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Incognito finally speaks

Nov 11, 2013|

The guys opened the show with the latest on Richie Incognito. they discussed his interview with Jay Glazer and his denials.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and the rest of the offensive line and how -- -- how we communicate its full. It's it's not right. I'm good -- -- the same -- just no I don't blame you guys -- all it's just the culture around football locker room got -- Gerry Callahan. Side toward the and the OK okay. Now we're here. On Sports Radio WB -- Happy veterans day of my friends three observations from this weekend and all having seen that ties them together number one the Carolina Panthers defense is going to be top. For the patriots to -- Monday night. The Navy SEALs are just plain old tough to honor veterans day when -- captain Phillips gonna tell you you're gonna love the ending you're gonna love got regular you know what it is. And number three it is tough not to laugh out loud when Richie in -- -- says. Following I think the whole thing I've been sitting there saying that's tight and close it sounds terrible it sounds when when it's on the screen it sounds like I'm a racist -- it sounds like. I'm a -- it sounds a lot of things that's not. And I want to clear the -- just by saying I'm a good person. A -- and gaga you know is a good person I won't give him credit. Wearing a nice yes kind of vote conservative button down your long sleeves to cover up his savage war like. On our I saw today high school picture and he had those yes I saw that myself and high school. Which I can't believe -- card income and you know senior allowed his son to do that in public to come but everybody is like is fourteen Berkeley since some. We're gonna go to the -- two dollar game that you all inked up. I wanna stop talking about Michigan garden you don't know out of the principles will let us -- that and not let us do that. And the next shoe to -- clearly out with somebody and Jonathan -- yes yes you know his handlers his lawyers his parents and we need to speakers. I assume he's well spoken I assume he's Smart by all accounts he's. You know -- soft spoken guy -- he could win the day he would do an interview with somebody. And laid out and and refute some things that Inco and you know said some things -- other teammates have said. My question is tonight. I thought this game was the biggest dog on the ball hit -- a week ago now I can't wait to see. Of the dolphins react without too offensive lineman in the crazy if Brian Hart lines say it might be one of those things with little twinkle in his yeah. That seems like such a distraction that it goes the other way becomes a rallying point. Not so reversed -- got a thing. I I have that feeling they opened at three and a half there -- three network favorites at two point favorites at Tampa. Obviously -- -- list. And obviously the Big Apple news on the field with -- two 02 offensive lineman but. Would love to win when for Richie these guys who band behind Richie since this thing broke that would love to win one and say that I don't vote. Look in the camera saying -- the -- they'll think it. That was -- Oh yeah he's going to be a rallying point for the steam they like the -- that question. Like most amazing aspect Lamotte is among the most amazing aspects of this whole thing you have guys from other teams have Herman Edwards you have. You have people in Chicago -- -- marshaling all these people. Criticizing what is he said what does he did all those kinds of things. And the vast majority of -- people while saying. -- should have handled it a different way. And -- it was a bad guy and that there's no place for any of that locker yet yet you going to the dolphins' locker room. And it's a 180 degrees away from that they all of -- as -- possible that some sort of Stockholm syndrome here where where where they're afraid to beat Jonathan Martin if they if they go get -- why I don't think people. Alert criticizing in coconino. Sin is no place for that I don't think their on the truth. I think they know. That's how it is in the locker room I honestly couldn't ego went too far in colonial is a meathead and honk. And just a low class. Individual. But after watching the interview and after taken in all the stores over the weekend you really think he should be suspended. You think his career should be over. And if you do tell me why. Well I think what couple things first of -- the personal question for two always that aren't you should he be OK and yes Jerry yes okay. I agree. I just said it's -- -- and I said tell me why -- now should he be suspended and if so tell me why. What do you think you should be able to use the N word liberally. No but I tickets and there's a yes or no question you should be able that it's good to see it won't it yes or not okay it happens. All the time I don't know that it does -- you can duck under and that's your everyday yes aren't. I don't let people I would not let people my team would not let people. Talk like that. In any way shape or form what do you think you're kidding where you're trying to be hey you buddy what -- the case may be. Is it it just doesn't happen now I don't know how in whom Herm Edwards still is in the national football. We've heard a number of people say that is unacceptable you -- -- the patriots locker room and present the Edward all the time yes I don't. I I actually don't really don't do I do and I mean I think it's probably mostly among black list of the black as -- -- may be there you know just. Determined to -- yet they're just. Talking among friends and it is not said with any malice whatsoever white guys two black guys is that you -- very off no it's that very often know which is why all the black teammates lined up behind -- a veto and said. He's not racist he's a great guy that's the way talks. These guys were accused the news and when you me. When you are best friends lot of things go that don't normally would you agree that very true. Yet demand would Brian -- city's -- name asylum and they missed on NAFTA Gale Sayers via space would you say that in in met with malice and -- disagreement but those two guys. -- mean it was a racial slur -- he's gonna rename the site and when you watched it in the movies said. That's you know that's two guys to best buddies actually -- module and hardship we're -- difference is the question are they worth -- -- 12100 text messages as curious that's like you -- Bradford -- ago so I I I -- I can't imagine exchanging 12100 text messages with any bucks for a day for best friend my wife. Anybody 12100 -- messages. How can you make the case the leap from that too he made my life a living your leg of think of his and I don't know this is true or not is that. Is that -- was scared of big hug you know and played along just play and I mean you could make the case that he played that that that paid for the locker room. Played the voicemail and they laughed and he laughed. You could say he was just trying to get a reaction trying to -- going to get along but com. Then you say he cut out for his people cut out for atom -- to the -- apart the and Bruce's call me back okay. Any call them back. It's hard to reconcile those two things that twelve on a text messages the -- in the voicemail laughed about it. Hanging out go to movies -- best buds everywhere they went and -- and he made my life a living -- All right you said. You waiting for the next shoe to fall and that will be who sits down with -- and what we find out from that what's most important thing. If you're interested you most interested in hearing from Jonathan Martin for me it's I want the details of this this. Vicious physical assault. That apparently you state took place and I think he's indicating or at least inferring that it wasn't in -- -- correct impedance and -- needle. -- -- I was physically viciously assaulted in the locker room. Do you not think there are a number of Miami Dolphins who were in CY eight. Mode right now yeah because approach Cog Hill was one of the leadership council people and and and and you're taking your cue from this guy. Do you not think other people who didn't wanna be the brunt of Encarta vetoes. Barbs and attacks and all that. Went along with it and joined in with the in -- view I think I do -- -- -- made the point yes. Well aura -- guess meant that when he. Texted him the last time the news -- broke the story was out was gone back in LA and he's texting again saying com. -- wasn't you it was the culture yet got to me it got -- -- which means it's not just in Gagne he's part of that he's a leader. There's more than just in -- you know I think it's the other offensive -- Again do you know it's Monday it's a week we've heard anyone. Anyone really defend -- Any player and just other players from other team yet nobody other coaches outside of the dolphins organization know that any real insight. Yet no dolphin player has stood up and Ben is nearly as defensive. Martins and -- news tonight coax -- not a single player and a million and I think they're being careful to the point where you know they would love to go out and scream and sent. Hitting me I mean this happens every day I went through to -- in Baghdad. You know they made me do what they -- me the goal post here I am. It is it is universal it is across the board they don't. C Jonathan Martin's way I don't think anybody in the game anybody any player or coach thanks economy should be suspended picks his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- latest in a gigabyte first. Every single day with every new piece of information you that the needle flips to the other side and sold. Well we can all agree that in -- knew there was a lot he's long kid he's a bad human being. When you hear something like this when he says what mark texted him the news it will exactly as -- complaint. I was a racist and I was bullying John -- when the press went in there and ask some questions. That locker room what is said listen we we saw this we saw that. I'm proud of my guys for having my back and tell the truth. But the fact of the matter is when John left the team on Monday we played a game on Thursday. I spoke with John on Friday. You spoke with him I typed text of -- -- I text message text questions I'd just open -- text message -- text me and said I don't blame you guys. I -- some stuff in the locker room I blame the culture. I blame I blame what was going on around me. Raise some eyebrows as if he's telling the truth -- that -- showed the text to the Glaser Glaser -- and printed format yet as to where he showed me texts any printed them out. So that's true he -- the text on Friday. That was after a week almost a week of this fire storm. Jonathan Martin's got lawyers and he's got his parents these devises and still -- texts. -- a needle on Friday it says I don't blame you. That's amazing so why you leave them. So that he still be under the spell I hate to have heard the Stockholm thing but it -- -- -- -- that that may it may be the case that he has been broken down what the Sudanese liberation army did Patty -- -- -- -- -- machine guns on -- -- opry but I don't have nearly. As much sympathy for -- -- that for -- different forms of machine gun I was a year and a half worth of just bullying where everybody on the team is against you including the big loud mouth while. -- -- while who was with all the time. I think he permitted that to be the case because go any other way to resist this guy would admit even further -- has gotten a combine you know -- by a possibility charity and hang out -- hated the -- had to go along with the to some extent could you text the guy 12100. 600 times that you -- and mean honestly wouldn't just. Mean you work with people you -- to drum -- before right we thank yes you just kinda. You know saying hello all maybe you don't say hello we just nod at them in the hallway and you move on you don't. Become best buds with them but it -- its -- the jury outlet of these holes vs the halls of the Miami Dolphins if this is so intense if this is. So -- -- so 1% of this guys daily life. Perhaps he found a place that he thought he could go to as some sort of psychological safe haven by pretending to be. Richie in -- -- you know hell maybe it would be easier -- it sounds like maybe he was he had his back right on the field. Right so it worked to a certain extent I just all the time I sit by and of that and he's Patty Hearst and you. Do you think income you know should be since and do you think is. Career should be essentially all the a doctor should be suspended for using the word please. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's one had a meathead. On a bully. Basic crap. Absolute. Low life right absolute low and his father's worst and his mother's worse. His mother and father like beat each other up and public gonna put a bullet in the head. Yeah that's a -- eight that apple does not fall far from the tree. He is he would not. Goodness it's kicked out of Nebraska right. -- Oregon gets kicked out of Oregon and get a week before he plays a game record practicing gets kicked out of Oregon and becomes a third round draft pick. Have to get kicked out of two top programs. I mean he is it's accepted what he closed little lot of people's undrafted -- list you know -- not on saint -- get drafted in the third round that's pretty high for a guy who couldn't last week at Oregon. Now tell me this did not know that kind of guy was they knew what they do he is a a guy who lived in the years to use the you know politically and that's a lot of NFL personnel people I collect and what they want offensive lineman who lives on the edge see Logan Mankins about the sexual assault with a golf club right. It'll play again I believe he'll play again at first I didn't now it will be this year. Now next excerpt some video to come and go so it's -- -- -- you wanna come. Suspend casket -- league for using words with their friends using certain words with their friends. Well that's going to be tough to monitor say that right now yes knock available would you -- they become public. Also if I could be suspended -- he's basically the assessment I mean my point is it would matter Ernie was you'll not be. Back and you know -- to -- him this year regard he's a free agent yet. Well the signal settled down all the little things right so he's done with the golf yes you guess that's for that's what. Don't get good luck or is it doctor Davis disagrees. What albeit more trouble than -- -- -- and by the way. Do you think Joseph felt that she's more journalist art I would love to have him in the lineup. All right up until this point he was not more trouble than he was worth they would deal with that he would deal with the golf course assault with a golf club and dump water on her face they would do -- All the stuff all the nightclub scenes all the things to charges got dropped. Because he was worth it now he is no longer worth the trouble of having in -- needle on your team so I did after the gulf. That's a pretty long explanation of the reason for suspension such that little blurbs on the in the wireless has something sometime calling largest quite so sold so concise and so humble on needs an explanation. One that is one thing he wouldn't answer for Jay Glazer. And I could see why you know -- one question and answer. Is. But -- that's yes but he's Smart enough. Not to implicate his coaches and GM any further. That's a smuggling a Jonathan Martin right bringing somebody else into right that's Smart Dade did exactly right exactly and thank you could ego is eight skim these scum. He's living by the -- and did not strike you as a lot. More intelligent than you assumed he would be when he sat down this develop more articulate a supplement what do we -- a good job for months it's -- so technically we don't -- To me that has I think Jonathan Martin will win the day when he does in his view he might even cry. I don't you have like Robin Roberts and tomorrow mariners -- QB -- and you know obviously -- and and be wise will be their coaching them up but. AP does that says I just couldn't take it anymore. You people I don't know. Fred and Steve. Their hearts will bleed forum but much of America will bleed for pork products will -- report on the mark and when he does that in. He will win the day I think it could argue that won the day yesterday at every point the real stipulate. He's he's. -- only just. Not a good human I'd I'd say that was -- to cities are good human habits argue could team suspending -- -- You think with cause if that teams the video came out and he was. -- the team to just ranting enraged scream in the Edward runaround was strictly Edward because he's introducing his friend Mike policy. Isn't that are creating -- so so so from. But it didn't give me a white patriots players and make a man settlement. OK a moment ago when he's at some bar TMZ video surely she's running grammys introducing. Whoever male or some gallery and he says he says those words over and over -- with the patriot to do something about. Suspend him for using. Again he was in the bar for obscene rant and -- and he was introduced -- teams come. Right and he said whatever the N word in the big. And -- its common -- -- just conduct detrimental to the TSA wide blanket umbrella of things like the assault took a golf course. Or three incidents in Miami nightclubs all the stuff and you think those of all the things he's done. That's what they're using now right that the term using now in congress as a central and I think the union's gonna have to defend. -- and I mean I have to defend all their members that they got the defendant I mean you know. And not -- at this point does it would be it would you say for Martin Maarten walked -- voluntarily Martin. Is gonna have to make the case if he wants is money make the case. That. I -- some of the dolphins broke the rules well maybe some other dolphins beat him. Viciously physically attacked him what he's claiming he said there was a vicious physical attack we got to find out who did that is that in pads on the. He I don't know off panic and confusion shower I don't know are surely can be big -- be bullied. To talk and really believe in big market 320 pound limit for guys that he's one of those guys that that doesn't have the abilities not that we 24 hours a day. We've heard people talk about is the ability you need the ability to when you step across that line. Turn on this other person this other psychologically. Raised. Dog as large periods and not be that way. Off the field her child talking about this is weakened -- ultimately that may -- because on the field and Muster up whatever he needs to do to play often supplied police stepped off the field. He's just kind of like you know like Al goons and hockey there we know bunch of them they're all great guys. I wouldn't call the weak minded I saw -- shot right maybe he's a shot -- since. -- sensitive and all because of his visit cal only because he is 64 you know 320 pounds is he able to function at this level. Maybe he's strong as -- physically but maybe that's really like all of this right. Right that's very good chance that if he did like it appeared in cognitive personality he'd been top five Q and Jake Long. He's in Orlando Casey -- on first in the draft if he weren't mean. And and nasty like in card you know that's -- -- -- in communal sense at all yes -- -- -- -- can't set the -- appeal leader Bradley Cooper gets suspended. It's for use in the -- were in anger. Yeah anger edit in this and security guy and you're gonna suggest that we need to be able to listen objectively determine whether -- with angry yes motive really there was any anchor and radio he was saying that there's no I originally yes I originally so I don't replace -- -- I -- I really get. If you saw all the text messages and I think keystone to talk about the Nazi thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Consider the the intent. Well I think you do when they're seeing him. Some. -- Song about this place well that's what it. The -- that his voice your little one and on the slippery -- -- yes I can't tell whether he's angry -- bodies out of -- what he's just let that stand anybody for using the -- in sports anytime -- Garnett would never play a game that's looks ominous is that what you want to -- as you can't judge intent -- just tell you come on from this guy. With background and all this rap sheet and everything I believed to be true about him as a scum of the earth. Yes I would -- -- suspect different Garnett to review how. One out Kevin Garnett use of it is much angrier. Then it then and more public by the way his kids in the third broken here. Then and cognizant in a text message. Thompson went by Tony that's the real funny lines from hangover three and I tell you. What -- clinic set -- likely a liar Arnold Heisman. Vote -- if if some analog if you heard some Joker in the locker room in Matt Light. It was really funny at Gail and said this suspend now. He's quote something that he hurt oh well somebody who's trying to get your role on -- I'm -- I don't know it's it's I think for me out white guy to call a black guy that word it's another thing for Matt Light or somebody the patriots locker room to say. What -- line from from the hang over three he said yes I'd spend. And card you know not Kevin Garnett and not the patriot who tells the story about -- -- -- -- is anybody Kevin Garnett who says it's on the court making this public and complaining about it. -- was a text message did not Kevin Garnett get in a bunch of trouble for calling. Whom Charlie go in the way of exactly cancer victim he did he took a lot of heat for right tonight and he never got suspended. We didn't he took a lot of heat for most people think he did say it. Of course set -- course exceed these things like that all the time right so they are kept my point is there are consequences to your action and when -- affect somebody else. Hurt somebody else and they become public and people complain about that and give that as a reason that they've left the team and at that point -- in -- -- -- Is is conducting himself detrimental lead to a team. 61777. Point 7937. AT&T -- -- open 937 if you gave -- in the choice he'd taken back now and put him in the lineup tonight he would -- would love to have -- only the football coach portion of trying to win a game I don't think he once the headache in the locker anymore I don't I think he's become more trouble than he is now worth. Chapter 805 all bought the final 5000 dollars away at 9 o'clock. Question born. One. Paul -- by the way -- father Jared mark yes medal of honor winner. -- that you just can't wait played the started ago the songs that spot. Paul -- in the way streets were his son -- -- the song of the year -- acuity of the the CMA song of the year I missed that the prices. I drive your truck yes and something what disturbing. Happened to. Mr. Kirk. Over the week true disturbing and painful. We will talk about that I also read in the paper this weekend the silliest. Sports idea I have read since I've been in Boston tea with that as we get back. --

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