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Rob Bradford from MLB GM meetings in Orlando

Nov 12, 2013|

Bradford joins Mut and Merloni from Orlando to talk about the latest hot stove news regarding the Red Sox and MLB free agency.

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Let's check in -- Orlando GM meetings are under way the real beginning of the hot stove season rob Bradford. A WEEI dot com is there rob wrote about Jarrod Saltalamacchia today rob but little Mario. I fell in power do. So all I read your Jarrod Saltalamacchia post today you use spell out all the positives of Jarrod Saltalamacchia and then you're right. In short. Despite the stated interest the Red Sox are very to move on from the catcher. If they are pretty clear that they have some other interest in mind here and that he is not part at least today of their initial catcher plans Greg -- Yeah I just still think that they'd values -- they're all flying -- number for that even though one year. -- and by not doing that by not -- call final offer which they talked about. But vacate their conclusion that they didn't wanna go down that route but by doing you almost certainly I think part ways with them because I think there are. Significant amount a team instructed him by that made three year for at least. And and they're gonna offer them something that -- like probably art are willing to offer and so that leads you to believe the -- are going to move on. Yeah I think the strange thing about it is the sort of the me he sort of fits the mold of what they're looking for number one elected a cop went behind the plate. And you know you could -- a short term deal here for qualifying offer on May -- you. You know he offered to all be written up maybe -- the two year deal to sort of bridge that gap he's sort of he sort of just fits the mold of kind of what they're looking for I think to speech that they've had their eyes on -- -- to something a bomb they don't like. Yeah I agree I figured -- one of these things where. They identified what they like -- what they don't like what they're willing to spend and and maybe it brought the bigger the better value whether too short term value. Or you don't may be a victim can gonna drop down here -- I don't think you will -- as they wrote a piece I think the prevailing thought here in Orlando is that. He could end up with the Yankees. So bomb you know I just think that they they've values before that even for the operation at short term gap that someone else more. -- and we don't know what the gap is that the bridges rob but it. What I'd be in the ballpark of -- said they're looking for guys for two years and that he opening day. The year 2016. Blake's why Hart is the player -- had a really good year high a this year lose. Talk to people watched him play and also the same thing he is legit that they want someone for two years before -- hearts that guy 2016. -- but here's the -- going to be careful about who goes as this. You you have these young catchers and protecting -- center com. -- daily dialogue about the -- It is catching it's such a complex position is solid things where you can just say this is a good young prospects you drop -- -- and trigger all out. We understand everything that goes into it about managing the pitching staff about. About about the -- and part about catching and throwing. So -- -- -- why -- has a lot of promise but I think a lot to ask you say in two years you can have these big guys. Thought I'd do you think there have to be some sort of acceptance of what you could do after next year you know you have rock for this one year. Okay you get a guy -- bridge dark for a couple years. But still alive I would be surprised if big sports incorporated is a lot on the table that a lot of teams in need characters. It I think is if it's a cliche but I do think that there they have about playing eight through eat and they're gonna go right down the list to see how the market and -- Let's just gonna say to this early in the season -- the GMs this offseason. It is safe to say that there's about maybe fifty different options fifty different routes that you know if if this player is gone the net means that we did the domino effect trickle down effect. You know we signed this guy and I mean this guys out but now we got to look at this guy. It's a crazy time a year right for -- and is in its everybody below. Yes and you know it the other day -- right you know source Red Sox have showed interest -- AJ Pierzynski. Yeah they have. But it did I get it could be playing eat and and people take that as all of the gotta go hard after AJ Pierzynski. We understand that the the pros and the cons of a player like that -- approach to the content that you don't know borrower Carlos Ruiz. If they're gonna see how this unfold and to -- guys the interesting thing is that. The catching market is -- wrote this story is that it this is going to be the position. A lot of people feel like this is gonna kind of jump start things -- -- need captures the characters out there maybe not hiring characters protectors. And once one guy get paid not in Brayan Peña once one guy gets paid gonna have a domino effect and because right now guys that a lot of money but that the players do not wanna commit to a because they don't want to be the guy who signed the deal and then the next guy gets. All a big a bigger chunk of that money. We're talking rob Bradford said the GM meetings in Orlando is brought to you by the beaches of Fort Myers in Santa -- I imagine a lot of money rob is that. The prevailing thought amongst the GM's -- -- only has written about this we've talked about this the TV contract kicks in each team is getting a bomb and -- the feeling is that once these guys start to get pace for -- leak guys there at the top of the free agent class. They're gonna get paid mega bucks because the new money being pumped in a Major League Baseball this year. Gap by I'm not even focusing on the old buries in and even the McCain and -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm looking at everybody else public and it led to guide the red card signed last year remember didn't drop side of the GM meeting last year. -- -- not too far after. And I hope that those deals really -- gonna happen this year -- I may be wrong. But as they said there is a lot of money. But you do not wannabe big guy. Who signed that David -- deal that two in two or six million dollars. And then the next guy besides that who's not even as good at to implement. Because our he'd get a little more desperate they have the money and the other thing guys to keep in mind that this isn't just a couple team to have money. The Houston Astros could have more money to expand that top seed in the Red Sox would they have picking up my -- forty million dollar suspended Alex. Spears wrote the story the other day out is projected the rest are probably low around 32 million dollars to -- about -- So you know I have a -- going to be a lot of action here probably close -- the winter meetings in the GM meetings. You know rob when you look at this rotation EC six guys and obviously that was probably could trade one of these guys way and we all know that. Lackeys contract two years now -- in a moment we all know due brawny young player not cost -- much money obviously Lester high end guy. Can you afford to deal any. Anybody in this rotation given. You really don't know -- brought you hope he comes in shape this year buckles you Bari Kot that act a few years in a row. You know he'd seek any stay healthy Dempster is getting -- it's. Some like this too much uncertainty other than Lackey Lester for the T even make a deal was just as they have depth and a minor -- if elected do. -- they re read the fact that they could lose more resilient -- chose you because starting pitching depth and quality they had that we can say what you want about chemistry about them being able to correct themselves. But starting pitching -- what makes that happen and and so I didn't think they understand the value of the depth of it. Now I'd still do that they're probably deal someone. Because it's not only Dempster but you have a couple guys behind him via -- to potentially. You have the other younger guy at the web is the world. So I think if they can get the right deal forum they do to a deal and PP could be in the mix here in terms of recuperated. He has value probably has more value you don't have more value and dumpster because he might give that -- human draft pick next year. So -- do blue I do agree that the visit Oscar you wrote these guys away. But if -- by the right deal beaten knowing what pitchers are -- on the open market indicate that more and become. They're going to be willing to listen. Iran Jacoby Ellsbury will sign some roles for mega mega box -- hold -- to this but opening date. 2015. Who -- incentive for the Red Sox victory you know Bradley or other. Bradley. Yeah Bradley I think Bradley as his. If -- -- -- things contrasting about that you could play center field by him. The you know and potentially moving victory over in. I -- I just think Bradley all things considered. And I in Seattle I'm just waiting to see what the first -- from Seattle for Ellsbury is. If that's gonna tell us a lot I think and I hope the guy that also talked to dig them out the other day. This is a guy who's really important. It's the guy who -- you could a couple of years ago flexibility he added in the hot seat and they can do it exactly and move the ball over the plate. Well did not impact guy to beat you could be he could potentially be at first baseman he could -- both -- the outfield. He's he's a very valuable guy in the off season. One of the three guys somebody steals cookies that we think is it is dark. Drool Napoli chances. Of either one of those guys -- both those guys come back. I always say obviously I always -- now we probably better chance. I still think there's a market out there for drew is that we talked with the ball a little a little it. And it. We don't know but I didn't know that Boris usually finds a way to get it done it might not be on the players timetable by finds a way to get it done. Now leave the guy who the red -- like monopoly like being here if they come in with a decent multiyear deal even though he's gonna get contrast from other team. I don't think -- a great credit to the guy he's still in Boston is still background and Bob I think you like it. No surety that Kosher yeah you know got me in the gene to figure out and thinks like you the marble mantle for. The way it is so -- by you know it's good that he. You put the club are people -- what they look for. Thought they give the red like misrepresent opera I think -- he's the favorite to. Hey you mentioned last week the win when Boris talks at this thing that's when people are gonna listen as he announced yet when he's gonna let you guys sit around and hear talk about -- free agents. It's always a pleasure. It's -- That -- than not but I'm -- is probably tomorrow what happened today is is that GM the GM came in last night yesterday with the equipment you have. The -- and -- last night. Jim told me how these boring meetings this morning -- meet with agents from some in the afternoon and then there's the great what they hoard all the the cupid one ballroom. And the media can talk to -- got four hours it's really really a useful exercise. And then the next the last day on Wednesday that's when -- I would imagine speak. You know Sox picked up Lester is options -- -- thirteen five and Alex pointed out it kind of goes into the the past contracts those average annual as far as luxury tax is a nine point three this year but I would think that that's something else that's on the plate for the Red Sox this off season. Trying to sign this guy to an extension. Given what he did late in the year maybe even given what Buchholz didn't do you know stay healthy again you realize how important he is is it safe to say much like Josh Beckett. First week of the season you announced the extension strictly because of luxury tax reasons -- a salary does not jump up did you expect that. You have if they can get to that point that's when they are -- posted by there at last I checked they had started negotiating extension. It's obviously going to be -- planned doc. If it is a guy who. Made a lot of money for himself in the post season I do think laughter is the type of guy who would take a little less money to stay in Boston now it comes back to guys. Is he one of these guys who can read like real. This -- worth it to -- the foundation with a long term deal we know these days doctor Droid it was a guy specific after the -- they know they're going to give out of beauty. So I -- what you did in the post season. You know I wouldn't doubt if they talked extension wouldn't doubt that they would commit -- -- because let's face it. That's what you need without what one thing we learn from this run you need a guy like that you need a guy. So you can do that you can have a group starting pitcher a couple of rotation guy that you don't know what -- gonna do in the policies and you know what's got left is gonna do now. Luggage on this rob we -- last week the report was that the cubs had interest in talking with -- Lavelle they end up -- and -- to -- As their manager in the -- it was reported the Red Sox wouldn't allow the cubs the talk to all of fellow. On any any patching up that relationship having to be done as a ready friction between the team -- and a guide it's considered -- one of the better manage your prospects in baseball they're not being a lot of talk to the -- that job. Nautical bellowed -- those who would be ill and in it's an unfortunate thing because if if he didn't want the job in the you know use I would think that he should be a -- that interview port. By the end of this is the agreement they made and I if I only give agreement really between Batman. Your batting Chad I think this is an ownership deal that they don't that there will reflect a Chris -- -- put the elapsed. And and that's not exactly I don't think they're gonna say all pay off my arm went to the amended. Well they they held them to do it and it was unfortunately for -- Lavelle I would be surprised if he's a little bit a bomb part of it and in the other wrote just weren't a lot of man you're opening unfortunately for them and -- you know I think he'd be guided already interviewed three. Different times and in Korea for managerial openings I think you'll probably find some McGovern wrote. Rob thanks enjoy the GM meetings will -- their on this week I got so rob reference completely covered in WEEI dot com he's brought to us by the beaches. A Fort Myers and by Santa -- last night was not only. On paper one of the worst one and a football games and history Monday a football dolphins box it was also one of the worst losses for team. That we thought was a playoff contender for Miami Dolphins will lose the box and where how they have fallen in that AFC east. That is a bad that loss we'll talk about the fall of the dolphins coming up we'll talk to hall of fame quarterback Dan Marino. At 1215 -- going to York.

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