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GM meetings open in Orlando, what will Sox do?

Nov 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the hot stove and what the Red Sox might do during the offseason. They talk about Ellsbury, Napoli, and Stephen Drew.

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Butler got 37 WEEI I'll get -- baseball call surges the second you guys are waiting very patiently. Kind of a big day in terms of the landscape a baseball. Thirteen players this year were offered qualifying offers from their teams the Red Sox offered three different players qualifying offers you have until. 5 o'clock today to decide whether or not you wanna do. Take a qualifying off which guarantees you're a year and fourteen point one million bucks you wanna go up third test the waters which like very rich waters this year free agency. Are publicly today a couple of players who you expected to turn on a qualifying offers to turn them down Ervin Santana. Last couple minutes he will not take is -- he's looking for a hundred million bucks up there in the market Brian McCann. Who couple baseball -- waiter said is going to make a hundred million dollars as a catcher at age thirty which is insane. I used to -- qualifying offered today there are three players in the Red Sox. Who have been extended their qualifying offers rob Bradford WEEI dot com reported the last couple of hours that officially. None of the three of all the Red Sox what they're gonna do. -- buried drew and Mike Napoli our expectation though is Lou. All three Geisel turned down the offer Ellsbury will get paid mega box and drew and Napoli. Are looking pretty significant multi year deals somewhere up there in the market that's. Of the rumor that is being put out. You will will see you know it's just a -- -- listen last year -- 99 players qualified offers an up and on nine refused. You know three of -- -- back Ortiz we know -- Sunday at the nationals and Kuroda. The issue you get thirteen most likely help thirteen -- Refuses well well any of the re signed I think so and I understand this whole. The thing -- -- tickets means is that Stephen Drew was up boards and he you know everyone's moving quickly on my client and every -- look at this list of thirteen released the one it doesn't really deserve to be on this list. You know when he's estimate Roberts and you know you know Ellsbury granderson. -- -- by the women as what he did to his status auction -- Santana. You Beltran Nelson Cruz Brian McCann. The impact impact impact Stephen Drew. And you can throw out -- where he -- I understand top five defensively top five offensively -- up -- baseball stroke -- PS. You know over when everyone a look at he was. What does that tell you how good he is is that -- the position itself. More about the position well that's that's that's the point and how it's changed since the well that's able to get a good good offensive. Well he's good comparing. To the rest of the shortstop in the game -- shortstop just aren't really offensively aren't. That good we brought Tony couple he brought -- Sanders when he brought Stephen Drew that's what offended me. Set of people realize when Elvis Andrus has got like trying to compare the two and anyway she performed. In terms of their age in terms of their value I mean with a straight face and bullet Elvis Andrus got yeah we do -- -- lot different than Elvis Andrus has an eight. And to your point -- how he's the out why we did this exercise last week when you look at the offensive players. All the offered to players is on the in common except for couple. The guy who didn't hit twenty home runs last year granderson what it when he beat in this half the year -- -- is Ellsbury the only guy in his twenties Stephen Drew. All of the guys you mention offensively they all fit a certain category power potential Mittal the order or top the order does not. And it's really not even close Allen Bradford is on your Friday Bradford reporting that. You know he's got more that it can be a Red Sox trying to get him for a multiyear deal I would a little bit knots. You know Bradford said the focus on a two year deal even that little I don't think it makes sense I don't I. I want Bogart's it short on middle Brooks at third I've convinced myself that and apparently at least some port in their mind. They feel like maybe drew should be the shortstop Bogart the third I don't know. About will -- Brooks that if there that input -- markets to one I think Donald Boris is going to be you know fishy about it and which we know we can to try to set PO -- market only needs is one -- they just. Just tell me that you need to think about that -- but OK I got a GM that's thinking about doing this you know so I don't. I don't know like it that's why I still think he's coming back is shortstop but it might be a two year deal annual less than fourteen point one. You all I know exist none of these position players and getting the qualifying offer could hit a three team. OK that's -- help the government getting hit eighth. Are right. That's why should a look at this list electric it's just pops out comic Stephen drop house in its list. But he is indeed love his defense we know it can values defense to look at all the shortstop in the game and I get it. But now these are the guys its seventh. Now these other guys have a very you know not -- starting pitchers -- forfeit your rotation. You know so. I don't ask don't -- going anywhere. Policy team given it up. And all the rumors all week long about the Red Sox interest strong interest interest of -- interest and you know AJ Pierzynski interest and Carlos Ruiz McCain and they should be interested and every one. -- -- -- -- -- Everybody else this team should be accident you don't -- starting catcher you're the first baseman he was second baseman. You've got Santa Bogut to complete show off color we don't really know so you get a -- there may be mentally feel about -- Brooks. You don't percent of fielder if you put victory known senator you are right fielder. You got EU should be it on every single player there at such. Should put a call and on every one to find out what it's gonna take to sign these guys they should put a call it that -- the angels the -- trumbull what they are looking for. Due diligence they should be doing it all because they got holes everywhere. Potentially. You know they could sign this one guy you know said okay well you sign this now or six year one guy can change at all. And then we go to the -- BO you know -- you set up bring in Napoli back drew back Ellsbury back and then there's like a little tree behind. The family tree right what's the next move what's the next stop would be signed next. He should be on every single player. Right now they need to that'd be -- -- Brian McCann at that price at that price but did you find -- what the prices. Right I mean. Is the date it's gonna sit back and say you know what we read and MLB trade rumors OO or some blog that is what McCain is looking for. All of the way to calls agent now because agents say what's it gonna take. What's the market this is far jewel in the gulf he wants six years we might bump it up for years more and an average annual fear to get to that point give us a call will keep an eye and it will be back in touch. Red Sox just didn't Brian can't sure they should be tradition everybody. You think so the way he responded that drew poverty -- a chance through takes at the fourteen point one minority that -- come out and and steady decline as multi year offers everywhere -- -- -- I feel like it one year for people million dollars that big a deal for drew I think you I personally wouldn't appeal for Stephen to raise off night and I don't exco Boris would allow it. I think Stephen Drew can -- on just. Cavity a -- year maybe not be the starting shows up -- defense of impact on the World Series team. But I think there's a chance that given the state of shortstop in Major League Baseball -- beat a top five again. Offensively. And you know -- in will be a free -- what 31. Old is he right now thirty. 3031 rights of 31 can do it again fourteen point one million. A lot of money lots of supporters -- to throw the no it wasn't that in the all he's most like to go to refuses. But I just wanna see the team that gives up a first round pick for. -- that's what I wanna -- oppose abortion say look I've actually got a -- to give a first round pick for Kyle Lohse kicking and screaming in Milwaukee Brewers sent to a three year 33 million dollar deal. At inside the margin to come a long -- on the get that deal. But can -- say Stephen Drew buying it Kyle Lohse sign somewhere and the brewers give up a big pick. I can get it done free I I and I cut the lead group you by the way. With your take on this I just wondered the Kyle Lohse went on Kyle Lohse. Was sixteen and three. With a two point 86 ERA. 33 starts to -- eleven innings. The seventh in the Cy Young voting. And you -- again he found a home price is Kyle Lohse and he got out of Nevada home a long topical but nobody want to give up a first round pick. For Kyle Lohse which I thought was -- not sterile because I mean obviously went up there he pitched his tail off but they want to have for him. Stephen don't worry about it when it's -- him in March. I eventually found it a job for this guy I went sixteen to prove that to wait six but is the end game in the -- got the player of the money though I know we waited it out -- three and 33. Which is better than the with a guaranteed what I'm saying is well slap on the general manager. I will give up a first round pick for -- went sixteen and three with a Q8 six and started every single. What do restarting gained 200 innings before gonna give up a in -- an above average. Defensive shortstop. -- when you look at some of the offensive numbers around baseball shortstop he was top five but might speak more but the position it does action report. 61777979237. The phone number Kevin calling from Nashua, New Hampshire today I Kevin. Buried or what summit. I'm assuming you aren't but -- none of these guys. And they're our side -- the refs sucked again. Wouldn't think that terrorist you'll be like next year and who do you think. I. Think bill and further position. I think there are it's an Ellsbury is gone so let's assume he's going to be out of -- the chemistry guy of that group. Drew verses Napoli I mean. I don't know with a first base one up being -- they're spending it is may Mike Carp and -- -- can -- their very right handed heavy right now which one of the reasons why. You're you're you're reading there might damages and Stephen Drew. It Jonny Gomes is still here and did a much of this -- still leery even of Mike Napoli and Ellsbury -- art. I guess it wouldn't -- freaking out about chemistry. You know given that. They -- the major group with a score back from last year I think the chemistry was not -- same anyway. Guys' roles change they won a World Series guys wanna have different maybe different views this year we got our rain on -- play more. I'm -- Eagles on the second -- two year deal lawn and I'll play more -- Kate. We're just playing part time less splitting time at -- -- -- -- I wanna play morsel chemistry is -- reset itself wasn't going to be. The same way next -- it was this year no I mean you really lose and here within the leaders of this team Napoli drew and Ellsbury in that category. The leaders and the chemistry changes. -- I don't think you do. We well liked players you don't Napoli has an impact. There Ellsbury drew they all have impacts of course but the not the you know the natural leaders of this team. And I still think that there's a chance they'll resort to play the leads. Allied to just I do it and -- it's -- to offer Mike Napoli multi year deal. He has earned the right to gloat and shop around and look. And is some ripples of moiso -- but I think he's the he loves being years while they -- David Ortiz refused to call fire. Offer -- -- to a 26. So as jury here on the one year fourteen wanted to get a multi year deal from the -- -- you're saying Ellsbury is only got to leave I think there will only give a multi year deal because that he might turn it down now might not be an average annual fourteen. My beat two year deal Tony Tony to with a with a mutual -- from their what does that mean for -- Brooks. That's a great question. Right because now than what's the next thing to drop your mouth like happened as a comeback is -- but your first basement. You know with the other group of players with a guy like Daniel novel with a guy like Mike Carp. Know that opened a door for a guy like -- Beltran to commit near silent this team -- left field without thinking go to right field all the talk will bring at a minimum victory announced yet happening. -- got bad knees is a good fit for Beltran. I think it's a better fit for team McCain can DH a little bit it's about a family right field is a good spot for him at ball. But -- you can't just lose Jacoby Ellsbury just think we just plug Jackie Bradley in there and -- RO -- platoon in left Jackie Bradley senator Victor -- right. I think you're crazy comedic that's gonna happen not what -- like the -- idea because of your place that -- -- and you put him in left. Now what do those other people that's that's -- seat -- -- on from there. Odd -- caller from Texas today on Zander Bogart's -- I I get that question now. What about -- group. And put -- in the outfield no they -- also last week that he was he was such a bad but he did play there -- you look -- naturally -- -- also monument practice. Yeah another option that game you know public role -- completely out I think he's an infielder. And if -- have -- for a couple years needs your shortstop and he's still a young. You know it's like which -- -- Baltimore. And give open -- shows -- like -- JJ article globe winner they don't need it right now on Carty leaves slide which out over short. So. That's another option you know if you side drew and Elvis -- you looking at saying well. We get a competition that third we know who's gonna win that one. And he already won it but they Bogart's -- middle Brooke's uncle if they go to camp to compete but they're based W nose -- when that ball game Bogart is a third. But it's your opening first from middle Brooks if not okay Napoli resigns. Rick -- to left field for a couple years -- It's part of the whole process that's why right now. I mean that this is the amazing thing I think early in the offseason is that like that is that the options that bench Harrington has to deal with that. The many signs this player that used to assist cross off some players it's okay now or in -- with a little. Diagram. In this is the next shoe to drop in this the next shoe to drop in now. How flexible and we either extremely flexible. Because -- shortstop to free agent. They got a got a complainer. If he leaves. They technically could have a first baseman if Napoli -- because -- the middle books a goal of Ohio or novel -- But the senate Phillies second inning at a center fielder victory if they wanna do that you really don't wanna. They have a lot of flexibility moving forward it's all going to be tested. Although a lot more tonight beginning at 5 o'clock you know we'll see if that doesn't seem like anyone's gonna take it other Red Sox players maybe drew a 141 -- divorced -- five million dollar raise and a one year deal for gay -- talking about how teams are aggressive are you offering -- and to run -- five and except beat you Bil one made sense of the three Big -- -- get multi year Ellsbury capsule getting paid. If you want to sell your client any of the clients who -- offer call final wanna sell. On the one year 141 of the easiest -- Stephen Drew Stevens wanted to five million dollar bump off last year and have the same -- does that. If they sign they -- play at a very short you're playing every day in Bogart's -- third. So your values going to be pretty some luggage a multiyear deal lecture on your 141. This year but thankfully flows of one over its short. The NC Michael taken I mean a multi year deal procedure will -- a lot more. Are beginning at 5 o'clock would get a break come back with say what's on tap -- salt and holly beaming it to an assault on vacation no hell's -- Here on Sports Radio WEEI I like -- blowing them.

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