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Texans release S Ed Reed: Chris Price gives Patriots take

Nov 12, 2013|

Mut and Merloni speak to WEEI.com's Patriots reporter Chris Price about the release of Ed Reed and how much interest the Patriots will have in the veteran safety.

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Final hour -- or 937. WEEI her there at the top of the hour and -- to going in the Houston Texans. Have released safety Ed Reed. God I want the patriots to -- -- in the offseason brought Pollard -- and read my two safety targets. One guy was committed physical player back there the other has brought a Smart a -- toughness of the position and with the Texans going nowhere. Multiple football sources say basically doing Ed -- a favor by cutting him loose and trying to hook up with. A team that might be playoff worthy and that really likes and thinks highly of they have to -- given maybe some of the salary cap in implications. Or get your reaction as for joining us here on the eighteenth the hot like Chris price WEEI dot com covers the patriots. You heard this news initially Chris what was your thought about the Ed Reed patriots connection when he saw the -- that have been released today. Well I don't know what they're necessarily I don't think you in Arizona Putin and that really doing -- favor because I think. The management in the coaching out with a look at that up with urban -- out the other -- and that bureau outplayed and out coached and they went back -- afterward not to about a -- that ignore it by my comment. One writer down there said in -- congratulations they agreed to help detect and for -- dollar needed to be -- he got to do it. Of note there was no love lost area and I think it's -- matter the text and moving up from a situation. That it felt with the bat I think that there are connections are going -- -- and given it up -- the relationship. Of any admiration between both electric -- the -- to this old way is that the pictured are going to release that are done and Gordon -- I complemented their. They would not put him in a position where he could not sixty that that is to say that. You're not gonna count on him to play -- percent of the now every single game if you put him in a situation where you have to play you know 3040%. Of the up the you think he's part of the scheme and you think you go out of the left in the -- then by all means -- for. Chris -- financially. Looks like he has 4101000. Dollars got to go through waivers and financially what will vote come of the patriots were to say put it claimant or let him try to CP go through and clear as I know next year. But -- three year deal any responsibility capped its following years gators release -- pay the 400 remaining. Yeah you can tell me that there are ways you can -- at least you know we've we've situation in the cup where we're at -- kind of drawn out. -- friendly contract when they wanted to bring in veteran in here. Bill at the latest being -- -- walk you know they both -- -- inevitable occurred at the bit down the road so I have to imagine that we're not looking at it read at. You know for your guy that you may be yet you know maybe -- secured an article from there at that point. Of -- -- yeah I mean you know there arson and into consideration to take into account here but at the same time you eat nothing that he would be overcome a great market. I saw on the welcome to saint for the captain yeah if all instruments yeah I mean it would be out of our. You know there are we can connect. Well that's your say on the hook -- looking at Aaron Wilson who covers for a play and it felt for the Baltimore Sun and heat broke down as contract that time is this year being the only guaranteed year. And 20144. Million non guaranteed base. And a salary cap figure 533 in and 2015. Five million dollars not guaranteed base. And a cap figure six point 33 so my question was. Larry not guarantee Crist now we're getting into the semantics of contracts. That just mean Nike Cottam and on all of that money set -- -- -- -- so rockets but that makes him. On the flip side of OK yes they'll make sense for the patriots he's now open a waivers and a -- team around the league and I -- the pale for a thousand. And I cut a -- this year does that make it much more attractive to the teams in the waiver process to try to may be. It in a playoff once scoop this guy up and say okay opening a 4000 and we come loose the end of the year. Yeah I -- right now the bigger question -- around -- not so much finances but he you know don't fly. I don't think you put I really don't think it all -- them in and again I don't do good I think on the -- that the patent because they were younger team and needed to get a little bit older a little more mature and -- a guy like -- The kind of you know bring more veteran presence that locker room -- locker room. Arm. And I think if you're. That it is approaching out there I mean you're Jacksonville. There's -- it make note that bring at a delicate review would be a good fit for him if you're like but take into city. You know you have to think about you know -- that is not gonna blow him out in. Put -- position -- -- gonna be a XP I think it would make an awful lot of it because the gamble like looking at. Really -- For -- you know you're her you're not making full speed and commitment to him as a player you can bring him in for who aren't. You can hurt you the last little bit of playing ability got a I think it makes a lot of sense but I think we need to manager expectation -- break -- this is not. It -- it read. It you know with the round 34 years ago you noticed the -- political it would get stressed that is not your or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I think one reason why you mean look at Steven Gregory right communal hall longs to be offers -- apparently he's going to be a few weeks. But you have a young safety and -- -- at that position who is by playing at all pro level that. Could could be be learned from him but I wonder about how does -- roster wise do you safety and a heavy roster would you let me Greg will be back at some point. Mood at the request in -- you're you're looking at you know from practical perspective here. Reporting Israel taken and -- you have really pro or least in my mind. He -- different according you have to agree fundamentally plays the same position that that -- that restate it that that are field spot. You have to those guys so maybe you bring. It read in here on occasion in human -- -- McCord first utility you Gary propelled them back and forth between order and see ya think. The best long term solution from according to keep -- -- seat but it Arabic read here for sixteen games are fixed and -- six or seven yeah. Or put him in a position. -- he'd like a simple foursome or put him -- that street is spot. Then you can mix it actually kind of moved around a little bit but really popular but to go -- McCord you -- who really like now as we injure. Played the same position where that greasy spot. Chris great stuff we follow on this thing you'll see where he ends up in the waiver process is Chris price WEEI dot com. We'll talk to -- Chris thanks. -- make sure your -- -- price NFL.

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