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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 11/12/13

Nov 12, 2013|

You ask, we answer with Dale Arnold and Jackie MacMullan.

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It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So which could be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question yeah I. Our budget items in 2001. -- one room day. Mikey got on tonight at 7 o'clock problem battle. Legendary one loved -- me to like here we get -- hosts like that these are all the and a couple. -- got to push the panic button after her failure of their. All right Jacqui I like how are he would check it did Jackie did you wanna approve or you -- it and how to challenge we don't Arnold's famous people -- -- -- we've had a -- Mine -- you answer the question is sponsored by terrorist restoration specialist. Thursday night -- -- first. -- -- Chris price myself will be hosting a special night of food drink of football -- a terrific Boston -- spot. If your facility or property manager or an insurance pro. You've never met -- RS team might like -- yeah I want you to name is spot it's such a mystifying thing united image well Mikey maybe you need to RSVP -- WEEI dot com slash IRS are you guys ready. -- maiden voyage into answer the question. Serve. -- give it a question what are your credit already after another or Greg's got a question that was the first question good stuff. -- -- -- went off the -- Tom Brady still -- record. Yes. I receive oh dale says don't know who's got adequate day top three top athlete quarterback yes. Not with the numbers he's put up so far this year when neither candidate three guys there bomb threat. I have to go through it -- say -- I say Brees is better. -- it's a patent is better. I get two. Solid club with the ones aren't that good don't well so the Rogers is correct yup. -- Russell Wilson nickel Colin cabernet wanna go RG three time winner Alan -- don't know I thought -- talked about today today their their plate today right he has had. What is I think an uncharacteristically. But let off here for yet but it is the receivers were kind of -- -- -- I understand. Generally you don't I think he's been kinda crappy at times -- yes true but I think one. He gets the other it's legal all that stuff he you know he's all about wraps yeah wrote it's yin and Yang there that literally truck tool and the question please. Laporte. Hey hey but yeah -- -- -- the Nike Adams how many trains have you been the caboose that. Echo from the street and -- next question -- -- -- didn't subcultures subliminal meaning you know there's a question HR online to. Who's the most famous person you've ever met non sports figure. George W. Bush. -- good plan. On sports that you -- have a -- when we got to have a few good ones well I have one that most people agree with but it was amazing for me that was all across. -- -- run guts CW is new on the vineyard green items that. As scenarios and you would have to Walter Cronkite said sir I'm a huge fan of I was covering the Edgar down. Yacht club the and they undertow of race week. He -- to cover that stuff until this optical. You -- be -- not at all -- -- let me right on his boat. -- know where that's very local -- where you wearing your ops fighters and have no. On twelve I just. Got really. Next question government as -- prince wants me to know who that would have been cool I was I was frozen to. To answer butcher and what your most famous horse that I would take in my case his dad George -- with with. The bush. 41 popular -- you don't -- why I won't take that one. Neil Armstrong who'd massacred -- what he'd do first men walking. I'll take down wanted to kind of get my had to leave the president -- -- -- don't yet he'd be my second that the. -- -- it -- everyone. Next question. Who would win a one on one game and this one between Michael -- and Jackie -- ultimately it's you got no game compared to hers unites. Answer and it's -- as a right and exactly it's -- yeah. And modest -- reads the play with a plan the same team at. Quote quote Gordon -- fall -- Girl's got game and hundreds that was a long time ago comes -- that it was a long running game but not much for need -- -- activity and now there's a lose all anonymous can bend over to pick it back and it was a long time ago in the games that was supposed to be. Lunch lunch time basketball games but it would -- -- They're going to borrow Eric and you know you know we play -- -- And after about a target give back to work its guidelines. Already -- I don't know what shall guide to basketball much used to play outside was on the summertime it's -- -- Dorchester. So it and I used to have to change in its old pit bull or not. A lot of that from -- world -- -- and there's also an angry guy though similar outside if you go. All great. All -- him like next question. If you found a -- -- deterrent and an immediate. Or strapped for cash or depends on -- -- yes because you can always say it was pre strip where you found it. Great story this morning on Good Morning America I bought a desk Craigslist wanted to ask for its home office he's a -- To kind of take the -- apart gated in his apartment it was a at the desk with debate they found 93000. Dollars and ask. He called the woman he bought the desk from she forgot that she put her inheritance. In the gas into the -- it back to that. House while my friends about how. They re doing it looks like an old lady lived in the house and she went to old age home and they start stupid on the walls and they kept final these envelopes full of money in the balls tipped to grow only eighty. How much was. I was probably about 4000 dollars still a lot of treasure hunt the heavy real honest to return while at -- -- cash next question. If the WEEI host all -- -- drink for drink will be the last one standing I think we're in the can now Mikey and what sharper drop would everyone be angry horny -- X better. How much tequila. Well Mikey is always means no one knots. Stop. It's -- jetlag is a robot company gives me you know I'll wait to be it obvious that thing if you drink tequila. It then you -- sector you know open ended -- God knows what can happen ridiculous. Fights. You know improper advances around. I'm in it for angry drunk I'm gonna go with the with Michael's -- host Curtis and -- Just odd bottle at my at -- -- like -- -- walk and that's a -- And that's fair. I'm one of -- -- and I. Got to try to call may really help you guys. Alone know who my best friend -- not -- all of you to -- out in my view Turks. They have got to be -- angry -- arrangement in Egyptian he's angry and coffee. How much -- must -- small it's about all of us are telling him. Late Diego and drug account and quiet beatle whining right why why. Super funny yep you read SI every irishman he's eight and again he makes he makes him mad right. It's funny I mean. He loved to urinate on things I'll let him. All crown -- of the question please. Hey Mikey would you rather go on a date with Dale Arnold Michael -- I would -- to both next question is you know as of as a pair I've heard a lot of your stuff and your your fine -- -- -- can I just suggest Michael we should wait a better time for the next. You have a sandwich -- fuel in the diner. Ironing. I'm friendly credit to see from there their with. So thanks Cameron entries. If you could write a book with anyone the last 100 years who would -- Besides Alter current professional partner. Shop right when Larry Berger 100. Years or so that's 1993. Disease. To think about this the government has some good ones -- characters gifted coach you have -- and I don't seventy -- FDR DR could be or Eleanor she's pretty interest in. Comment on my L energy I think she swirled. T turtles unseen and now amid all the musicians out there yeah yeah John Allen added papers of the islands -- at a book Coopers to have to say. Like that. Which is right and album form -- that he's been -- time you agreement Charlie partner Charlie and make it. Coal train the next question. And you Robbins and Abby projects alms and ourselves -- and -- -- Beirut. What was your first childhood memory. Babe -- your member of first challenge for every -- that god has -- out of like a maniacal asking these questions that -- Sigmund Freud. I got in line -- -- painful -- -- little red fire truck and up from -- all known those little metal ones I don't know Dennis Phillips on how birthday party. And I was using it right for all guests came in the misses important change picker -- kids and act over. Wow man. And I was that new to it was grand it was like six hours old the -- or -- in new one are you kidding me no at Fenway. -- on my blacklist and my parents couldn't afford related by mean one on Tony I can still see the picture of me with my lollipop in my little red velvet dresses -- How is. Thanks for -- users she is similar still around you not how she move they move shortly Jack it would person I don't -- Out of -- -- -- -- her -- Blake Sanborn used to bullying at school -- to say you're gonna have pizza today it's Friday you can buy pizza instantly PT -- gonna buy pizza I should look up -- so -- so that the mom runs over your years. -- desire is that yet believe me like this ambulance -- defined as they moved far firmly. It next portion. This is crazy. Which one of the four -- would win a game of monopoly. Dale dale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. I. As it spreads -- time and Mediterranean avenue and then gone directly to jail I can tell you make in my toolbox. To auction in elementary total crap to -- the question -- -- -- orange in the middle. Middle classic -- -- -- you hit -- you know that whole -- -- Marvin gardens yellow plant commemorative art isn't final and Indiana Jones James Bond. Indiana Jones is a tough yet. There's one Indiana Jones but there have been several James Bond which. Would you rather jeans on is just the coolest of cool yeah you know I don't. It's Timothy Dalton I like adventure and I like being an outdoors ethnic Indians take Indiana Jones over Jennings bond because I've got -- -- -- James Bond rates raffle and a great -- Lately it if you pick. Indiana Jones he'd bring that who was shot -- And. -- -- -- -- Right now where there's a pardon -- It -- -- applied rejecting those guys are awesome you'll you're welcome here in the thank you any god you don't even need he made the call to show. Based on our tomorrows though we have Steve Buckley and Dave O'Brien Mikey atoms coming up with a problem bell have a good night everybody.

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