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Adam Schefter with the latest on Incognito and Martin

Nov 11, 2013|

Adm Schefter joined the show and gave the latest on the Incognito Martin saga. He told the guys that he expects members of the Dolphins coaching staff to lose their jobs in the wake of the hazing controversy.

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Always come on Adam shafted -- show up on time. Wake up to copy with Cumberland farms farm out Glen Coffee with football insider at a shelter fall in love with Adam and with a -- surprisingly delicious taste. And it's amazing price of just 99 cents any size only at Cumberland farms good morning Adam how are you my friend. Good morning John Kerry didn't do very well what I would really really. Really like to stop talking about in cog needle for five or ten minutes -- what the principles just won't let us or review questions from 35000 feet. When all of this thing shakes out no matter how long it takes will -- be in your estimation Adam Chester. A clear cut winner. And a clear cut loser in the court of public opinion. Probably not I think they'll be certain people it's so that we saw over the fact that matters capability independent investigator that the NFL hired last week. Make a ruling -- this particular case to look into it will open an affection I think everybody will -- out of their own conclusion Arnold is going to be anybody who's gonna win. In this particular case out of it. That's gonna happen I think what's gonna happen and ultimately is that. The big question how much each person sustained winds and how many people get to hold their jobs and how many people don't. Most players not in the Miami Dolphins organization seemed to side with Jonathan Martin saying that kind of culture does not exist in our locker room. That kind of language is not acceptable in any kind of workplace even the crazy workplace of the locker remove a National Football League. And it almost to a man every one of the dolphins supports in -- -- any theories. Why I think it's in case we're number one that is not typical of what it meant a lot -- like that is excessive. Okay yes there's talk to our guest is not a joking all the things like that but I think this case where basically. This is above and beyond what -- seen in other locker fact of the matter. Then I think you know the situation. Where. -- -- -- good dose of support of players he's popular in that locker room that that's not a big surprise. But I think it's a case where the independent investigatory road and here is gonna come up with -- and make a determination and then and they go from there. Adam you told us last week and you certainly reported on ESPN that you heard the the voicemail the offensive voicemail correct. Did you hear the last line where he says okay call me back. Always have a voice when I was hearing it actually is split as they see it as significant message and cut out and I -- click -- to voice -- And I never got to get arrested for my treasure planet in my two months. And they wanna play which I I can't get further and I don't know that existed did in Washington Mutual -- the end okay. Would you say was joking. So what you know they did you know the people here. That I work quick. Chris Carter he showed just in time reaction and that they're offended by joking or not joking or not OK I don't care what idiot I don't appreciate. Is there -- particular. But but it does change things if he says okay comic back and Martin called them back as originally when I heard it or heard your report and. I don't know the words -- -- that you -- -- -- -- -- on that's -- the psychologically bet they would have been a US will be doing this particular deal which suggested about playing the red rocks but it. About that this is the case of a typical of the battered spouse particular -- -- The per net person that he feels abused by now again. I think -- that he was -- -- -- stand on its -- and I think it's. Very clear that he's very well liked and respected amongst many of these teammates I want to play there -- the people. The -- just the opposite. Typically go according to repetition of what's right and again hold you to this special investigator to figure out what is real what is now. You think he gets suspended for the year do you think we see in communal play for the dolphins ever again. W pushed adult and you keep mine east right now -- suspension he'll be suspended for four games. And then unifil had to make a ruling could attack on. Some. Games upon that they get this country to cope with the dolphins after this year. No the question becomes is welcomed at this investigation what comes up in the signings and is there came out there. That's willing to give him the chance to play for them back here. It ought to tell your right -- and that that some dolphins probably you're in the market camp but you know what can hear from these guys what is some dolphin player gonna stand up and save this happened this happened this happened I'm talking active player. What are -- from those guys. Yup I don't either going to be debt a debt but I can tell you I don't want player for sure. Feels the same way. I know. It administrator this feels that way now I think that these people are concerned. And they want assurances of confidentiality I mean you're not going to be used. Because look at where we've heard a lot of chatter about -- -- and it's -- be welcome back it and a lot of it is going to be able to continue to have a career is going to be black or because -- The core audience. Spoke out even though he didn't speak out -- Stanley advisor spoke out. Okay. So I think you've heard of the playing field and see what you do DP figure stepped into the -- Australia I I restore job is talking about yeah I think it was in my. Out of what would compel the dolphins to tell Ted Wells the truth or even to testify he doesn't have subpoena power do they not have to volunteer to say yell sit down talked via. IA I think. You know you you have a point but I guess my Paul would be that should get itself find out. That immediate evidence conflicts in should they be -- and stories. Then. I think that they will be held. Even higher and graver consequences and they are DR. It would seem that they might be in a CYA. Mode in the -- dolphins' locker room especially on the heels of the fact that his attorney David Cornwell said there was a a a physical abuse situation and they seem to infer that -- in cog needle was not involved in that. Which extrapolate to somebody else well well Bo was you -- -- cover your but mentality going on that locker room. I think. Absolutely I -- but I also think that you know people in the organization are very nervous. And very fearful about what's going down and I think the people know that there are going to be people ultimately here who paid for this -- their jobs deliberate. Are you would you say that guys who work with Chris Carter Tom Jackson. Our offended is -- just the N word there are they offended by the like a -- in -- just general pattern of behavior. The I mean anything well everybody's different right like. The pesky toward himself but -- take objection defended by the whole thing the whole thing Chris Carter's more offended by the inward and he's really -- about it. It's also I heard Chris colors also. Defends he also. Knows that the culture in the locker room. He is you know something that that. It dis functional not suited for a for a family audience. Yeah and that's correct and and increasing spoke about the artist Pierre and so this -- that are arrogant I think that's what we do that this makes. This -- fact that because -- you've got race. He's got bullying you've got to. Their position is married with the most popular sport country were you that they could be a possible somebody decides to jump aboard to actually be believed. It's about the -- for the locker room -- this is much different I believe we're much more competitive than we've seen anywhere else. You've got a guy that basically to a debate team leader went there are documented. Evidence. Our situation. -- stepping on the line like at the other tours adopt a charity golf club when he was accused of allegedly molesting a woman with a golf club. -- error by the various. You have an alert since it is -- can afford to explain his actions another incident there was written up bewitched notre Yugoslavia have a fight last year. At a nightclub. In in in. I felt -- when he put somebody. At a party to beckoning spitting upload them on the global surveillance video. In the DC this deleted your team -- we got the appropriate complete human sort. Does Philbin get guests like in the next few days. I clearly that he -- side I think the dolphins to a low weight and and the investigation doesn't -- turns up in the big decision I again. Let's see what the facts show but I will. -- Confident that they're there will be people who will not survive this and the dolphins organization. Atom is there any doubt in your mind at the end result of this at least from a -- specificity standpoint is there will be going forward and NFL policy of zero. Tolerance regarding hazing a rite of passage in initiation but even the -- -- the doughnut and carry the shoulder pads much less 30000 dollar dinners will be a thing of the past as. Until it I'll be there until it changes its. Harassment policy at the workplace. Because if they change the policies you've been emissions -- the policies they had in place now are not suitable. So I -- -- pitching but I think you can see more attention brought the issue I think they exceed the rate that the owners meetings in March I think you'll see -- Abroad with the team's training camp rookie symposium and I just think that. All the national discussion at this. Particularly sub -- subject this situation has engendered lead people beats. Smarter about -- and appreciate so much I browser but is there were people put 30000 Dollar General or state -- 151000 -- -- go to Los Vegas. I think the people that -- smarter. About a way to handle their business going forward. -- is going to be zero tolerance or nothing to slap happy because I think there are a lot of people out there like Mike Ditka. Like Lawrence Taylor who think Martin them identical on the baby and they're alive and that's a big part of the culture -- and so that's why the Goodell has to go. Nuclear or just say you know forget. I think it really is so diluted idiot I think there are policies security clearly. They had not -- succeeded doing that they were supposed to do and maybe they'd say look. In the exchange of money. You know he's going to be tolerated. I get I needed I don't know I think it's good that I I think at facility to be reviewing it in particular to see what they can do protects. I don't think taken that zero tolerance where you couldn't have them carry the water bottle. I've -- they utter and solidarity he would determine shoulder head of they were keeping Michael furcal watching rookie to bring in the don't I don't get I don't have a problem with any of that. I think you reduce. It is in the campaign would do much. And paying 151000. Us. And the and the money right out of the 151000 -- -- that -- is -- -- -- hundred grand thirty grand her purse here at thirty grand as a rookie. And -- didn't mind -- that official is number three pick in the draft and got he would money. The rookie deal and a new collective bargaining agreement. Not to not -- -- -- that they used to be okay these cookies we're releasing making a lot more but point out of the luckiest -- -- Which is great. Todd Martin to -- draft -- to probably. You know four years three million dollar contract probably got a half a billion dollars of front and it's habit. It's a lot of bite don't get me wrong. I always think they're -- to be 181000. Dollars. -- biggest that you just due to percent to 151000. -- making. Just keeping 300000 dollars a year. So -- -- -- 5% of yourself participate what's my parents are making the people are relatively feel about it turning over 500 dollars. And it won't work. It's it's predicted that that will land apparently they'll -- atom if if the sort of damocles comes down on members of the coaching staff for the Miami Dolphins haven't heard I don't want to -- if I get a -- yeah. Like sort of bounty gate did back in the day against New Orleans is it safe to assume. You were talking suspensions that would come from give Dell but if there's going to be firing it would have to come from Stephen Ross is at. Right -- they edit yeah I think Stephen Ross. I was not real happy about that they've got out of his organization will make decisions devastation goes and I think it's Roger Goodell imposed discipline answer player support -- east. Is there an appropriate punishment that anybody who's responsible for the part of this. What about Manningham and eat any information that is the MRI today is this the kind of thing minutes. You know you talk about a week you talk about no time to talk serious and -- you heard any words whispers about Manning. You know first -- Played the next week it's Indianapolis suffered a high ankle -- route map I'm going to be -- Munich leaving yesterday. Are deployed to keep us in the right between my guess is it domestic my guess is he plays the question is. -- that it is you know how much this detecting ankle now Turkey I think like Pete Manning is 33 and regular mixing happily not beat. But obviously it does affect I can push up. Almost tragic things and I don't think will be fully healthy for the games and an opening guitar from me to imagine that you would want that missing that game against the chiefs. With -- version of the life. AM final question from me what is more amazing to you that a client of the Texans or the falcons. The ascension of the Carolina Panthers. Probably the decline invitations went out and yet both teams seem to be. -- succeed this year and both teams have encountered injuries and issues that you would not exactly expect for a team to fall but. It's surprising attitude is we really should not be that surprised because this happens in the NFL every year. Thirteen do you think we're going to be -- who aren't -- -- We don't expect to be good who are it happens every year it's one of the reasons that the sport is as popular as it is who would've thought and the Arizona Cardinals played pretty well they. The Carolina Panthers are playing pretty well there are the team's -- it -- -- McCain's -- -- Detroit alliance. And -- the teams are falling off the -- happens every year it'll happen again this year. It very quickly before we let you go do you think John the market is going to do a sit down with somebody like Jay Glazer or somebody else receive only gonna talk to the investigator. I Angel took an investigator and that's our plan. Does know that it is no doubt the people made a question got the ball and -- -- utility that's doing that right now and that maybe something changes and actually based. That'll be bad news this morning he -- hopelessness -- -- anybody other than tech world. Always a pleasure mr. -- thanks for the time. Yeah yeah Adam show afterward Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline at our conversation with Adam has been brought to you by Cumberland farms all the luck with delicious farm -- one coffee today. And by DCU digital federal credit union what can DC save you and -- play Penske he insurance. Fastening. A product the in the felons. Your signaling it was just that watch and Indianapolis against Kia and -- -- what is going on. India is no other sport you give -- -- 12 Indianapolis. Vs Saint Louis not that the teams. In Indianapolis with the pacers were playing in the Saint Louis. Experienced -- and hit it with -- care he's apnea which care -- -- now and then you go watch an Atlantic at it and get crushed again trying to figure out what happened to. Atlantis. Why what do we capital when Tennessee Jacksonville. Jack -- -- -- -- yes you what to Tennessee is it which was knocked off the titans. -- there is you wouldn't spend a second baseball basketball hockey anything else watching and see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because Miami lost to guys as two guys -- and pregnant or gone and you're gonna look Philbin on the silently as white hat is skinny and you can say. Is he feel -- the strange that she shot at the box Stephen Ross and you gonna wonder. All hell whose which coach is gonna last campaign as the more staged here on the station tonight I don't know Philbin right who lasts longer on the job. What do you -- I don't care like Miami each I hope they win I would love to see a little bit of a pennant race -- -- CAA's east doesn't care it's gonna happen but what do you want to win. And -- -- team that embraces in cog needle on the pork. But they -- -- on the front end -- to race at all players put British ambassador -- this year handles -- tonight to the pre game all that stuff will be factored in and all gonna do you believe when Adams says the Tom Jackson Crisco. He -- all offended. And surprised. At the language that was in the that is just so I find hard to believe that meant Carter and -- I have to say this I know they have to. Be careful with the words but I think they like read Steven someone -- Leo and so many others. We weren't surprised at all at the culture in celebs like you pick your credit disagree with him but I give him credit he says -- they -- the -- to baby he's being honest right other people RP expected not a single coach. One NFL coach whether it's. -- for a meal Pete Carroll. No no way allowed archer -- count would look at Jonathan Martin and say so -- teams the only said the new coming out there and want to draft him. -- soft that's it's harsh. It's probably doesn't apply to many work environments but in the NFL in that culture. They look at a guy like Jonathan Martin and then they say he's not tough enough if he were mean and nasty like Logan Mankins. OTB a five packed -- and it. And that's why I think beyond a shadow of a doubt at least in my humble opinion. Today the dolphins were told to toughen this guy up now whether that rises to the occasion of code red I don't know. Well if they are stuck with this guy this physical specimen that he is Jonathan Martin. And they believe what everybody else that he's too soft I'm sure. People were assigned to -- to bring -- -- one question -- -- needle would not answer from Jay Glazer right did the team tell you toughen them up he said. He can't answer what does that tell him to OG SC yes that is it definite yes. And the way. Went about it is in question. I have no doubt that Philbin rob Ireland Norman the offensive line coach turner wanted to massage and up and told them the socialist who soft it probably happens every day within mean nasty veteran and kind of a soft. Spoiled rookie toughened him up we need him to get -- 6177797937. Your phone calls -- -- has tried to do assault. He's trying to get up and actually you have got to do -- to get him to get. Nasty I bull fight my bullying of salt. I think way to factor in my -- -- adding there was -- the Carla -- god really as a god. Yeah I think god because Scott was the -- he's I was busy laughing at the that the RT if the typhoon going on right now hey they get 240 warning dwindles to an expert wears dodger. He's watching from monetize what the football of course now but. Do you think you -- so. I think. You push some buttons well here's the thing could grow somewhat different you know in the know in the same room -- Of course it is solvable is your side but -- grown and it's cyber bullied not to pull your mentor. That's true and that's true no I don't -- people call you before he went on vacation asked where you recommend you go but when nobody said to me is where's the last place on earth he would go exactly what we come back we will have for you. Two editions of the silliest ideas you have ever heard. Once regarding vacation spots another regarding sports ideas for the city of Boston that -- him right. We'll be right back what might --

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