cosmic it was a harmonic convergence at that moment away there was nothing anyone can do about it this -- one. Bottom line is we won three times -- then Red Sox rule and. -- think one thing hears them but this is the way history is made David Anderson hit. Probably the two biggest home runs and Red -- sister has already be taken off the board. By the fact that they didn't close the deal -- -- -- that's a little sacrifice cormorants and her and that people say close Dave Anderson. I know and doing. He's a footnote like Bernie carbo is 75. Which is unbelievable Bob it's been great avenue in new US a great time thanks a lot where the audience -- as we all have been and still do and best new straits I really really really appreciate. But they'll tell everybody recently that have been -- as a text messages that -- know what I'd really appreciate if he didn't read him after are now gone yeah. As -- and I got your back acts as a souvenir we're gonna print of all around 70000 people. Bob about it take a break him back for another hour John Ryder Lenny meg says Serbia hanging out and will be --

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