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Kevin Blackistone doesn't want national anthem sung before athletic events

Nov 11, 2013|

Mut, Merloni and Steve Deossie listen to comments made by Kevin Blackistone regarding the playing or singing of the national anthem before sporting events. He calls it a "War Anthem" and doesn't think there should be any military association involved in sports.

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I'm Butler got a 37 WEI DeOssie in the house 6177797937. To -- Texas. On the AT&T text line at 37937. A friend jacking that ball was on the around a war last week so I try to watch it -- oh Jack he's going to be on there. Question came up about -- this buy -- sell segment you guys on these TV segments you'll buy or sell the future Tom Brady is starting quarterback right. Got -- to buy -- sell segment on around the horn about the northwestern football uniforms and so -- people know we're talking about I just waited out a picture. Other northwestern football uniforms a question that much WEEI on Twitter -- WEEI. And what what they are doing this week against Michigan is wearing. You know for reasonable the American flag and they're doing it to -- the wounded warrior project but the uniforms themselves -- coming under fire if you look at the picture. You look at it first time second time third time and it looks like the red and white part of the flag has blood splattered on. And the drawn a lot of controversy because people are saying why are you personally the American flag. Or promote -- -- warriors project OK year I understand it but no one's ever really done this before in game like this. And number two -- battering blot on now they will tell you when you can judge for yourself and look at the picture. They'll tell -- it's this close to give off the impression of -- worn down from -- that is flag is Warren. And tethered it gets to this but you look at the picture and it looks like blood I have a look at a million times it looks like it does so the question came up and around the horn. Do you wanna buy -- sell. These uniforms and a Kevin black is still followed up and agreed and also took it to a little bit of different level -- play force. All the modern Northwestern University that helmets and jerseys for next week's game against Michigan. Courtesy of bundle armored designed to honor American wounded warriors under scrutiny -- that that I would don't think you're the blood splatter effective well. -- -- Flag desecration. Schools that anyone think that is misinterpreting. -- beautiful of the gun that. Welcome makes people uncomfortable spots of war should make people uncomfortable there's nothing comforting about -- utilizing the flag. In his uniform we've seen that in baseball -- we've seen that in of the uniforms so that's nothing new facts about him up and -- -- says northwestern on helmets. Watch golf. What is going through those same reasons and me and if you sell this along with me at all he's also be selling. The rest of their military hit him symbolism and brazen sports whether it's good thing civil war and a from the open every -- whether it's not going to get hot dog and vehicles on of the army at the same time what is the NFL and raise them solid -- the Pat Tillman story that's been going on sportsman's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So he says he would sell the uniform and says it's time to get all of the military sports. Connections. Out of the games themselves any starts with the war at the -- obvious he's relating to. The national land them star spent the -- we re here before every single sporting event and he's right the first time you heard this was during the World Series in 1918 and you go back you wouldn't think stretch. It played it in the cubs Red Sox and they did it because. You know. And you read the story to look Cyprus and Ethan and tracks wrote a couple of years ago for espn.com. They did in Chicago because they're a hard time drawing fans I was during wartime. And they played it during the seventh inning was huge response and they came back to Boston in the Red Sox I guess technically greatest thing right the Red Sox begin the first team to played before game. Cubs have played a couple times national let them they played before game and look on its face. Guys it's -- war -- But I'll tell yet with the way I hear now. It doesn't make me think of ward does that make me feel negative makes you feel positive that we are remembering those who have fallen right for us. -- that fire to a sporting event the words are our vote up perseverance and victory. Mean that suits. I don't think it's glorifying war much uses as much is horrifying. You don't perseverance and and -- victory at the end I mean that's. I understand that and there's war references the bombs bursting rockets were I understand that but. But it it's more -- it's less about. Of the words and is about the message and messenger -- -- -- very -- unity fought to the maiden and against all logic to open victory. It's what it represents. I think in the patriotism. And you know what I was. In San Diego we know teams where liken the Bruins today wearing -- camouflage or thereabouts Bosnia they say eagle we still like once a week. OK give such a big military presence in San Diego to an -- to the navy and Marines and what it debt when it did was it just. Each and every day put that uniform on whatever was just. Major appreciate. The people that are out there serving the country so you can -- play baseball ready to go on with your lives. So it's. Anyone take it -- go through the lyrics and talk about what it is and everything else to me as I agree it's more of what are represents you -- -- -- -- before us treasuries in 9/11 and here that it the most emotional because it was patriotism it was a country coming together. Thought you know I don't think it's a problem before games to. Recognized those that are allowing us to not only play but allowing -- fans to come in and feel safe to watch -- event. Well you did to choose to this point we'll bring you could have something as the National Anthem like god -- -- unless -- America. But then again you have people who issues that would -- dog of course Segovia bought America the beautiful late again you could do that put. The question is not how would allies would sports is the National Anthem right now again if they want the hopes it's recognized across the country is the National Anthem. It'll make a move to to change don't your own your immune to a rail against -- -- -- movement whom have movement soon doomed to. America the beautiful roses and that's fine but right now and as far as your to see things going. A sporting events. -- Sumitomo college events. There are thousands upon thousands of young people out there ROTC recruit young people of the military recruits young people. The idea that you recruiting and on a college campus. Is not absurd there's there's plenty of young people that choose to make that. Do the military a career or even. Try and after after college or even during called Serbian National Guard units or TCU is wherever it is. So either you're really about a lot of things but -- also. Don't look at certain demographics are to -- using is gonna go to -- The croquet match and try to recruit their record will -- the golf course or go but PGA event and recruit vivid review you go where the -- audiences so there's a lot of I mean. You can easily make a case that it's a war like song but I think it's to me is more about. We'll work him through adversity going up against all laws and finding a way to two victory in. You know I have no problem with the plane being played before -- I was at one of the I was. 45 feet away from one of the greatest renditions of all time -- Whitney Houston right there on the field possible so -- it was unbelievable it was a trial in the house and it was very emotional time was. The start of the first gulf war all of social. I just got as a -- that I thought the simplest things like as a tribute got. You know better handle it when he says -- -- -- guys -- is a few more but nobody that building in that bit in Tampa. Was thinking war if you're thinking -- your thinking about those that work cross and I Iraq who were fighting for this country are thinking about I wanna go to war and kill people your thinking about. Honoring those who serve this country text on the eighteenth he Tex lines has blackened stone is absolutely right this countries to war obsessed. Why do we need fly overs there are other people we can honor is this an event has to do not that veterans don't deserve recognition. From time to time their why don't you like the Jerry game allowing blackest don't want those out you know or flight orders again -- Mean all are the people Arnold let me be the first responders or -- maybe some of the the victims of the -- marathon bombing and we do things like that or you do things like the -- talks the Bruins. The patriots and the Celtics do all the time they they honor. But people in the community there doing good things in the community can't go to a game. Now days without. The teams -- somebody one way or the other it's not just the military you see that you -- to put us. Also platform because a lot of eyes are on -- sports is is huge part of our country. And it's a way for us to -- will bring recognition or awareness to a lot of different things that we should be aware breast cancer. Right stand up for cancer journal World Series. We all these things are there weren't weren't blue weren't paying. You know people watched watched sporting events -- what is that for -- -- it's it's about being aware of the threats that we should be. -- and the anthem and the uniforms. Is another way to show. You know to show our respect and give thanks -- me. I've I've never heard a National Anthem and I've heard. Hundreds of them if not thousands. It doesn't make me want to go toward makes you want to appreciate. Or this country's done over the last 200 plus years are we sure appreciate. Though the veterans and fought to give us some ridiculous the rights of -- -- makes me appreciate both voted hardworking people whose country doesn't make me. Does make me think of wanted to go to war not by any means. It makes me think that as a fan base and sports. That we have evolved to a point where before were about to go into a game where as a fan -- there's a paying fan you've had your Beers you're getting -- the other team. You know you don't like the Yankees for those 33 and a half 44 and a half five hours yeah sometimes they play for a Red Sox Yankee games. But for ninety seconds to minutes you know two and a half minutes whatever and as being for the game. You put that stuff down and you can -- The world can come back to Steve -- honor you're honoring -- source who laid down their likes of the week and sit there like idiots with a cold sixteen ounce beer for ten dollars a pop. And -- other people and understand that OK it is sports. It's bigger than that that's what we honor them before game when he says war hit them. He makes it sound so crass dude it's about honoring those who have lost their line. That -- a second there was on the same -- -- is on the same thing it's not and and I. I guess that I've never had a teammate I've never but I have been two of them again hundreds of sporting events played maim hundreds. I've never had a teammate or someone -- was that the game with -- think of or at least expressed that they were thinking of war mongering when they -- the National -- It's I get it I understand you you if you wanna pick the words piece by piece find the you can come up that put. You know there's the news there's bigger fish to fry in the country from that. -- get your calls on this at 6177797937. The phone number you can text us. Are on the AT&T -- -- -- 3793. So I find it a pretty big -- to Seattle like those uniforms and oh by the way. Take the National -- I don't but I do agree about the uniforms they came out wrong -- designed -- -- does look like blood -- on the flag M and I'm kind of I'm not big on. The flag is apparel anyway. I'm not big on that I thought it was a long ball to Terri the truth of a camouflage. He became a -- judge those who are also -- those along the federal law on the books of boat. Above these before the American flag is errors apparel I had an amateur and you wanna see the uniforms -- on -- -- like to check my two got the picture at Mott and UT. WEEI guys are lined up come back at your phone calls and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And CAE's -- real real. Bare bones their Michael back to the basics of -- you're right when it was written Francis cocky it was a war anthem. Rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air represent something different out there like. Was the glory of the of the song the ball the rockets landing on and people wasn't the fact of the habit to persevere against him board. Most people considered to be impulse laws. I mean it was the vote it's a great question about the destruction in the damage in the glory. Of the rockets and the bombs bursting it was about the fact that the but the country did something mid and they're very few people thought they could that the men gathered together and women gathered together and and and fought for freedom and independence that. You can take any number of things and if you wanna take the words. It's actually taking out content to stop glorifying. War is glorifying the efforts of the people. That fought for freedom. You know much and I'm sure I'm sure he knows that complex -- the Smart guy I'm sure he knows that I'm sure this is more provocative atlas has. Part of is is there an agenda there to try to get it out of everything altogether splat I don't know I just know I disagree with him when I heard it last week I said what. I said now I added and I want to get your thoughts on you guys have been on the field off for these events before games -- Jim is a Melrose he joins the conversation I got. But usually -- call -- show what I have to review guys so I'm probably considered his left is the arisen out there. And I've never ever thought of the national it was a war of them. I've been at church events. Where they played. So I just think you played at the special occasion. Inferred. And offer our -- Sporting events a special occasions if they've been National Anthem. And it was written it was it was written by someone who was held captive -- Francis Scott Key was -- apoplectic at the British ship. And he watched some apartment for the tendering him. And sought -- you know into the battle our flag was still standing with responsible. So you're right munitions. I think it's ludicrous that somebody would mention so let someone mentioned. Well yeah so I really like how many. Is this guy blackest only one. -- when you hear the song everything war anthem don't need it to me again don't. Celtic warrior domestic respect and honor. Yeah there's a lot most people think but listen I I understand if you wanna break down the words and and there are references to. Bombs bursting. Rockets' red glare remove fights and learning ought to get it but. And I'm not I've never really talked to anyone who. Looked better as the war mongering scenario was it was always out of respect for. What do those fledgling country accomplished -- against overwhelming helps us Steve is caller from New Haven today's up -- mutt and -- and Steve DeOssie hi Steve. Yeah I got a lot -- -- and first. Offense through decades of my life served the country and. What I hear people like there's a lot of you know his name who's talking about the need to doesn't listen in and it -- Yet I think you're exactly right if you -- -- the words in your greatest song that doesn't say anything about war killing your winning or losing. Ramparts of thinking it behind and I because you're afraid of being hurt analysts some senses the light to. Of the bombs just deepest proof that we could see a flag represented. Freedom dedication. Sacrifice -- equality for people. A war in them if they started playing the cult of Montezuma -- the case comes going along both their older military's gone. They shouldn't do that. But the National Anthem is attribute it it was a it was a if you follow the logic of the fellow who criticize this then what we kept on the fourth of July. What the fourth of July we should bomb the -- red white and blue and make big -- the wasted and everybody goes what do. So so quoting him -- did that contribute toward well suddenly at war with all the respect -- the -- -- no clue in probably. You know -- -- he you know all good men and Jack Nicholson -- to go to the -- and no disrespect so do we need lawyers. You know it you need people like. And you know -- sleep under the blanket of what we provide. And if you think. The very manner in which provided -- I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly that. You weep for Santiago when you curse than -- reference you have that much. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know that Santiago's death while tragic. Probably saved lives and my existence while grotesque and incomprehensible. To you saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about it parties you want me on all you need me on that wall. We use words like honor code. Loyalty. We use these words is the backbone of a life spent defending something you've used them as a punchline. I'm happy that that time or the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then requested the manner in which I provide it I would rather you just said thank you. And went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand opposed. -- to set it up. Second time today we can put it meant well I -- all of it doesn't want old Steve talk all I want to thank Steve for his servers this country and appreciate him -- -- -- at three decades. And do what he did to allow us to sit here on the radio and playing another clip of few good men during the showed that again now thank you for your -- also leave great stuff. Steve the -- we -- we talked to get money is it Tuesday Joseph talked them after the pats here at the plant Monday night game we'll talk to see the patriots Monday and it. Patriots money on Tuesday are with the help our roots -- We've run up by Steve Gary tells you guys on Tuesday. Through through the next week. It Nancy creek and reschedule the -- into the hole what that's what I bet Monday of the year that you -- argue to you know what's you know -- you butcher and a Fred. You guys will be on on Monday Alex I assume and then -- come -- and talked with Tuesday patriots money -- -- -- -- which we now that you be on TV with a little round total of massage you with Fred we still have this out of that savings so that but it. Some things that north together tonight though. I'm great dusty appreciate coming it's -- and you guys are lined up get your reaction would black is still had to say 617779. 7937. Of the phone number AT&T text line their -- all day at 37. 937. Even get some baseball I it is because of 5 o'clock today. Four hours away from knowing which Red Sox players have taken the qualifying offer if any. In which are likely all of them mix in some baseball's wildest final hour keep it here.

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