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Kyle Arrington, Pats CB: On the Panthers and Ed Reed

Nov 12, 2013|

Kyle Arrington joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his bye week, the upcoming game against the Panthers, and the release of Ed Reed.

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Or Kyle Larry is joining us today -- has brought you by Samuel Adams and the Boston Beer company and -- article voted tractor corporation is his team gets back to work and they got a Monday night game coming up this week. You told us the plan was to rest and get some sleep with young kids at home Kyle we successful. Year by we plans this week. What they sell out their car caught a little bit. And but not obviously back at work and that that support the about -- you know enjoyed that -- -- -- little bit down. You know low on. Your guys your season around watchful all day on Sunday was that you -- them. And -- were a bit enjoyed. He had the expansion update about a lot of great games and -- on exactly. As you get back into it here and story pops up today about the Houston Texans releasing and -- your defensive back we -- you before ball players around the league that. If you look at I know replaced safety and you play corner but as you watched Ed Reed during your career as a as a fellow defensive back what. What stands Saudi about Ed Reed when you watch him as a fellow player. So -- making ability you know. And it's it's get catching wind of it we won't welcome casinos that this it is you know there it goes over me. I'll bet you at. Information you know but you don't don't don't don't know the situation up over the of course Obama got edited out flag and it hasn't hit home. You know you've talked you've talked a lot about a -- -- Aqib -- to what he offers when he brings in. The level of play and that leadership and swagger he kind of the conference -- -- gives missile defense and how -- the same thing about another veteran guy right Metallica agree we can just learn so much from him. I'm definitely definitely you know I think he says it's -- you have to do so you can select you know you -- -- Com or on -- handle 100 people out of Latin you know I agree with deputy if you wanna. You talked about his play making ability at that safety position and what guys bring. On this team you know if how how hard is the pick up what you guys do defensively -- port where it's way down the road but is say it and re comes in is that a defense he can pick up is that a defense that. You know as a group he could be part of be part of rotation for this team. A lot this. Then that they -- it would -- Speculate on that. But nonetheless that can't say that everything about them and I bit -- and you know. Increase access to look in -- point. Bible forty guys have a Carolina team now that. Obviously there win against San Francisco a lot of the year and they're saying every keeps and we play anybody rule and I'll beat that team there. What do you see when you still see you guys like I mean Alex Steve Smith and outside Camden can do so much. Well. You know their tribute on it and you know coming up another saw that we're -- and not sent current and that's you know we have our work cut out. And out you know it is so. One day at a time. You know start preparations and you know which -- such. A couple of game you know on the during the week -- an -- -- Evian -- are -- on Monday -- We're talking to Kyle -- -- as you said on Monday night. -- how -- your assignments change Kyle when you're playing a quarterback like Cam Newton who shown the ability. Not just it out of the read option run the football but the play breaks down he's able to to pocket and Ron how does that change your responsibilities Monday. We're what similar to. You know let -- -- -- in Pittsburgh Roethlisberger would. It's -- to pocket he can play a -- and but it you know. Obviously now that. More fat this it's a legacy that he's a dual threat he's so involved on the left. We talked before what the next man up theory in buying into it believing in it and you look around the NFL all these impact players go down that mentality is needed more than ever. That's definitely. Like last leg and can't say that I mean now kicking and everybody you know ground not he's deputy police had. Apparent particularly. The world apparently gonna play that game you know you never know universe call. Do you like the Monday night game -- Obviously those situations where the united advocating -- you grow -- -- -- -- backyard. And it is. You wanna talk about it there's nobody can proud so. You know look forward to it and that is you know we -- -- -- -- -- However it happened but -- -- ultimately. We'll let you know when the when -- game but he legacy it is if this is that the -- -- -- process. They got a couple primetime games coming up here now and they do that. They do at the beginning of these games and they have you look into a camera and you -- Kyle Arrington. You go is always Hofstra but some guys go Kyle Arrington hometown some guys go Kyle Larry ten. Middle school team is that Kyle Larry ten posture is that a lock -- we see a primetime next couple weeks. No way how my -- -- you can get Yemen out. We will what will be -- -- middle school. Middle school -- -- what what about elementary. -- might go to daycare whatever takes and a breakdown -- gives us a -- if he gets high school would have beat Kyle Larry to win park high school. That the one. I you know coming off of is tremendous week we can you aren't at the daily trips and that our leaders are mean in my opinion that this weekend you guys -- Jersey retired. Yet yet but they're involved so oppose a prior to that united soda quote and I'll come to get a mom for a rival game at that early on. Where electoral majority waited so whether that that's not rattle that it -- -- Failures in the not not not a great atmosphere. Wind. Where are they ought to go about. It I hate hate that we've yet left so. And how big you know Taylor who else what we've -- there -- -- would have to get measures had -- date on Agassi a break it. So -- -- -- park he's Kyle Larry TVs get back to work for -- big one Monday and against the Panthers Kyle we appreciate it we'll talk to next week. I'd rather know various Kyle Arrington.

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