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Paul Monti on his war hero son Jared and their truck

Nov 11, 2013|

Paul Monti joined the show on Veterans Day to discuss the legacy of his son Jared who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama. Paul's desire to continue driving his sons truck after he was killed in action led to a country music song of the year.

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It's Dennis and Callahan on Sports Radio WEI. And on -- Don't show. Music awards song of the here right drive -- truck in the background what he give you a little bit of background on Jared Monty in place in case you don't know US army deployed to Afghanistan. -- borne by the way in Abington raised in rain and Monty in his. You know were deployed when they were attacked by a group of enemy insurgents in Afghanistan. -- another soldier was wounded -- attempted to rescue him not once not twice but three times. And he himself was killed in actions the president signed the operation authorization sorry. Vermont did receive the medal of honor. And medals presented to his family in a ceremony at the White House in 2009. Paul Monti is fathers -- to join us here about ten seconds told a reporter for the Boston public radio about his operation flags for -- His mission to place American flags on the graves of service members on Memorial Day. Do you still -- -- truck a Boston radio reporter asked Paul. Yes I do I love driving it because it reminds me of him well as happenstance would have a hee-seop writer from Nashville think -- Herrington. Was listing the broadcast. She -- and all day and she turned NPR and cut Montes interview and penned the song I drive your truck as leader performed -- should be your. -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Paul on this Lee -- -- certainly right so are you good morning how are you. But I thank you ought to tell me about the connection with the truck and it does that does that help that connection stay strong is in the same condition as you found it I mean you know physically literally what does it do for you on a daily basis ball. Yeah I haven't I haven't changed anything in the -- there's so. All distraught in the truck that he left him there. It's just a wonderful feeling to know that. -- his DNA is surrounding me that I can rest my round where he rested his Iranians or is what is -- Which mr. nice feeling it's the same kind of thing all the cold start. Families go through them and we all hold on to something whether it's a proper -- For motorcycle. For a dog tags. The baseball glove on. You know whatever might be. Everybody holds on to something. And I assume the song you were rooting for for country music awards song of the year was the 11. That's correct we watch the broadcast. If there was no -- A sofa watching nervously yeah. You didn't know this song was even out initially royal the mother of another soldier was killed with chaired point. A pointed out to use the correct ball. That's absolutely correct -- union. Such -- out wide -- and smuggle in ladysmith Wisconsin. And she sent me a note on FaceBook. With the song and that was in February. I didn't have any I'd hear the song was so inspired by my words until. The end of April. Of 2013. And that that was because it took them home Austria's defines me. And now I know is the song doesn't say you know. Father son doesn't have the relationship or the names but. There's lots of detail on average however I wonder how much of it came from you elect the Gatorade bottle roll around the school handled the dog tags -- How much money was in the ashtray is any of that stuff. -- today that interview. Really really strange because very little. Of that you know of the interview -- dividend PR you know we don't really talk about things in the truck home. Corny Harrington who wrote the song. All I can say is divine intervention. Because she talked about the change in the ashtray -- ashtray. And -- -- change. And yet there was -- it wasn't Gatorade but there was no formal on the floor half. Half empty and yes there was a baseball cap and -- It wasn't. And the Braves. But that was kind of ironic as well because the cap that they use. In the video has to be on it now Boston course. The Braves started in Boston so it was kind of terror request that is where it's like -- Is all that stuff still there ball. Yes it is. Really haven't changed anything we go door of the dog -- thing and Somalia. O'Meara. So -- All of his paraphernalia as his running shoes and reflective vests and so that's true. Where do you drive when you drive his truck. And drive everywhere as my primary vehicle Otis. Yeah I wouldn't go anywhere without much afraid of you don't get an -- and getting it stolen personal. Now and I'm very trusting individual. Yet none of them replacing and you know ready you know -- to replace suspect accomplices. You know get back into a couple of things -- they Garrett realizing. I have to figure overwhelmed I would guess that at the feedback you've gotten since his kind of -- sure that you and your son of the subject of the song I think. Yeah I hit it really is overwhelming. You know from from a where you reminded them. Sort of walking in circles here. It what was Jarrett like as a kid growing up and and how early daddy you know that he was he had a special make up to do special things. Very early very early Jared doubtless a tremendous. Humanitarian. Right from the get go. -- even elementary school teacher. I'm calling to tell us how. When he was in the playground at recess so -- little girl fell down and he was the first one over the at a pick her up. And he was always defending. Other students against police even though he was very short of stature. He would always step in and someone's behalf it was just the kind of person that he was in it and it did start -- the young age. He was also extremely adventurous. Young man. There was no tree that was too tall but in the morning there was no -- Too -- for him to go up. That's just you know he would disappear. And usually it was into the woods somewhere. Scouting around them that's just that's just who he was that was his personality. When you heard the deet -- of what it is he did in Afghanistan attempting to rescue 00 wounded. Coworker soldier. Three times did that surprise you at all. Not one bit they'll. They'll -- -- is like by three principles. First was always try your hardest. The second was never give up. And third was to do the right thing. So -- right from the get go -- I was able to picture exactly. What he -- and why did -- what was in his mind. If a young soldier 22 year old. Sit in the middle of nowhere there was no cover around on the enemy. Shoot -- down Adam and the right thing to do was try to save them and that's exactly what he did. As horrible as losing a son must be elect can't even imagine your pain -- the facts. Of his death. How he died what he died doing in anyway shape or form mitigate the pain just a percentage point. That's a real difficult -- yeah. I have to say yes to too. Reminder of the mountain. I want my son back because of the but that -- individual. That he was and the things that he would have done in his life and like any other parents that was the child. I've lost my future. A notable is that in my grandkids is it's only me. And -- going to be able to go to a Red Sox game pong game. Patriots games so exchanged at a local fishing. In that road is now empty. And dark. That's I think that's a difficult thing all. Gold star parents who lost a child like a futures closed. I'm the most of these swirl of emotion must be on -- daily thing for you like the pain and the pride at the same time. How. Mean on an average -- is the pride ever win out over the -- You know I think no matter what the situation is. It is to be some pride -- -- I think has to go along with that because. There's a long snippets that what Everett is that would make you proud also reminds you of the fact that. He's not here anymore. This is not here. I can't grab him and hugged him and tell him how -- -- -- look -- issues. Nobody here. I have to think you know before he he serve he had conversations I'm sure. He was aware of this -- it could happen I guess premise that some you must have discussed before he. In this you're -- you're certainly. Oh yes and I had. Great confidence. That nothing would happen in. Because he was. He was so good it does show up. And he was so intelligent well things don't said that if anything ever happened to him was because. Someone else have made some kind of mistake in. You know when you come down to the end that's exactly. What occurred. The reason the guys trapped up -- though was because someone had made an -- And the reason they were attacked was because. Someone in May now they helicopter has -- Resupply them in the middle today and just marked their position. -- the enemy could find them. And that's. I'm innocent I'm guessing Paula you couldn't stop them even if you wanted to from. Absolutely not absolutely you know. -- He he was very strong world. But he missed an extremely kind and generous. You know millions of the things I found out after his. Just absolutely. Floored me. -- in it I knew he was a great kid but I I never realized. Some of the incredible things that he had done. When he took his leave from Afghanistan gain from home. -- NAFTA was originated from almost -- -- lead to another soldier who hadn't seen his wife and two years. -- This was this was something that happened throughout his career. He never came home for the holidays Christmas Thanksgiving. And afterwards that final because he would give his side. Is believed to another soldier who had duty who had a family and -- you know you don't via camera. I don't think you do this this was just. -- repeating things with him over and over again. May be found it would look amused truck became so they could pay up all you met. Connie Harrington -- you talked to her. Yes and did you -- did you ever get to immediately brightest of rhetorically. Did I mr. -- -- -- song reached number one I flew down to natural for the number one party for the song. So I have met intermediary and Lee Brice a Korean Arrington. Jesse Alexander. That must have been a swirl of emotions. Yeah that was another crazy and. Just hanging out with those people was it I mean obviously they were in New York stories so I assume that they were room. Compassionate but had to be a good time just to simmer -- a good party. -- -- play that the three writers when he Herrington. Jesse Alexander intermediary. A most wonderful people have more to -- it down to earth just wonderful caring. People. And when they wrote this song together they just put people are excellent. Jimmy will argue over and over again that they broke the line in Kearney didn't cry. They took the warning -- of the song. The the medal of honor was presented to you with the White House in 2009. I believe it was the first medal of honor presentation during Obama's presidency the sixth. From -- people the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan what was what was that they like. Ball. That was a real that was just. At the end -- news you know you go to the emotions of everything and then at the end of the city that really happen. If we're really here at the White House like it really is standing. Next to President Obama and his wife Michelle. Are they really giving me this. -- from -- Is just that's. -- it is absolutely. So real experience you know and when I grew up you know I had I had heroes. -- What general Patton general Wisconsin. You know those kind of things and I knew destroy regarding Murphy very well in the -- -- -- metal water recipients and that was the epitome. Of them in the service to the country and it was my son among those phenomenal names. And this just. It's eerie almost. All we will end with this and get a read from one of the textures or AT&T text line -- I could not say it any better myself it's as Paul thank you for giving your son to our country. Defend our freedoms he did not die in vain and he will not be forgotten and I'll say this he is the coolest looking soldier who I mean we were just look at this picture you look like right of the movies I mean he looked like. Just rock solid I like I I could picture Ambien and just the great leader of men. And that he was that he was in that signature picture really shows what a soldier is. This general was in phenomenal shape always was encouraged his men. To beat physically fit and mentally alert. Noted jobs for love this country. To succeed in life and that's what he did not who he was. Paul -- thank you very much for taking time it is very important day we appreciated more than you know. Thank you very much -- at a -- Paul Monti with Dennis Kelly on the AT&T outlined the nation's fastest and almost reliable orgy LTE network.

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