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Mut, Merloni, and Deossie discuss new Incognito details

Nov 11, 2013|

Mut, Merloni and Steve Deossie discuss the circus in Miami and the latest developments regarding the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin situation.

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Our -- Butler not a 37 WEEI it's a patriots Monday Kyle Arrington will join us. A half hour from now at 1130 your phone calls all day 6177797. ID 37 AT&T text line. It's 37937. Steve the -- announced the -- -- -- -- -- What a slow week on the pats by 16. Yeah -- -- -- a story to watch the football yesterday ugly football. Ms. you'd better tonight. We had -- my photo that I got to be great one if you're sick of Richey -- need to get ready. You go built have -- probably -- how can they though I'd I thought that at first but now that it's been a week of this full week of this on ESPN on their network three Cohen group proved. It's to be a bad game. You well -- didn't have completed -- fifties. Tomb of the football last week at Seattle yeah yeah it played OK there you have -- the rookie learned that they'll try to finally to -- some football. Into the conversation but lose rightly that so we started -- the I haven't talked you guys to say about time -- here Monday and eighths to hit the rest of the week -- he knew about. Steve since money hurdle -- yesterday with Freddie Bushey moved on up Avaya we condition. But boy the stories change and from a from an overall. Glance of public -- do you feel this Monday. They -- last month and we at a certain items of information about the story -- -- three of -- froehlich while I can't believe. This can happen. It feels like a lot has changed a lot of information has come out since then and I wondered I definitely feel about the. I'd feel like I was dumb enough to jump to conclusions. And you see things you hear buzz words and you hear scenarios and you almost instantly because of some of the crazy things we've seen. Recently Ural pass from -- many years. All these words -- buzz words of those harassment the bullying the racism those roll balls were so you through all those together and all of a sudden. You couldn't help jump to conclusions and that was you went all the stuff comes out and also regulate how dumb is you can't jump to Lowe's -- and -- -- situation. That there was also a reputation of a player troop I mean it yeah let's show it was not that there's reasons don't tell not a -- -- gay you know so. Whether it is the extreme that it we thought a week ago. I don't think he's. He's. Not guilty of of still to go overboard overboard but he is what we first thought. He says himself in the interview with -- users who have. He says he's sorry that he didn't as a friend he should have seen. More signs of both the problems of the issues that would have Jonathan Martin was have a witches. Pretty good line -- it believes are not -- will remain as we've seen but. If there's so many things coming up between the 11100 plus text messages the the idea that that 151000 calls -- follows extortion was actually a scenario where. The -- repaid some of them and you've. Backed out last minute most still expected to patient which is understood if you see if you're committed to some people make a financial investment in your committed that you back out. From we believe you're still responsible for the financial commitment. The idea that the of the physical confrontation. You don't. Guess what I don't know anybody that I ever played with it didn't maybe if you defense backs him there but that didn't have. Fights. Either a lot more on the field. You know I can think of at least a dozen situations where I was Smart I lost about nine -- -- -- like global bully and I'll call them I want that laws bullies go below below the three that you wanted to one million with a -- Obama as a kicker and too wide receivers as -- -- -- Kevin -- -- -- Anthony -- big kicker dog could. It was just how does it go put -- there's just so it's amazing all we've recently and I am not. Sitting here telling you that that I'm in the Inco deal camp I'm sure there's. He's presenting his case where he wants to whoever's handling Marten is appealing the case the -- that that they want to would be. Drips and drabs of information. Designed strictly to plead their case in the in the in the public form. Yes just as we we were discussing you know show after was on this morning and -- -- the voicemail and I was the first one report now. The way they talked to one another. A lot of people might not accept -- would never accept. But the -- that he left out at the end they call me back does that change your perception of this voicemail that was left at all I should've included. So included such an essential part of that and when confronted with that and chipped users are very good reporter in the single one confronted with a -- -- this morning. You can tell that he was angry -- confront -- that you absolutely have to throw that in there you can't you that that changes excuse me. If it does it modifies. That whole text that that context right corset -- -- they call it that way. -- and -- pseudonym and Leicester moved -- if somebody looked at the efforts over said 11100 text -- the past two -- seems that a lot night. Don't look to my -- I realized -- last ten days over at fifty with Fred. Adam -- and -- we hope those what is it didn't if you don't know if you don't mind here and you doom and reading someone calling me a DB five times a day or whatever that's why you don't put. And that. Put that that American forces news. It's a little -- discounts. The the idea that you are friends with the -- this just so many things coming out right now that they're government. And I had a job to talk to someone very very close to a situation. In Miami bowls in Miami absolutely you're very you know as close as you get well being a player evidence. And there were text messages. You disappear before you view until nobody would leave and do nobody just left and didn't changing the confined to for a couple days they have no idea holds more. Texting him -- and finally. This person texted him and said you've got to -- when everything started to break -- things were ignored going in that direction you the text was you've got to come back. And square this away you've got to make this right you can't leave your board twisting in the wind like this. Or reply he got was. I can't they won't let me. Respond -- forty mean very -- coach I can't they won't let me. It's -- true. -- It represented it since its agents lawyers is that city ever say that today was so we're nowhere left to assume with a day -- twice the left to assume and that's. To me that's a young man whose you know. Who's. In somewhere and and I don't doubt that. Maybe the locker room experience was. Not what he expected not not a not for him and not -- -- and it was a little. Over the taught it was maybe too much over the tall way over the top for him maybe they know it was a culture thing maybe it was something that he. Looked patents that I you know I don't wanna be part of this this is not what my life symbolic given the understandable it's hard to break away it's hard to get out of that scenario when you dumb it. For -- he had. In colleges you took a pay a lot of money and bonus. The other equation if you leave an NFL team. Without reason. All of a sudden. You're you're not getting paid for soft they don't have to you and they can attach a portion of your signing bonus. That was and the dolphins know that very well because Ricky Williams Margaret Williams. When he decided to go on news. You'll decide -- Farnham so -- opening day basically every of these they -- you can go after the suck so who knows if after disappearing for you do for a few days his agent said OK well listen. If you don't wanna play understandable we're not we're gonna find a way to make sure we keep your just sort of scenario they -- not saying this would happen. When we got to secure this our animals were ever a second round pick out of sizable bonus that's that's reasonable. You don't. Who knows if that is in the case now value -- yes or even. In a scenario for some of those -- general or. Almost as Smart program that would be too much credit but an agent who would say. We committed to working to favor you won't have to play football who knows what the cases there's all sorts of angles to this and I still think only had only 50% information. I was gonna say -- -- the whole stories come up but -- at first there was you know Jonathan -- Good guy get bullied extortion Richie got news it's history bad guy got. Now is it leaning towards okay maybe this guy just has some issues in just one ago league and some. Lawyers nobody else that -- got -- about you know didn't do everything correct. But now it's going more on the other side and and you you know I mean it's gonna Ebenezer job easier time finding a job in a thorough report. -- -- -- Jonathan Martin's plan don't think I need a year us agreed I do group that. -- always go back to all the all the point oh hold off the mark and wants to come back to dolphins there's absolutely no way the dolphins can Kim -- and no I agree that he wants to go back to dolphins at this point Steve blew it can't be important offer up I know how difficult would be right now. Would have Jonathan Martin went to -- meal right now. And sat down with him and so look. I'm so sorry this got away from me I have no idea. How or why this happened I apologize for not to cure sooner I'm sorry let's let's start again and -- fees. Having -- nearly as good friend is he says he was. You know if a friend comes to who says you know you got to forgive me I was immediate whatever boom. You got to forgive that front if its appeal which killed a million bucks because that's -- look at it the other Jim Padilla didn't put. I I just don't know -- -- cardinals contracts up this year is that right gets -- -- deal right soul. That's gonna cost him money no matter what because. They're going to be teams there are shy away from him freeagent scenario simply because this whether he's completely exonerated or not that's not the best not the problem. He may very well have a case. Himself against. The dolphins against. The NFL against Jonathan Martin if you wants to. He could capsule look at this currency you just cut the number teams -- will look at me in half. That's costing me money on that contract this that there are -- side issues to this right now I don't think anybody's completely free. I don't think that's one of the reasons why for the most part when you hear ball players across the NFL. Almost like they're siding on Jonathan Martin outside of that locker room -- -- stuff like that should never -- them. Inside that locker room -- it's the other way around because maybe they have a better understanding of what really happened right but. Exit given the future these two players and how hard -- before -- to come back. I don't expect any players come up and and defend Jonathan Martin because rubio went 80 record -- named after said today on do you see that there are executives. And at least one player who agree with Jonathan Martin but they because they want their anonymity they're afraid to come out and put their name -- exactly I believe -- just said. But there are players who agree they won't come out the players who grouping Gagne don't play ball -- line can't hill. -- Mike Wallace he's got out of their names on up I down the list the ones with Martin is shipped it today. Was there were about -- it is right now in terms of the opinions of anyone outside the locker room and we care your locker room is different from every locker. -- I saw that the minute -- trader from Dallas to New York the locker room in in Dallas was toxic him and ridiculous and and stupid -- point of absurdity. The locker room with the giants was phenomenal completely different not a hit the racism not a hint of anything other than a bunch of guys it just wanna play hard football -- -- The locker rooms are different everywhere you go shall I don't really wanna hear I don't care what. Somebody in Detroit thinks of the Miami locker room because that locker room is their domain. And every one that has a certain dynamic. And whatever whatever is some work some don't. But somebody in Seattle locker -- still has no clue what the dynamic of locker room is in Miami I have more respect for the Miami players say about the situation. Than anybody else in the -- Peter King rose Monday Morning Quarterback today saying as you reported last night NBC. Peter believes in -- -- is released by the dolphins is a good chance to find a home down the stretch this year with a playoff contender. He writes that to happen the team would have to have executives and a head coach of the X games. A locker from the -- pass the controversy and a team with eyes on the Super Bowl pick withstand a distraction and argued it would bring IC if you of those teams that could tune out the outside world. If they felt a good guard was worth it. -- war Owens Seattle. Denver Detroit. So Andy what as far as his -- we -- -- -- patriots in there. Coach that fits in -- then. I do what I Alex -- A lot of everybody else at all it was this year with a wanna avoid but -- what happen to begin their season right. Does the executives. In the in mineralization have -- him. I think voting Belichick finally doing letting teams confronting could finally do that does upper management have the ability to deceive and. Ownership wanna read patriots take shot on -- didn't write it I would say this until my -- and and you have been still comes down to that and that the root of of the NFL. Getting help us win yet you know and and the dolphins be a tough spot -- -- a four game suspension. It's do it either activate him -- -- up Roger Goodell does investigation may be steps and -- it for another couple of weeks. But this is not a player that. You could care less about not a player that sonic -- We can make a statement just released them met by making -- -- by releasing -- statement. -- -- Jonathan mark is more fat player the guy hasn't lived up to any of the height and it's. You know what -- let him go basically because he doesn't help us win games at least let me -- helps us. In game dolphins well dolphins want to have been division this year at all I mean cardinals probably the blue best player was policies remember he's been he's been earlier anyways so. There's -- -- obsolete correct. In this scenario I wonder is this a paid suspension for an -- you know. Because of it's not now all of a sudden my name is gonna some to do with when all this stuff comes out he's gonna have to look at -- bigger applicants -- okay. For -- -- cost we were 700 your thousand million dollars when ever to be a million bucks Steve okay sold now all of a sudden you're -- literacy regular pay attention to secure. If you think if he also believes recorder that interviewing that would Jay Glazer yesterday. He doesn't believe that he was he thinks so what do you do was wrong was not be sensible enough to a friend. Understood is that is that suspend -- scenario --

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