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The Real Postgame Show: The State of the Patriots at the midway BYE week

Nov 10, 2013|

Fred Smerlas, Steve Deossie and Butch Stearns discuss the first half results for the Patriots, and look ahead to the second half stretch.

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Ten seconds left. You have the bullet a seventeen yard it's two shots at the end zone. Got to catch this ball in play you -- get out of bounds -- you got to score. Probably about being the highlight from the first half of the season. For the New England Patriots a game they were about to lose they won. -- beating -- New Orleans Saints on a last minute touchdown by Tom Brady -- pumpkins interestingly enough. Speaking of in -- -- Kimbrel Tompkins has been in -- -- since it edged down catch what happened -- either heard or seen from him since did you ever did you put Dennis center Africa watch the going to emotion and Joy Division noted it is I did not have to say was that he's a candidate for -- -- -- -- for the rookie of the year the good -- -- A couple of touchdowns after it after after -- weep for Britain to treat him -- Jesus as a -- orbiting a stupid flyers threesome. Also would give some wall all know you were in the area dog -- text messages approach rather noted that -- 11100 of them. But I has -- this is so -- -- -- wasn't. Had -- need for leave him. Towards what it was to a pre season. I could make your case for Steve. You you're not that far off it that's seen wilder steps. Here's his stats after nine games 23 catches. On 56 targets that's not a good percent to -- but he's third on the patriots in catches he's third on the patriots in yards receiving behind cattlemen and Dobson. He's got four touchdowns he's tied Lou Dobbs and for the most touchdown receptions. On the team none at all without rocks so. It's not as wild stab in the dark as you think he's not our post -- -- thoughts first half player of the game the big guy over here. The mayor and it never sort of -- -- to anybody. I thought something. Special -- in -- W Freddie doing the Mea culpa now only as he's just with the jets and I thought that I thought I I you know release of -- guys -- -- -- pre season review locally here of some big straw Roberts from a -- good feet. -- the ball. Did -- experiences he's done well you thought -- you thought I thought at least. Vet with wrong. With -- -- And with cattlemen are somebody else to take the Welker load off. At a -- except that would have the opportunity to get some of the day Aaron Hernandez's. The slot you did have a chance -- mention -- you couldn't handle the rush is running a monster -- the wrong -- he dropped the ball buffalo that was pretty much -- They get below we don't read from the Portland Tribune was getting open up a beauty was to give open there's got to be be put DoubleTree. I you know what I think that the things we don't see when they break down film asks if he can get a pass thrown to him. Maybe he was in the wrong place -- -- -- that we don't know at one look at the game rattled some of the guys break out of protocol was. You know order calls in the coverage ought to have you could tell by when to watch it -- For full field. But when it happens in -- field I don't know what his call was supposed to do I was go to the phones this is the real post game show we will 730 tonight on the patriots by a week good things happening for the patriots. Today the team's closest to them in the standings below them both lost. Colts got smoked at home by Saint Louis 388. -- Austin with a career day. Two touchdown receptions at kickoff return -- punt return for touchdown. And the Cincinnati Bengals lost in overtime after tying it on a hail Mary into the game in Baltimore twenty to seventeen sold though they are now. Six and three for the colts -- six and four. For the -- right below the patriots it's Saturday you -- That's the buffalo watched the shredding of them. -- -- -- But there were going to be to a -- -- its ability of -- Jackson you know they have some nice due to receive political director for for. To a marine general came back when they had an -- that rookie Jack Kemp I don't know a little wasn't Lewis -- gathers on. On the that it actually laws he -- -- a pretty good job than to -- it was a totally cool tool who came in a rookie for Washington State he's okay. And emit a provision of -- read. And approved reasons go to the phone is gonna market stowed -- -- on the real post game show. So president it was so -- or more. They look at a couple -- -- thing. In -- have been legal implication this recounting the money spent that. I'm spent many. You know -- that this kind of extortion and. Dollar and corrected that Steve don't wanna do. Very very moved. Stiller and sort. -- -- -- Bush and it was extortion it was it was a new school although he was futures were saying about Reagan sent. Now those -- -- that sort of because newspaper that concern our weeklong. And the -- during the interview that McCartney took a lot of logo. You get different perspective about whether it's cute coming from. And he's not getting -- and certain similar vehicle put. It seemed like he was the Sunni into the you know northern northern blown smoke or not I don't know what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get the full story -- you full story about the but the 151000. You can just we you put some money separate itself pro temperature -- What what level -- -- the old -- have been taking a trip to Vegas every -- a group and they all sons do was sold usually what happens I case when some of the veterans and make a little more than -- than they collect more from nearly guys. You vest on with a do or whether -- -- those -- of -- for guys to report. And apparently Margaret -- to some sources Margaret agreed to the trip and then. After -- was done and paid for he decided that he did more don't want to opt out. Even though he was already civilians -- before so listen you're still responsible -- -- -- -- -- market. What you have you have two different guys can be beaten one political Islam -- -- -- From its site in the -- the conflict with the blue let me. We don't believe I believe -- -- leader it was a coup and in a couple of lawless out of proportion. -- and who knows what it's going to be all of my mind don't wanna commit. -- let me -- much to what's incriminating for. The modest 32 black players on the team see us all stood up for a offering -- you know and they say we love the guy he's one of us you know when he served. He's funny as he was well a few leaders and everything that the that used depicted as not being. These guys Husseini was the guys of the team does that surprise you at all. All right and just if you are the guys they're gonna back to promoted so that that to me is that Adam who is the most overwhelming dominance in Australia. You know when he hopefully type situation -- the other guys that -- in a group all the important group. One -- still profitable big star mark as somebody is obviously follow this story pretty closely watched Ian got me to interview today we've been talking about this what do you think. Predict what's gonna happen from here do we hear from Jonathan Martin has he come out -- I -- in the that you will hear that you probably would not want to come back to pro player for all of probably so wait so I'll try to get his money back. And then a code of military will peace just completely illegally turned into my. Suspended by the -- -- are suspended for walked off -- if everything we have -- he's on suspend our senators. Everything we're hearing now what the text messages he showed them 11100 with the players sticking up from with Motley group of all the stuff the -- amount. If -- is clear they can't suspend him. I mean -- -- to return to crises returning now. It's shows at my left and his lawyers Stein. Kind of manipulate things thanks for the com writer -- for him no I -- says our globe there that they're making me do so get enough predictions of what might happen. When I think of from the league from -- get down on the league you know there's no going back now the stories -- so much tension but IQ can I take. And I encourage the dolphins to lift the suspension from Richie and company to be peace if before Jonathan Martin makes his next move kept. I do well no -- cancer right now tune. It's better to have him away from it right now it depends also on the whether I get paid during the suspension. Let's -- need to yeah of his movies make you think he knows by colonel -- -- reforming goals it's emotional pre game -- right. Dollars if if if he gets suspended if he if he believes like we saw that interview that he is being portrayed. It -- in the less than truthful fashioned route and he got suspended for -- and they're not paying them he's gonna have issues that. -- generally -- lawsuit against a lot of Americans make him three you have many -- you that's what tour about the game remain you know you're talking about. Oh good money soul. The NFL -- DR -- camps. Coming in right now especially positives they can't committed an overrule my initial assessment or you are innocent to proven guilty right in mind has never said. Has he said publicly that this guy did that stuff it's -- lawyers and says that stuff here's you don't suspend him in -- in in -- frame him. In the -- he's never going to be the same as his name. On this thing true it usually that's a huge -- Let me let me read this story from yesterday at 545 from Mike Florio. And then only get your comments on this from pro football talk yesterday lost in the speculation about a coming legal fight between the dolphins and tackle Jonathan Martin. Is the reality that the ball sits on the -- for formal proceedings between in cog needle in the dolphins and -- -- repeatedly heard that he called vita will challenge his suspension. Via a grievance. Her source with knowledge of the situation -- -- -- currently is considering all options -- multiple angles under consideration to support his position. But the suspension was not justified. The attack could come according to Mike Florio about rich young -- need a bike challenging the substance of Martin's complaints. By arguing inning could vetoes -- toward -- was no different than the conduct of other teammates indoor by claiming he was merely quote toughening up Barton at the behest of his coaching staff. Regard I'm almost done regardless of -- of potential strategy the reality is the suspension can only last. For four games after that the dolphins have to either bring in -- needle back or caught him he can't be sent home with pay for the rest of the year. Sort of implies being paid and he can't be suspended again unless and until he gives the team another reason to do so and the final point. On that point here's something to keep in mind according to Mike Florio. Just as we didn't know about the golf course incident until recently. There's a chance in Conde called NATO has done other things that have yet to become public but that the dolphins will site it's a sport of their suspension. Having company. All of face -- that the mood these things to ferry new vision for you don't want to suspend earlier. So he's been suspended for this is the second week now. Second game right. He can -- be suspended for two more weeks so that this is gonna play out in the next to win wasn't popular -- who's gonna pay for the damage on here's to say that everything comes out. It is very much. Who's your pay for the damage done to him everybody -- the royal Welch irreparable. There's a good question -- but I think the question before that is Steve's it sounds like -- -- -- Florida right now in Communist getting aid it's a suspension with pay. And it it's not. Can only last four weeks either way and called -- to according to Mike Florio was considering his options and a file an early question on Puerto Louisiana Phelps yet. There are a lot of you guys know better than they've come out with a statement saying they're going to defend the rights of both players. That's basically what they said. You know it's not it's we've talked about. Exactly -- Exit is what you look at -- looking for. With the unifil PA says about -- news. We are told clears those who consider were supported quote all players in the Miami -- It was supported grievance filed by either in cardinal or mark does -- -- -- received a base music store appearances in order. We're gonna win so we'll see where the when the chips fall on this and I feel about that -- ago I was a player. And you would expect greatly from the -- never -- -- -- -- collect their money that it is unions. Has done better things since we've been league association has gotten better. There used to be but it's still bought one group there. It's not don't know substance of investment and is then it's not surprising. That they're not a gold council was not surprised NFL right now they're gonna wait -- somethings play -- thousand correctly -- -- oh okay. Let's go to work gym and I'm sorry wrong one let's go to gym and. During import credit or fraudulent credit. Not almost every week didn't it actually just talking about that in the spring. I don't know so for people that are listening -- don't know Jim's talking about the dangles. Threw a hail Mary. Completed it forced overtime they got the ball the 49 yard field goal attempt. He decided to go forward on fourth and one that's that it can't -- if you're gonna frugal but even if you punt the ball into the back to the ravens came down and kicked a Google I'm watching her back problems is the 3133 yard line would have been 49 from your interview -- into the but we steam and output of the games you print. Cincinnati should Steve the Lewis knocked you know what's close and always there isn't any of the longest tenured coach decides Belichick and the NFL right now too closely -- I'm not put you on the path but the healthy gronkowski. Hopefully it would also tell the green come -- back -- -- emergent. If you look -- injuries on deep I think again just outscored teams and they've. Well we're gonna talk about his after the break -- but it's an interesting point at seven into right now. -- -- -- -- right I don't know -- but it's seven into wood nine games left to go on all the things are happening and a weaker conference than it's been awhile I think. -- Let's remember one thing the patriots under Belichick and Brady played their best football from here on -- All that -- that's always been the case. It's never too you know that you question that they might not now because of all the injuries is -- that would set the real debate with in the Missouri. If they lose another key guide dog -- I think their schedules favorable to I mean there's schedule looks -- Carolina Denver puzzle better than we thought there'd be a game at Carolina. -- -- don't know about that that's their next game he got up in my -- don't know we said -- -- -- but I think oh yeah but don't generalize is still was Carol I would say is Carolinas but the which about the work. Well they're five and three and they're losing to the niners right now we -- seven. Yeah I know you're right -- their scheduled rest of the way at Carolina home against Denver at Houston home against Cleveland at Miami at Baltimore home against buffalo. A lot of hearts to build a source at the consumer -- get her sterilized after mr. clearer as our defense. But what you gonna have you're gonna have marine brag here reverend -- run on it and have brought it about 99% of that time we get totally back. I Phillies job that's very important that you Kobe vacuum Rebecca after the strike Jim let me ask -- question 'cause we get we get to break -- spread via. I don't think he's just -- questioned for a lot of reasons crucial first half MVP for the patriots. It certainly -- Tough question isn't it a a minute to go. -- -- Is how good he -- in our consideration thanks for the call Jim -- will give -- that we come back to post foods honey bunches of votes player of the first. When we come back that more you're listening to the -- Boesky and Sharon but what you presented were not completed ski and Sheraton. -- a plant ski crazy job so you can -- -- visit complaints keep dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of votes in the real post game -- also brought to you by. AT&T. -- -- -- -- And Steven Ridley -- one of his touchdowns in the first half. For the New England Patriots -- seven and two -- and com. Steven Ridley leads the patriots rushing attack. With a 103 eighteen attempts to what Garrett wants seventy. Brent emboldens 38 chain greens fourteen. Stephen -- four point four yards -- he's got. Six rushing touchdowns. On the first half you're listening to the real post game show. Brought to you by complaints insurance and others. Post honey bunches of votes and eighteen team for its -- Steve DeOssie alongside take a phone call six point 77797937. -- as always we here at 730 tonight on some text on the AT&T text on threes after 93 -- it will be cold weather to talk a lot about the -- and -- need to situation now time. We have our post honey bunches of votes player of the game but it's amended right now for this week on the violin player of the first half it is not Steven Ridley how about us how ballroom Florida I want MVP. Of their resentment. No well -- post honey bunches of votes decided to make -- the player of the game with a player the first half so 55 by my character puts a vote to a yes and didn't know who post it up -- poster -- -- more or you don't want to have sighted folks and you can debate this he can argue it and we have much. Consternation -- -- don't need you go to relax the girls yet magnesia so our first half later all of the half for the patriots post honey bunches of -- is pretty pretty Tom Brady. Tom Brady's stats 57%. Completion. Environment. Six point six yard average on news receptions. Thirteen touchdowns six interceptions the patriots are seven and two so it's debate as we debated many other people. But I think we all agreed that the reason we picked Tom Brady is. Over the course of nine games there's not another guy who either contributed as much to those games as inconsistent as he's been. If you compare it to his standards in other seasons is it's career lows at this point in everything number of touchdowns touchdown interception ratio. Yards per attempt. But not winning percentage. I gronkowski is played spectacular since he's been back go to Mayo played well before he left. Vince was not have won a great -- here before he left there -- which is what I want Ninkovich has played well but really is there anybody else that you could to -- Leaves the one guy you could argue. You then had to leave the Helton last couple weeks Shi -- maybe a very solid corners for who he shook down. -- as responsible. For that saints win as anybody on the field. No two ways about what he did. -- -- -- -- What needed to Graham. I've ever seen done before watchdog autumn and they're always do that to have -- -- am surprised because -- -- big quarterbacks in the league I think of Seattle real please emerging they would find. So there were parts of -- -- got some big strong course too but. -- had he been healthy for the firm for all mind games here and you could make a case for that too. You know Tom was worked with guys he was on the same page -- they let. It got from a couple of times and always body language to rough the fields from yelling prone -- But when you're waiting for guys in it affected his game. It was he was sitting in the pocket in waiting longer than normal wasn't -- even little guys might have been open he wasn't trusting them. And that hurt his game and LeBron -- -- -- time you looked like. Tom Brady. Was that last mile and a half against New -- -- did have a choice but to throw the ball in India and stop movement and it's got to get back a role what he did at the second half Miami where did against. Targets by. These are broad -- Buffalo's closed three point tunnel turn while it's we will both -- -- he got he started once squad came back. You know Arab Aaron gold came back -- to stop the -- you know the real Tom Brady came up -- -- to win those games and in the states is that you brought up Bill Belichick. And ask yourself how -- in these games of the profits is immoral while defense is awhile overwhelming but the -- every game. So our post honey bunches of votes player of the first half is Tom Brady. As we start the second half of the season make sure you kick off your day right with post honey bunches of votes stopping deal local market basket today. So when we look at his inconsistent. Eight games before this Pittsburg game the best game he really had was Atlanta. He was completed 65% of his passes the week before against Tampa completed 69% of his passes. He threw four touchdowns and only one pick in those two games combined. But now all of a sudden he has Tom Brady like unions for touchdowns 432 yards. His bed Pittsburgh defense but nobody else has done that to them that bad this year ever. Right -- most that they've had injuries were so what do you guys realistically. Expect from Brady assuming grant Danny Amendola going to be healthy I would imagine. What are you expecting. The expecting and we don't like stats for the is that -- in the last seven -- else. All I'm expecting better than he had the first nine games not expecting a return to a Tom Brady that we seem. Most seven through 2012. But not because he doesn't have. That cast receivers even with gronkowski healthy even with him and told -- he doesn't haven't -- cast receivers does not. Vote compared to what he even had last year well last year because Hernandez's such OK let's let's say let's say chemical observers admit it in our ports. But he does have real -- minister played extremely well okay bill and Amendola pre shelty. And rock LT settlement like you really hadn't had you had it in Dobson is much better than -- -- Loyalist waterfall that I don't know about them I know last -- he might as more -- -- now they're Beloit at all I know last year is completely night and day because of Hernandez and Welker and all this and that but. As a matter of. Perspective from this point on last year Brady and going into week ten. Played the Buffalo Bills two touchdowns. No interceptions the next week it's Indy three touchdowns no interceptions the next week at New York against the jets three touchdowns no interceptions. One and one the week after that the game against Houston four touchdowns. No interceptions and and that's Sampras Cisco game amazingly only threw one touchdown pass and a great comeback. And the second half but the point is he had a Tom Brady like second half but does last year not analogous at all because of Hernandez and Welker and all that it's not. Years receiving corps is the way it is you mean you had. You have settlement last year you had -- -- had. You have -- him as yet. The most part of the wrong to put. You have a much but received. I'll bring you won't return to those numbers utes -- an attitude problem yeah mogul who's who is actually receive reality analogue all right. Rock now it's healthy. And you don't have jobs recent months in office and I don't think that I think the big cuts -- and -- -- Because. -- One it was -- that. You're giving you the picture that ideally help beat the mean adult men or someone asked to step up in that fourth. A fifth receiver role and really -- it on our side Perino. In -- eight B seventy you know. It is because he was a two diplomats or maybe. That's the doubts about it with rock actor with pivotal and adult men and of in Tompkins. Dobson. I think you have some -- idea any Providence will take your call first -- we come back here the rest to be at 6177797937. This is the real post game show patriots -- even have a bye week. Tom Brady if you haven't seen you can go to Gisele Bundchen spinster -- account you can see -- -- there's poetry you could see them for the beach today. That she tweeted out today good for them. We'll have to see our quarterback and joining him he'll have a bye week that -- -- pose -- soon. I she's just posed -- Well from -- -- -- -- -- she's -- it really doesn't matter and will know all the news editors. Everything was -- that's -- -- right it was the real post game -- presented by complaints insurance or complaint he did a shop. So you can save his cup ski dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of votes. And by AT&T we're back with -- and we are on the real post game show the feeding frenzy has begun for those of you at home. Keep their hands away from donated from them as friends he made just. Bite off one of voodoo who do -- we talk about. We get a lot of tax -- us about Tom Brady the first half and we'll get to that good a second but Danny from Providence has been kind enough to hang on for awhile so we'll. Get right to him by getting a real. And are you -- good and it's a real pleasure talking -- -- -- wanna say that. I'm bills fan and it's a real honored to be two free throws in -- saw in Baltimore went tired. LeapFrog over the senators -- actual movie that -- -- he should have been professional wrestler then. But anyway all of. PX and on some of these general goes back to advocate Gloria points to someone that. I had victim -- -- quarterback. They're reverend it would it would probably look rich are we got with tech you're second pilot failed paste it at all. The other thing is that I think that he can't -- from whose testimony here today. Were urged to marry him because the need people to protect report -- what would be your wife or girlfriend or. But we're Steve -- -- to teammate you know when you're sort of teammate you know -- just drops open in -- enemy getting it cut it -- driver and all the detection on. Bill did and Andy tech's all time rejects us today is all that well. I mean Danny's I'm not gonna go to the root of millions of women but I will say this from my primary -- -- -- my time covering -- erosion. Says about baseball makes baseball different. Is that those guys and look at this Red Sox run they lived together -- each other for ten months a year. Are are eight or nine months a year and a few lucky. And so you are would you -- more the -- -- -- On a daily basis should deal with the media every day you do a pop all the same except for the once a week all the big game there's. We -- when they're out there on the role -- -- most of -- time at. We're practicing in your meetings for five hours through -- back of protection -- body across Raleigh we were -- right Deborah detection by automating. -- meetings a lot on a good NFL team. You war there from 7 AM to 7 PM -- Every day -- born. That most of meetings you know out after hours of practice and if you're not in meetings you're watching film -- with you guys work -- whatever it is you have to Jewelers Richard and I heard a lot of talk this week and one of the analogies are heard that made sense to me acts came. From Craig mustard and Larry yesterday and and they brought up the fact what you're saying before we continue now c'mon we love -- great leveler but they aren't. And close actually Craig made this point I can believe that the dogs Wi-Fi isn't isn't -- -- last shorts. Joyce -- his analogy was that the -- on cart need go to him to him the -- and to sum up the reaching gardening you know Jonathan my relationship was like Big Brother little. And we wanna explain that at some if if you and ask if you guys agree or disagree and in your experience are you like Brothers. Is an NFL locker room where your life. In other words that session as a very good analogy -- -- and the votes be when a young guy comes in. And you see that he's got potential some terms veterans will take a guy under the wing and try to. Bring him along to make my understanding how your last in the NFL like the brother relationship therefore. You can't do things to my brother that I can. Correct and there's times that I have my Brothers backed. And did I I -- I -- I don't like anybody else well it's a different are bullish because it's a friend. Brother relationship goes back into applied -- -- -- -- of the need to -- might or might via a lot of controlling get along with the Brothers. My rookie year of my rookie year I was a little out of control -- given. And my fat black friend Benny Williams pulled recital and he was his fifth -- but you know real brilliant kinesis -- You're gonna get us all -- beautiful now. Erratic control and he became he became like my my Big Brother in a work would you think when he said -- the first. Hillary you are very key for us brought respected him as a drama play out. I saw the way you interact with other players. And I knew we had the best intentioned -- -- always good with everybody else but I thought. Another script it was time to talk to me you know we we welcome out together and will be brandished a bunch rusted -- -- was always there ask some questions. -- he was like that you know to bust my chops she said it owed its say things that he can appropriate on radio. But he was like that he watch 03 -- -- relies out of control but also bust your -- so I could see that -- was a -- that was agree it's everybody. Miller 61777979. At the reception -- the is the number text on the eighteenth detects when a 3797. Right. We. Have chosen. -- -- like it or not. Stop paying emea to drive because we chose Tom bring you what it juggernaut we have -- -- -- an -- -- not a good job we do agree absolutely forced to cause you already -- oh yeah -- I was Freddie and I forced Brady. As the first half by now later now is program Abbas -- -- was all over a -- number -- buses I wasn't excited and I thought. Ballot checkers dollars a disease that -- so -- but with all the guys mentioned Thomas remove all time he has been out of games he wasn't up to stop at times but they'll pull out some big gains hold on. Let me read you some of the text you guys comment after each one -- summarized them 12100 there's probably. Five or six or more that set. Are you kidding me Aqib Talib should be the first the evidence for -- is. He is leading the league in interceptions tied with a bunch of guys but with four. He is a difference maker in the game begins a different game when he's on the field for the Patriots defense than it is with others and even though he's missed three games. He clearly is the MVP because there are different defense without you guys argue against any. Thing. To argue effective use. He's only played six games right. I mean you look at some of those rookie Jones has what five sacks had a full tournament but -- materially different. I understand the retirement guys every -- rookie Mitchell Richard -- day in day out worker bought off. To -- probably would have got it. At this point -- -- -- don't you were talking about the monster game last game he -- up upswing the second half -- -- -- put about 2.2 aboard. So guys in -- fought through the problem of what do young rookies -- though and and not be in the right place right time. And he's consistently get better but -- spin at all time guys missed three games the only point. You know I played nine with the -- and against to leave would be that in the three games that he's out the defense is still played pretty well. And 31 points to of Pittsburgh's verbal Pittsburgh was former -- ball -- towards you the game he makes a different drug the jarred the jets scored early points 27. Well that someone that you know there are -- They were they were down the -- seventeen to 1516 points a game. So -- actually makes a difference but again when you're playing two thirds of the games I get it. You are here's -- -- -- look at -- bail out there with -- Google wallet pop catalog one -- brought him here is the second leading actors that are brought up. The first half -- about sports players to Stephen Kozlowski. He's you know 22 of 23 field goal attempts -- nick focused perfect this year 23 of 23. Steve at his house is the second rated kicker in the -- is only missed one field goal. Check a couple of game winner in the game hire -- and overtime kick. I mean if you wanna look at deciding games that a lot of close games it's evident to clock I think we really get although we -- a little at a tepid trucks up. That's a good text that's our issue -- you make a bigger case for him he could to leave -- -- premium legitimate act. For its ruthlessly -- two under which there what do you Steve. Screw you dot com -- actually that's a god I hope I don't I don't whenever we get into the focus -- ski discussion. Is it is all gossip and Daughtry because he's got the Adam Vinatieri cloud hanging over his head and always will. Maybe I mean rabbit -- he keep you much spread on kickoff -- Carolina. And out of my point if you gonna give him the first half player of the year this year it's seven and two. I mean when you say he's done some really good thing isn't done anything spectacular when compared to what Adam military's don't know what -- The first half of this season he's got a great job resume this these. Kicked the ball idea has -- probably 60% -- -- time NEC can -- clutch real -- And number three point candidate that people brought up on the text line is Chandler Jones. And part of the reason they brought about now he's got 26 tackles don't know as a defense event I'm always impressed DeMarcus Ware is always a difference -- going to be because. Part of the reason -- of the number tackles he has he has some pregame his eight well but as a defensive end though some pregame. What's it tackles listen three game. It's not that impressive it's tied for sixth on the team -- behind Mayo spikes Gregory. Accordingly Greg regenerate around which the way it always has linebackers and say consuming more more technically confidence breezy and so crazy I'm just saying it's not it's not ten tackles and a recent statistics -- Bradley is it well is it is about as good of his players not great. Okay he's getting eaten half sacks at seven totally he's played not great and when artistic. They would know by not. You eat chicken fights too much to me to pop straight up and got grabbing hands and fight this fight doesn't come off the ball -- collapse and in on those and runs and who doesn't hold up enough. I -- summer stuff -- very average he's. Not a right now and he might become this but he is not. A one on one. Pass rushing threat here's a guy that. Can war games pretty well he does or doesn't do jaws when when the road games would do linebackers or or defensive tackles. It's also got there has reasonable speed around the corner and catch up to -- -- roll up the other way but we've talked about. When you talk about. Straight. 101 fearsome pass rushers. Don't be at least put him in the lead out of of any of these upper. Echelon of not written and capricious about it. One on infrastructure and the other -- agree I agree the other got a techsters brought up as far as a potential first half. Player of funny posted a much has voted player of the first half was even written. He does lead the patriots and carries. His six touchdowns are tied for fifth most rushing touchdowns in the league. He's yards per attempt. At four point five have him. Had 194. Point four in the league -- right ahead of Reggie Bush are right behind Eddie lacy. Pretty good while pretty yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Is the one guy we want should consider a little consumed more I think and and definitely -- would have been hard to -- had to leave played a uniter maybe seven of the nine you can make a better case for him as a third of the games. You know it's tough to have. You give him -- as the years and took sounds like we're giving Brady the first period the game for two main reasons default. What should worry about tomorrow number one played every game she's been if I want one of the things about it and why it might be allowed to go number two they're seven and two. Whatever problems they've had. They've got a one of the best when he percentages in the league once again. When -- expected to have history here and he's been responsible for. Yeah he's been more he has a higher percent of the responsibility than anybody else on the camera allowed Saddam to -- Slice of the responsibility for seven to -- you're there you know Tom Brady's -- to blow torch at the top two armored brigade and has gamers on the -- one. You know you've seen a difference what he struggled with Torre didn't have real -- and and a criminal what he has -- Bronx and everybody gets well amok in America. -- -- tumors. As an MVP candidate against the Steelers defense of the outdoor dogs they're sort of saying I look at it today watch him. The culture play a window when -- down they can't do it in -- -- of one -- two different guys to make a difference you know three -- four guys -- -- -- -- He struggled through a lot made things happen and it. It in and a lot of games wasn't great but he was good -- it became very good the couple games let's go to the phones go to nick in Weymouth -- -- on the real post game show. They guys those -- my favorite topic. These men remain the majority rides and the deputy unpredictable giant Red Robin Lewis. My -- -- game watching a couple of weeks ago. Oh with time running he outlined here upon BC depart down there. So he decides he's been out locked himself. Will not run you know what might give myself many world went on the first -- case they have upon. You know it's -- at the quarterback unions don't shut down and shut down into millions and of course you gotta go to strike and that they're not necessarily so what does it anyway. What happens. Dalton on the goal line up was that he wasn't in the end zone but to protect the -- -- it is -- party. We we were watching -- Louis for a long time and it's amazing he does some decent things are always there are pretty good organizer gets. When it comes to the clutch decision always seems to score -- producing so they seem to come up short for teamed -- with with them very good amount of talent. Over the last few years not I mean early on in in his tenure but you have the talent that they have now but the last few years they've had pretty good talent. And yet they keep coming up well short of both the -- The -- attack which is unfair for a lot of guys 'cause of the pedigree Belichick but he's been here just as long when you compare to Belichick. He's had. May be as much talent not Tom Brady's quarterback. All around him. And that's reported and when Belichick makes it very rarely do we look at the end of the game. And say that they were prepared to make that decision situation -- with the patriots excel. They're not perfect. It made mistakes but I always go back to the Denver game when they snap that ball hit the goal post. That money that we -- sit and screams at Al it was only chance we have to win the game that's good to me while these guys practice this. Well what else is going round game planning and situational. Football and they practice that -- running out I think overall. Lewis is a pretty good job situation of football is tolerable and overall game planning and those type situation he's been around so total food at 85% of the game. That's why he's not not can be to fuel the bagels and you like the direction you've been going like the -- you've had a -- -- to eventually. Point to the coach and say domestic product. I don't know why that he still Leo most coaches would be but. -- -- people there helps a wrestler could have -- but we will talk about the implications of this weekend in the NFL for the patriots for the rest of the year. I'll talk about the second half. We'll talk more patriots football will revisit the -- and -- -- Stuff from today with Freddie and Steve here in its final comments from them on that we're 730 on the real post game show. Presented by complaints -- insurance at complain it's key they shop so you can say if visit complaints -- dot com today and by. Post foods honey bunches of -- And also by AT&T. -- -- Messiness in the real heroes game show you hang out every Sunday every weekend with Steve DeOssie and spreads rose. I don't Sammy pressed Ohio State in his own you don't have Rosen guys that have fun. I said what was a lot of adjectives to describe it. So I look at the picture Brady for example sitting on the beach -- -- Hanging out and I -- coming here in a different speed up in the air in the room stinks it's. -- one and I think that's the and I don't want you food -- it just -- -- with a late produce -- and it's in their view rule would you guys when when guys order wings. That you should eat the ones to Warner. Although I had buffalo that's what I am glad I don't really garlic everybody at buffalo meanwhile we had -- fire. What if I don't we between five and -- you at all and anyway -- what are. It is one it's important sub point Crocker said he was about football just you know there's a -- two guys -- buffalo wings and prove your total order of buffalo dollar can be in -- -- -- if you want you specifically -- and I should have Steve wanted to with a group got -- doubt what you wanted but that Buick outsold all that order was -- -- slept through. -- who is for those of you listening -- asked me personally what is going to hang out. These guys that last two minute conversation is a summary of -- Okay you shut up that's what you better ready for -- aren't the ball forwards and does it find it. Is is it guys -- got I don't know what it is but it's friend Steve spoke to sort of broad legislative report. -- six on 77797937. To -- like to join us to Denver Broncos lead San Diego. 2813. The chargers try to make a game really with three minutes ago. In the third quarter let's look ahead. At the patriots schedule in the second half com -- snap the ball I mean they're seven and two. So just by simple math won't be interesting about produce at a seven to them they had nine game has always spread. Heading in to Thanksgiving and beyond in the NFL Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have the thirteen in a position. That everything is possible everything being the number one seed in the conference home field advantage throughout the playoffs and even if not that. The chance to get by and get the number two seed that's within their control. We did this before the break we did this earlier in the show Hollywood game they can't win in the second half. Monday night a week from tomorrow at Carolina home Sunday night against the Broncos that's the game everybody's -- and not win that game. Sure it's going to be that's going to be a tough game that's what a top elite teams report. So let's talk about that game. At the beginning of the year when Peyton Manning started with sixteen touchdown passes and no interceptions and the patriots struggled long to get. Single touchdown for crime Brady's throw a pass we also oh my goodness. What's gonna happen but no idea what senator about the unfortunately all soon. Wait people -- patient rocks not here right it -- dole is getting Ming wasn't being governor of -- go to heard after the buffalo game elect. Things out -- and Steve brought the fact that they won't use a portion of the game plan. And as a rookies get acclimated -- came back. Write him a goal is healthy Chris element carry through another guy that we didn't really consider an element carry the team for allegedly was with receptions. -- finished got to get this plays back to young guys dot get acclimated to what was the playbook in the Tom Brady if things change things change. Last week if you remember they played on Sunday October 7 was week five. -- the patriots have lost two out of three games on and if you remember the way that game went Peyton Manning had a flurry. At the end but I'm Rob Ninkovich forced the fumble after Ridley had fumbled. Really had a big fumble remember that movement and the defense came up big Ninkovich forced the fumble. To help them out and then they closed it out on there have been other games recently for all the talk about the Brady. And Manning vs the recent games if you remember two years ago. Or three years ago with the colts remember that game inning just was on fire and ran out of time. At the end up basically. Couldn't -- in some expect journalism at the bad call them of that against the patriots were in -- at the first round and didn't. Anonymous and the American you do if you reasonably rewarding donors show -- show that bought or go forth into columns to a -- -- -- a short bit -- Steven again until -- always -- to -- bad call. I patriots at Firestone and I don't know children fighters stick -- Coca won't say those things to make it even better. So as we -- to a token -- broke out value that we do mathematical mathematically we -- and lights we used every other style. I satellites. Let's assume that Denver wins this game today Curtis Sumpter OK okay they'll be 81. The patriots will be seven into. Kansas City will be nine and -- next week Sunday Night Football Kansas City ghost to Denver. You expect Denver when McCain would should -- expect that's all correct so -- were right those two things. And the Denver and and the patriots who lets ball things being equal they beat Carolina bill next Monday night. The Denver Broncos would come in on Monday Night Football Sunday Night Football to play the patriots at nine and one patriots would be -- too. That's a tough case for Debra and Kansas City. Would be. Depending on what they did that day and by the way the day that the patriots and Broncos play Kansas City plays against San Diego. Assumed they would act. In Kansas City would be ten and one. And the Broncos will be playing to keep up with Kansas City for the division against the patriots here. The patriots should be playing the model the whole picture of the one and two seeds has correct which they ought to stay. Really go to your point you brought up over and over -- -- -- -- -- in Denver being in the same division it's not like these are three teams. That the records are equal cause one of them going to be awhile blog or Nevada not gonna get -- so it's just -- to play it out at this point in the season now with those two weeks coming up. And then the problem we have there is that. When we do this moment we always do this every every -- -- and I look at it you don't put your what. You went up is what do you do it at the beginning of the year -- there's really -- time women went for when your way. When your player you do to have a right Mozilla to you have been close to Barbara called me especially in this yeah I was. And we're vulnerable I was twelve before this is prepared to listen I could see the -- eventually the -- could be right OK -- right and tonight at ten -- -- -- sixteen and five years our final that was evident that Bob Bob well that's -- outside and go ice -- and I roll my -- -- outsider -- -- finish. Is -- one left to convert all India confronted them into duty the united usually love to get it usually you can see. If I was to go David -- but the point is that. We can do this book. Would we do this through snow we in dispute win over the -- Let them -- -- early soul. Which these pricing moves Carolina apps Lima Carolina's playing better got it -- -- -- the -- and wouldn't be surprised. Miami knifing you know I'd be surprised that would be surprised buffalo. You know and there's there's at least reporting on its schedule that would three games left the bill would surprise of -- lost. That's the easy answer to what the jets game at Pittsburgh got its scores they didn't out of him in that game the rest. No it was a growth on April uncle Tom on the -- withdrawal but that. It in that game particularly Republicans and go out the next game at a mall by Cincinnati annihilate us go back to the phones or go to Dave in Wilmington -- on the real post game show. Okay. Hey before I get my point rate cut a diva Brenda mine had had it -- up there don't they talk so highly that -- -- -- -- -- on it. And he gave me that a couple of them that feel like you know no matter what that -- done. You don't wanna you know -- don't think. President thank you very much you all should be at all well -- have enough money from -- a lot of people that know Steve sees -- really your -- recent talk -- -- nice bottle. It just that you -- You -- -- -- about a year total that logged in power around a hundred square into the young took about apologists like looked out of money state and then come into the behavior of bottle gonna kill you like turnaround that was beyond the delicate yet. Would have killed you that's correct and everybody I would just smacked around for the three stopping and kudos to those items that he would not -- don't know what it would it would text to Edwards. -- -- -- It's the right -- and what you saw those eight days a couple of tech that we saw from being caught me go to the to the I'm not right up my right out the first thing I wanted to might headed these people and some don't -- bad. Do you guys know many people we know -- spoke to me about like on all of them dipped under the hole you don't understand when an immediate don't act like dat gonna. And it turned out they edit some of the phone drop messages not to mention -- I'm not to mention 11100 text over course -- -- -- They almost all of ended up with army buddy love anybody -- but Dave let me ask a question you don't and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- needle is gonna file a grievance according to Mike Florio from pro football talk against the -- he can all be suspended the two mortgage. What difference does it make whether they were friends or not. Because there were races. Tomlinson wasn't underdogs going slowly and don't always but and I guarantee you don't want it Nicklaus needle some people talking publicly revealed I guarantee right now. You don't think and god and you don't have the same type attack back from laden. All of surely does -- matter if you shot hit the Jay Glazer thing Jake Anderson pointed out 11142. Text over the -- to between. Talking about the content all the intent isn't going to be that much different I will guarantee. Gaining that it makes a difference that they were friends I'm just saying how do you think that won't matter. Going forward now with the way it is it's totally like it doesn't -- know what does not intimidating taxes they're apparently your church. If if if that's the case going forward if that the case depends nobody quite knew what to do. But I eventually I don't really think any -- eagle might have the exact thinking you've gotten. If you want the market outlook well -- I don't think he -- but an opponent and he probably had the exact thing that the board nobody gave them. We have all come and back his light up like. That's why when you when you see he has warned -- very magic -- -- feel bad blog don't we will spread were present were President Bush comes the job I would bet I would bet I'd like you've got it exactly column on -- went out to all of them. -- and is still love Saban what he did was he sounded very confident that interview -- -- -- Richard McCartney and commuters on the very confident. In in -- of the position that he was taking. And probably based on the fact that the has this these conversations. And Jay Glazer said it's -- You know and plus the rest of the team already verified that this stuff goes on between the players there all the time. So will you laughter I don't think. He could've done much better in this interview his his final points that he summed up I wrote down verbatim this part as a leader. As he being my best friend on the team or me being his best friend and I'm miffed that I never sought if he was that upset. I've taken he said earlier. Our relationship as I've taken stuff too far and I didn't home how much it was hurting him that's my fault -- muscles and I think that's a peace efforts. Perfect stance to take right. Absolutely person that was your best friend before this happened that's amazing to me and him tiger dramatic shows appliances out. You'll -- -- trolls always writes recently a precedent you know -- effects by self esteem but. But I looks at. They're bigger effect that is -- is -- in the might pop that balloon that that over inflated balloon you know what you know of Eagles might be abolished Joker for most of the -- -- -- -- -- -- jerked out of locker room that's solid sets about docile out of line and I pulled aside. Measured that's not gonna happen again you always human chips but -- a trip but I felt I should just -- god I really had no I -- it's it's a -- The crisis of the -- Read about right we save two which that's what friends do -- it sounds like a little bit of a pampered baby. -- they're not cute you know and it is kind of the rich -- a commuter incurred it was going to be rich well I regret parents not -- well to do where to go well. Ne'er do well operators say ditto limited to those jobs needed live in the project next you'll carry governors -- -- -- short for never -- Yeah they're duels I've got Sosa put on elections Dobson will please the real post game show presented -- you -- Polanski insurance Polanski they shop so you can say. Visit cup Lansky dot com today went through and not post foods honey bunches of votes. And also -- eight EC. -- back --

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