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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 11/11/13

Nov 11, 2013|

Michael Holley and Christian Fauria answer all your questions.

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It's time for answers the question jerk answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Are before you start a swipe gestures like pray that you don't want consumes. It yes our jobs would test it out in the next election. And commercial question. Only without -- out luckily things man Mike you got. -- -- -- -- Christian farm it wasn't you know I'm such a big fan of your work on the radio I call you Christian five BA who is -- cool. All wacko wacko Walt Walt laws things down -- bush. Pretty good answer the question is sponsored by terrorists restoration specialist person I don't get there's and at the 21. -- -- -- -- Myself will be hosting a special night of food drink of football at a terrific Boston -- spot if you are a facility a property manager or insurance -- And I've never met the heiress team like Mike Adams as I have. Please -- BR RTP at WUPI dot com slash a are asked our current and next question next question. First question got -- be nice to see how is on the -- forget. This what is as a Christian it Brady hazy by calling you motor. No and how we came upon that and that nickname I really it's kind of a weird story about its sister Christian promoter -- Again that's really -- name comes by me Tom raised for the first time. But so much in the casinos call -- -- I attempt to me a couple of days to figure it out but. There it is still get zip -- his humor. Congress of course everybody of course horse but he's he's not. Just because he's Corbett doesn't mean these -- united right was the original sister Christian and none. Oh in the video yes maybe -- just -- it right there. -- there's all sorts there's this regret what. Christian is that you are permitted dump your nephew from our friends in the Clinton. They're not to place with a story lines yet he's he was on my fantasy team also -- nice stretch like five touchdowns and was seven receptions it was crazy. I would. You know I don't know I dropped -- -- -- -- oddly out of hand. I can tell you what he's gonna go through little -- development and you'll find a way to get the ball game because that's what he does right now. And -- for them to put them -- -- Next question I love it Forte didn't have someone in the cafeteria Colorado -- I was pulling you into her restaurant. I know we did have a fight he was he wasn't really bullying me and you just a jerk and -- lose -- there -- strawberry I'm not gonna name him. Need to restore over at me like -- and you know it is like a message to. As well the house of freshman in college and ousted tested and you know he can't we get a big fighter and a drop and a Nixon you know I'm my nickname was rocky. For the next four years motor that runs the rocky motor and moderate Iraqi. Next question this person I was voice sounds like -- the embassy is a Bobby V -- music -- innocent lives is of interest. Cooking up. Like rob rob Bradford. Candidates Bobby you know I'd welcome back out about. This question to the next. A mask you'll actually question I'll put a lot of pressure and -- Christian Guardado first take anymore. On why -- for CBS sports network now. And contract was up. Shifting -- contract is up get get their money perhaps allow about that debate. But yet -- -- -- -- -- used to work group that skip Bayless LT they smelled good guys knows your mentors. While -- -- for. No but detonated learn a lot from skip did know -- -- like the last unit -- -- -- Great guy vary it people don't give enough credit for knowing a lot about -- sports in general these guys like encyclopedia of the past so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you guys are stuck with -- one movie for the rest of your life showgirls or godfather part three which -- would you choose -- he's got to have some thoughts about. Listen you know I've seen the godfather of a million times showgirls -- -- thousand so. I'd go that there's full frontal nudity in the year ago. That you're gonna be that full frontal -- pointed karma -- and not getting giddy in the godfathers through their -- -- yogi or whatever it may get in the ditch in the comments is not gonna cutter made you have a good day I picked up off commencement. So what does this does end. -- -- Hey to each his own argument. Next question. Michael can you looked -- -- shirt is checked to see if he's a girl. That program Miami or at least I urge you as Mikey now. Mr. Torre was asked the judges and such a good mood today is asking everybody what's on what plated the funeral that's what again. Yeah I was very uplifting question. And that he thought you still -- I don't because and a really good about my dad. I. -- Like Miley Cyrus really. Always that easy it's easy to work the casket. And I had about it's more about the word's. -- in the home and I don't -- the word. Today that's a that's a negative -- Michael Stratton left at all -- are you aware of the song. All I have girls and boys album like my insiders report she went off degraded individual Miley -- know what I've been details with that would go to Miley Cyrus who actually we're going to she's more like. A perky girl that I was there's thousands next question although it was my -- my advice to all men is never date you know slip there will be a song written by by about you at some point. That's a lot of us all a lot of wars and on and on that what is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good news is that it is -- theaters. Around the cardinal Brady this next question. Let's see if you -- again Christian over under ten to fifteen concussions then I don't remember. Off a way to work today -- I don't know during. The next question. For -- -- saying every team has a Kramer on its roster of course the you know Craig kind of -- Kramer. It's kind Zoellick is gonna get some Kramer them. He did kind of has a little bit and play with them no I did it but it worked for the ma all the time -- he's got that high energy. Personality and you've got to sit there wondering. What is he thinking about what's going on that it was. Something was said Copeland and label like that kind of with the patriots do you think their. Open culprit magical Vrabel was more listen if you add. Any self esteem issues he was gonna point them out. Triple a gap of me. Amazes me yeah. And everybody bucks. Everybody was fair game. Mikey what -- got the coming up on the -- to -- our we have a swell little mini broadcast leading up to Monday Night Football by the -- is it Tampa -- in the dolphins terribly in the dolphins did Deborah richter and Tampa Bay Mike you said it was going to be Tampa Bay winning that's almost on the WEEI dot com slash -- page one against that. I you know they got it wrong. They got they you know I think my picks became automatic once you know yet and don't -- -- children you know what you don't -- -- -- on Thursday which about the -- in a football game. And -- of them all the all the they go -- shock from there the -- I believe god you're here for me I believe with all my heart. That the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or not only win this game winning convincing. Ten years says it comes out there a little differently this 190 mile -- of people world why do we solid again merits and can play it again and our -- Gamblers out there I'm giving this one thank me later Celestine -- oh yeah -- like you know now. Think my life. Be your song you know you gonna need some -- colleges have -- for your lips. Not that I. OK okay -- -- -- -- over listened to your show Christian -- didn't come back here and John McCain enjoyed it very much Mike -- coming up next tomorrow. We'll have one sultan -- programmer. We will have dale Arnold and Jack McMullen have a good night everybody.

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