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Bill Belichick calls in for his weekly chat on Patriots Monday

Nov 11, 2013|

Belichick joins Michael Holley and Christian Fauria as the team returns from the bye week. The team has seven games left in the regular season but right now the Patriots are focused solely on their next opponent, the Carolina Panthers.

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Are back in the soccer knowledge or Christian Fauria here today. Got lots of lots of all stars this week. All star after all star -- is the lead off man. Tomorrow Ellsbury -- your house hearing tomorrow we have Pedroia. They'll be out or draw or victory maybe he'll steal some bases and I'll comment on Wednesday that it can do that took a victory you know what tomorrow that's Jack McMullen and Dale Arnold. On Wednesday Pedroia would be. Steve Buckley and Dave O'Brien. Does that make Dino. John Dennis is David Ortiz and he's the most popular guy in beloved guy. In Boston sports I don't think he would say that about so I don't think so and then Mike Napoli. On Friday they'll be Tommy current and and the heart. -- -- I don't know where you're living right now but just wanna -- this doctor to you there's a 7300 square foot house available five bedrooms. Five bathrooms. Custom cabinetry. Gourmet kitchen. Windows overlooking a large -- -- backyard and Lincoln sells for two point 65 million dollars. And it was the owner is Paul peers so Paul Pierce and selling. As his house and it's a lot cheaper but three million dollars cheaper and AG's unit that -- at 2.5 million. You don't want -- man. -- I'm good you on the other hand. Probably have a better shot to demand a little above my pay grade my friend you can't work a deal with a borderline checking out discounted rent to own source of -- always that I. I say I. It is -- patriots Monday. Each Monday. We talk to Bill Belichick the conversation with a coach who brought to you as always by SP ally do what Tedy Bruschi did. Get affordable dependable life insurers from SP ally the company that is protective over one million families. Since 1907 visit. SB ally dot com Bill Belichick I don't today -- Christian for a series disappointed you can't -- impressed. -- coach -- Oregon I'm doing great area. -- -- -- -- Dog gone pretty well for us in now wondered about Gerald Hodges figure by we that's the obvious question off the top. We feel like -- can work on to get Butterworth we. You know -- a -- a pretty pretty good record could be better but. It looked like -- football to follow so which -- violate tranda. Finally could improve on on. All return for the game and also start to prepare for. You know obviously Carolina. You know a -- on -- coming up that we. Are new force. You know if you've read through this a number of times in your career I'm I'm wondering how do you approach to buy we gives -- one of those things where you say it's better. Just to get some distance from. He did get some distance from the team for awhile and then local Bakken and an attack the film with fresh eyes. Forty or do you just jump right in there and say look we gotta do some intense self scouting. Rigorous self scouting. As we head into the second half of the season. Well what they've all but a combination of both duke. Certainly there are some things we want a look at all of it a little more detailed but. We we just felt and all the way along we don't just wait until. The -- Wii console -- we try to keep tabs on what our tendencies are and what. -- -- so or what isn't successful. And try to address some of those but it won't Wear that big physical culture. It's ethical silica so. Wolf or use it and some of those other things. What should open up an old girl won't necessarily have an application. For this and some of them well. A home will be -- and so you know you -- in. So or opponent -- what it. They're -- Altman and they're different defense against us and so. You know some of the things are more specific to -- in particular style and just you know nine weeks or those that. He -- you look -- what are some of the concerns like with a -- week it seems like the Pittsburgh game you guys can really got into a rhythm. I know -- you know the team needed the restless with the injuries and kind of need to break. -- -- -- guys coming back actually -- when they leave are you concerned about what their mentality is gonna be coming back if they're going to be fresh are they going to be motivated again. Or will -- be maybe pick up of not being mailed to you carry over from what they did the previous week. Overall pick that's always. You know part of that challenge the conduct you know all the bye week as. You're targeting your rhythm back. You know so our level but. You know that the -- and guard her in over thirteen weeks. You know what training camp and creepy and not a regular city and so they're trying to pretty. I think. You know Reston. There are being able you know sleep and a little bit try to. Forget about football just you know of -- in the game plan every week continent. You know I haven't studied for six days Eric -- and then I'll forget about it -- all over in the next week at. But they have one week where you have a wake up appear weak and cannot do that and there's that element of the duke but. That certainly aren't I -- excuse capital. -- -- -- They call players and world report we got our break and and it'll be a good chance. Recuperate a little bit and now they are now undergo an older it got. -- bill -- Carolina Panthers start off one and three to me they don't have a lot of high profile games they will against you guys on Monday night. A week from tonight but I'd say they won five straight games in their defense looks extremely impressive well what what do you see about -- Carolina on film that might surprise some people who are used to watch him here in New England. That I really done a good job of emotional month or so everywhere -- habit -- It got arrogant let -- go. But they've done you know in the thirties quite a bit and beat until good -- that take them all away. -- Arnold person. You know. Bigger job on. You know in Tikrit area. Older you know there are just that could -- -- and not at all bit by all the kicking -- got an excellent kicker. Again dangerous -- but really earth ever. It ain't so. You know they're they're all -- -- what goes -- mentally sound it'll get your. CD players don't beat themselves. So. And make a -- earned it and and then it got a good football players that take place there so there's stuff that he gave up and a take us. Every toy -- all across the board. -- so when you guys played the Steelers you had your joking about. Neitzel older maybe you know -- being taken reps a quarterback to replicated. Ben Roethlisberger said he got Cam Newton which is a huge test. Any idea who you have on your roster that can replicate his style of play. Well I think Ronald do a good job. He always does it works -- you know prepared -- the way. Our -- installment. I think. You know all the only you know option play at all although -- -- -- all he had. And try to get the all there's -- simulate what we're gonna -- from Carolina Monday night I'm -- they wrote a child it always does. -- -- I remember when I when I first got the town here now I was at what -- Bill Parcells this press conferences he dressed down a reporter fortunately wasn't me that time but he dressed down a reporter. But yeah they're big topic was a lock. And creating -- -- -- football games and he was very dismissive of that comment of that that idea was lucky today when I had failed to -- my side. We were very lucky you know made it is really making plays and I bring that up because a look at your team and you have a streak. Of forcing the turnovers the lack as the longest active streak in the league. Is that luck. As that's something that you can coach who was it just instinctive. Of football players making plays how do you how do you break down a streak like that. Most are a little bit accomplished all pretty close on our brand but football is big part of it and a player that had a nose for the ball and shove it where support at all on -- men who have all but you know I actually hit the ball. All of that it all of a big part of we -- like coach that would try to -- -- opportunity and it also. How to get the ball -- our -- on the opportunity insults and -- on the you know the offense that doesn't take broke a curveball. That the apparent -- market ball handling what are. And provide opportunities. And that's. And -- we look at all but it is well you know we don't have a cute but he company's opportunity from all over one. Protect all camp. But but instead. It's at their place the eight at night they're just. Real Barilla and let it. And caught the ball but he out of our -- And in -- 208. Battle but aren't there it just happened like so we try to create those split and -- which I think advantage of the opportunity to help as Carol we want all those. Her case is where where players who come to you -- always as a coaching staff you guys will. Present the information two years to your players about what it -- is doing but there are there any. Instances that you can think of what a player comes to you based on something he's seen. From his film study and to bring something to your attention about how to -- forced turnovers. Oh absolutely yeah and especially. Our guys that have played football player on the team that might just say this. You know earlier all of what are. He's -- -- audit practice. We've we're all product. You know but against -- quarterback or really. Just stared out the receiver can really you know eat them but -- anger. Some odd adult also look you know year or so in order of like -- that it here. Here's why did and so yeah but we've got a picture and say about a million. You know the coach you -- game. And in one way and that it's accurate appointed by a player easy game differently picture. In Europe they're playing Lebanon and pumping cheap and get a player that. A coach and they have a bank echoes in skateboarding. Basketball player -- and you know find an -- Right off there is. You know -- the communication between a coach and order a Cogent sentence in the it is as important -- -- -- -- this in I don't know I think and I respect what players say and what -- bank and they come on public that they can do something -- -- -- you know I'm usually pretty -- that have been written and carpet courts guerrilla art I don't know. Not achieve this -- to pick up. It's just by the look the same and -- -- the -- on film -- you know aren't something we can do a chart. You know create something that really didn't realistically there. You're marked up for the Steelers game oh. We got the -- we got the G rated version of everything that was out there was fine but I'm sure there's some good stuff that was left out of -- marked up for those games. How how much time do you think -- are you consciously think of the thinking of being my cup and then. How much how much or at what point does. Just your natural life coaching take over you say I've forgotten about the Mike who's gonna do my thing. It has requests and Michael I'd say. First answer that probably have when I hear the official probably think about it more. I think there's probably it's on and you are conscious of -- and might and then there's. Other times or -- you kind of get into the flow of the game or something happens and -- just your work and and you kind of forget our. It certainly a few times where it was a lot of that a little more. Cognizant of the fact that there was a lot -- on. Disorders. Hey -- it's some -- you're you ice could reach it researches on stuff funny and it's somebody sent me a a great clip. Of view from a Esquire publicly was Esquire Magazine what is the clip on you giving advice I wanna play three real quick and just get your reaction to it. Bill Belichick a 61. Both of us that -- received this from my. He told me to. Gone to something that I love to do not for the money and so I did first with the Baltimore colts and National Football League hit point five dollars a week so far this. Hop artist -- -- five bucks were gates announced a. Well to think you're cute Farid and then because. That first owe it to cut taxes. I turned it down like wanna want something. And and you know Lebanon and outlooks or -- even that in Baltimore and not to doubt it would north of Baltimore. Are they good chuckle want to get out and and then it was also you know Vuitton or the by the government in other rookie and let's collect our coast is so. It is definitely got hurt our you know all the work very much leaders. And and -- experience like out here you Natasha but I am not. Why they're actually factors into what did you set at the end is go to their coach's question of the week which -- brought to you by your local. Mercedes-Benz dealer as the all new Mercedes-Benz. CLA has arrived see them on the web at MB USA dot com this week's question is from Jack in Chelsea. Jack wants to know what steps do you take to make sure hazing. Doesn't get out of control on your teams and he's obviously referring to the Richie Incognito. Jonathan Martin's situation in Miami. Well -- albeit it's really you know -- had a problem with -- in so. -- a lot of those with a with a veteran players and you know how they handle their teammates in the locker room you know everyone's all currency and -- A direction that. You don't like doesn't as a coach and he passed at an -- to do something so. Has done a couple little minor things -- couple times and of course in my career but really not. Too much can't think there's a certain. -- And you know Chris can probably talk more on this but in all its. When you when departed seniors always on -- you. Sort of need to do. As a rite of passage to be a part of that team and you know whatever it is whether it's. You don't get up at the beginning comedian and introduced herself and earlier but it where your own world what you like or some about your family or you know whatever it is but. You know there's there's this -- bet you need to -- become part of group and for the group except you and I don't I I just consider that part of being a part in the team part join in the team and and we all gonna. So. I think there's. You know there's there's there's that element and then. Obviously hitters there's another part of that that's it's going to pharma talking about I'm talking about just you know join -- -- and and following a tradition and our doing something. Oh and Chelsea joined the team and potential that -- you know do what everybody else on. You know there's there's company that that's part of opium on so. You know I think there are some of that. And crossed the line where becomes personal and transit and that in and outs in all whole different story I haven't witnessed go to our background a lot of now and and it would really approached and I'll. I would try to step and then you know make sure that it was again done an opera that would. -- bill. Appreciate you you know I I would just say to on the whole Miami situation. You know -- I really have a hard time without any kind of judgment on that because you know I'm not there and an Internet Christian knows. Well who when you're not in a -- -- you don't know helping her. And in that environment you know on an analyst you know what a joke what's curious what -- -- interactions are so I -- a really. You know pick apart or any -- those who weren't a member of that team to really. You know -- that the judgment on what -- set out straight and let to let you know what what was except that what wasn't all that you know it's. There -- a lot of well grown and you know world bolts and come. It's really about relationships -- at its relationships. Outlook and then somehow took the people involved in that relationships either you know it's -- or. Result literate terminated in order of the debate so. I know there's a lot of opinions on -- Miami and in. I'm not one and has owned because I don't feel like I have my knowledge or information about situation. -- -- -- For your teams there is there any thing off topic that you say at the beginning of the year hey let's not bring up about religion race whatever it is or do you just say. I got some good guys who have grown men on this team -- figure out what the boundaries are and we'll go from there if we have a problem we'll address it but it. It is very need to send out. To have his state the guidelines at the beginning of the season. Well I hope there's a need to but I do it I definitely do I -- state certain guidelines and as things about during the year. They need to be. -- dressed as an entirety and I'm confident talk on the players' arms and the coaches myself or you know talk to all of us that. Figures are gonna do things or -- so open. It is has come up and here's how we're gonna address certain leaders in Iraq and I have anymore this sort of this is okay you're. You know in the best interest it's in now a lot of times those compensation also -- of the captains. Well what that they bring them up first driver and -- first and and we all talk as captain did and other representatives of the players. I can't help all 53 guys that they represent the players -- -- okay and how do we feel about this I would feel about that. I'm album. You know -- would tell them what this is something that's gone on and I'm not comfortable at. Monitors what I like to do amendment so -- not a good idea or an I don't agree with that and I think it would have been better -- and so. Well known in all fortune have a lot of great. Captain there might you know tiger with the patriots. And those guys and not only are great players and great leaders and corporate but they also have a very good. -- -- -- -- You know what's right what's wrong offered a group for the team in the locker room and got a lot of conflict and see things that are. Potentially come -- our allies and -- better addressed before they become a problem. You know after something happened in the owners are aliens or. Maybe in this interpretation something and so. I'm not think it definitely important try to stay out of that night and I certainly bring the beginning of the year and as ever on an as needed basis current course here. Our bill -- -- talked to you next Tuesday. That you guys playing Monday night in Carolina talked to them base coach. -- yet how to Christian by Michael. -- Our dads are known robber known constant conversation now with the coach is brought to you as always by SP allied to a Tedy Bruschi didn't. -- get affordable dependable life insurance from SP -- the company that is protected over one million families since 1907. His visit SP -- dot com today. And I know we are a little late but I think it was that I was getting want to talk about that and and I know you have some opinions on it and we've we've we've broken it down and in the past week as Bill Belichick said. -- lots of opinions on this topic from people. In the from people who are. Out in the league right now. Former players former coaches in the way. People in the media Talking Heads like me. People outside a sports people who follow sports at all but this is this is a story that is gone from the sports pages to the op Ed pages to other serious guy you know and Meet the Press. You don't actually get agents and violated actually crossover it is one of those things and then there's even a new wrinkle to the story. Since -- -- argue gave an interview yesterday and he sat down with Jay Glazer one on one on fox. And he said he defended himself asked the culture of the Miami locker room he said -- threats. Their words that you not necessarily proud to use an everyday mainstream society but those of the words they use in the locker room. And he also brought up that Jonathan Martin sent him. A text and and it detects where he said he was gonna kill -- our family but then there was a responsive to. All of the stories layer after layer after layer after layer. So we'll talk about that a bit. Crazy with -- I know you guys have heard a lot of -- you know -- stories but. I don't wanna get your take on some things the Bill Belichick had to say we'll talk about that next in Sports Radio WE yeah.

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